My Own Little Picket Fence

Well, we made it folks... We survived until the weekend!

I don't know when I've been quite so ready for the weekend's arrival!  You know they say that when it rains, it pours. Well, this week tried to get the very best of our family.  But we do have one bit of happy news (yes, this is the news I have been hinting at).  The most exciting news it that we are moving!! And soon. In less than a week!  I will share some more details and pictures very soon. But for now, it is a flurry of boxes and packing in our house!

For now, I wanted to share a springy project! I actually shared this at Sew Dang Cute last year. ( Yes, last year!  I must be a blogging delinquent for just now re-posting this!)  I will have a huge, lovely garden at our new home.  So this cheery picket fence will have a permanent home very soon! Or maybe I will keep it in my craft room?  So many options here.

As a little girl, I always dreamed of having a home with a sweet little white picket fence.  I still don't have a real picket fence, so I decided to make my own in miniature version!  It was surprisingly simple!  Come and see...

I started out by purchasing an entire plank of wood from Home Depot.  The wood was 1.5 inches wide and 0.75 inches thick.  I put my handsome hubby to work cutting the wood with his table saw.

We had enough wood to cut 11 pieces of wood.  Each piece of wood was 12 inches long.

Next, I measured down from the top of each piece by 1.25 inches.  I roughly sketched a point for each piece of wood.  My husband went back to work on the saw!  The cuts were not perfectly precise so each piece ended up with its own personality! That was all part of the plan...

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DIY Chicken Wire Frame {Birthday Style}

We are in full party-planning mode here at our house!

If you can believe it, I am crazy enough to plan a friend party and a family party in addition to Little Man's regular birthday and Valentine's Day all in the same week!  I must be nuts!  But it will make for an entire week's worth of celebration to brighten up our winter days.

Little Man has requested a Mickey Mouse birthday party.  But here is my struggle: I love love love Mickey Mouse.  But trying to re-invent a Mickey Mouse birthday party has been tricky for me.  We are attempting to add an original twist to some classic Mickey ideas!

The first project on my list was creating a way to display some photos of Little Man over the last year or so.  So we set out to create our very own DIY chicken wire frame!

I'm proud to say that we whipped this up from scratch!  And this will be so simple to customize for different occasions to display different photos, momentos, or even Christmas cards!

We had so much fun making this!  Come check it out...

I started with 3 pieces of wood about 1x4.  This was the cheap wood at Home Depot.  We were going for rustic!

  We cut 4 pieces of wood according to the measurements above, each at 45 degree angles.  I almost wish I had made this even bigger, but we definitely maximized our 3 planks of wood!

Hubby sawed while Little Man covered his ears!  He has always hated the sound of the saw!

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Pride and Prejudice Quote Board

If you are not a Pride and Prejudice fan, I apologize.  This makes two back-to-back P&P crafts.  But Pride and Prejudice makes me think of classic romance which is perfect for Valentine's Day!  It brings to mind slumber parties with my sisters in our pajamas.  I have one sister in particular who will most likely have a Pride and Prejudice-themed wedding someday.

We love it that much.

I decided to make a quote board of my favorite Pride and Prejudice quotes.  This is the same quote used on the Valentine cards with sewn hearts.  The only problem was that I had two quotes I was dying to use...

So this quote board has two sides!  I can flip the board over whenever I wish! 🙂

Here is how I made it:

I dug through my stash of unfinished wood and found this 12x12 board--with beveled edges as an added bonus!  It wasn't exactly spray painting weather, but we made do.  I gave it a base coat of white.

I designed these two quotes in Photoshop.

Don't you love the silhouette of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy?!  It's my favorite part!

I firmly believe that contact paper makes the best stencils.  So I cut out the first quote from contact paper using my Cricut.

I made the mistake of buying clear contact paper.  Man alive, this took some serious concentration to cut out my stencil, transfer it with transfer paper, and apply to my board without missing a dot of an "i."  I will be headed back to the store to get white contact paper ASAP!

Then I spray painted the board red.  This way the letters would stay white.

Once the paint dried, I peeled up the vinyl, and it looked perfect!  Oh how I love my contact paper stencils! 🙂 Now I was ready to begin the back side of the board, so I used Painter's tape to tape up the edges...

And I gave the back side of the board a nice coat of black.  Because of the hook-hanging-holes (very technical term!) on the back side, I used a different method...

I applied white vinyl to scrapbook paper, and modpodged it onto the back side of the board.

I seriously LOVE how this turned out!

And I love the versatility of flipping the board over and having a whole new quote!

Now for tonight:  I plan to snuggle up on the couch and have  a date with Mr. Darcy!

Have a happy day!

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Holiday Beadboard Frame

There are only 37 days until Christmas!

I can hardly wait.  Who wants to join me for some hot cocoa??

This holiday season, "JOY" has become my mantra.  (Remember my JOY-ful Christmas display??)

Rather than becoming overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I want to focus on the true joy of the Christmas season.  What better reminder of true joy than a picture of the people I love most?!  I thought it would be fun to display our latest Christmas card or family photo on this faux frame.


I had just a little help from Martha Stewart's brand new paint line...

I was thrilled to try out some of these amazing goodies!  I was very impressed with Martha Stewart's new paint line.  I tried out several craft paints, glitter paint (best invention ever!), some gorgeous stencils, brushes, sponges, etc.

I love that Martha's new craft paints are multi-surface.  They are intended for everything from fabric to glass!

Come along with me to see how I created this festive faux frame...

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Mason Jar Apothecary Jars

Happy Monday, y'all!

Have you noticed that Mason jars are everywhere right now?!  And I adore them.  They are so simple and you can dress them up however you'd like.

Last weekend while I was in Utah, I visited my amazingly talented cousin Michelle.  Everywhere I looked around her house, I was inspired by her creativity.  You just might be seeing some Michelle-inspired crafts in the next few weeks.  🙂  I saw something similar to these on her kitchen counters, so I set out to make my own!

Imagine how cute these mason jar candy jars would be at a wedding, filled with the perfect shades of gummy bears, M&M's, and other sweets!

Now on to the tut!

Mason Jar Apothecary Jars

It's midnight, and I'm dying to dig into these  YUM!

So as I was getting started, I was hoping to find some wooden candlesticks as little pedestals.  However, I couldn't find the right size.  I almost gave up until I found these little wooden finials at Hobby Lobby.

I improvised.  I realized that with a little sawing action, I would have the perfect size that I needed.  So I used gorilla glue to attach the finial bottoms to some wooden circles that I've had in my stash for way too long. 

My husband was anxious to try out his new clamps, so I obliged. 🙂 We let these dry overnight.


Next, I made the candy jar lids.  I used the top of the finial and used gorilla glue to secure them to some thinner wooden circles I also found at Hobby Lobby.  Those dried overnight, too.


Next, I gave all of the wooden pieces a good coat of black spray paint and sanded the edges a bit.


Now for the fun part!  I used E-6000 to glue the jars to the pedestals and filled up the jars with our favorite candy!  Skittles for me.  Cinnamon bears for my hubby.  I think decorating with candy is my new favorite thing!

The lids just rest on top of the jars.  You could even dress them up a bit with ribbons if you'd like!  Or mod-podge some fun scrapbook paper to the lids.

See what I mean.  I'm going to have to dig in right now.  I can almost taste the rainbow...

These little beauties are now occupying my kitchen counter.  Dangerous, eh?? I'm actually trying to cut back from straight-up chocolate.  These bright beauties must be slightly better for me than straight chocolate.  Right??

Enjoy a "sweet" week, friends!

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All you need is {love}

Slowly but surely, we're getting a little Valentine's Day decor up around this house!  Santa brought my hubby a new saw for Christmas--I don't know who was more excited:  Me or him!  I thought he might need to try it out, so being the thoughtful wife that I am, I asked him to help me out!
The very sweet Mr. Daisy cut me 3 blocks--two 7" blocks, one 6" block, and one 8" block.  I gave them a couple coats of red spray paint and sanded up those edges.
Next, I traced the blocks on scrapbook paper and mod-podged them on.
I cut the l-o-v-e out of cardstock using my Cricut and mod-podged them onto the blocks.  A last coat of mod podge on top was the final step.
I decided to hot glue some ribbon around 3 sides and tie a bow up top.  (I learned the hard way that if I glued the ribbon on the bottom that the blocks wouldn't stand up!)
I'm quite excited with how they turned out...
I am still deciding where to put all of my Valentine decor!  I am such an indecisive decorator, especially in a new house!!
Have a happy day! Seriously--thanks for reading!

Chalkboard Conversation Hearts

My first Valentine's Day post of the year--finally!  
I don't know why, but I am having such a difficult time getting back in the swing of things.  I guess the fact that my hubby is traveling A TON, plus Little Man keeps getting sick doesn't help.  Getting a project completed has been absolutely painful. Hopefully we'll get back in the groove very, very soon.
Now I would like to introduce you to my chalkboard conversation hearts.  Who doesn't love conversation hearts?!  And how about the chance to write your own little messages.  Then erase and write another.  And another.  
It all began when I discovered THIS red and pink chalkboard paint at JoAnn's last week.  I had long mourned the face that chalkboard paint was only black, but little did I know!  I quickly took both of these home with me.
I also found these wooden hearts at JoAnn's, and I bought the last three that they had.  
I took out the jute and gave each side of the hearts 2 coats of paint.  (Please don't judge me for my messy painting... it was late at night, and I was rushing!)  I quickly decided to paint the hearts on wax paper instead of the paper plate to keep the hearts from sticking.
Then I got out my chalk and started to write some lovey-dovey messages!  
I added the jute back through the holes and started hanging the hearts around my house. I decided to add some ribbon bows to dress them up a bit.  Because I ended up with 3 hearts, I decided that each member of our family can have a heart.  We can write messages to each other and leave them around the house!
Hopefully this heart will help my hubby lighten up while working in his office.  He's a bit of a work-a-holic!

 But they sure do look cute hanging from the knobs of my little bench.

Or from our little office organizer next to our front door.

I left this heart in a really obvious spot to be sure that Mr. Daisy would come home, notice them, and tell me how much he loves them!

 I'm looking forward to writing little messages to each other again and again!  Don't you love chalkboard paint?!

Thanks for being here and thanks for reading!

Christmas Tree Countdown

Alright, it's Black Friday, and now I can officially welcome in the Christmas season!  I try to save my Christmas celebrations for the day after Thanksgiving.  So now that my favorite time of year is here... bring it on!
Anticipating a special occasion is half the fun--am I right?!  I think I own at least 3 Christmas advent calendars--so you will see more ideas!  But today I want to share the tutorial for making my latest and greatest countdown.
Come along with me and see how I made this sweet lil' Christmas tree countdown!
I had the opportunity to decorate this Christmas tree from Say It With Letters.  There is something about unfinished wood that is so exciting to me--all those possibilities!  I was so excited when this package arrived in the mail!
As soon as I saw this tree, I knew I needed to go shopping at my local scrapbook store.  I cut strips of the new My Mind's Eye Christmas paper and used my Fiskars scallop punch on some of the strips.  I overlapped the paper strips and mod-podged all of the paper onto the tree. I covered both sides of the tree and even the edges.  Then, I trimmed it all up.  I even sanded the edges so there were no sharp paper edges.
I decided that this tree needed some BLING.  I gave the tree a thick coat of mod podge and started dumping on the glitter!  Next, I added red sparkly ribbon and green sparkly ribbon stripes.  This little tree definitely shines!
I decided that it would be fun to use this tree to count down the days until Christmas.  So I found some glittery snowflakes at Hobby Lobby and used E-6000 to secure magnets to the back of each snowflake.
Using my Cricut, I added vinyl numbers to the snowflakes so we could count down the days until Christmas!  You could also use paper numbers.
Using chipboard letters, I made the "days" sign, mounted on more scrapbook paper.  I also distressed the edges.
I just glued 2 magnet tape squares onto the tree so that the snowflake numbers would stick.  Then I topped the tree with a big red ribbon bow.
I glued these fun epoxy buttons all over the front and back of the tree as ornaments.  (This is the back side.)
I found this cute star box and spray painted it red.  Then I mod-podged paper and ribbon around the box's edges.  Now I can use this box to hold the extra snowflake numbers!  I am excited to start counting down the days until Christmas!  Here are a few close-ups:
I can't wait to see all of the fun Christmas crafts this year!!
Merry Christmas!!

Witch’s Boot

This witch's boot is the newest addition to my Halloween decor!  Let me just begin by saying that I have never been a "witchy" person... and I think even my husband would agree!  Just kidding.  But I was never the girl who wanted to dress up like a witch.  But I think this witch's boot is just TOO cute!  And I had way too much fun making it!
I bought the unfinished wood for this project at The Wood Connection.  Did I mention that I bought almost ALL of their fall projects while I was in Utah in July?!  Yep, sure did!  I decided that my boot had to have polk-a-dots.  Originally, I painted purple polk-a-dots, but you can't see the purple through all the glitter I added!  This witch's boot needed some bling!  I painted the beadboard purple... snazzy snaz.

I was determined to find a Halloween shoelace until I realized, duh, I can use ribbon!  I painted metal eyelets green, and then laced up the whole thing like a real shoe!  This was a real trick.  I ended up using a skewer to push the ribbon through and didn't bother hot gluing the eyelets until the very end.

I added a star and moon to jazz up the boot, too.  They are completely covered in glitter!  They are all bound together with wire, which I curled of course!
Now it came time for my hubby to help out!  I'm not sure exactly how he did it, but he mounted the boot on this wooden frame with some kind of thing-a-ma-jig.  I had painted the frame orange... whew, that's a bright orange!  Only on Halloween can I get away with being this flashy!!
I couldn't resist a little vinyl!  Isn't it perfect?!  I added a bit of ribbon around the frame's edges for a finishing touch.  I thought about hanging this lil' boot on my door, but I was honestly afraid to hang it on my front door!  I am slightly worried that my neighbors (we share a hallway with 6 apartments) hate us for being so loud all the time.  Between Little Man's toddler noises, my need to vacuum all the time, and my spray painting out on the deck at 1 A.M., we probably don't make the best neighbors!  But I don't want anyone taking it out on my crafts!  So this little boot is jazzing up my living room instead!
Enjoy your week!

Beadboard Pumpkin

FINALLY I have something to add to my fall decor!  
Meet my beadboard pumpkin... my lil' pride and joy!
I bought the wood at The Wood Connection--man, I want a jig saw so I can create projects like this without having to cross state boundaries to gather my supplies!  
I began by spray-painting the beadboard and wood layers and gorilla-glued them together.
I hand-painted the leaves with acrylic paint.  After letting them dry, I used plastic wrap to sponge darker colors onto the leaves.  One of my favorite things about fall is the gorgeous red and orange leaves, so I gave them a lot of tender lovin' care!  I threaded them onto the pumpkin stem using wire.  There is just nothing happier than curly wire!  I curled it by wrapping it around a pencil.
I also wanted the pumpkin to look natural.  In other words, it needed to look DIRTY.  So I sponged some brown acrylic paint around the edges.  As a finishing touch, I painted some orange glitter glue over the entire pumpkin.  It really made the whole thing pop!  A little ribbon was my finishing touch!  So now I feel like I can welcome the fall season!
Happy fall, y'all!
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