The Lorax Cupcakes {Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss}

Hooray for Friday!

Little Man has a fun play group that meets together each week.  This Wednesday, it was our turn to host.  To introduce our "S is for Seuss" Mommy School unit, I decided to throw a little Dr. Seuss birthday party!  We made Cat in the Hat paper headbands, read some Dr. Seuss books, and ate Lorax cupcakes!

Of course the cupcakes were a big hit with the boys.

Little Man and his friends enjoyed every bite!

(Little Man wasn't loving the idea of wearing his hat!)

These were so fun to make!

* I just tinted my favorite frosting orange using orange food coloring.

* I used white peanut butter M&M's for the eyes, and drew the eyeballs on with black icing.

* I used the edges of Oreos for the moustaches.  I dipped them in yellow melts and drizzled some extra yellow chocolate for the "furry" look.

* I used a white Chicket for the nose and a part of a red Lifesaver for the mouth!

Are you going to see the new "The Lorax" movie?

We just might be going on a Mommy/son date to the movies today!

Enjoy your weekend!

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S is for Seuss! {Mommy School Unit}

It's time for a new Mommy School Packet!

And it's a good one!

Download is available at the end of the post.

I have always loved Dr. Seuss books!  I have collected so many through the years. I have always known that I wanted to do a Dr. Seuss-themed Mommy School unit. I'm planning to spend the next 2-3 weeks teaching all about Dr. Seuss books!  And with The Lorax movie coming out, I think a mommy/son date to the movies will be in order!

This packet came along with a dilemma.  Each time I create a new packet, I obtain specific permission to use the graphics or clip art.  There are many companies such as DJ Inkers and My Grafico that have very generous terms of use when it comes to using their graphics for educational use.  I have spoken with the owners of these companies to obtain specific permission.  However, finding Dr. Seuss-specific clip art that I could share with you was a bit tricky.  Instead, I opted to offer a wealth of ideas centered on Dr. Seuss books with some helpful templates and patterns that I created myself.   I hope you understand!

But not to worry!  There are still 72 pages of fabulous ideas, all centered on some of my favorite Dr. Seuss Books!

Here are some of the concepts covered:

Letter of the Week: S

Number of the Week:  3

Shape of the Week: Diamond

Theme of the Week:  Dr. Seuss

Song of the Week:  Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Here are just a few sneak peeks:

Goldfish graphing to go along with One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

Green eggs and ham ABC's to go along with Green Eggs and Ham.

Alphabet stamping activity to go along with Dr. Seuss's ABC.

And of course there are many more surprises in there!

Terms of Use (Please read before downloading)

* All Mommy School printables are created for Oopsey Daisy subscribers…. so join us by subscribing in your favorite way!

* This packet is in PDF format.  Please be sure that you have the most updated version of Adobe Reader in order to open the file.  This packet is too large to e-mail, so this download is the only way I have to share this with you.  If you run into issues downloading, please check the spyware and download settings on your personal computers.  I am not able to help with troubleshooting on technical issues, but you can read the "Download  Help" section here.

* These files are offered "as- is."  Thank you for understanding.

* This packet is for personal use only!  You may use this for your own preschool class or in your own home.  You may never sell or redistribute any part of this packet.

* I do have a copyright on my blog. You may not redistribute my Mommy School packets or host them on your own site.  Please link to my personal blog to refer a friend.

Now for the fun part!!

You can download your own S is for Seuss packet here. on 4shared or here on Scribd.

I would always LOVE to see if you post about your own Mommy School adventures.

Drop me a line so I can see what you’re up to!

Have fun!

Dr. Seuss Comes to Summer Camp {The Creation Corner}

Are you loving this Summer Camp series as much as I am?!  Each week, I live for Fridays so I can share another talented guest with you!
I am thrilled to share one of my very first blogging friends with you.  Tasha is an incredibly talented gal who I absolutely adore.  I am DYING to share her idea with you today... I know you'll love it!  Go check out The Creation Corner for more creative ideas.

A well loved book at our house is One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.  We love Dr. Suess.  The book is warn and weathered and as I like to call it..."Loved".   So, for our fun Summer Camp day we sat down to read and love this book one more time.

We started by reading the book together under our big front tree.   My favorite thing about reading Dr. Seuss books are the questions you can ask along the way.   They are filled with questions.  Silly, weird, fun questions.  It leaves room to ask what they would do.  Or if they would even want to do the things the characters in the book are doing.  I love the responses I get.

Then we got to work making these fun fish cupcakes that go along with the fish at the beginning of the book.

The fish cupcakes are simple to make.  You choose your favorite cake mix and make it according to the boxed directions for cupcakes.  Buy or make a white frosting, seperate into 2-4 bowls, and dye each bowl a different color.  Then use M&M's and different colored orange slices candy to decorate them.

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Sunday Snippets & Giveaway Winner

Happy weekend!!
I hope you are soaking in every minute of relaxation!  Sleep in.  Take a break and treat yourself to a bubble bath.
For this week's Sunday Snippets, I wanted to share some bits and pieces of our Dr. Seuss play date this week.  Our Seuss celebration was definitely the highlight of our week!
 Little Man needed a bit of bribing to wear his feathery blue "Thing 2"hair.  But he did it!  He was a little grumpy... but he did it!
Like any good celebration, a lot of yummy food was involved!  Of course I managed to connect  it to learning somehow!
* We did the Dr. Seuss graphing that I shared here.
* We made cat-in-the-hat snacks using gummy lifesavers and frosting layered on Ritz crackers.
*We made "green eggs and ham" to spell out our names.  Not edible, but deliciously fun!  I got this idea here.
* Of course the birthday celebration wasn't complete until we sang and ate cupcakes.
* We made green eggs and ham treats using white chocolate, green M&M's, and pretzels.  I got this idea here.
To celebrate Dr. Seuss' ABC, we drew letters of the alphabet in shaving cream.  Little man wasn't so sure about getting messy, but his cousin loved it!
I found these adorable Dr. Seuss foam stickers at Michael's.  I created these little Dr. Seuss place mats and the boys chose their favorite Dr. Seuss books and characters to decorate them. These turned out so cute!
 Of course Horton the Elephant had to make a special appearance!  (I am determined to have a Dr. Seuss play room someday!)
Until next year...
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss Playdate (& Download!)

Yes, Dr. Seuss' birthday is today.

You can always tuck away these ideas for next year.  Or you can just keep celebrating all week long.  (That's what we'll be doing!)  Actually, we are celebrating Dr. Seuss tomorrow when  Little Man and his cousin will be having an entire Seuss play-date.

Unfortunately, I'm a very last-minute kind of gal.  My best ideas come late at night... I get these strokes of genius around 11 p.m. and just go for them full throttle!  I decided that I wanted Little Man and his cousin to dress up like Thing 1 and Thing 2 for their play-date tomorrow!

I found $2 red shirts at Wal-Mart... you can't beat that!  To create the shirts, I used the same printable iron-on fabric transfers that I used to make this Toy Story character pennant banner. Piece of cake!

Of course they wouldn't really be Thing 1 and Thing 2 without the blue fuzzy hair.  I had no time to order blue wigs, BUT I finally came up with a suitable substitute last night.  At US Toy, I found 50-cent blue derby hats along with matching feather boas.  (I never really imagined using a feather boa in a project for Little Man, but it worked out perfectly!)  I just wrapped the feather boa around the hat using some hot glue.  I absolutely can't wait to see how cute they look in their Seuss costumes!
We have all kinds of Seusstastic fun planned for tomorrow, highlighting different Dr. Seuss books.  Last night, I created a new hands-on activity.
After reading One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish we will graph a small cup of rainbow gold fish before eating them as a snack.


Nothing too fancy--I just want them to classify their goldfish by colors and see which color has the most or least.

You are welcome to download your own goldfish graphing sheet here.

I hope you're enjoying a happy day!

A Little Seuss Inspiration

It must be the teacher in me that is so excited...
Dr. Seuss' Birthday is March 2nd.
I wouldn't give up being a SAHM for anything in the world, but there are some days that I really, really miss teaching.  The first week of March was my favorite week of the entire school year!  Why?  Because I created my own Dr. Seuss unit for first grade, and every day was full of crazy-wacky, topsy-turvy Seussical fun!
In lieu of my regular Wednesday's Wowzers, I thought I would stop for just a moment to show you some of my favorite Dr. Seuss ideas.  If you just realized that Dr. Seuss' birthday is just around the corner (like ME!), you can still join in the fun! 
Last year, I threw a Seuss Extravaganza party for my family.  Our menu for the evening included green eggs and ham with cat-in-the-hat cupcakes.  We played games and had some fun with activities based on Dr. Seuss books. 
Don't you just love these Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes?!  Delicious and educational!  You can find more inspiration at Good Life Eats.
 Fun in First Grade is sharing all sorts of educational Seuss ideas with free printables, too!  I am such a sucker for Horton Hears a Who.  I love that the students built their own elephants and then wrote about Horton!   
Check out these adorable Dr. Seuss activity blocks from Sugar Bee - Craft Edition.  You can make your own using Dr. Seuss books.  What a fun idea!
I was just wishing that I had created a Mommy School packet for Dr. Seuss... then I realized that someone already had!  You can download your own Dr. Seuss unit from What the Teacher Wants.  My packet is printing right now.  Thanks so much, Rachelle!
And if you need even more Seuss inspiration, visit ObSEUSSed for a boat-load of ideas, including celebrations, costumes, and even home decor!  It's fantastic!
I hope you can do something Seuss-inspired this week with your kiddos!
Have a fabulous week, my friends!

Seuss Extravaganza!

I am so late in posting this, but I still wanted to share our Dr. Seuss birthday party on Tuesday night.  I love having family close by... so my parents and sister's family joined in on the fun!!  We read TONS of Dr. Seuss books, and with each book we read, we did some fun hands-on activities.
Here are some snippets of what we did to celebrate:

PS Thanks again to Rebecca at Root & Wings Co. for the cute ideas about the personalized foot book and headbands!

PPS  Don't forget to download the Dr. Seuss matching game for Free Download Friday!!  Enjoy!

Wednesday’s Wowzers: All things Dr. Seuss

Still celebrating Dr. Seuss week here...

Pink Tea is another new blog out there (hooray for new bloggers!), and she has been doing adorable Dr. Seuss activities for the past few days.  You're not going to believe this cute onesie!  I may whip one up even though it will be too late for all of the Seuss action!!

This is my favorite playroom in the whole entire world.  They decorated with a Dr. Seuss theme!  Someday, someday I will decorate ours in similar style.  Thank you for the inspiration, Infarrantly Creative!  (This is just a glimpse, so be sure to check out the whole room.  It's seriously amazing!)

Skip to My Lou shows how to make Thing 1/Thing 2 pencils.  The recipe for oobleck is also featured here.  

Dana from Made shows off her adorable kids' costumes for "Cat and the Hat" and "Sam I Am."  At some point or another, I am definitely making at least one of these--perhaps for myself.  Hmmm.

I borrowed some of the ideas from Roots & Wings Co. for our Dr. Seuss party last night.  Check out her "Cat and the Hat" headbands and the "Foot Books" she created.  What wonderful hands-on ideas!

Have you seen any other fabulous Dr. Seuss ideas this week??  It's not too late to celebrate!!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

It's not even Free Download Friday, but I want to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday!  If you are still scrambling like me to find a cute way to celebrate with your kids, check this out!

I am planning a Dr. Seuss birthday party tonight for my son and nephew.  Nothing extravagant because my life has been so hectic lately.  But I made up a little memory game.  It's a Dr. Seuss matching game featuring 10 different characters from 10 different books--some of my fav's!!

Download the game here.  After downloading, just cut up the cards, and mount them on cardstock, and you've got yourself a game!!  Normally, I would have made it a little cuter and done a graphic for the back of the cards, but I'm rushing!   I tried to keep it simple for my 3-year-old nephew and 1-year-old son (okay, he won't really be playing!), so I only have 10 different images to match.

I'll share more of our fun Dr. Seuss celebration soon.  Enjoy Dr. Seuss Day, and I hope you can use this little game!!

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