Stenciled Mason Jar Vase {For Mother’s Day!}

I love Mother's Day.  Being a mother is the most important part of who I am!  I owe so much to my incredible Mother...  She taught me everything I know.

I was thrilled to participate in Plaid's Mother's Day Campaign.  They sent me a whole box full of crafting goodies to create a beautiful and meaningful gift for my Mamacita!  Here is what I came up with:

I created this stenciled mason jar vase with burlap and bakers twine!  Each flower has a very special meaning because each one represents a member of our family.  (More on that later!)

I love daisies.  The name of my blog is no accident.  Daisies equal happiness for me!  I thought these would be the perfect way to express our appreciation for my Mom, a true flower enthusiast!

It was like Christmas morning when I ripped open this package of amazing supplies from Plaid's Martha Stewart's craft line.  Talk about creative inspiration in a box!  There was acrylic paint, glitter, all sorts of stencils, a heating tool, a spray painting kit, every kind of brush I could imagine, a sweet tote bag, and all sorts of stenciling accessories packed inside.


I even created a "haul video" showing the entire crafting stash as I opened the box.

** For the record, I set up the tripod and taped myself while mr. oopsey was out of town.  I felt a bit awkward!  I'm still new to vlogging, but if you want a tiny sneak peek of the new house, maybe focus on the background instead of me!  Ha!


For this particular project, I wanted to try out the spray painting kit.  Hello!  Turning acrylic paint into spray paint just sounds fun.  So I gave it a shot! This was shockingly easy!

I carefully followed the directions on the sprayer kit to mix the correct proportions of the gloss spray medium with acrylic paint.  Then I simply twisted the sprayer onto the bottle.  Easy, right?

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Burlap Love Banner {Pinterest Club!}

I am on a roll with Valentine's Day crafts.  All of this red and pink is really brightening up my winter!

I am very lucky that I have friends who love to craft, too.   It's always more fun to create with a friend, right??  So some of my friends and neighbors created a little "Pinterest Club."  Basically, we find a craft (usually from Pinterest!) and attempt to recreate it.  It's a perfect time to get our kiddos together to play so we can play, too!

On Friday, we got together to recreate this burlap love banner that my friend Sara spotted on Groopdealz.  It was originally created by Auntie Lolo Crafts.

It had been a while since I dug into my burlap stash, but I "love" how this turned out!

And guess what?!  It took less than an hour to put together.  I love a quick and easy craft.

Start out by cutting 6 pennant/triangle shapes from burlap. Or try out another fabric if burlap isn't your thing!

I cut out some freezer paper stencils using my Cricut, and then ironed them onto the pennants.  I also ironed on a scrap piece of freezer paper to the back of each one to be sure the paint wouldn't bleed through.

Using a foam brush, I painted the letters black and the hearts red.  I love that it took no time at all for the paint to dry.  Like I said, a quick-and-easy craft was perfect for us today!  Especially with whining kiddos.  Yes, I'm afraid Little Man wasn't on his best behavior.

I strung all of the pennants together using thick twine. I just separated the threads a bit to create a hole and strung the twine through.

Because I have already decorated my un-mantle, I added this banner to our dresser mirror instead.

And yes, that's me in the mirror!

So just in case you still need to decorate for Love Day OR if you just want to make something fun with friends, this is the perfect craft!

I can't wait for our next craft together!

Have a great week, friends!

Christmas Tree Wall Art

This post was originally published on Positively Splendid's "A Swell Noel" series.  Check out all of the fabulous ideas over at Amy's place!  You will definitely be inspired!

Do you remember my spring flower wall art?

Spring seems like forever away, but I am so excited for all of the wintry Christmas fun just around the corner!

A few weeks ago, I was gazing at these happy little flowers and decided that I needed to do a Christmas spin-off of this original project.

Tis the season!!

Here is my Christmas tree wall art!

It's a festive touch to the very same frame!

I had so much fun putting this project together.  Come along to see how to make your very own...

I began by taking these little lovelies out of their frame.  I love these colorful flowers!  They add so much pizzazz to my craft room.

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Spring Flower Wall Art

In case you missed my guest post at Positively Splendid, I shared this spring flower wall art.  Come read along and see how to make your own!
I don't know about you, but I am longing for spring.  Here in Colorado, we are finally seeing some sun, and I am craving more! When the temperature rises even a smidge, I find myself craving spring's elusive arrival.  I created this burlap flower wall art to brighten up my winter days! Come along with me to see how to make your very own!
I LOVE a good sales on frames.  I indulged a bit in a 40% off sale at Michael's, and found a long frame that would be perfect for this project.  I cut a piece of cardboard that would serve as the backing, and then I cut a piece of burlap that was about 2 inches longer on every side.  I wanted to have plenty of burlap to wrap around the cardboard.
I began by using green ricrac and ribbon scraps to create the flower stems.  I alternated the stem lengths, and made each stem a little different.
Next, I made some easy-peesy flowers.  I wanted the flowers to be a bit 3-dimensional, so I made flowers by cutting 4 circles out of my chosen fabric.  I folded them in quarters and pressed them just slightly so they would stay folded.
I cut centers for the flowers using coordinating fabric and pinned everything onto the burlap.  I think my favorite part was arranging the different colors and patterns!
First, I sewed the stems.  Then I made sure to overlap the 4 quarters of the flowers just slightly and sewed everything to the burlap by sewing around the round centers of the flowers.
I sewed some mini ricrac on some of the flowers.  This is one of my favorite flowers!  So bright and happy!
I wrapped the burlap around the cardboard, pulling it tight, and hot gluing around the edges.  (On a side note, if you use cardboard with print like I did, be sure that the printed side is the back side.  You don't want the print to show through.  I learned that the hard way!)
These flowers just make me smile!  I do believe that this flower wall art will have a place in my new craft room.




I failed to find a nice patch of green grass, but I think that the snow may be thawing a bit... at least I'm hoping so!
Have a happy (and WARM!) weekend!

Burlap & Lace Wreath {With Sweater Flowers}

It seems that every January, I am so consumed with recovering from Christmas and planning for Valentine's Day, that my winter decor is quickly forgotten.  Alright, it's more like extinct.  But not this year!!  Last week, this wreath came to me in a dream.  No kidding.  I actually woke up with a vision of this wreath!  It's still like eye candy to me.  I'm lovin' it!  And I even have a tutorial for you today!
I started out by cutting my burlap into strips about 2-3 inches wide.  I used my favorite spray adhesive, and just started wrapping the burlap around a straw wreath.
I just kept on wrapping until the wreath was covered.  Between the burlap fuzzies and the straw, this was one messy process!  (Little Man was quite disturbed when he woke up and found the carpets a mess!)
One of the best things about this wreath is that I didn't have to buy anything... I had everything on hand!  I had a few lace scraps, and I wrapped them loosely around the wreath.  I used small dabs of hot glue to secure them to the burlap.  I actually used 2 different kinds of lace (Shhh, don't tell!).  
Nothing says winter like a sweater.  Especially a creamy sweater!  This sweater is special to me because I wore it to my wedding dinner.  But sadly, the little jewels were falling off, and I knew it had seen better days.  I decided that this sweater would live forever through this winter wreath!
I made a whole assortment of flowers out of the sweater! Don't they look just lush and warm?! I think I made 4 different kinds of flowers... went a little crazy!  But I love the variety!  I used some of the silver buttons and jewels from the sweater to embellish some of the flowers.  I had some gold buttons and decided to add some gold touches, too!  
I arranged all the flowers on the wreath and just hot glued them on. I think I probably made just a touch too many, but that's okay!  
To hang the wreath, I made a simple loop out of jute.  I hot glued the loop to the wreath, and then covered it with another strap of burlap.

I thought I was done.  I even hung it on my door all weekend.  But something was missing.  I finally figured it out today....
So I added this gold bow from my Christmas stash.  I simply pinned it on.   I LOVE this finishing touch!  Here it is hanging on my red door:

Now... on to Valentine's Day!

Burlap Candy Corn

In case you missed my post at Naptime Crafters, here is my tutorial for burlap candy corn!
I LOVE burlap and LOVE candy corn, so I knew the combination had to be great!  Come along, and I'll show you how I made these two beauties!
I started out by cutting a rough candy corn shape out of burlap.  You will need a front and back for each candy corn.  I decided to make a large candy corn and a smaller candy corn.  
Next, I painted each piece of burlap--fronts and backs--with acrylic paint.  I just eyeballed where I wanted to paint, and it turned out fine! I decided to leave the top part plain instead of painting it white.  I let these dry overnight. 
Next, I pinned the candy corn together, wrong sides together.  
I left more than an inch in seam allowance.  I sewed almost all the way around the candy corn, but I left a large opening in the bottom.
I stuffed the candy corn, using a pencil to help punch out the corners completely.  Then I sewed up the opening!
I decided to use pinking shears to cut around the seams.  I love the effect!
I looked at these for a solid week, knowing that they needed something to jazz them up!  I decided on some ricrac!  I just hot-glued the ricrac around the candy corn right in between paint layers.
Don't they make a nice back drop for my spider topiary? (Even before the ricrac!)  You can check out my spider topiary tutorial today at Moo Moo's & Tutus, where I am guest posting for the talented Daphne's blogiversary bash! 
 I love Halloween crafts!  I am having way too much fun with fall decor.  I think I now have more decorations than my tiny apartment can handle!

Framed Burlap Monogram

This project is a crowd-pleaser!!   

The framed burlap monogram is the perfect project if you don't like to sew or just need something quick and easy to whip up!  Plus--what a great gift idea!  You can personalize it for anyone!  
Yesterday was my baby sister's 21st birthday, and I wanted a homemade gift to add to the stash!  She loves turquoise, and this piece will match her college apartment room just perfectly.  I admit I did NOT have cute bedrooms in college... but my sister sure does!  I am proud to say that I just added to the cuteness 🙂
I started out with this $2.50 frame from Wal-Mart.  Man, I love Wal-Mart!  You can't beat the great deals!
I wanted a nice antique look to my frame, so I didn't sand it first.  I simply spray painted right over it.  See how the color doesn't all absorb easily?  That leaves some brown to show through.  Lovely!
This particular frame did not come with any kind of matting, so I made my own!!  I just traced the glass and made a mat out of a cardboard box.  (We have way too many cardboard boxes at our house because my hubby receives packages for work at least twice a week!)
I knew I wanted burlap as my background.  Yes, I am still loving the burlap!  I cut out a piece with plenty of extra room on all 4 sides so I could wrap it around the back for added security.  I just mod-podged the burlap right on to the cardboard mat!  I had to press and hold the burlap on the back just to be sure it dried nice and tight.
Next, I found some coordinating fabric for my monogram.  Don't you love the brown/turquoise color combination??  I am always looking for shortcuts, so I cut out my monogram using my Cricut.  You could definitely use a template from a computer to cut out your fabric monogram, too!  In order to cut my fabric on the Cricut, I ironed Heat N Bond onto my fabric.
I peeled off the back of the Heat N Bond, and adhered the fabric to the Cricut mat.  (For more info on cutting fabric on your Cricut, you can read this post.)  Then I let the Cricut do the rest!
You could totally mod-podge the fabric right on to the burlap... but I already had the Heat N Bond backing, so I just ironed my monogram onto the burlap!  It took about 30 seconds.  Voila!  I inserted my burlap monogram into my frame and here is the finished product:
 What do you think?  My sister loved it!!  
Let's see that before and after just one more time....
The total cost of this project was about $3.00!!  Cute.  Frugal.  Fast.  All in a day's work!!

Have a great day!!

More Cowboy Goodies

On Monday, I shared the fun rustic Western sign for that I made for my nephew's third birthday party--a cowboy party.  Tomorrow, I promise to share all of the adorable details of the party.  Your jaw will drop when you see it in all of its rootin' tootin' cuteness!!

Here are a few more last-minute preparations I made to get in the cowboy spirit:

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know I unexplainably dread making cards, but I LOVED making this card. And why, you ask???

Because I used burlap!!  Oh yes I did!  What says rustic and Western like burlap?! So perhaps I'll start making more fabric cards in the future.  They just make my day!

As soon as I heard the theme of the party, I knew exactly what Little Man just had to wear!  I used the amazing bandana shirt tutorial from Aly & Ash to make this fun bandana onesie!

Little Man was a regular Jessie James... if only he would wear his cowboy hat!

Yes indeed.  What a sweet little cowboy!!  Happy Thursday, everyone!

Patriotic Denim-Burlap Flowers

Well, I had plenty of red, white, and blue fabric scraps left over.  Considering the season, I knew I needed to bust out these scraps and create something pretty with them!  I feel so frugal when doing a project with scrap fabric.  There have been so many cool flower tutorials out there, so I used some new techniques from a few to create some just plain purty patriotic flowers!

I bought a skinny wodden dowel and wrapped it with twine to create the "stems" for these flowers.  I made them all different lengths--variety is the spice of life! 🙂

I used all kinds of denim, burlap, and fabric scraps... a little twine... and some buttons.  My hot glue gun and I became friends, and with barely any burns, I layered up these little beauties!  

I secured these flowers into some styrofoam, and found a fun can that completely matched my colors and theme!  I am really wishing I had a yard or some outdoor area.  These would be so fun outside on a patio!!  Perfect for the Fourth of July!  Here are just a few more shots:

I love this project because it combines so many of my favorites... denim, burlap, flowers, and the 4th of July!!  And it matches my table runner perfectly!

PS Just after taking pictures, I found the perfect wooden tray to put the can on.  It's a lovely finishing touch!  Have a happy Monday, my friends!

 SYS Thurs

Pottery Barn Centerpiece {Super-Duper cheap!}

I think we can all agree that pulling off a Pottery Barn look-alike item feels pretty darn good.  Right???  And I think I like mine even better than the original piece I saw on the cover of this Pottery Barn catalog:

PLUS my version is super-duper cheap!  Don't believe me?!  Check it out:

I used a pretty plate that I got at my wedding and have seriously never used since.  I know I piled on the jelly beans, but that is only because I know I'm going to eat them all myself!!  And I really truly like my fabric egg and burlap eggs better than the ones in the Pottery Barn pic! 

Here's a better view of the old plastic eggs I wrapped up in burlap scraps.  Thank you, burlap, for another scrappy project!

And with this little beauty right here, I just used pinking shears to cut scraps and mod-podged them right on, doing tons of overlapping.  It's my favorite part.  Plus, I like how the bow just adds a finishing touch!

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