Baby Week Business & Final Roundup of Ideas

It's official:  This is the final post of Baby Week!  It's been quite a bonanza of ideas and inspiration!!  I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.  A few items of business:

1.  If you didn't get a chance to check out all of the Baby Week projects or you just want to see them again, I have a list of them on my sidebar.  Just click the link matching the picture to visit the post again!  These guest authors deserve lots of props!  Stop by their blogs and say hello!

2.  We have a winner of our first giveaway--My very own giveaway for the "Baby Is Sleeping" sign.

#43 is Amberlyn!!  
Congrats, Amberlyn!!  I can't wait to send you your little baby girl sign!  E-mail me at oopsey(dot)daisy(at)yahoo(dot)com by Tuesday.  I just need your address!

3.  Now let's end Baby Week with YOUR ideas!  Here is one last roundup of fabulous baby ideas.  Most of these are from our very own Baby Week linky party.  There were additions to our link list up until today, so I wanted to feature these, too!  I found a few more ideas I liked, too!  So here you go!  ENJOY!

12.  Scrappy nursery pillow by Mother Lode.  This is a new blog I found--absolutely adore it!
13.  Nursery window coverings by Mother Lode.
18.  FREE baby nursery art from Mother Lode.

43.  This is such a cool idea!!  Baby clothes turned into a big girl quilt from Mother Lode.
Be sure to go visit some links and share some love.  I TRIED to feature everything I could... I wanted this to highlight you and your ideas!  (But if I made any oopsey's in overlooking something, please forgive me!)
PS  Don't forget to enter Knits & Reads' amazing baby bootie giveaway by tonight at midnight!!

Baby Scrapbook {The Scrap Shoppe}

My friends, you are in for a treat!!  I saved the best for last 🙂 Our final guest author of Baby Week is one of my bestest blogging buddies, Michele from The Scrap Shoppe.  She has some fun baby ideas to share.
Take it away, Michele!!
Hello everyone! I'm Michele from The Scrap Shoppe.
I use my blog to to share craft projects that catch my eye, interesting craft techniques, show off my scrapbook-themed t-shirts (T-Shirt Tuesday! You can read more about my t-shirt biz here), and give you some fun freebies that you can download and use in your own crafting. And I also share a creation of my own each weekend.

Here are a handful of the projects you can find at The Scrap Shoppe:

You can see my interests vary greatly from paint, recycled itemsmini albums, scrapbook layouts, fabric flowerscanvas, to home decor!

I have an Etsy store where I sell my graphic designs as digital downloads, as well as fabric flowers, and other scrapbook embellishments. I have plans to open an Etsy jewelry store in the future.

I also spend a lot of my creative energies making things for this little guy.

Cute, huh? This is my son Gavin, and he is 21 months old and a ton of fun. This photo is from Mother's Day at a strawberry festival.
Since scrapbooking is one of my favorite hobbies, a lot of the decorations in Gavin's bedroom are made by paper crafting. It was one of the more inexpensive ways I could think of to deck his walls. 

Scrapbook paper covered wood letters. I painted the sides by sponging on blue paint. The animals were pre-painted and purchased from Hobby Lobby for ~$.50 each. They are hanging from the letters with thin satin ribbon. This project hangs over Gavin's crib.
Chipboard license plate frames covered with cardstock. I used a Cricut machine to cut the letters. I have a super cute animal stamp set I used to make the animals.
This ABC's banner is a more recent project that I made for a new play corner in my son's room. I'm a big believer in visualization so I figure the more he sees the ABC's, the faster he will learn them! You can see more photos of this project on my blog.

Keeping It Simple!

Also as a scrapbooker and mom to a toddler, I know it is so easy to get overwhelmed with all those photos of baby. The first thing you need to do is go ahead and admit to yourself you will not be able to scrapbook every single photo of your child that you take. Pick out the ones you deem most special and put the rest in a regular photo album. Trust me, it will save your sanity!

While I do have a 12x12 album devoted to layouts of my son, I
know it will take forever for me to fill it up. Not only that, but I scrapbook photos as the mood strikes me. That means it may not be in chronological order. That can make waiting for a complete album to show off a long time coming. My solution? Mini albums!
Mini albums can be made quite quickly, especially as you can often time find kits to make them which lessens the amount of time you spend searching for matching embellishments. Mini albums are also good for the psyche because they only involve a handful of photos with a specific theme which makes the task seem to go faster.

Here, I've made a mini album devoted to the first year of my son's life. Each page shows a picture that I feel represents that month. I used the
Little Yellow Bicycle Baby Safari collection. What is great about this collection is that a part of it is month by month journaling cards. Talk about making my job easy!

I've chosen the cover and a few of my favorite pages to showcase.

I love that this allows me to see how my little guy has grown in one small album.
The idea of throwing together a mini album or only scrapbooking a few choice photos not only goes for baby photos, but those hundreds of photos you took while on vacation, photos of your pets, special occasions, etc.

Remember, keep it simple, don't try to scrapbook everything, and don't get overwhelmed!
Thank you, Alison, for letting me share!

She is the cherry on top!!!  Thanks Michele!  I love your ideas!

Cute & Easy Baby Gift {Lyndsey’s Craft Spot}

Alright, Baby Week readers. Lyndsey has the most adorable blog with all kinds of amazing wood crafts. Go check out some of her cool project... you'll love it. Promise! Now, on to her tutorial! This is a fun one!


Hey guys.. let me start off by saying how excited I am to be guest posting at Oopsey Daisy. I have been following her blog for awhile and she is awesome.

I hope you will like this idea. I love crafting and have more cute gift ideas on my blog LyndseysCraftSpot. If you have any questions following this tutorial let me know.. I would love to hear from you!!

Ok- now on to the fun stuff already... I think baby showers are so fun but mostly because there are so many cute ideas out there for super cute gifts. The growth board is something I started making a while ago because it is so easy and it is such a huge hit with the moms to be...

So here is a list of things you will need to make one:
1- 1X6 cut to 4 feet. You can get these at Home Depot or Lowes- they can cut it there for you for free and I think they are around $4.00 for a 6 foot board (You won't need the whole thing so I bet all you crafty people can come up with something cute for the other piece.)
- Scrapbook paper in coordinating colors... this project is perfect for all those scraps that you might having lying around.
- Paint in the color of your choice and paint brushes
- Mod-podge
- Sandpaper
- Craft wire - I buy mine at Lowe's it is only $2.00 for a huge roll that will last you forever!!
- Ribbon, buttons.. cute embellishments of your choice
Start with your 4 foot board and paint it... I always sand everything .. It's an addiction! So go ahead and sand that sucker down...

Next I cut my scrapbook paper. You will need 4 pieces that measure 1 1/2 inches wide and 4 inches long - these will be for each foot of the board. Then I cut a few pieces for the top part. This is where we will put the cute saying at the top. My top piece of paper measures 4.5 by 9.5. All you scrap bookers out there could probably do a much better job then me with this part. Then just mod-podge them onto the board.. the first piece will go at the very bottom of the board and then space them up each a foot..
Now, you will take a measuring tape and use a pen or pencil to mark your board from the bottom - you will mark every inch. Now because of the paper on the board, you will only be able to mark 10 lines in between each foot. I then painted over each marking with a little paint brush and some white paint.. I have used a paint pen and a scrap book pen before, and they all work great.. I am not a perfectionist so don't look to close 🙂
Next, we will print out vinyl for the feet and the top ... if you don't have access to vinyl you can free hand these parts as well with a paint pen or scrap book pen. Also, if the mother-to-be has not chosen a name yet for her new baby you can replace that saying with," Look how big I am?" or" Wow.. I am so big!!!"
My favorite step.. adding your own little flair to your masterpiece... I love adding ribbon and buttons. Flowers are also super cute.

See, I told you she was great!! What a fun project. I am definitely making one of these for my son's room!

Cute As A Button Baby Shower! {Home Sweet Home}

Get excited!! We all love a good baby shower, and Brandy from Home Sweet Home is sharing about a shower that just makes me giddy! Today, we are going to feature some fun baby shower ideas.
Hey there Baby Week Readers! I'm Brandy from Home Sweet Home, and I am excited to share some ideas from a baby shower that I hosted recently!

But first, let me share a little about myself! I am an energized stay at home mother of 3 little ones, and a wife to the most amazing guy! We are a Coast Guard family and have lived in California, Alaska, and are currently living in Ohio! We love the adventure that this life brings and the wonderful friends we have met.

My crafting days really started after having children. I always enjoyed getting creative, but now had little guinea pigs to try out all of my projects on! I started sewing baby bedding, then little clothes, and now I sew anything and everything I can get a pattern for! I also love to make my home a beautiful place, and doing it on a budget.

Here are a few of my favorite projects that you'll find on Home Sweet Home!

DIY Floor Runner
Magnetic Frame

Little Sofa Makeover

Ok, enough about me. Here is the "Cute As A Button" baby shower that I hosted recently!

Drooling? You will be after you see this recipe! Coconut cupcakes (courtesy of Martha Stewart) and homemade buttercream frosting. YUM.

I made these for a baby shower & luncheon that a friend and I hosted at my home. It was SO MUCH FUN! Great food, friends, visiting and laughter! As far as food went, I didn't coordinate that with the button theme--just the dessert. For lunch, we had chicken sandwiches, fruit salad, artichoke dip, and a few side dishes that friends brought.

The table cloth was a brown sheet that I bought on clearance with a square of that beautiful turquoise fabric in the center. Perfect for my color scheme.

It was more of a luncheon than an actual baby shower. Gifts were involved, of course, but we didn't do many games. We just kept it simple and enjoyed chatting.

Now onto the PARTY FAVORS!

I saw these fun chocolate buttons on Bakerella. She had linked them to Bake it Pretty who sold the molds for them. I HAD to have some. So I put in my order and they came in time for me to make them for this baby shower!

I used blue, white, and brown Wilton melts and put them into tiny plastic lollipop bags. I printed out a design that I made on my computer along with the baby's birth info. I cut out each tag, folded it in half and stapled it across the baggie just like a bag of buttons that you would find in a craft store.

The perfect party favor. I used the buttons on top of the cupcakes as well.

Martha Stewart's Coconut Cupcakes

Makes 21
1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup packed sweetened shredded coconut
6 ounces (1 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter, softened
1 1/3 cups sugar
2 large eggs plus 2 large egg whites
3/4 cup unsweetened coconut milk
1 1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line standard muffin tins with paper liners. Whisk dry ingredients in a large bowl. Put coconut flakes into a food processor and pulse until finely shredded. Wisk into dry ingredients.

In a seperate bowl, cream butter and sugar with a mixer until light and fluffy. Add eggs, and beat.

Reduce speed to low. Add dry ingredients to butter mixture in 3 additions, alternating with coconut milk and ending with dry. Scrape sides of bowl. Divide batter among muffin cups, filling each 2/3 full.
Bake cupcakes until testers inserted into centers come out clean, about 20 minutes. Let cool in tins on wire racks. Cupcakes will keep, covered, for up to 3 days, or freeze for one month.

Buttecream Frosting
{adapted from Wilton's Buttercream frosting}

{you may use shortening, and use butter flavoring instead of vanilla, but butter tastes so much better!}

1 c. butter
1 pound sifted powdered sugar
2 T. water
1 tsp. flavoring (I used vanilla)

Place ingredients into a mixing bowl and beat. Scrape sides, then continue beating until smooth.

Thanks for letting me drop by Alison! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the fun posts on Baby Week! Feel free to drop by Home Sweet Home sometime. I'd love to have ya!

Well, I'm ready to throw a baby shower now!! That recipe is making me drool! Thanks a million, Brandy!

Fun Baby Shower GIfts {Cute as a Fox}

Ashley is here from Cute as a Fox! Ashley was one of the first guest authors I knew I wanted. When I saw her adorable baby shower gift ideas, I knew she would be perfect for this week!! You'll see what I mean...


Hi Oopsey Daisy readers! I'm Ashley and I blog over on Cute as a Fox. I am so excited to be posting over here for Baby Week! I will be sharing some baby shower gifts with you today.

Before we get started, I wanted to let everyone know about an event I am co-hosting in Arizona in June. Click on the banner to learn all about it and register!

On to the good stuff! A few months ago I came across some cute boutique baby gifts shaped like candies, cupcakes, and lollipops. They were adorable but at boutique prices, it just wasn't going to happen. So I set out to make my own (and improve on the spendy boutique gifts, if I may be so bold.)

Here are the results:

Receiving Blanket Lollipops - Those sticks are in the center of the lollipop, not sticking behind. Baby Washcloth candy rolls
AND my favorite . . .
Burp Cloth and Baby Sock Cupcakes - I used ruffled burp cloths to emulate the look of frosting.

If you show up with these to a baby shower, you will definitely be the talk of the party. They are fun and most importantly easy to make! Click on the name of each project to be taken to the full tutorial.

I've got lots of great baby ideas, so come on over and check out the rest.

Today on my blog I am posting a free download. Great for embellishing a package, making a card, or scrapbooking. I even have the SVG file for anyone with a Cricut cutting machine. Come check it out at Cute as a Fox!

Thanks for having me here for Baby Week! Stay tuned for more awesome baby-related posts.

Go check out those fun tutorials on her blog! Thanks so much, Ashley!

Wednesday’s Wowzers: More baby inspiration

It's time to be inspired!

It's another week of Wednesday's Wowzers featuring YOUR ideas from the baby linky party and a few of my other fav's from blogging land. If your ideas haven't been featured still (we keep getting more and more ideas added daily!), I will do a final roundup this weekend. It takes A LOT of work to do a roundup of ideas like this, but I have so enjoyed finding new and talented bloggers! Just PLEASE go visit some of these incredible ideas.

Now onto the features! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

1. Napkin dresses by How Does She?
2. Styrofoam booties from Beneath My Heart.

** For tons of adorable diaper cake ideas, visit Anything that Glitters. She has TONS of different themes! So cool!
10. Dr. Seuss shower from Kara's Party Ideas. You have to check out this entire shower! The picture shows the Horton Hears a Who table. There is also a Green Eggs and Ham feature, Cat in the Hat, etc. I am in love!

You can check out all of the incredible 134-and-counting baby ideas by clicking here.

Set of Appliqued Onesies

Welcome back to another day o' fun at Baby Week!

Be sure you scroll through all of this week's fabulous posts so far!! We have two giveaways open , and you can enter those by clicking on the links at the top.

I had so much fun making a set of applique onesies for my adorable nephew! I just bought a package of 5 onesies, sat on the floor in the middle of my scrap fabric, and got as creative as I could get! Here is what I came up with...

I made this "Lil Bro" applique! This one just might be my favorite. I love all of the colors and its scrappy-ness! I still need to make a "Big Bro" shirt for my other nephew!

What little boy doesn't love cars?! I couldn't resist making a car shirt! It's simple, but sweet.

I now declare baseball our family's official sport. We adore baseball!! I made this bat with corduroy to add a bit more texture. The green is supposed to look like a baseball diamond... go with it. 🙂

This hammer applique means a lot to the family because my sister's husband owns his own construction business. This one is made out of denim and corduroy, so it really is a "heavy-duty" applique!

Last but not least, every little boy needs a tie onesie! Little Man had a shirt exactly like this, same fabric and all!! The tie is just too classic. Perfect for church!
Now I just can't wait for my little nephew to grow just a smidge so he can fit into these onesies!!

A Butterfly Chandelier {Megity’s Handmade}

Prepare yourselves for a totally cool tutorial!! I was so excited with how Megan's butterfly chandelier turned out!! Go for it, Megan!


Hi! I'm Megan from Megity's Handmade. I am super flattered to be guest posting today on Oopsey Daisy. Today, we are going to make a beautiful butterfly chandelier for your little one. It's going to fun!

  • 6-8 scrapbook papers of your choice - make sure it's thicker paper. I used 12x12, but 8 1/2 x 11 works just as good - you just need more.
  • 8-10 sheets of vellum (optional)
  • 1 package of Mini Glue Dots
  • fishing line
  • a 12" hoop
  • craft wire
  • 15-20 yards of ribbon and tulle
Let the fun begin!!

Step 1: Start by cutting out a gazillion butterflies of your choice. Depending on your size of your chandy and how full you want it. I made this one with 150 butterflies but had a few left over. You can also cut butterflies out of the vellum. When layered with a paper, the vellum butterfly looks extra soft and ethereal.

Step 2: Take your hoop and make a criss-cross shape with your wire. Make sure it's secure and centered evenly. Mine doesn't appear to be centered, but believe me, it is!

Step 3: I found it easiest to attach the butterflies while the hoop is hanging. I secured mine to dangle off the side of the table with a very official crafting tool, a Tonka crane toy. This Tonka toy is not necessary, you may use anything you want to secure it. 🙂 Beginning with the center of the chandelier, tie one end of your fishing line to it. Do not clip the length yet, just leave it attached to your spool. Use one glue dot on the center of a butterfly, center it over your fishing line and press the other butterfly on top. Continue down until you are satisfied with the length. Mine alternated from lengths of four and five butterflies. Once satisfied with the length, clip the fishing line.

Step 4: Continue attaching butterflies using the above technique working your way from the inside out. The order used was the center of the cross wires, then each corner where the wire was attached to the hoop and finally one or two strands in between each corner. Fill in your chandelier as much or as little as you want.

Step 5: Tie tulle to the top of your hoop on each corner where the wire is. Be generous in your length so that you can make a full bow. Knot the tulle together and then make two large bows with the excess.

Step 6: Fill in the rest of the hoop by tying the ribbons into simple knots. This looks best with several different styles of ribbons and the knots going in different directions. I used a satin, tulle, sheer and grosgrain in soft creams and perfect creamy pink.

Step 7: Hang and enjoy!*

Voila! The most adorable butterfly chandelier! Now go forth and create for those you procreated! 😉 Make your own or purchase a DIY kit from my Etsy shop. The kit will include everything you need to complete your own chandelier. No cutting required! Custom colors and/or shapes available for an additional fee.

Thanks for having me here. It was a pleasure. Please, feel free to come and visit me on my blog Megity's Handmade. Thanks!

*If hanging the chandelier over a crib, be sure to hang out of reach of baby.
This chandelier is over an infants crib and although it may not appear to be, it is still high enough that the baby will not be able to reach when able to stand. Safety first!

Is she fabulous or what?! Thanks so much, Megan! I already have plans for making an airplane chandelier for my son's room!

Burp Cloth Tutorial {Simply Designing}

Today we have Ashley from Simply Designing sharing her craftiness with us. There are tons of burp cloth tutorials out there, but I love Ashley's tutorial! I love that these are double sided... so fun and colorful! You'll never need to buy burp cloths again!

Hello Oopsey Daisy readers!! I was so excited to have been invited to guest post here during Baby Week! What an honor!

Simply Designing

I am Ashley, the face and voice behind Simply Designing! I am fairly new to blogland but am loving every minute of it! I am an interior designer and a floral designer. I own my own business. I also love to dabble in crafts, baby/child items, sewing, baking, cake decorating and a variety of other things. I love finding ways to make my life more SIMPLE!

I enjoy keeping busy and I have a list a mile long of "projects" I want to do. And I love posting about my projects on my blog! I also LOVE new visitors, comments and new followers! (hint hint!) 🙂

In addition, I am a wife to a wonderful husband for 9 years, and a mom of a 3.5 year old spunky little girl and a sweet cuddly 3 month old little boy! So much fun!

Oh. And in my spare time (ha ha!) I am opening an Etsy shop. It is a slow process for me, but I am enjoying that too. (Go check it out if you don't mind!)

I'll wait...

Ok. Now. On to the GOOD stuff!

I am so excited to be guest posting here today. I am actually going to show off a tutorial that has been one of my most popular tutorials! It is so much fun! I just love it!

I wanted to share with you my tutorial for making simple, but the best EVER, Burp Cloths!

I made similar ones to these for my daughter but also received a myriad of other burp cloths at her baby shower. These were by far the most functional and the cutest!

I recently made some in anticipation of our son’s arrival, so these are more “boy” oriented ones, but you can obviously use any prints you want to.

I was lucky and found my fabric on a 50% off sale! Then I had a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase, even sale items. So, I figured my cost was 80 cents per burp cloth! (Plus the thread costs, but since we didn’t need to buy new thread…).

So not only are they the best burp cloths, they are also the cheapest!

Here is what you will need:

  • Brown paper grocery store bag to make a pattern with (or, if you don't want to make your own template, go here to purchase a template!)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Scissors for paper
  • Fabric Pins
  • Fabric scissors
  • 1/3 yard flannel fabric per burp cloth (44”-45” wide fabric) (Flannel is the key here, so don’t buy cotton fabric. Spit up will just run off of cotton burp cloths and/or soak through to your clothes. Ew. The flannel fabric will absorb the spit up and they actually work better after each washing!)
  • Matching or contrasting thread (4 spools of each color)
  • A serger, or someone who loves you who owns a serger and is willing to sew a bit for you
    • (As a side note, you can also complete these without a serger! I just like this method because it is easy.)

Step 1: Prewash your fabrics

I know it is not a lot of fun, and I accidently left my flannels in the dryer too long and they became entangled and wrinkly (Yes, I then had to iron them before I could cut them out…don’t make that mistake!), but prewash your flannel fabrics. You will be SO happy you did this!

If you don’t, they will shrink and cause the edges of your burp cloths to become wavy and then your burp cloths will not look nearly as good and, if you are like me, you will want to iron your burp cloths, which really is a ridiculous thing to have to do.

So please, avoid the heartache and prewash all your flannels before you get started!

Step 2: Create your Pattern!

(or skip this step and buy one here)

Use the following dimensions and photograph to sketch out your burp cloth pattern on to an open brown paper grocery bag.

This does not have to be perfect, but try to get it as symmetrical as possible. However, remember that you will be serging around these so that will make up for some discrepancy in this step.

Once you have the pattern sketches on the bag, cut it out.

Length: 19.5"

Width middle: 7.25"

Width (widest point): 10.5"

Step 3: Cut the burp cloths

Fold your fabric in half. You will be cutting two burp cloth sides at a time. These burp cloths are double sided and made with 2 pieces of flannel each. (1/3 yard fabric yields 2 burp cloths sides).

If you are really adventurous, you can put two, folded fabric pieces together and cut four sides at a time. However, if you try this, be sure to pay attention that the pattern fits in all directions on all fabric layers otherwise you may end up with a short burp cloth in there. Oops.

Pin the pattern to both thicknesses of flannel and cut!

I like to cut all my burp cloths at the same time before moving on.

Step 4: Decisions, decisions, decisions…pair your burp cloths

Decide how to pair your fabrics. You will use two flannel pieces to make one burp cloth. You can, of course, use the same pattern for both sides of the burp cloth, but I like to mix mine up!

You get 2 flannel sides out of 1/3 of fabric. So, if you choose 2 different fabrics, you will have 4 sides which means you can use one fabric for the front and one fabric for the back and you would have 2 matching burp cloths. (does that makes senses?)

Once you have figured out your pairing, place both sides, right-side out together.

Step 5: Serge

Ok, well I fall into the group who does not own a serger. But I do know someone to owns a serger so I enlisted help for the final step of this project: serging the edges together!

With wrong sides together (right sides out), serge around the outside edge in either a matching, complementing, or contrasting color of thread, your choice!

(You can also finish these off using binding, sewing wrong sides together and flipping right side out or any other way you can imagine! I just like the look and the simplicity of doing a serged edge!)

Step 6: Use and Wash…or give away!

Use these burp cloths often and wash them to death! They will absorb better after each wash! Or make to give away as baby gifts!

And that's how it's done wonderful Oopsey Daisy readers! Simple, but the best EVER, burp cloths!

Thank you so much for letting me come and share my tutorial with you.

Be sure to stop by my blog Simply Designing HERE to poke around and check out some of my other posts and tutorials. Stop by, stay a while, leave a fun comment, become a follower...I love it all!

Also, check out my Etsy shop HERE for this burp cloth template and for other little girl and baby accessories!

Happy Designing!

Thanks so much, Ashley!!

Baby Name Banner

Happy Memorial Day! I am so grateful for those brave men and women who serve our country. God bless you! I hope you enjoy a special day with your families remembering and honoring the brave.

It's only Day 2 of Baby Week, and I am having so much fun! It's been fabulous to collaborate with talented guest authors, and let them take over my blog!! 🙂

But there is A LOT to see this week. I don't want you to miss a thing! Be sure to review the fabulous guest posts and giveaway each day. Yesterday, Heather from Smallfry & Co. shared an awesome carseat cover tutorial and Heather from Tales from the Cottage Cheese Cottage shared her knowledge about homemade cloth diapers and diaper wipes. And I hosted the first giveaway--for a "Baby Is Sleeping" sign.

Now, on to today's tutorial!

As soon as my nephew arrived, I knew that my trusty Cricut and I had work to do! We have a little tradition in my family that when we bring our babies home, the extended family decorates the house and has it ship shape! Well, my Mom did most of the ship-shaping. I just contributed this lovely little baby name banner.

It was so fun to make! I love me a good banner, and I used some techniques I saw in The Scrap Shoppe's ABC Banner to whip this one up.

I layered my letters on top of scallops (with distressed edges of course!) on top of accordion-folded squares.

Next, I wrapped brown crepe paper around the accordion paper. I just used Elmer's glue, and gathered as I went. Here is a very ugly shot of the back!

I realized that yet again, I had left gluey fingerprints on my letters. Man, I really am a messy crafter! So I fixed my oopsey by putting glitter all over my letters. I hadn't planned to use glitter, but it did help me to cover my tracks! 🙂

After gluing each letter onto a paper pennant, I punched holes and strung them with brown yarn.

Here is a good view of how the pennants look close up... don't know why the pennants look white! They were definitely baby blue. Darn lighting!

Little Man helped me hang this banner in the baby's nursery. My sister has done such an adorable job with decorating this nursery! It's all blue and brown with polk-a-dots. This makes me want to redecorate!!

Welcome home, sweet nephew! We love you!

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