My Own Little Picket Fence

Well, we made it folks... We survived until the weekend!

I don't know when I've been quite so ready for the weekend's arrival!  You know they say that when it rains, it pours. Well, this week tried to get the very best of our family.  But we do have one bit of happy news (yes, this is the news I have been hinting at).  The most exciting news it that we are moving!! And soon. In less than a week!  I will share some more details and pictures very soon. But for now, it is a flurry of boxes and packing in our house!

For now, I wanted to share a springy project! I actually shared this at Sew Dang Cute last year. ( Yes, last year!  I must be a blogging delinquent for just now re-posting this!)  I will have a huge, lovely garden at our new home.  So this cheery picket fence will have a permanent home very soon! Or maybe I will keep it in my craft room?  So many options here.

As a little girl, I always dreamed of having a home with a sweet little white picket fence.  I still don't have a real picket fence, so I decided to make my own in miniature version!  It was surprisingly simple!  Come and see...

I started out by purchasing an entire plank of wood from Home Depot.  The wood was 1.5 inches wide and 0.75 inches thick.  I put my handsome hubby to work cutting the wood with his table saw.

We had enough wood to cut 11 pieces of wood.  Each piece of wood was 12 inches long.

Next, I measured down from the top of each piece by 1.25 inches.  I roughly sketched a point for each piece of wood.  My husband went back to work on the saw!  The cuts were not perfectly precise so each piece ended up with its own personality! That was all part of the plan...

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Spring Art Project Tutorial {30 Days}

I hope you've been enjoying some very talented bloggers this week!  I can't wait to share the oh-so-talented Mique with you from 30 Days.  She is amazing!  And I love that she shares the twists and turns of this fun spring project.

Hi Oopsey Daisy readers, I'm Mique from 30days.
I live in the (mostly) sunny Los Angeles area with my husband and three cute kids.  In addition to being a wife, momma and craft blogger, I co-own a handmade market, the Queen Bee Market in the San Diego area.  Our next show is May 6-7th- come visit! Thank you so much Alison for letting me guest post!

Have you ever started a project with one thing in mind and changed it half way through?  It happens to me almost every time.  (please tell me I'm not alone) That's what happened with my project for today.  I was determined to use products I had already.

Here's my idea for a spring art project:
Here's what I started with:
A rectangular canvas (you could use a piece of wood too)
scrapbook paper
Modge Podge
paint brushes
cover button kit
scrap fabric
flower wood piece (found mine at Michael's)
letter stamps/vinyl/stickers
ruler or yard stick
glue gun 

Spring Flower Wall Art

In case you missed my guest post at Positively Splendid, I shared this spring flower wall art.  Come read along and see how to make your own!
I don't know about you, but I am longing for spring.  Here in Colorado, we are finally seeing some sun, and I am craving more! When the temperature rises even a smidge, I find myself craving spring's elusive arrival.  I created this burlap flower wall art to brighten up my winter days! Come along with me to see how to make your very own!
I LOVE a good sales on frames.  I indulged a bit in a 40% off sale at Michael's, and found a long frame that would be perfect for this project.  I cut a piece of cardboard that would serve as the backing, and then I cut a piece of burlap that was about 2 inches longer on every side.  I wanted to have plenty of burlap to wrap around the cardboard.
I began by using green ricrac and ribbon scraps to create the flower stems.  I alternated the stem lengths, and made each stem a little different.
Next, I made some easy-peesy flowers.  I wanted the flowers to be a bit 3-dimensional, so I made flowers by cutting 4 circles out of my chosen fabric.  I folded them in quarters and pressed them just slightly so they would stay folded.
I cut centers for the flowers using coordinating fabric and pinned everything onto the burlap.  I think my favorite part was arranging the different colors and patterns!
First, I sewed the stems.  Then I made sure to overlap the 4 quarters of the flowers just slightly and sewed everything to the burlap by sewing around the round centers of the flowers.
I sewed some mini ricrac on some of the flowers.  This is one of my favorite flowers!  So bright and happy!
I wrapped the burlap around the cardboard, pulling it tight, and hot gluing around the edges.  (On a side note, if you use cardboard with print like I did, be sure that the printed side is the back side.  You don't want the print to show through.  I learned that the hard way!)
These flowers just make me smile!  I do believe that this flower wall art will have a place in my new craft room.




I failed to find a nice patch of green grass, but I think that the snow may be thawing a bit... at least I'm hoping so!
Have a happy (and WARM!) weekend!

Spring Birdie

I realize spring is almost over. Really and truly, I picked up this dollar store bird back in January even before the dollar store bird craze hit blog land! Last week, I finally decided I'd better get this happy little bird out for show and tell! (At least before it has to fly south for winter, right?!)

I wish I had taken pictures before painting. But... I didn't. I found this adorable candle stand at Hobby Lobby. I gave the bird and the candle stand a nice coat of heirloom white spray paint. I decided to try out the famous Ralph Lauren faux finish, too. I love the depth it added to the final paint job!! Gorgeous!
I added some green Spanish moss and gave the bird a little nest to sit on. It seemed rather plain -Jane until I added a little fabric. In case I haven't mentioned it before, I adore this fabric!! I used it here and here.
I love my little spring Bird! What a happy token of spring! (Which we are finally starting to feel here in Colorado!)

My Favorite Things Wreath

This lovely spring wreath is hanging on my door right now.  Can I just tell you how much I love lavender?!  It's one of my very favorite colors, and I realize the color isn't even totally "in" right now, but I just don't care.  I'm diggin' it, and that's all that matters right?

I just used a circle styrofoam wreath and wrapped it in fuzzy lavender yarn.  I finally broke down and bought spray adhesive... and I am so glad I did!  It was a bit pricey, but worth it.  It was so easy to spray it on and everything stuck in place without the danger of hot glue (I always burn myself!) or any extra mess.

Next, I used brown yarn to give it a striped look.  The stripes aren't perfectly even, but that's part of the beauty of it!

Then I started whipping up some fabric flowers and nestled them on a little blanket of burlap... just because!  I started out with 3 flowers on the wreath, and then my Mom (the flower arranging expert!) recommended just 2 more.  After 5 flowers, she again said, "Just two more."  So I ended up with 7 lovely flowers!
Of course I love the center flower the best. I simply ADORE that cream fabric with the lavender flowers.  

Here is a close-up of the lovely fabric flowers.  I just couldn't get enough of these and sewed way too many!

I call this "My Favorite Things" Wreath because it includes so many of my favorite things...
lavender, burlap, fabric flowers, and did I mention I sewed a ruffle to hang it with?  Take a look:

Okay, just one more view:

If you're wondering what happened to my orange door, I did the photo shoot at my parent's house.  Their front doors are much prettier, don't you think?  

If you're interested in making a yarn wreath, check out 2 more of my favorite yarn wreaths:  This fabulous monogram wreath at The Scrap Shoppe and Tattered and Inked's burlap yarn wreath.

Have a good week, my friends!

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My Springy No-Fuss Banner

You know I couldn't let my little fireplace go bare and banner-free!!  I fell in love with this fabric at JoAnn's, and bought a yard before I even knew what I would make.  I love the lavender flowers!  So I decided to make this easy, no-fuss banner.  

I created a simple pattern out of cardstock and cut out some springy triangles.  

I sewed 2 triangles together, wrong sides together, as close to the edge as possible.
And added some brown ribbon...

Easy, springy, beautiful... 

Fun Springy Applique

Yes, the only time I could get a decent smile--drool and all--was in the bathroom... The bathroom is a magical place.  Something about lifting the toilet seat and tearing off the toilet paper.  

I admit that I have been having a lot of fun with appliques lately.  When I was thinking of something springy for a boy, all I could think of was frogs (Girls get butterflies, boys get... frogs, right?). So this is what I came up with:
I used mostly scraps.  Don't you love the tongue?!  I cut out a circle for the frog's tummy and an "eight" shape for the eyes.  I double-layered the eyes with black polk-a-dot fabric.  Don't the polk-a-dots look like eyeballs?? 

Here's my handsome little guy wearing it...

I used the same pattern when creating my Five Green & Speckled Frogs.  I made this pattern in Photoshop. You can download my frog patternhere. If you use it to create anything, I would love a link!!  I want to see what you creative people come up with.  

Happy Friday, my friends!  Enjoy your weekend.  I have big plans that involve my quiet book and catching up on some sleep!

Multi-Purposing With Blocks

Over the weekend, I worked really hard on 2 projects.  I wanted to add to my spring decor, so I made these "Spring" blocks.  I love the font... and I love all of the background papers I chose.  But I had a hard time settling on a color for the letters that looked good on all of them!  What do you think of the pink??  I used a lot of distressing ink to help make them "pop".
Here is the next project I worked on:
Look familiar?  Yep, I repurposed again!  🙂  I turned the blocks around and made them into an "Easter" decoration.  I am so proud of myself.  I used vinyl on these ones, and I think I like the white letters better.  

But now it's your turn to vote:
Don't you just love multi-purposing?!

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Jelly Bean Cake {yum!}

This is such a fun spring recipe!  We made this yesterday for Easter dessert, but it is a fun one to do all spring long!!  

Just mix up a regular white cake mix.

Divide up the cake mix into several bowls.  Use food coloring to create the desired colors.  I just mixed up the basics:  Red, yellow, blue, purple, orange, and green.

This is where kids love to help!  My nephew was a regular artist.  Just take spoonfuls of colored cake batter and start plopping them into a cake pan, taking turns to create color patterns.  (I used a bundt pan this time, but it works just as well in a  rectangular pan too!). I remember as kids, trying to make sure that we didn't let the same colors touch.  

When you're done, it looks something like this!  Van Gogh couldn't do much better than this lovely work of art!

Bake according to the directions.  I realize I could have decorated this MUCH cuter (how about using green-colored coconut for grass??), but this was an impromptu idea.  So we just went for good ol' yellow frosting.

Then devour. It is lovely with vanilla ice cream.  Just one more...  YUM! 

Pottery Barn Centerpiece {Super-Duper cheap!}

I think we can all agree that pulling off a Pottery Barn look-alike item feels pretty darn good.  Right???  And I think I like mine even better than the original piece I saw on the cover of this Pottery Barn catalog:

PLUS my version is super-duper cheap!  Don't believe me?!  Check it out:

I used a pretty plate that I got at my wedding and have seriously never used since.  I know I piled on the jelly beans, but that is only because I know I'm going to eat them all myself!!  And I really truly like my fabric egg and burlap eggs better than the ones in the Pottery Barn pic! 

Here's a better view of the old plastic eggs I wrapped up in burlap scraps.  Thank you, burlap, for another scrappy project!

And with this little beauty right here, I just used pinking shears to cut scraps and mod-podged them right on, doing tons of overlapping.  It's my favorite part.  Plus, I like how the bow just adds a finishing touch!

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