About Oopsey Daisy


My name is Alison and among other things, I'm a crafting airhead.

But admitting that I'm a crafting airhead is the first step, right??

I love to make beautiful things for the people I love.  I like to sew, modpodge, craft, decorate, photograph, hammer, paint, teach, and create.  There's just one problem... I always do things the hard way.  Nothing I make is perfect, but I do find daisies among my oopseys.

And I am definitely the queen of Oopsey Daisies.

Want to know more about me??

Short Version - I am the second of 4 children in a pretty amazing family.  I was born in St. Louis.  Moved to Atlanta.  Moved to Denver.  Survived high school.  Barely. Did a bit of cheerleading and played the piano a lot.  Went to BYU and studied Early Childhood Education.

Once upon a time, I taught first grade in Utah.  I taught oodles of adorable kiddos and loved every minute of it.  In fact, I miss it.  Sometimes I want to walk through elementary schools and look at their bulletin boards just for fun.  Maybe that's why you see my education streak come out here and there with Mommy School.

Then this handsome guy came along and swept me off my feet.  We lived in Utah for a short time, but then his job brought us back to Denver.  Back to home.  Good thing, too, because handsome hubby travels a lot for work.  Now I get to hang with my parents and sister close by.  Perfect.

And then I became a Mommy.  I now stay at home with my sweet Little Man who is almost 3!

True confessions:  Most of my life, I haven't been a "crafty" person.  I ran kicking and screaming away from a sewing machine.  True story.  But with handsome hubby gone a lot, I needed a hobby.  Crafting became my little piece of sweet sanity.

I live for my family.  They are my world.  (And yes, we really need an updated family picture!)

So that's me.  E-mail me.  Tweet me.  Facebook me.  And bring your friends along too!

Still want to know more??

Random Fun Facts:  First and foremost, you must know that I love ice cream.  Right now I'm lovin' raspberry frozen yogurt with Oreo's on top.  I'm a night owl. I stay up ridiculously late.  I love to watch musicals when I'm home alone.  I am slightly OCD.  Everything is better when it's alphabetized or color-coded.  I can't leave the house without making the bed.  Little Man refers to me as "Mama Bear" and I love that.  I love navy blue.  Lavender roses are my fave.  I over-think EVERYTHING.  I should have been a professional roller skater.  Toasted peanut butter and honey is my comfort food.  I serve in the Primary presidency at church.  I have no sense of smell.  Yep, I was born that way.

Thanks for being here.  Oopsey Daisy readers ROCK!