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Mr. One-derful Birthday

Is anyone else feeling a bit of a 3-day weekend hangover?
I am feeling a little sluggish getting back to regular everyday life.
But summer is here, my friends!!
(Knock on wood, right??)
We had a lovely weekend with family in town--all celebrating my sweet nephew's first birthday.  My sister threw him a sweet birthday party, and the theme was
Mr. One-derful

Super cute, right??
I made some of these little party hats as centerpieces. We guessed (and we were oh-so-right!) that this sweet little guy wouldn't actually wear a hat on his head.  Instead, we used them as centerpieces.  Doesn't this just scream "BOY"??
I made these in Lil' Luna style...
*I used circle dot stickers as polk-a-dots
* I added some paper pinwheels with glittered cardstock 1's.
* My favorite part is the ruffled crepe paper around the edges.  Is there anything more lovely than ruffled crepe paper??
Using my Cricut, I cut out the fabric for the birthday boy's onesie, and ironed it on.
(If you'd like to know more about how to do this, see this tutorial.)


The birthday party was SO sweet!  So many fun moments.


And is there anything more precious than watching a one-year-old try to eat their own birthday cake??  There was cake EVERYWHERE by the time this little guy was done!
Have a happy day!

Red, White, & Blue Yummyness

Happy Memorial Day, my friends!
Many thanks to our military troops, past and present, who have dedicated their lives to protecting our great nation!

It's the beginning of the patriotic season--one of my very favorite times of the year!  Get ready for firecrackers and s'mores! 🙂

Tomorrow, I will be enjoying an entire day outside with my family, soaking in the sun and enjoying every last minute of this 3-day weekend.  I don't know about you, but I needed this extra day in my weekend!

In the mean time... here is some patriotic eye candy.  Is there anything more lovely than red, white, and blue??
Here is some yummyness to get you in the patriotic spirit!



1.  Red, white, and blue cupcakes - Skip To My Lou.
2.  American Pie Cupcakes - Mommy Topics.
3.  Flag Cupcakes - The Girl Who Ate Everything.
Fresh Fruit
4.  Red, white, and blue strawberries - Oopsey Daisy.
5.  Red, white, and blue skewers - Make and Takes.
6.  Red, white, and blue stuffed strawberries from Fabulessly Frugal.
7.  Watermelon stars - No Biggie.

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Sunday Snippets: Planting Flowees

What a gorgeous weekend!
Summer hasn't completely made up its mind, but it has showed its lovely face quite a bit in the last week.  We are trying to take full advantage.
We are living in our very first house, so yard work is still a novelty for our family.  I find it kinda cute that Mr. Oopsey Daisy is obsessed with making our yard green and lush!
Is it silly that I have been dreaming of the day that I could plant some of these??
I can never get too many flowers!  And planting our first flowers seemed so exciting to me.
We don't have an official spade yet (yes, gardening virgin here!), so I borrowed Little Man's sand shovel!
As he watched while I planted each sweet little flower, he got some ideas of his own.  I couldn't help but snatch up my camera and follow him around for a while.
Little Man believes that the leaves on this bush are flowers--or in his words, "flowees."  He often picks them for me and brings them to me.  Nothing melts my heart like the words, "Flowee for you, Mama Bear."
Well, this time, Little Man picked "flowees" and carefully stowed them away in his bulldozer.  He had a very special, particular spot for these little red leaves.

Record Your Own Story Book {How Does She?}

It's Friday, so you know what THAT means!!
Today I am thrilled to be hosting one of my favorite blogs of all time--How Does She? These ladies know CUTE, and their simple ingenuity has always rocked my world!  I love this idea, and can't wait to implement it in our home!
Hi Everyone! We're so excited to be apart of the Summer Camp series! I am Caley from HowDoesShe is a team of ladies that love to collaborate ideas with others to be the best women we can be!
When Alison asked us to share a post about a childhood book, we couldn't decide on our favorite, but what we did realize was the real importance of reading to a child. The time that is set aside to have one-on-one moments and memories are never forgotten for a child, or the parent!
But, there are situations that arise when we are apart and those moments aren't we thought, why not give them a way to listen to us read to them if we can't be there! It's like their own book on tape read by their favorite reader!
Take a moment to record yourself reading a few of their favorite books on a cd or mp3 player. {Don't forget the "storybook voices", that's what makes it fun!} That way, they can turn it on when you are away and they need that comfort of your voice and love.
Along with reading their favorite books on the recording, why not take a moment to also tell them how much you love them. Express your appreciation to them, things they do that make you happy, why you love them, how they are needed in your life, you excitement for them and their future, and any other thing you wish to tell them that they need to hear. Can you imagine having access to something that would motivate you and make you happy every time you are down or feeling alone {as many children do once they become teenagers}. Enjoy making your children's books into words of love and motivation.
Happy Friday everyone!

Shabby Apple Dress Plus Discount {Giveaway Is Now Closed}

This giveaway is now closed...
Congrats to Kaysi, comment #85!

I am thrilled to share today's giveaway with you!
This giveaway is hot, hot, hot!
It doesn't get much better than Shabby Apple!
It's only my new favorite one-stop-shop for dresses.
Unique, simple and sweet, with a vintage feel...
A return to what dresses should be!
I am completely smitten with the women's dresses at!
(From left to right) Bonheur, Black Oak, Bali Ha'i', San Gabriel
One of my favorite things about Shabby Apple is that you can shop by color!
Searching for white women's dresses?  You got it.  Black dresses?  No problem.
This will really help me gear up for TWO weddings this summer when I will be searching for eggplant and turquoise dresses!
I own two Shabby Apple dresses, and love both of them!!  I wore this lovely brown "Sundance Kid" dress on Mother's Day.  In Maui.  It doesn't get any better than that, folks.
Shabby Apple is giving ALL Oopsey Daisy readers 10% off all month long!
Just enter code" oopseydaisy10off" at checkout.
I love a good deal... and I need no reason to take advantage of this fabulous deal!
And guess what??
I hand-picked my next-favorite dress, the Tuxedo III, for one of you lucky readers!

Wednesday’s Wowzers: Oh you WILL be inspired!

Hello my friends!!
I am so happy that you're here today.  Because today you will be inspired.  I am confident about that.  As always, Wednesdays are lovely days.  Less of me--more of YOU and the inspiration I can gleam from the fabulous ideas in blogging land!
Can you believe this gorgeous "Live in the Sunshine" sign made out of old baseboards?  I am drooling.  Seriously.  Go check out Crafberry Bush and be amazed.
I don't know how I didn't see this spring wreath sooner, but I'm dying to try this one!  Isn't it just perfect for spring?!  Whipperberry shared this cuteness at The Idea Room.
Ruffles never get old, right?  I'm loving this ruffled lamp shade from Crafty Texas Girls.  Talk about shabby chic!

The Monster Sandwich

Ever since our monster playdate, we've had monsters on our mind!
This is what we ate for lunch today:
The slightly scary but oh-so-yummy monster sandwich!
We couldn't help but cackle wickedly while eating every bite!
You can easily make a monster sandwich with what you have on hand in your own crisper drawer.  But this is what we used for ours:
* Lunch meat for face
* Sprouts for hair/fur
* Cucumbers for eyes
* Olives for eye balls
* Cheese for nose
* Cherry tomatoes for mouth
* Pickle for tongue


Many times, my food crafts are not even close to being healthy.  But with this fresh yumminess served on whole wheat bread, it's a perfectly healthy meal.
I hope you enjoy a healthy snack with your own little monsters!

The Family Fun Sack

This is a re-post of an idea I shared at Brassy Apple...

Eek!  Summer is just around the corner!
Summertime is pretty chaotic at our house.  We always have BIG plans at the beginning of the summer, but it seems to fly by way too fast.  Without a bit of organization, we simply take advantage of those warm summer months.   Here is a fun way for the entire family to get organized for all that summer fun!
Introducing the Family Fun Sack!
My parents started many classic traditions, and this is another project that I owe to their genius.  At the beginning of every summer, we would have a Family Night and my Dad would introduce the Family Fun Sack--a simple brown paper bag that he had decorated in his simple "Daddy" style.
Each family member anonymously wrote down 3-4 "must-do" ideas for family summer fun.  Some ideas might have included:
Going camping,
Going miniature golfing,
Making s'mores,
Playing at a local water park
Attending a baseball game,
Etc., etc.!

As kids, we often drew pictures to accompany our ideas.  After everyone contributed their ideas, my Dad would make a calendar and map out all of our summer fun.  He made sure to include everyone's ideas!  We were so tickled to see one of our ideas on the calendar!
A few nights ago, we began this tradition in my own little family.
Here is how I made the sack:
I started out with a simple gift bag that I already had on hand.

Sunday Snippets: How Great to be ONE!

Happy Sunday, my friends!
I am so glad you're here.
If you're new to Oopsey Daisy, Sunday is my day to share little snippets of my life with you!  I have always been a picture fanatic, and to be honest, I take way too many pictures.  Like hundreds of pictures every week.  It's a little bit insane.

Besides just sharing pictures, I feel like Sundays are a day to get personal with you--to show you little bits and pieces of ME. And today I get to share some pictures of a sweet little boy who means a lot to me.
My sweet nephew.

This week was HUGE for me.  I did my first "real" photoshoot.  Granted it was for a family member, but I treated it like a real shoot.  I learned a lot.  I took over 700 pics, indoors and outdoors!
My sweet nephew will be one year old this week.  I love this age.  He is just learning to walk and explore the world.  So innocent and sweet!
So what do you think??
Photographers and moms, weigh in.
What are some of your favorites?  Any tips for working with little guys or gals this age?
I think it's hard to go wrong with sweet babes like this one!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie {Craftaholics Anonymous}

Hop on the bus and let's go to Summer Camp!
Linda is the perfect first guest of our Summer Camp series!  I had the pleasure of meeting Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous at Creative Estates, and she is a gem!  Also super talented!  This is one yummy idea.
Hi there!
My name is Linda, and I'm so excited Alison invited me over to play today!
I'm the craft addict behind Craftaholics Anonymous. I hope you'll stop by and say hi!
Well, today I am going to share a favorite book at our house, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. I think the fact that it has a cute mouse AND a cookie in it, makes this book one of my little guy's faves!
To make this book more interactive for my little man, here's what we did.....
First off, we made Chocolate Chip Cookies {umm, no brainer!}

Chocolate Chip Cookies

{this is our fave recipe!}

1/2 cup shortening
1/2 cup softened butter
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
2 eggs
2 teaspoon vanilla
2 1/2 cups flour
1-2 cups chocolate chips
Mix shortening and butter. Add both sugars and baking soda. Beat together. Beat in eggs and vanilla. Add flour. Place on greased cookie sheet and back for 8 minutes at 375 degrees.
While we baked the cookies, we read the book and did some of the other activities that the mouse does in the book, like:
*sweep the kitchen floor {yay for a clean floor!}
*draw a mouse picture with crayons and sign his name
*hang the picture on the refrigerator
*get a glass of milk
and then...... enjoy a warm cookie from the oven with that cold glass of milk! Yummers!
and if your kids are anything like mine, you'll have to repeat all or some of the activities.....especially the eating cookies part! haha
Happy Summer!!


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