End of the Year Teacher’s Gift

I know... I know!  Little Man is just 2 years old.
We don't have any teachers in our lives right now.
And to be honest, I don't even want to think of that phase of our lives yet!
But this is an idea I am bookmarking for the future Alison.
Teacher appreciation got my mind a-spinning with cute ideas for teachers.  We can never show our teachers we care TOO much! Here is one gift I would have LOVED as a teacher for the end of the school year!  It's cute and meaningful--but useful, too.  As the school year is wrapping up, here is one quick and easy teacher's gift that is sure to show you care!
In the beginning, I wanted to do a typography with the message "2 Cool 4 School."  But duh, our teachers are totally cool, and we need them in our schools!  Then I remembered my friend Amy's adorable typography and realized that I could tweak this for a teacher's gift, too!
The end of a school year is a bit of a rollercoaster for a teacher.  This message is so fitting because after all, I really did worry that my students would forget me.  This message hits home.
I'm proud to say that this gift is a cheapie! I bought this generic-brand hand sanitizer at the grocery store.
I was lucky to be able to peel the labels off easily.  I was armed with my Goo Gone just in case, but this peeled off without any trouble at all.
After designing my vinyl in my Sure Cuts a Lot program, I cut the vinyl on my Cricut.  I had some scraps of black vinyl on hand, so I used those.  I also had a tiny scrap of red vinyl that I used for the numerals.


I always find that using contact paper is the easiest way to apply vinyl so it is not crooked!
I tied a red ribbon around the top, and
A quick and easy gift that shows your teachers how much you've appreciated them throughout the school year.
An A+ gift for sure!
For more vinyl tips, see my Vinyl 101 post here.
Happy Monday!


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