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Wednesday’s Wowzers: My Top 5

We are gearing up for one of our first family vacations in a long while.  We are headed to San Diego to spend the Fourth of July.  I can hardly wait to watch the fireworks on the beach!  We definitely deserve this trip!  Hip, hip hooray for summer!

So today is a flurry of laundry, packing, and still trying to enjoy the summer days at the pool!  We're flying out tonight, so it's crunch time.  Here are my top 5 picks for Wednesday's Wowzers:
You must know that I have a love and appreciation for appliques.  How adorable is this giraffe applique!  I found this idea at Make It Perfect.  I may be trying this out for Little Man because he loves animals!

I gasped when I saw At Second Street'burlap and doily flag.  This is incredible!  I admit that I haven't yet joined the doily craze.  But I do adore the doily and burlap together!  I might have to try this next year!

I just bought Little Man his first tie.  Then I saw this tie from a placemat at Just Another Day in Paradise.  I love it!!   You can find the tutorial here:  Part 1 and Part 2.

I was delighted when I stumbled upon this crepe paper rose wreath!  I bought a ton of white crepe paper, wanting to make a crepe paper wreath.  I think I am going to adopt this method, shared by A Glimpse Inside.  Check it out!  You will love how she displays this gorgeous wreath too!

I am impressed and intrigued with Smashed Peas and Carrots and how she is using vinyl tablecloths to make all kinds of handy items for her little one!  She made this clever changing mat.  You can also see her tutorial for booster seat cushions using a vinyl tablecloth.  Genius!

I hope you're inspired!  Have a great day!

Flag Firecrackers

In case you didn't get enough firecrackers yesterday, here is the second set I made!  I was truly inspired by the firecrackers I saw on Amber Packer.  (via UCreate, of course!) I love her stars and stripes!  I realized that I could really make mine look like a flag! 

Can I just tell you how much I love Home Depot?!  My local Home Depot knows me pretty well by now, and they are so good to me.  I bought an insanely long piece of wood that was somewhere around 3.25 x 2 feet... it was only $1.87.  SCORE!  I had plenty of wood left over for future projects, too.  I had 3 pieces cut-- 6 inch, 10 inch, and 14 inch pieces.

After painting my wood white and sanding it down, here is what I did:

Now for embellishing!!  How about some stars?

And a few stripes:

I used the same methods from yesterday's firecrackers to add a bit of wire to each one.

I tied it all together with some twine.  I think it adds a nice rustic touch!

I must say, I absolutely adore my star firecrackers, but I am loving these ones even more!!  On Saturday, my hubby took Little Man to Costco for the morning (definitely their favorite spot!) so I had a couple of hours to work on these guys.  Thanks, babe!

 SYS Thurs

MuralMaker and More

Star Firecrackers

One week until Independence Day... the countdown is on!!  I have been trying to finish up my patriotic crafts all weekend.  I actually created two sets of firecrackers, and here is the first set.  

I painted up my stars, sanded the edges, and embellished with ribbon and buttons.  I used a bit of distressing ink on the white star.

I have so much fun with craft wire!  I just love the spontaneity of its twisting and turning. Here is what I did:

Now these lovely stars are brightening up my mantel!

Stars are just so happy!!  I will be showing off my second set of firecrackers later on!
Enjoy your week, my friends!!

**If you haven't noticed, I am giving my blog a bit of a facelift!  Bear with me until I get it all finished! **

 SYS Thurs

Printable Gospel ABC Book

Do you remember this post where I shared my Sunday ABC's Book?  Well, Little Man is loving it!!  And so am I!  I am enjoying a bit (and every bit counts!) more peace on Sundays than usual. 

I have received e-mails from several of you who have been interested in downloading all of the pictures and title pages for the entire book.  Hey, I don't blame you!  It takes a while to download all those pictures, save them, etc.  This is why I offer downloads... no need to reinvent the wheel, right?!  Here is a quick reminder of what some of the pages look like:

So I have uploaded a PDF version of MY Sunday ABC book that you will be able to download!  Happy day!!  But there are some important details that you will need to know, so be sure to read on:
* You will need a 52-page (or more) 4 x 6 photo album for this book.  
* Each picture is formatted to be 4 x 6.  
* I combined my "U" and "V" pages so that the title and picture fit on the page.  You will see what I mean.  To have a title page, I had to combine a few pages!
* You will need your own pictures for the some letters.  Trust me, you don't want pictures of MY family in there!!  Here are the pics you will need:

I - I Am a Child of God - Picture of your own little man or little lady.
G - Grandparents - Picture of both sets of grandparents.
F - Family - Picture of your family.

As far as producing your book, you have two choices:
1.  If you just want to print this out on paper, just download and print.  Easy, breezy!  
2.  If you are looking to print this out as pictures like I did, here is the dealio.  The only way I know how to do this is...Open up the PDF file in Photoshop, and save them as .jpg files.  Then you can upload them to print at Costco or wherever you do your photo printing!  Or maybe you know someone more tech-savvy who has a better solution!

You can download the 48-page PDF file here  or here.  Have a fabulous weekend, my friends!!

**For this project, the fonts are copyright Dianne J Hook. Used with permission from DJ Inkers.**

Blog Swap with Sisters Stuff

My friends, you are in for a treat today!!  Sisters Stuff is here!  I know you will love what they have to share!  Take it away, ladies!

Hi, we are excited to be visiting Oopsey Daisy today. Isn't it such a fun blog?
We are Alish and Whitney from:

We love to share recipes, crafts and all kinds of other stuff. Here are some of our recent posts. Click on the link to read the full post.

Baby Lollipop

Come stop by and visit us.

See, I told you they were fabulous!!  I am always inspired by this creative blog.  Go check it out!  

Wednesday’s Wowzers: Summertime Goodness

Before we begin Wednesday's Wowzers, how about a fashion show?!
I know that you are just dying to see us on Father's Day in all of our Super-Dad, Super-Mom, and Super-Baby glory! So here we are strutting our stuff:
You can see my tutorial for making these Superman capes here.  You should have seen Little Man last night.  He sported his Superman cape with his PJ's at Target!!  Yeah, he's a pretty cool kid!

Today, I am spotlighting al kinds of yummy summer goodness!  I am loving all of the patriotic projects out there.  Take a look at this amazing creativity:
I am seriously IN LOVE with this patriotic pennant from The Crafty Cupboard.  I love the stars.  I love all of the fabrics. 

I have a pair of dollar flip flops just waiting to be cutsified.  Thanks to Tatertots & Jello, I now have oodles of ideas!  She shares her 20-minute flip flop project here.  

I am so making one of these Captain America t-shirts!  I found this adorable tutorial at Love Stitched, where I am Momma Hear Me Roar was guest blogging.  What can I say?  I am impressed!

You are not going to believe this cardboard playhouse from A Girl and a Glue Gun.  I have so many happy memories of playing in refrigerator boxes during the summer time.  I can't wait to make Little Man one of his very own!

I love the elegance of this 4th of July wreath from A Little Lovely.  Simply gorgeous!  Go check it out!

Just one more tidbit of creativity!  I have been wanting to know how to make red, white, and blue rocket pops!!  KoJo Designs shows us how.  YUM!

Hope you have been inspired!  Have a fabulous day!

Red, white, and blue strawberries

I think that my favorite crafts are the ones I can eat.  Fun to make.  Fun to enjoy.  My only regret is that they just don't last very long.  I am constantly mourning that my hubby does not eat sweets.  But good for me, he does eat strawberries!  And yes, that includes chocolate-covered strawberries!  I was inspired by a picture of some similar strawberries on Bakerella, (although now I can't seem to find the link anywhere!), and I knew I had to try this out.

Sweet story:  My hubby drove to a couple of different grocery stores searching for the perfect batch of strawberries for me.  What a sweetie!  Using this recipe from Betty Crocker, I mixed up the white chocolate.  It was surprisingly simple!!  I dipped the strawberries in about three quarters of the way, then dabbed the very ends into a bowl of blue sprinkles.  I laid them out to dry on wax paper.   This was the result:

Just one word:  DELICIOUS!  These would be so much fun to make with your kiddos, and a scrumptious treat for a 4th of July picnic!  Little Man's favorite food is, without a doubt, strawberries.  Tonight I surprised him with these beauties, and he couldn't get enough of them!!  He may possibly even like the chocolate more than the strawberries!

By the way, we dipped pretzels to use up the leftover white chocolate, and that was delectable as well!

I hope you enjoy these!!  

Today is the last day to enter the Fun Fourth giveaway!  Check it out here.

 SYS Thurs

Patriotic Denim-Burlap Flowers

Well, I had plenty of red, white, and blue fabric scraps left over.  Considering the season, I knew I needed to bust out these scraps and create something pretty with them!  I feel so frugal when doing a project with scrap fabric.  There have been so many cool flower tutorials out there, so I used some new techniques from a few to create some just plain purty patriotic flowers!

I bought a skinny wodden dowel and wrapped it with twine to create the "stems" for these flowers.  I made them all different lengths--variety is the spice of life! 🙂

I used all kinds of denim, burlap, and fabric scraps... a little twine... and some buttons.  My hot glue gun and I became friends, and with barely any burns, I layered up these little beauties!  

I secured these flowers into some styrofoam, and found a fun can that completely matched my colors and theme!  I am really wishing I had a yard or some outdoor area.  These would be so fun outside on a patio!!  Perfect for the Fourth of July!  Here are just a few more shots:

I love this project because it combines so many of my favorites... denim, burlap, flowers, and the 4th of July!!  And it matches my table runner perfectly!

PS Just after taking pictures, I found the perfect wooden tray to put the can on.  It's a lovely finishing touch!  Have a happy Monday, my friends!

 SYS Thurs

A few more "super" ideas!

First of all, I was so tickled when a few of my favorite blogs My Insanity, The Creative Crate, Creation Cornerand Delicious Ambiguity featured some of my Father's Day ideas yesterday.  In fact, Kendra from My Insanity shared oodles of incredible Superman ideas for Father's Day. It just makes my day when people with serious talent feature ME.  So thanks a bunch!

This week, I have been living, breathing, and dreaming Superman!  Here is just a glimpse of my last-minute preparations for our "super" Dad:
I conquered all of my fears of card-making to make this little card for my own Dad.  Yes, I had to cover my fingerprints again with the glitter on the superman logo!  Isn't it funny how something so sweet and innocent causes me so much distress?!  Someday I will enjoy card making 🙂

I have been trying to teach Little Man how to color.  (This has been quite a tricky thing for Little Man because he wants to color anywhere BUT on the paper!)  So we printed out this Superman coloring sheet and glued Daddy's face on it!  He kept pointing to Daddy's face and giggling... so cute!  This will be his "card" for his Daddy.

I did a freezer paper stenciling shirt for Little Man to wear. He'll be wearing this with his lil' superman cape.  I'll be strutting my stuff in my Supergirl bleach shirt.

I just couldn't resist making a "Super Dad" banner!  I used a template to cut out tie shapes out of cute scrapbook paper.  The ties ended up a bit fatter than I expected, but I like it that way.  I ended up mounting them on cardstock for extra sturdiness.

Warmest wishes for a fun Father's Day weekend!

M&M Bowties

Need a quick, last-minute gift for those special men in your lives???  I'm kind of a last minute kind of girl myself.  I finished these little gifts just last night.  My entire family is getting together this weekend, and I wanted Little Man to have something to give his Daddy, Grandpa, and Uncles on Father's Day.

Who doesn't love M&M's???  And don't they make the cutest bow ties??  I simply used some scrap fabric to tie around the center of the package, and then attached the notes I created in Photoshop.  Grandpa gets peanut M&M's!

I had no idea that there were M&M pretzels... holy moly!  We are giving these ones to the hubs just so I can sample some. Yumm-o!

So if you need something quick and easy to honor the men in your kid's lives... enjoy!

The M&M Thanks tags were created using DJ Inkers fonts.  These have been used with permission.  Thanks, DJ Inkers!

You can print your own "M&M Thanks" tags here.

Have a happy Friday!

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