Happy Mom’s Day!

Wishing you a very, very Happy Mother's Day today!

Today I wanted to share some beautiful spring photos we took at the Denver Temple just a few weeks ago.

In my life, I am surrounded by amazing women:

My own mother - She is absolutely everything I want to be.

My sisters - My best friends!

My grandmothers - Both of my sweet grandmothers have passed on, but what a legacy they left for me!

Plus an incredible mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, aunts, cousins, and friends.

These women are my my support and my inspiration.

And this little guy....

Well, he makes me feel like the luckiest lady in the whole entire world.

Enjoy your day my friends!

Mother’s Day Card {Using Silhouette Sketch Pens}

Remember the stenciled mason jar vased with flower love notes that I shared earlier this week?  Well, Mother's Day is just around the corner, and I needed a card to go along with my Mom's gift.  So yesterday I set to work creating a card for my sweet Mother.  Cards mean a lot in our family.  My parents almost always tear up when they read our cards--every birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc.!  And my Mother saves each and every one.

I used some Silhouette sketch pens to create this quick and easy Mother's Day card.


Say hello to my brand new CAMEO!  This beauty arrived on my doorstep just a few short weeks ago.  I am in LOVE, my friends.  I have long supported both the Cricut and the Silhouette--as equally as I possibly could.  I have seen pro's and con's to both machines.  However, this week I have really gotten to know my CAMEO.  The Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software is beyond incredible!  I am excited to practice even more!

BUT my lil' machine came to me with a defective blade.  So I put my thinking cap on to create a project that did not require any cutting.  Instead, I wanted to practice a bit with my new sketch pens.

I was given a pack of glitter sketch pens and metallic sketch pens.  Aren't they pretty?  I learned a little trick along the way.  It appears that the sketch pens work best if the paper has not been touched.  If the paper has any oils from your fingers, the image shows up only part-way.

The rest was simple!  I inserted the sketch pen into the blade holder, designed the card and image in the software, and it came out beautifully!  This image is butterfly_floral_lace_square_C00500_19210.

I just had to use the old-fashioned method of doing the actual cutting out of the card.  (Can you believe I actually had to use scissors?!  Sheesh!  The Silhouette just makes me lazy.)

One of my Mother's favorite songs is "I Often Go Walking", and I wanted to use one of the lyrics for her card.  My Mom loves flowers.  She could spend all day long in her garden.  Everything about flowers makes me think of my Mother, so this lyric was just perfect.  I used the black sketch pen to sketch the tag and the words on burgundy cardstock.

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Stenciled Mason Jar Vase {For Mother’s Day!}

I love Mother's Day.  Being a mother is the most important part of who I am!  I owe so much to my incredible Mother...  She taught me everything I know.

I was thrilled to participate in Plaid's Mother's Day Campaign.  They sent me a whole box full of crafting goodies to create a beautiful and meaningful gift for my Mamacita!  Here is what I came up with:

I created this stenciled mason jar vase with burlap and bakers twine!  Each flower has a very special meaning because each one represents a member of our family.  (More on that later!)

I love daisies.  The name of my blog is no accident.  Daisies equal happiness for me!  I thought these would be the perfect way to express our appreciation for my Mom, a true flower enthusiast!

It was like Christmas morning when I ripped open this package of amazing supplies from Plaid's Martha Stewart's craft line.  Talk about creative inspiration in a box!  There was acrylic paint, glitter, all sorts of stencils, a heating tool, a spray painting kit, every kind of brush I could imagine, a sweet tote bag, and all sorts of stenciling accessories packed inside.


I even created a "haul video" showing the entire crafting stash as I opened the box.

** For the record, I set up the tripod and taped myself while mr. oopsey was out of town.  I felt a bit awkward!  I'm still new to vlogging, but if you want a tiny sneak peek of the new house, maybe focus on the background instead of me!  Ha!


For this particular project, I wanted to try out the spray painting kit.  Hello!  Turning acrylic paint into spray paint just sounds fun.  So I gave it a shot! This was shockingly easy!

I carefully followed the directions on the sprayer kit to mix the correct proportions of the gloss spray medium with acrylic paint.  Then I simply twisted the sprayer onto the bottle.  Easy, right?

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day has always been such a special day for me.
Our very first Mother's Day together, Little Man's Daddy gave him a beautiful blessing at church.  Today our family is spending the day together in a very wonderful place.  (More on THAT coming up...)

I am so many different things...
A wife,
a sister,
a daughter,
a friend,
a teacher
and yes, even a blogger,
but that role of being a Mommy is so near and dear to my heart.
Last week, Little Man decided that I am no longer "Mom."  He has officially changed my title to "Mama Bear."  (Too many Berenstain Bears book perhaps?) But that is totally fine with me.  This sweet Little Man simply melts my heart.

To all the mothers of past, present, and future 
PLUS all those amazing women who nurture, love, and teach...

Etched Handprint Frame

It's always nice when someone can TELL you what they want as a gift.
My mother-in-law was very clear that all she wanted for Mother's Day was Little Man's handprints in a frame.
Well, that's easy enough!!
To jazz up this project just a bit I decided to mod podge the mat AND etch the glass in the frame.
Little Man was very specific that he wanted his handprints to be GREEN.  It wasn't the color I was scheming in my head, but we made it work!  I think the most stressful part of the whole process was getting 2 clean handprints from a wiggly 2-year-old.
I started out with an 11x14 frame and a mat to fit snugly inside.
To jazz up the mat a bit, I traced the mat onto coordinating scrapbook paper and mod-podged the paper right on.

I Owe It All to Mom {Heart Of Haiti}

My dear, sweet Mother.
I really owe all of Oopsey Daisy to my Mom.
She taught me what it means to be a mother.  A wife.  A teacher.  A creator.  A homemaker.  A friend. 

Growing up, creativity was not my strong suit.

My Mother's old Bernina sewing machine has always been her truest ally.  Believe it or not, I had to be forced to sit down and sew when I was a kid.  I had no patience for it!  Imagine my Mama's surprise when I asked her to help me make a quilt for my husband's Christmas gift just a few years ago?!
That sewing project was the beginning of all my creative endeavors, and truly the beginning of this lil' blog.  Many of the crafts I share can somehow be traced back to memories of crafty endeavors from my childhood. 

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