Bubble Birthday Party

Hooray!  I have time to craft for fun!  Last week my sweet nephew turned 2 years old.  Really there couldn't be a cuter, sweeter boy.  He has everyone in the entire family wrapped around his little fingers.  So with the adjustments I made to my blogging schedule, I had ample time to help my sister prepare for the big birthday party.  Today I want to share just a few peeks into the party.

My nephew loves bubbles, so this theme was perfect.  Despite the enormous wind storm on the evening of the party (and it was all planned for outdoors!), we made it work.  In fact, perhaps the massive winds actually provided for bigger bubbles!

Decor & More

Funny Story:  I made the hanging circle garlands.  Every time the door opened, the wind knocked them down.  I think we re-hung them at least 4 times!  Darn wind.  My sister was so clever!  She planned the entire dinner menu around "Round Foods" and "Foods that Pop." I was surprised at everything she thought of!

Round Foods - Pizza balls, Meatballs, Fruit Rounds, Vegetable Rounds, Sliders, Chips, Cake Pops

Foods that POP - Popcorn/Caramel corn, Candy that pops (Blow Pops, Ring Pops, Pop Rocks), Popsiciles, Popeye's Spinach Salad, Popcorn Chicken Jalapeno Poppers, Corn Dog Poppers, Soda Pop.


After dinner, it was time to play with bubbles of all shapes and sizes!  The birthday boy was perfectly content with the bubble machine all night long.

With all the wind, you barely had to blow.  The wind did all the work!  The kids loved running around chasing the bubbles!

My favorite bubbles were the fly swatter bubbles!  The kids dipped 50-cent fly swatters in homemade bubble solution and just ran around the yard.  It was amazing to see how many bubbles they made!  Little Man is already begging to do this again.  We may be doing this all summer long!

Who knew there were so many bubble contraptions?!  And the cool thing is they are all inexpensive.

The kids played a fun Cake Walk game in bubble style!  They jumped on bubble wrap with colored paper underneath.  Once the music stopped, the child on the color selected got a sticker!  They absolutely loved jumping on that bubble wrap!

What a fun time!  On our way home from the party, Little Man said at least 3 times, "Mom, I really loved that bubble party."  Great party, sis!!

Did you have a happy Memorial Day?  I hope so!


P.S. Oopsey Daisy's final business post is coming up in the next day or two.  From here on out--it's all fun!!!  So exciting.


Sunday’s Snippets: Hot Dog Bar!

Happy weekend!  I hope you are having a relaxing day today.  I love sharing snippets of our lives with you!

I hope you are not too tired of Mickey Mouse and parties!!  I promise this is the last post.  I shared the details of Little Man's Mickey Mouse birthday party with friends.  Well, I told you I was crazy, right?!  The following day, we hosted a family party.  We played all of the same games and had a very fun night together!  And I loved that I got my money's worth with all of my party planning by getting two parties for the price of one!

We turned our children's party into a family dinner party!

We hosted an entire hot dog bar!

We used our old-fashioned hot dog roller again, but this we had a few more options for our guests!  We offered regular hot dogs, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, and pigs in a blanket!  My family loves bacon-wrapped hot dogs,so these were the hit of the party!


We came up with every possible hot dog topping we could dream up!  (I was shocked at how many toppings my hubby could think of!)  We offered chili and cheese so our guests could build a chili dog.  We also offered barbecue sauce, relish, barbecue beans, and vegetables like tomatoes, cabbages, and chopped onion!

Our side dishes included:

* Pluto's Potato Chips

* Daisy Duck's Delicious Vegetables

* Clarabelle Cow's Creamy Potato Salad

* Donald Duck's Deviled Eggs

* Minnie Mouse's Fruit

For our place settings, I had a Mickey ears with each guest's photo.

Each guest received a personalized candy bar.  I loved doing personalized candy cars!  I did these last year in Toy Story style, too!  What an easy favor!

Little Man is completely spoiled!  His aunt and uncle drove to Colorado for this party, and Little Man could hardly open those gifts fast enough!  Don't you love how he squints his eyes closed when he smiles??

These 2 cousins are best buds!

The proud grandparents

The whole crew! (minus me behind the camera!)

Whew. I absolutely love throwing parties.  But I think I need a week off now--or a vacation!  Thanks so much for your sweet comments about this party.  Your advice via comments and Facebook has been so helpful!  It's been fun to share with you! (Let's be honest--you give much better party advice than my husband!)

Come back this week for a new Mommy School packet! (YAY!)

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

It has literally taken me all week to download and edit the crazy amount of photos I took at Little Man's birthday parties last weekend.  I'm beginning to think I have a real photo problem.  Photographers Anonymous, perhaps? Anyway, there were so many fun things I wanted to share about this party, so this post is a long time in coming!

We had SO much fun with this Mickey Mouse theme!  Are you ready to {finally!} see the details??

Who hasn't had a Mickey Mouse birthday party?!  This was my dilemma in planning this party.  I wanted to steer clear of the commercial Mickey party gear and somehow reinvent this classic party.  It took some work and planning, but I think I was more excited on party day than Little Man!

Isn't he the cutest little Mouseketeer you've ever seen?!

Little Man's favorite part were his Mickey gloves!  I sewed them out of white felt and simply used a sharpie to draw on the lines.  Little Man wore these for 3 days straight!  He loved them!

Mickey Mouse invite with stitched pocket!  You can see the full tutorial for our Mickey Mouse invitations here.

Our party was all about red, black, and white with polk-a-dots!  We decorated our "un-mantle" with a quick pennant banner, some wooden letters, my mason jar apothecary jars, my wooden frames from Cut it Out, and of course Mickey!

This is my favorite part!

I created a Mickey Mouse backdrop for our food table using a vinyl tablecloth.  I love the paper lanterns with the buntings and the Mickey shape!  Can I tell you my secret to cheap party decor??  Wrapping paper!  I love using wrapping paper as my go-to source for decor.  There are 3 types of wrapping paper in this photo!  I use it for everything!

Our party table!

Just like last year, I created a birthday subway art centered around the birthday theme.  Did you know that there are real Disney fonts?  This Walt Disney font and these Mickey Mouse fonts were the stars of this subway art!

Edited to add:  Yes, I do sell a digital version of this Mickey Mouse subway art.  I can customize it for your child's birthday.  Please e-mail me for details!

On every.single.picture of Little Man in the house, we added little Mickey Mouse ears!  I keep finding random pictures around the house with Mickey Mouse ears!

This sign was propped up outside our front door.  I created this image in Photoshop and just modpodged the photo to a wooden plaque.

Remember this chicken wire frame?  I displayed pictures of Little Man from the last year and used the buntings to tie in the colors of the party with polk-a-dot ribbons.

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Celebrating President’s Day!

Happy 3-day weekend!

Well, it may be a 3-day weekend, but we are back to our usual routine today.  We are in party recovery mode here at our house!   But today I wanted to share a few fun ideas for President's Day!

Abraham Lincoln has always been one of my Dad's heroes.  Ever since my parents were first married, my Mom threw an epic celebration for one of my Dad's heros, Abraham Lincoln. My Mom is one incredible party planner, and she has created a fun night to remember for going-on 34 years now!  As a little girl, this became one of my favorite family evenings each year--and it still is!

My Mother hosts guests, and we all eat a huge Southern feast!  We eat everything from fried chicken to okra; black-eyed peas and pecan pie!  YUM!  Then the games begin!  Here are a few of my favorite activities:

Penny estimation jar.

Typically my Mom counts out how old Lincoln would be this year, and this is the magic number of pennies in the jar!

Coin toss.

 We use a calendar chart of the month of February.  The date the penny lands on is how many points we earn!  But double points are awarded for Lincoln or Washington's birthdays.

Lincoln log building contest.

This has always been my personal favorite!

Lincoln log ice cream cake.

In addition to the pecan pie, my Mom always makes this yummy "Lincoln log" ice cream cake for dessert.  This is the talk of the party!

This has been such a fun way to honor a great president and have a lot of fun, too!

I hope your week is off to a great start!  

Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitations

I seem to work on just about everything last minute.  I don't know if I necessarily work well under pressure or I just can't get my act together!  But the invitations have been sent, so this Mickey Mouse birthday party is really going to happen!

I loved creating these Mickey Mouse party invitations!  When it comes to invites, I'm usually a Photoshop gal.  So it was fun to to do some paper crafting this time instead!

Do you want to create your own Mickey Mouse pocket invitation?

Come check it out...

I started out by creating a Mickey head and a pocket sized to fit in Photoshop.  Then I cut them out on my Cricut.  I also cut out "A" monograms.

Each invitation needed:

-- A Mickey head (black)

-- Pocket (red)

-- 2 buttons

-- 2 monograms (to layer on top of each other)

-- Circle invitation to place inside pouch

-- A picture for the back!

First, I carefully sewed the pocket to the Mickey head, making sure they were lined up perfectly.

Next, I ran the monograms through my Cuttlebug machine to give them some texture.  I pasted these on the front of the Mickey head.

Little Man loved helping with this part!  He loves using my craft machines!

I traced a cup to create a circle on my photo, cut it out, and pasted this on the back.

All done!  What do you think??

You know me--I have to personalize everything with a photo! 🙂

This is the circle invitation I slipped inside the pouch.

Did you know there is a "Mickey Mouse" and "Minnie Mouse" font?!  I used the Minnie Mouse font so it would scream Mickey Mouse!

Invitations mailed.... check!

Now I just need to do everything else! 🙂


In my search on Pinterest, I found many lovely Mickey Mouse invitations!  I used a combination of the ideas I found here at Pieper's Timeless Memories etsy shop and here at Embellishing Life. Thanks for the great ideas, ladies!

Come back tonight around 5:00 PM to link up your fabulous ideas!

Gingerbread Man Theme Day

I have been missing Mommy School.  A lot.  But let's be honest--Christmastime is a crazy time!  I haven't found a second to spare.  But I have wanted to enjoy some fun Christmas activities with Little Man.  So I compromised.  Instead of attempting daily activities, I decided to do weekly theme days.  It's basically an all-day party!


Last week, we had an entire "Gingerbread Man" day.

You might remember that we had a similar gingerbread party last year.  It's so fun to see how much more I can do with Little Man in just 1 year!  We had so much fun with last year's party that we decided to make this a tradition!

Little Man loves our Christmas book advent SO much!  Every morning he wakes up and runs downstairs to discover the latest Christmas book wrapped up under the tree. On this day, he woke up and found "The Gingerbread Man" story book.  He wanted to read this over and over again all day long.

We ate gingerbread pancakes for breakfast.  YUM!

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Boys Club Halloween Party

On Wednesday, we celebrated Halloween with Little Man's Boys Club.  We have a really fun group of boys--all who live within 5 minutes of our house.  Besides going to church together, these boys will all be in the same grade at school. Every Wednesday, we rotate houses, and the boys play together.  This has been SO good for Little Man to learn social skills and have a group of friends he feels comfortable with.

I have always wanted to throw a Halloween party, so this was the perfect opportunity!  We had such a great time with these cute boys.  Of course I took too many pictures, and I can't narrow down my favorites, so bring on the photo overload:


We drew some faces on thsee balloons to make them look like jack-o-lanterns, tied them to some baby jars full of candy corn, and created some easy centerpieces!  Each boy took home a balloon as a favor at the end of the party.


I used some happy polk-a-dot wrapping paper as a table runner...


Little Man picked out some Halloween fabric at JoAnn's, and I sewed 4 easy chair covers for our chairs.

This adds such a festive touch--I think I'll do the same for every holiday!


Sweet hubby got up early to pick up some orange helium balloons. Thanks babe! 🙂


Each boy had a chalkboard bat with his name written on it for their place setting.

Before eating lunch, they created jack-o-lantern faces with orange paper plates and sticky foam.


As the boys arrived, they played with ghost balloons.

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Seven Seas Party {Mockingbird Cottage}

I am thrilled to introduce my very talented guest to you today!

The lovely Melissa is the mom of one of my darling little first graders from years past!  I have kept in touch with their cute family over the years... And now I get to share some of her creativity with you!


Hey there!  My name is Melissa. 

I've known Alison for about four years now, ever since my little girl was in her first grade class.  She is still my daughter's all time favorite teacher! So many fun memories!  🙂  I have been a "Mommy Blogger" for almost four years (mostly recording my favorite funny moments) and finally have started another blog to fuel my creativity and do more to beautify my home.  I have many projects to share! My new blog is Mockingbird Cottage.   Stop in and say hello sometime!

Today, I am excited to share with all of you my latest labor of love!

My son, Chase, just turned seven years old.  He is always looking for an adventure and is absolutely obsessed with animals, sea creatures, and maps.  So, I thought that The Seven Seas would be a perfect theme for his adventure-style birthday party.

It was a really fun party!

I made the invitations tri-fold style and tied them with rope. No envelopes needed!  I absolutely love this paper from Three Bugs In A Rug!  It was so perfect for Chase's theme.  Such cute paper!

Here is a glimpse of all sides of the invitation.
When you open the top flap, there are all the details of  the party.  In the middle, there is a poem I wrote about a Seven Seas Adventure.
Here are the words to the poem:
Ahoy Mateys!
Seven years to Celebrate,
Since Chase became our young first mate.
Seven Seas are calling him now
His sights are set toward the bow
The days spent at Port six cruised by way too fast
But new adventures await as he raises his sail to the mast
Chase invites you to join the crew as his vessel sets sail
Exploring depths of the ocean where sea creatures dwell
We'll dive right in to games and cake
Wear a swimsuit and sunscreen so you don't bake
The day is Monday August 15th from 2-4 o'clock
(Modern day time)
Make sure you do naut get land locked and get left behind!
Having you on board will be sure to please
We'll see you at the Seven Seas!
Some party decorations to welcome Chase's friends:
A party store made up these darling balloons of a fish and an octopus.  We loved them!
(And there were tears shed by my two youngest when they finally popped a few days later.)


I thought it would be fun to use our chalkboard to copy a fish market sale.
I loved making this banner so much! I again used 3 Bugs In a Rug  paper and used skewers behind the paper to make sailboats as part of his name display.  This was my favorite party project!
My kids and I made newspaper sailboat hats for all the party guests.
Easy-Peasy! (and cheap!)
The crew had to find their sailor hats in Davy Jone's Locker.  Then all of the other decorations for the table mostly came from things I had around the house or we made together as a family for this party.
I wanted to put a banner on the front of the table and then I thought of the idea as making it as Shark teeth.  The tablecloth is made of old map tissue paper.  We put a couple of fish in some fish bowls and added around any marine life toys we could find.  Again, I let my kids help do this!
The party games were fun, and didn't cost anything!
The joy of playing in the water in the summer-time! 🙂
Dribble-Dribble Dunk! was a big hit! It is just like duck-duck goose, except the players take a pitcher of water around the circle and dribble a drop down each person's neck and until they dunk someone! The giggles were so great with this game!
After Chase's friends went home, we had dinner with our family that evening.
All of the food was named after one of the Seven Seas. We had octopus of the Black Sea, Caspian Sea with traveling Swedish fish, Persian Gulf Shrimp, Pirate Ships of the Indian Ocean, Sea Shells off the Adriatic Sea, Chicken of the Red Sea, and Ocean Water from the Mediterranean.
I tried to make some grilled chicken and pineapple to look like a fish.  It was very, very simple; and so yummy too!
My birthday boy loved it, so that's what makes me happy! 🙂
Cupcakes were super-simple. Blue frosting with gummy sharks and fish.  There wasn't time for anything fancier. 😉
Thanks so much Alison for letting me be a guest on your blog and share a thousand photos!
I'll be posting more ideas on my new blog soon, so be sure and watch for that!  I'd love you all to visit!

Twinkie Party Family Tradition

A few weeks ago, I shared one of my favorite family memories/traditions at A Little Tipsy. Can you believe that we have a family tradition all about Twinkies?!  Well, it's true!  In our family, traditions are more like inside jokes. So here's a little peek into just one of my favorite family traditions.

{Beware of some serious cheese in this post!}
Here's my little family growing up.  See me with my bangs and big red sash??
Something you should know about us...
I have the coolest family.  We had tons of family traditions.  And most of them are incredibly cheesy!!  We did crazy fun things that I rolled my eyes at as a teenager--but now I beg my parents to bring on the fun once again!
Recently we introduced my husband and son to a tradition we had growing up as kids...
The Twinkie Party!
In our family, a Twinkie party is a "fancy" celebration of our accomplishments.
This tradition is more like an inside joke, and it begs an explanation.
So here's the story:
Once upon a time my Dad and Mom met at a little school called BYU.  He liked her.  Then she liked him.  After a little off-and-on romance, my Dad decided that he definitely wanted to pursue their courtship seriously.  So he planned a surprise!
He kidnapped my Mom from her apartment.  Blindfolded her.  Even placed a box over her head so she couldn't see a thing.  He drove her to a  park and set up a chair.  So there sat my unsuspecting Mother, blindfolded, as my Dad set the scene for a romantic date.  He set up a small table and chairs.  He even covered the table with a lace tablecloth and lit candles too.  He set the table with fine china, and poured some soda pop in crystal goblets.  
When he finally took off the blindfold, my Mother was in awe of the romantic scene, but finally laughed out loud a their entree.  My Dad had cut a Twinkie in half horizontally and placed it on each of their plates.  It was the first-ever Twinkie party.
 Growing up, we were cheap.  Really cheap.  So whenever we wanted to throw a little celebration, we had a family Twinkie party--just like my Mom and Dad!
It had been years since our last Twinkie Party.  I couldn't wait to share this tradition with my husband and son!!  To spruce things up a little bit, I made this Twinkie stand.  Don't these Twinkies clean up nice?!
How about some Twinkie toppers??  (You can download these at the end of this post.)
And why not a fun frame??  This is a spin-off of Mique's Rule the World printables.  I was seriously laughing out loud the entire time I made this.
So we laid out our own lace tablecloth, and set out the fine china.  We lit candles because my Dad always says, "This is called ambiance.... you pay twice as much for this in a restaurant!"
We filled our goblets with scrumptious Ginger Ale.   Soda pop is always a delicacy--at least it was for us growing up as kids!
Before eating, each of us named some recent accomplishment.  Then we all did a "Hip hip hooray!" cheer for that person. We cheered for big things like my parents celebrating their 33rd anniversary.  We also cheered for little things like my husband having the chance to go wakeboarding recently!
It was Little Man's first time cheering, but he loved yelling "Hip hip hooray!" He thought this was the best part of the whole evening!
After cheering for everyone, we sliced our Twinkies (my Dad says this is because it makes it feel like it's twice as much!) and feasted on these little beauties!  We ended the night by cleansing our hands on warm wash cloths--just like you would do in a fancy restaurant!
Do you want to know something funny?  I don't even like Twinkies!  But this was one of the most hysterically fun nights I've had in a long time!
Do you want to throw your own Twinkie party??

Just click here to download your own Twinkie toppers, print them on cardstock, cut them out, and hot glue the front to the back with a toothpick sandwiched in between!

Download your own "Given enough Twinkies..." sign here.  Print on scrapbook paper and slide into a 5x7 frame.

Please tell me that I'm not the only one with "cheesy" family traditions!

Mr. One-derful Birthday

Is anyone else feeling a bit of a 3-day weekend hangover?
I am feeling a little sluggish getting back to regular everyday life.
But summer is here, my friends!!
(Knock on wood, right??)
We had a lovely weekend with family in town--all celebrating my sweet nephew's first birthday.  My sister threw him a sweet birthday party, and the theme was
Mr. One-derful

Super cute, right??
I made some of these little party hats as centerpieces. We guessed (and we were oh-so-right!) that this sweet little guy wouldn't actually wear a hat on his head.  Instead, we used them as centerpieces.  Doesn't this just scream "BOY"??
I made these in Lil' Luna style...
*I used circle dot stickers as polk-a-dots
* I added some paper pinwheels with glittered cardstock 1's.
* My favorite part is the ruffled crepe paper around the edges.  Is there anything more lovely than ruffled crepe paper??
Using my Cricut, I cut out the fabric for the birthday boy's onesie, and ironed it on.
(If you'd like to know more about how to do this, see this tutorial.)


The birthday party was SO sweet!  So many fun moments.


And is there anything more precious than watching a one-year-old try to eat their own birthday cake??  There was cake EVERYWHERE by the time this little guy was done!
Have a happy day!
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