Fresh Orchid Lei ~ A Taste of Hawaii!

You know you're a craft blogger...
When you find a crafting opportunity when you're on VACATION!!!
I love a million things about Hawaii.
The beach, of course.
Palm trees.
Hula dancing.
Fresh flowers.
The color of the ocean.
The humid air... it's like being in a cloud!
{Just making this list makes me want to leave the piles of laundry behind and head back there right now!}
I don't think anything compares to a hearty Hawaiian "Aloha!" along with a fresh lei being draped around my neck.  It marks the official beginning of a BREAK!
I had NO idea that there were so many different types of leis!  We just barely missed the May Day lei festival where leis are displayed, made out of everything from flowers to nuts and berries.
But of course my favorite leis are made from these...
I love, love, love orchids!
We did plenty of amazing stuff on our vacation, but I simply had to make my own fresh Hawaiian lei while we were there.  I met a friend who worked at the resort who was kind enough to teach me how, and this made my Hawaiian experience complete! And of course I documented the process for a proper tutorial!
Are you ready??

PINK Bow Cuff {Color My Summer}

Color me HAPPY!
We may be just a few days short of the "official" season...
But isn't summer the most vibrant, colorful time of the year?!
It makes me think of fireworks and popsiciles; parties and pools!

It is definitely my favorite time of the year.

I am "tickled PINK" about my project today because I am participating in the fabulous "Color My Summer" event, hosted by my gals at KoJo Designs and Delia Creates (Delia just happens to be my blog crush if you didn't already know!)

I love colors, but to be completely honest, I feel like my color palette can be limited.  Why?!  Because I live with 2 boys!  I often find my projects stuck in a rut of blues, greens, yellows, and browns.
Not today, my friends. Not today.
Today, I'm sharing a project that makes ME feel like a lady! 

I broke free from some bad color habits by spotlighting the color PINK.  And not just a shy, tame, pastel pink.  Let me introduce you to a bright and fun let's-celebrate-summer-magenta pink.

Not a sewer?  Don't worry, if you can sew a straight line, I'll walk you through how to create your own suede bow cuff bracelet in under 10 minutes.

By the way, I often worry when I hear a time limit on a project because I know it will take me at least double or triple the time (probably because of my many oopsey daisies!)... so you can believe me when I tell you that this will be easy!

Blog Pendant Necklace

With the Creative Estates blogging conference just a few short weeks away, I am in the full swing of final preparations.  My family has decided to make a week-long vacation out of it, and I couldn't be any more thrilled to get out of town!  I have been making travel arrangements, ordering business cards, and even lining up several awesome guest bloggers to take care of things while I'm away!
This little blog pendant necklace will be traveling with me to Creative Estates.  I will be wearing my Oopsey Daisy logo with pride!!
I am not one who can easily sit down and make a craft in a short period of time... I usually stumble around and do things the hard way.  So you can believe me when I say that this craft was simple and didn't take much time at all!
For this project, you will need:
* A glass pendant.  (I purchased these 7/8-inch square glass shapes from
* Scrabble tile/glass glaze.  (I also purchased mine from Sun and Moon Craft Kits, but there are many comparable products you can find at just about any craft store!)
* A jewelry chain.  (I actually used an old chain I had at home.)
* A jewelry bail.
* A print-out of your desired logo or picture that will fit your glass pendant.
I wanted to be sure that I would get the size just right, so I printed out several Oopsey Daisy logos just to be sure I would have the right fit.  You could also print this out at Kinko's or even Costco!


After trimming the logo to size, I completely covered the paper with the glaze. I just used my fingers to spread it, covering every edge.  Once covered, I place the glass tile right over the top.

Then I turned my pendant over, and applied the glaze to the back of the paper, too.  I completely covered the back of the pendant and let it dry.

Finally, I used E-6000 to glue a bail on the top of the pendant, and let it dry over night.  I strung it on an old jewelry chain, and that's it!

See--was that simple or what?!  I can't wait to wear my new blog pendant necklace!!


Now the only dilemma I have left is selecting my outfits for the conference!
I am so indecisive when it comes to clothes.. black shirt or white?!  (I think I'll go with the white!)
I have some more ideas for pendant necklaces, which I'll share in a few days.
Have a great day!

Lacy Washer Necklace

Today, I want to share my lacy washer necklace with you.  Sometimes in my craft world, I neglect myself a bit.  I am always making stuff for the house.  For Little Man.  For others.  Occasionally, I just want to make something for me.  It usually takes the form of jewelry... when it comes to spoiling myself, I usually prefer jewelry!  Or shoes.  🙂  Lately, I have been loving my homemade necklaces.  And this one is a piece of cake!
This necklace was incredibly easy to make!  You'll just need a bit of lace, some scrapbook paper, and some washers.  Can I just tell you how much I love washers?!  I'm not sure why, but this sack full of washers just makes me happy!  So many possibilities! 
I selected 8 washers and traced them onto some cute scrapbook paper.  I used 2 types of scrapbook paper, so I traced 4 on one kind of paper and 4 on the other.  I mod podged paper to both sides of the washers so there would be no distinct front or back.  After mod podging, I used a nail file around the edges of each washer.  I wanted the paper to really become "one" with the washer. 
I wanted my necklace to be shiny.  Almost jewel-like.  Using a small paint brush, I applied Aleene's paper glaze to each washer.  Give the washers plenty of time to dry.  (You can work on other crafts while you wait... don't you love multi-tasking?!)  Apply the glaze to both sides. 
To string the washers on the lace, follow Becca' instructions at Blue Cricket Design.  Don't get frustrated if it doesn't come easily at first... You'll get it!  Give it a couple of tries, and you'll figure out the over/under's.  I tied knots in the lace before and after the washers so they wouldn't slide around.
Isn't it lovely?!  There is something so elegant about lace.  I just tie a knot to secure it behind my neck when I wear it.  I can't wait to make more and try out some new color combinations!

The very day I finished the necklace, I wanted to wear it.  So I did.  I wore it to my birthday dinner!  Here I am, modeling it, in all of my up-close glory!

Wouldn't it be fun to make this in holiday colors?!  Such an easy stocking stuffer!

Fall Rosette Necklace

One of the things I like most about fall is the colors.  I love browns, oranges, and golds.  I planned this necklace long ago because I needed the perfect accessory for my fall wardrobe!  So I present to you my new favorite jewelry piece--this fall rosette necklace!  I don't consider myself an expert at all in jewelry-making, so this is a tutorial easy enough for all of us!  Come along with me, and I'll show you how to make one of your own!
For this project, you will need:
* Felt scraps
* Fall-colored fabrics  (I found mine on the Red Tag clearance section at JoAnn's.)
* Necklace chain or ribbon would work too!
* Hot glue gun
* Scissors
To start out, I cut strips of fabric that were about 1 inch wide and varying lengths.  Be creative. I experimented to see how long I would need to get the rosettes to be just the right size for me.  To make the roesttes, you tie a knot in the end of the fabric strip.  Then you start wrapping around and hot-gluing as you go.  I use this House of Smith's tutorial to create my rosettes, the same one I used in my crepe paper rose wreath.
I went a little crazy on my rosettes!  I had only planned to make a few, but I just couldn't stop myself!  I ended up making 8 total, but I did scrap a few that didn't fit into the scheme I had in mind.  (The cotton fabrics were a bit harder for me to turn into rosettes.  The gold silky fabric worked out much better!  Just FYI.)  I arranged the rosettes on a scrap of felt.
Now, I hot glued the rosettes onto the felt in my desired formation.  Then I trimmed the felt carefully so you wouldn't be able to see it from the front.  This is the ugly back side!

Now I just hot glued the chain onto the back of the felt.  I also hot glued one more piece of felt over the chain to sandwich the chain snuggly in between brown felt.

I'll be honest.  I am in love with this necklace!  And I wear it almost every day!  It works with brown, yellow, white, and even orange.  Can't wait for the weather to get cold enough to bust out my fall boots and add those as the final accessory!

Enjoy your week... I am gearing up for a CRAZY time in the next few days!  We are trying to pack up to move and leave for out of town this week (all without my husband!)  Yikes!

One Last Summer Project!

Hello Oopsey Daisies!!  

I'm back!!  It's been a slow week on the blog for a couple of reasons.  First of all, I put in about 15 hours in a mad rush to finish my quiet book!!  Since I don't even own a sewing machine, I've been practically living at my Mom's house as I've finished it up.  I was just about ready to move in, toothbrush and all!  But as of late last night, it is complete!  I am bursting at the seams to share the finished product with you.  So stay tuned for that!

Also, I ran out of photo storage on blogger.  I paid for an upgrade, but it took 24 hours to kick in!  And blogging without photos?!  I just couldn't do it!  But thank you for your kind comments throughout the week that have motivated me to come back as soon as possible!

I feel sheepish sharing my last summer craft with you, considering how Halloween has already completely taken over blog-land!!  But I am going to justify this project for a few reasons:
1.  I wear flipflops year-round, even here in Colorado.  So this project is relevant to me year-round!
2.  I will also share how to repurpose this project even after the summer season is over.
So with that justification, let me share my upcycled flipflops with you!

I saw so many cute ideas for flipflops that I wanted to use all of them!!  So after buying a cheap pair of flipflops at Wal-Mart, I started taking my scraps and created little flowers and rosettes.  I absolutely adore the zipper rosettes!!  I also made satin rosettes and red pinwheel flowers.  Love those polk-a-dots!  It has been so fun to interchange embellishments!

I hot-glued a piece of felt to each flower/rosette, and then hot-glued an alligator clip to the felt.  Using clips, I could interchange my embellishments to match my outfit or even my mood!  (Not to mention they can also double as hair accessories!)
I really, really love the combination of red, black, and white together.  So I have worn these little beauties a whole lot this summer....
But I love the simplicity of the white satin layered flowers.  These were super easy to make.  I just layered satin circles, burned the edges, and hot-glued them all together!
And then this dark, chic combination!  Love, love, love the dark zipper rosettes with gold teeth!
So what can you do with these embellishments after stashing away your summer flipflops??
Well, I have a few ideas....

These make super cute hair accessories!  (Don't make fun of me for the pictures I attempted to take of myself!)

Even my new Coach purse looks cutsified with a little embellishment!
And this red pinwheel looks just charming on my finished Quiet Book.... here is your sneak peek!!  The full reveal is coming on Monday! 

Zipper Rosette & Pearl Necklace

It's time for another selfish craft!! Come on, I know you want to make something for yourself...
How about a zipper rosette & pearl necklace?!
I needed a new accessory. Something pretty. Something fun. Something I could make. Zipper rosettes and zipper necklaces are nothing new, but I decided to create my own "zipper something". So here is my take on it...

There are tons of tutorials out there for making a zipper rosette. I like this tutorial by Sumo's Sweet Stuff. I used 2 zippers that I bought at Wal-Mart for cheap. When I snipped my zippers in half, I used a half zipper for the small rosettes. I sewed the 2 halves of my other zipper together to create a bigger rosette for the center. I secured the rosettes to an old friendship necklace I've had since middle school using felt and hot glue.

But when I was done, it just needed something extra. I toyed around with beads and jewels. My sister, the accessory genius, suggested pearls. I love the combination of zippers and pearls!
My sister is a lovely model, isn't she?!
I'm pretty proud of myself. I am lovin' my new necklace!!

Reversible Headbands

I feel like I am always making stuff.  Stuff for the house.  Stuff for Little Man.  Stuff for gifts for other people.  All of these are wonderful and important endeavors.  But I got a little selfish and decided it was time to make something for me.

Check out these lovely reversible headbands!!  Don't you just love choosing 2 coordinating fabrics.  This is one of the highlights of my life.  I spend way too much time in the fabric section of JoAnn's, comparing fabrics while my poor son waits on patiently.  

I followed the tutorial here at The Long Thread.  There was a pattern and everything!  I just did a couple of things differently:
* I made my headbands slightly more narrow and used a shorter piece (5 inches) of elastic than the recommended 6 inches.  Maybe I have an abnormally small head.  Not sure.
* I used Wonder Under in between the 2 layers of fabric to really stabilize it before sewing the 2 fabric pieces together. 

Accessories just aren't fun unless you can swap, right?!  I made headbands for both of my sisters.  This is my cute little sister modeling her headband--both sides!  She's a perfect model.  

Now I have 3 headbands left for lil ol' me.  The elastic hides underneath your hair.  Perfect!  

Alright--selfish craft complete.  I'm sure there will be more to come.  Have a super day!

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