Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

It has literally taken me all week to download and edit the crazy amount of photos I took at Little Man's birthday parties last weekend.  I'm beginning to think I have a real photo problem.  Photographers Anonymous, perhaps? Anyway, there were so many fun things I wanted to share about this party, so this post is a long time in coming!

We had SO much fun with this Mickey Mouse theme!  Are you ready to {finally!} see the details??

Who hasn't had a Mickey Mouse birthday party?!  This was my dilemma in planning this party.  I wanted to steer clear of the commercial Mickey party gear and somehow reinvent this classic party.  It took some work and planning, but I think I was more excited on party day than Little Man!

Isn't he the cutest little Mouseketeer you've ever seen?!

Little Man's favorite part were his Mickey gloves!  I sewed them out of white felt and simply used a sharpie to draw on the lines.  Little Man wore these for 3 days straight!  He loved them!

Mickey Mouse invite with stitched pocket!  You can see the full tutorial for our Mickey Mouse invitations here.

Our party was all about red, black, and white with polk-a-dots!  We decorated our "un-mantle" with a quick pennant banner, some wooden letters, my mason jar apothecary jars, my wooden frames from Cut it Out, and of course Mickey!

This is my favorite part!

I created a Mickey Mouse backdrop for our food table using a vinyl tablecloth.  I love the paper lanterns with the buntings and the Mickey shape!  Can I tell you my secret to cheap party decor??  Wrapping paper!  I love using wrapping paper as my go-to source for decor.  There are 3 types of wrapping paper in this photo!  I use it for everything!

Our party table!

Just like last year, I created a birthday subway art centered around the birthday theme.  Did you know that there are real Disney fonts?  This Walt Disney font and these Mickey Mouse fonts were the stars of this subway art!

Edited to add:  Yes, I do sell a digital version of this Mickey Mouse subway art.  I can customize it for your child's birthday.  Please e-mail me for details!

On every.single.picture of Little Man in the house, we added little Mickey Mouse ears!  I keep finding random pictures around the house with Mickey Mouse ears!

This sign was propped up outside our front door.  I created this image in Photoshop and just modpodged the photo to a wooden plaque.

Remember this chicken wire frame?  I displayed pictures of Little Man from the last year and used the buntings to tie in the colors of the party with polk-a-dot ribbons.

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Sunday’s Snippets: Happy Birthday Little Man!

Welcome to Sunday's Snippets!  This is my chance to take a day off to enjoy family and show off what we have been up to!

Today my Little Man turns 3 years old.  Yes, THREE!  It's hard to believe that my Little Man is another year old. Time needs to just slow down! He has grown up so much this last year.  He has grown from a baby wearing diapers and sleeping in a crib to a big kid wearing undies and sleeping in a big boy bed!  I am so proud of my sweet Little Man.  Here is a peek into the last 12 months with my little boy:

We have always loved this picture from the morning of Little Man's second birthday!

In March- wanting to be just like his Daddy!

April was full of Easter fun and a warm getaway to Arizona!

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Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitations

I seem to work on just about everything last minute.  I don't know if I necessarily work well under pressure or I just can't get my act together!  But the invitations have been sent, so this Mickey Mouse birthday party is really going to happen!

I loved creating these Mickey Mouse party invitations!  When it comes to invites, I'm usually a Photoshop gal.  So it was fun to to do some paper crafting this time instead!

Do you want to create your own Mickey Mouse pocket invitation?

Come check it out...

I started out by creating a Mickey head and a pocket sized to fit in Photoshop.  Then I cut them out on my Cricut.  I also cut out "A" monograms.

Each invitation needed:

-- A Mickey head (black)

-- Pocket (red)

-- 2 buttons

-- 2 monograms (to layer on top of each other)

-- Circle invitation to place inside pouch

-- A picture for the back!

First, I carefully sewed the pocket to the Mickey head, making sure they were lined up perfectly.

Next, I ran the monograms through my Cuttlebug machine to give them some texture.  I pasted these on the front of the Mickey head.

Little Man loved helping with this part!  He loves using my craft machines!

I traced a cup to create a circle on my photo, cut it out, and pasted this on the back.

All done!  What do you think??

You know me--I have to personalize everything with a photo! 🙂

This is the circle invitation I slipped inside the pouch.

Did you know there is a "Mickey Mouse" and "Minnie Mouse" font?!  I used the Minnie Mouse font so it would scream Mickey Mouse!

Invitations mailed.... check!

Now I just need to do everything else! 🙂


In my search on Pinterest, I found many lovely Mickey Mouse invitations!  I used a combination of the ideas I found here at Pieper's Timeless Memories etsy shop and here at Embellishing Life. Thanks for the great ideas, ladies!

Come back tonight around 5:00 PM to link up your fabulous ideas!

DIY Chicken Wire Frame {Birthday Style}

We are in full party-planning mode here at our house!

If you can believe it, I am crazy enough to plan a friend party and a family party in addition to Little Man's regular birthday and Valentine's Day all in the same week!  I must be nuts!  But it will make for an entire week's worth of celebration to brighten up our winter days.

Little Man has requested a Mickey Mouse birthday party.  But here is my struggle: I love love love Mickey Mouse.  But trying to re-invent a Mickey Mouse birthday party has been tricky for me.  We are attempting to add an original twist to some classic Mickey ideas!

The first project on my list was creating a way to display some photos of Little Man over the last year or so.  So we set out to create our very own DIY chicken wire frame!

I'm proud to say that we whipped this up from scratch!  And this will be so simple to customize for different occasions to display different photos, momentos, or even Christmas cards!

We had so much fun making this!  Come check it out...

I started with 3 pieces of wood about 1x4.  This was the cheap wood at Home Depot.  We were going for rustic!

  We cut 4 pieces of wood according to the measurements above, each at 45 degree angles.  I almost wish I had made this even bigger, but we definitely maximized our 3 planks of wood!

Hubby sawed while Little Man covered his ears!  He has always hated the sound of the saw!

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Sunday’s Snippets: Surprise 80s Birthday Bash

Last weekend I turned 30 years old.
Yes, the big 3-0.  I had been dreading this milestone for quite some time because even though I feel as young as ever, something about the number just sounds awful.  I had hoped that the day would pass quickly and quietly with as little freaking-out as possible.
But instead, I got to party in style!
I pride myself on sensing surprises.  But I have to admit--I had NO CLUE that this one was coming.  Little did I know that weeks ago, a Party Planning Committee (my husband, sister, and Mom!) had formed.  And they had been busy!

Last Friday night I walked into a hot 80's-themed birthday party!

The night before my birthday Mr. Oopsey Daisy announced he was taking me on a birthday date.  Nothing about this seemed odd to me.  We typically celebrate our birthdays with some kind of date night.  This night was nothing too special.  We ran some errands. A bit of dinner.  Hubby convinced me to eat a vanilla/chocolate twist ice cream cone at Jason's Deli, so I obliged.
When we got out to the car, my sweet hubby blindfolded me!  He drove me around town, but I had a sneaky suspicion that we were getting close to our house.  And I was right.
He carried me piggy back right up to my very own doorstep where he took off my blindfold, and I was greeted by an enormous, "SURPRISE!"  My house had been turned into an 80's party zone, and about 40 friends and family were decked out in 80's clothes.  I didn't even recognize half of them!

I was given 5 minutes to change clothes to fit in with the party.  And thanks to my sis, I had an 80's outfit ready to go.I rocked a butterfly top, pink mini skirt with leggings, animal print sandals, and a side ponytail with one of my old purple hair bows!
My family had decorated with some of my old Care Bears and stuffed animals as centerpieces.  Everyone was given slap bracelets (yes, they DO still exist!) and glow sticks.  They had also plastered 80's posters everywhere.  Nothing says 80's like Michael Jackson's moon walk! My Mom even made not one but TWO Care Bear birthday cakes.  I really was obsessed with Care Bears back in the day...
Prizes were given out for the best dressed, and my sister had a few fun games...
* "Guess the Lyrics" to 80's songs.
* "Guess that 80's movie" with props to jog our memories!
* You know you were born in the 80's if...
We even had E.T. projected on the side of the house on a sheet!  While we cleaned up the party, the boys were very well entertained.
Yes, I am now the dreaded 30.
But I feel so blessed.
I have incredible family and friends.   Life is good.
What were the best parts of your week?

Mr. One-derful Birthday

Is anyone else feeling a bit of a 3-day weekend hangover?
I am feeling a little sluggish getting back to regular everyday life.
But summer is here, my friends!!
(Knock on wood, right??)
We had a lovely weekend with family in town--all celebrating my sweet nephew's first birthday.  My sister threw him a sweet birthday party, and the theme was
Mr. One-derful

Super cute, right??
I made some of these little party hats as centerpieces. We guessed (and we were oh-so-right!) that this sweet little guy wouldn't actually wear a hat on his head.  Instead, we used them as centerpieces.  Doesn't this just scream "BOY"??
I made these in Lil' Luna style...
*I used circle dot stickers as polk-a-dots
* I added some paper pinwheels with glittered cardstock 1's.
* My favorite part is the ruffled crepe paper around the edges.  Is there anything more lovely than ruffled crepe paper??
Using my Cricut, I cut out the fabric for the birthday boy's onesie, and ironed it on.
(If you'd like to know more about how to do this, see this tutorial.)


The birthday party was SO sweet!  So many fun moments.


And is there anything more precious than watching a one-year-old try to eat their own birthday cake??  There was cake EVERYWHERE by the time this little guy was done!
Have a happy day!

Toy Story Birthday Party

Outdoor Decorations
I created this Etch-a-Sketch image in Photoshop and mod-podged it onto wood. (I photoshopped Little Man's name off of everything. It really does have his name on it!)
This sign was hanging on our front door as guests arrived.  It was meant to look like the sign that hangs from Andy's bedroom in the movie.  (Can you tell that I have watched Toy Story about a million times?!)
Indoor Decorations

Cardboard birthday banner.  (You can see the tutorial here.)
Toy Story character pennant banner using felt and fabric transfers.  (You can see the tutorial here.)
The army men were parachuting and repelling from upstairs to downstairs.
Toy Story themed birthday subway art.  (You can see more about this here.)
I downloaded these Toy Story replica drawings from Pixar Planet forum here.  They look just like the originals!
Dinner Table
We started out the party with dinner for family.  I didn't want to use the commercialized Toy Story paper products, and I wanted to keep things simple.  Instead, I made this bandana tablecloth and used blue paper products.
Each guest had a personalized "Happy Birthday" candy bar by their place setting.
Instead of having name cards, each guest (who was dressed up as a Toy Story character) had to find their own famous character quote.  This was Little Man's place setting because he was  Buzz Lightyear for the evening.
For dinner, we served:
 Buzz Lightyear's UFO Burgers, Slinky's Wiener dogs, Bo Peep's berries, Bullseye's baked beans, Mr. Potato Head's french fries, alien juice (lemon lime juice), and Barbie & Ken's crisper (veggies & dip).
Our guests were asked to dress up as a Toy Story character.  Of course Little Man dressed up as his favorite character--Buzz Lightyear.
Our family was kind enough to dress up as other Toy Story characters.  I made Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head costumes for my husband and me.
Army man estimation.
As guests arrived, we asked them to estimate how many army men were in the jar.  Each guest wrote down their guess.
Toss the snake in the boot.
I cut out the cowboy boot from a cardboard box.  Each guest had 5 chances to throw the plastic snake in the boot.
Toy Story Bingo.
Instead of marking a free space, each guest marked the spot for their own character.

Pin the star on Woody.
Just like "Pin the tail on the Donkey", we blindfolded everyone and they tried to pin their metal star badge (from Hobby Lobby) onto Woody.  I made this poster in Photoshop and just had it printed at Costco.
Pass the space rock.
Played just the same as "Hot Potato", we passed a tinfoil ball while listening to the Toy Story soundtrack.
Buzz's Laser Gun Show.
My hubby got the best Nerf gun he could find, and we took turns shooting darts at the Toy Story villains--Sid, Lotso, Al, Zurg, and Prospector.
 Mr. Potato Head relay.
We divided the guests into 2 teams: Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.  Each member had to run to their potato head, create the potato head according to the picture with all of the correct accessories, have it checked off, and then take it apart for the next team member.  The first team done, won!
Party hats
I made each party guest an alien hat.  The aliens have the Pizza Planet logo on them.
Instead of making a cake, we made s'mores cupcakes.  If you remember, in Toy Story 3, Lotso rides around in a dump truck.  I found dump trucks in the dollar section at Target, and we used these to serve cupcakes.  Of course they were well guarded by army men.
Enjoying our cupcakes and ice cream!
Opening up LOTS of Toy Story toys!
The winner of each game won a prize--a Toy Story character Pez machine!
I washed the dump trucks after we ate the cupcakes, and they made perfect favors!
* I used this digital kit from Sweet Shoppe Designs for most of my designing.  It was perfect!
* I found TONS of amazing Toy Story birthday ideas (including the cupcakes in dump trucks) from Rook No. 17.  Jenn shares tons of printables and ideas here.  Thanks, Jenn!
Wow, I'm glad birthdays only come once a year.
That was a lot of fun!
The End.
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Toy Story Character Pennant Banner

Another crafting first...

To create this fun Toy Story character pennant banner for Little Man's birthday party, I used fabric transfers for the first time!  I had been wanting to try this for a long time, and Little Man's birthday seemed like the perfect occasion.  This was a piece-of-cake project--and no sewing is required! 

I created a triangle pattern using cardstock and cut out several red, yellow, and blue pennants out of felt.  (Once again, I have found a fabulous use for my felt scraps left over from my quiet book!)
You can find a package that looks just like this at your local office store or even Wal-Mart!  You can find dark or light fabric transfers.  I chose dark for this project.
I simply found images of our favorite Toy Story characters on Google images, printed them out on the fabric transfer paper, and cut them out.
I followed the instructions on the package to iron the characters onto the felt using a piece of transfer paper in between.  Then you just peel it away, leaving the character.  It's like magic!
I did sew the ribbon across the top, but you could use a hot glue gun just as easily. (Again the cowprint matches Jessie and Woody).  We hung this banner in our kitchen.  I have to admit that we still haven't taken it down.  Oops! But Little Man sits and names all the Toy Story characters while he eats.  So cute!

Guess what?!  I finally have my party photos edited...
So look for a post about the entire Toy Story party tomorrow--it's the final shebang of my Toy Story birthday party ideas!

Birthday Subway Art

My Little Man is now 2. 
My sweet babe is no longer an infant, and now we are welcoming the dramatic toddler years.  I am learning a lot about temper tantrums and time-out already!  It seems like just yesterday that he was first placed in my arms.  Where has the time gone?  
As soon as we saw Toy Story 3 in the theaters last summer, Little Man fell in love with the characters.  For the last couple of months, Little Man requests to watch "BUZZ" just about each night.  I try to oblige and watch one of the trilogy perhaps once a week.  We listen to the music.  We discuss the characters.  We act out the characters.  We play with the toys.  We are definitely Toy Story crazy here in this house!!
We all love subway art.  Are you tired of it yet?  I think I've seen subway art for just about every holiday... but I've never seen birthday subway art.  So one of my first ideas was creating this Toy Story-themed birthday subway art:
Although I wanted it to be personalized for my Little Man, I also wanted a touch of "Toy Story."  Mr. Daisy and I put our heads together to include some of our favorite nicknames and phrases. It couldn't be any more perfect--this is SO Little Man!  I used the Toy Story colors:  Red, yellow, and blue. I created this 16x20 image in Photoshop and had it printed at Costco.  (By the way, the actual print does not say "Little Man."  It shows his first name, but I do try to protect his privacy as much as possible. So I Photoshopped the image below a bit!)

Another very proud moment.  I loved this project!  The best part is we are going to hang it in Little Man's bedroom.  So this party project will live on.
If you are just tuning in to the party planning, you can check out other Toy Story party details here:

Have a happy weekend!

Happy Birthday Banner {Toy Story Style}

One of the many things I love about my readers is how incredibly supportive you are!  When I revealed Little Man's Toy Story party theme along with the invitations I made, you showered me with ideas!  I searched and bookmarked each and every one. A sweet reader of mine sent me a link to this lovely Toy Story-themed cardboard banner on Etsy.  Thanks a million!
I completely fell in love with the banner, and was determined to make my own. It was one of the first projects on my to-do list.  And I must say:  It's kind of my pride and joy.  
The best part about this banner is anyone can make it using some cardboard and a little bit of paint!  I used recycled cardboard boxes (from all of my hubby's work shipments he receives almost daily) to create this entire banner from scratch.
I started out by using some thin cardboard to cut out my the letters.  I actually save the cardboard that comes with my photo enlargements at Costco.  I used this thin cardboard for the letters, plus a few cereal boxes.  I just free-handed the letters... nothing too fancy!  The imperfect look gives it a certain charm.  I painted my letters using white acrylic paint.

Once the letters were dry, I distressed all of the edges with distressing ink.

I got my hubby involved with the next step!  I had him use a razor blade to cut out 13 rectangles to back all of the letters in "Happy Birthday."  Thanks for your manly muscles, babe!  I used acrylic paint to paint these, too.  I painted some plain brown, red, and blue, using the colors from Toy Story.  I also painted some yellow/red plaid to look like Woody's shirt and a few white/black like Woody's vest.  Again, I just free-handed my patterns.  I'm not an artist, but I loved how it turned out!

After gluing the letters onto the backings, I just arranged them in a kind of jumbled way.  This is so perfect for my Oopsey Daisy style!
I tried using E-6000 to glue my letters together, but they kept popping up.  Hot glue did the trick!  How I love my little old hot glue gun!
Last but not least, I strung the letters together with twine by hot gluing felt loops over the twin on each letter.

I hung it over my awkward ledge, secured with nails.  Voila!  It really set the tone for the whole party.  I must say:  Once I put this all together, I was so proud, I was taking pictures on my phone and sending them to my hubby!  I really and truly LOVE how it turned out!

The banner was a hit at the party!
More party crafts and details coming...
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