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Where’s Waldo, Blogging Style

It seems that I have A LOT of guest posts scheduled all at once.  It might just be like playing "Where's Waldo?" to see if you can track me across the blogisphere.  In the next few weeks, I will be taking a few trips to some of my buddies' blogs.  I hope you will come stop by and say hello!
So in case you need some clues to find me in the past week, here we go!
On Monday, I did a round-up of some of my favorite ideas for kids at Mom Endeavors.


On Wednesday, I showed off my nephew's tuxedo onesie over at The Scrap Shoppe during Michele's maternity leave.  Is my nephew a handsome little guy or what?!


Today, I am thrilled to be posting at Brown Paper Packages.  Kierste is hosting a fabulous series called "A Place For Everything." I am showing my book organization overhaul.  This project was a doozie!  Come and check it out!
Have a great weekend, my friends!

I Owe It All to Mom {Heart Of Haiti}

My dear, sweet Mother.
I really owe all of Oopsey Daisy to my Mom.
She taught me what it means to be a mother.  A wife.  A teacher.  A creator.  A homemaker.  A friend. 

Growing up, creativity was not my strong suit.

My Mother's old Bernina sewing machine has always been her truest ally.  Believe it or not, I had to be forced to sit down and sew when I was a kid.  I had no patience for it!  Imagine my Mama's surprise when I asked her to help me make a quilt for my husband's Christmas gift just a few years ago?!
That sewing project was the beginning of all my creative endeavors, and truly the beginning of this lil' blog.  Many of the crafts I share can somehow be traced back to memories of crafty endeavors from my childhood. 

[Read more...]

Wednesday’s Wowzers: Hurry Up, Summer!

Hello, my friends!
I feel like Wednesdays are my chance to check in with you and see how you're doing.  What are you working on this week... Mother's Day?  Teacher appreciation?  Spring cleaning?  Something else fun??
This week, I have been snuggling inside during some rain and gloomy days.  My mind has been on summer projects, and now I just need the weather to warm up so I can get be a little more motivated!
Speaking of motivation, check out these awesome projects!  This inspiration gives me a little fire to get up and get going!!
I am seriously in AWE of my friend Michelle from A Little Tipsy.   I adore this spring popcorn popping project!  This just screams spring!
I don't know what i love more--the ruffled golden pillow or that amazing chair! Lemon Tree Creations makes this pillow seem easy.  I think I need one!
Just Sew Sassy dreams up with some amazing clothing refashions.  This Downeast-inspired pleated lace shirt is so clever!

Eggs in a Basket

I ADORE breakfast!
Today I want to share our Easter breakfast with you...

Eggs in a Basket was a family favorite for my siblings and me growing up!  And really, nothing says Easter like fresh eggs although this is a tasty breakfast we enjoy all year long!  I do not always enjoy eating eggs for breakfast, but this meal is yummy!
It may look complicated, but it's actually one of the easiest breakfast meals you can make.  But go ahead and pat yourself on the back and tell yourself you've created a feast!  (That's what I do!)
To begin, you are going to make a simple crouton crust.  Mix one 6-oz box of seasoned croutons with 1 c. of warm water.  Mix until nicely moistened.


After greasing a 12-inch pizza pan, press the crouton crust evenly in the pan.  It won't quite fill the pan, but that's okay.

Family Match Game

If you have followed my blog since the beginning, you will remember a not-as-cute version of this same idea.  Family match was created as a way to show Little Man the familiar faces of the people he knows and loves.  Because my husband's family lives in another state, we also needed a way to help him remember the faces he doesn't see quite as often.
Little Man absolutely adores this game!  We throw this into our church bag, and he loves to look at the pictures.   But with 2 new sisters-in-law and a few new additions to the family, we needed to update our old game.
I created simple cards by pasting scrapbook paper and cardstock to each other.  The cards are about 4" x 3".
I distressed the edges of the cards just slightly.  Don't you love distressing?!  It adds the perfect touch of character!

Happy Easter!

HAPPY EASTER, my friends!
When faced with one of life's truly hard choices (Donut vs. Egg hunt), definitely choose the donut.  Sugar that you don't have to hunt for--totally convenient.
With sincere promises of saving the beloved donut...
He's (finally) off to the races!
 Hold on to those eggs! 
Upgrade your egg hunting basket.

 Definitely hire a sweet little guardian to watch over all those eggs.
Whatever you believe about Easter, I hope you make some memories today.

Pottery Barn Gift Card Giveaway {Very Jane} – NOW CLOSED

I love being able to introduce my readers to new and wonderful things!   And believe me--I won't waste your time on anything I don't LOVE myself.
Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to a brand spankin' new blog called Very Jane.  Hot off the press, this lovely blog just launched this week!

We all love to save money, but I love saving money with CLASS!  Very Jane promotes handmade and boutique items at discounted prices.  Take a look at some of this *affordable* eye candy:
And guess what?? The first 2 weeks, Very Jane is offering all of their deals for FREE.  Yes, I said FREE

AND they have a special offer for Oopsey Daisy readers...
You have the chance to win a $25 Pottery Barn gift card!  Yes, free money to spend at Pottery Barn!  I am already jealous of the winner!  Who doesn't love Pottery Barn?!  I have been drooling over their spring collection!

Here is how you can win your very own $25 Pottery Barn gift card:
(Please leave a separate comment for each entry)

1.  Go to Very Jane and sign up to receive the daily newsletters.  All you have to do is type in your e-mail address!  Leave me a comment letting me know you did.
2. "Like" Very Jane on Facebook and leave me a comment.
3. Tweet about this giveaway and leave me a comment.  (Feel free to copy and paste the tweet below.) 
Crossing my fingers that I win the @potterybarn gift card from @OopseyDaisy917, courtesy of the brand spankin' new blog Very Jane.

 This giveaway will close on Tuesday at midnight, so enter while you can!  But the great deals will just keep on going!

Good luck, my friends!

------ This giveaway is now closed. ------

Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallow Eggs

Remember how yesterday I mentioned that I was living on chocolates???
It's true.
Everything is better with chocolate.
Yes, Easter is a measly 3 days away... but this is one idea you can bust out in just a few minutes!  Tis the season for decorating eggs, and these eggs satisfy my sweet tooth!
I did a happy dance when I stumbled upon these jumbo egg "mallows" at the grocery store.  I knew they were bound to make a fun *and sweet* project!
I followed the directions on the package to melt my chocolate candy coating.  I may have had to taste test this.  Several times.  Like, I ate so much that the chocolate dried up and I had to reheat it!


I stabbed a mallow egg with a lollipop stick (I also tried toothpicks) and dipped it in the chocolate.
Then, I let them dry on wax paper.  The fun part was busting out all of my decorating supplies and getting creative!  I used some frosting, sprinkles, M&M's, and left some just plain chocolate.  This is where you can get creative!
Throw in some green-tinted coconut, and you have your own special Easter egg basket!
It's like a little Easter s'more without the mess!!
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Tidy Mom

Wednesday’s Wowzers: Almost time for egg hunting!

Oh my friends, my friends.  It has been one of those weeks... I've been living on chocolate and praying for the sunshine to come back to Colorado!
I am absolutely positively jumping for joy at the thought of Easter Sunday this weekend!  Helping Little Man hunt down Easter eggs is just what I need.  Oh yes, and a bag of mini eggs wouldn't be so bad, either!
I couldn't help but throw in a few last Easter inspiration posts into the mix...
There are just too many darling ideas floating around out there!  Here is what's wowing me this week...


Have you heard of icandy handmade???  Well, it really is jam-packed with eye candy! Love this ruche throw pillow!  So bright, cheerful, and colorful!
Who thinks of using a ladder as a laundry rack?!  Ummm, Little Lucy Lu does!  How clever and cute!! The color is just perfect, too.

Beach Towel Bib

In case you missed my guest post for Lil Luna's Baby Daze...
I'm kind of a simple girl, and I tend to avoid clutter.  Although necessary, the endless piles of baby bibs make me crazy!  Besides that, bibs never seem to last in our house.  They are constantly getting stained, stretched, or out grown.  I finally have a practical solution:


When I married my husband, I also married his JUNK.  In the past, I threatened to throw away his 47 beach towels. (Okay, maybe there's not 47, but we definitely have a surplus of beach towels!)  Now I think I will be hanging on to all of those towels because they make the perfect bibs!


Besides catching food and saving clothes, these bibs can also be used for cleanup!  I use these like a washcloth to wipe off Little Man's face at the end of a meal.  It's easy to slip on and off.  And it can handle a lot of wear and tear.  (Perfect for my toddler!)
Are you ready to make your own? [Read more...]
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