Mommy School

What is Mommy School?

Once upon a time, I taught first grade.  Now I am a busy stay-at-home Mommy.  It was exciting for me to see the world through my toddler's eyes...  I began a simple Mommy School Program to help him learn and have fun at home.  Mommy School is all about constructive fun.  I believe that toddlers learn by seeing and doing, so these packets are full of a variety of exploratory activities that you can do in your own home.

Although we don't have a rigid routine, we fit in these fun learning activities when we have time.  I generally spend 2-3 weeks on a unit before starting to plan the next one!

What's inside a Mommy School Packet?

Math, literature, and science activities along with ideas for arts, crafts, and games, all focused on one central theme.   These activities focus on teaching:

* A specific letter of the alphabet

* A specific number

* An engaging nursery rhyme or simple song

* A specific shape or color

Any necessary visual aids are included in the packet.  Most of the clip art designs &/or fonts are copyright Dianne J Hook. Used with specific permission from DJ Inkers.

I have also begun to use digital kits from A-Manda Creations.  I am so excited to begin partnering with this fantastic company!

Recently, I have also used clipart from My Grafico with permission.  This has been used with permission, and personal/classroom use of clip art is allowed within PDF files only, per their copyright.

Printable Packets

Click on the pictures to go to the post where the download is available:

S is for Seuss


W is for Winter


A is for Apples


I is for Insects

U is for U.S.A.

M is for Monsters


E is for Easter

G is for Green

Z is for Zoo

T is for Thanksgiving

H is for Halloween

L is for Leaves

Ideas for O is for Owls

Ideas for D is for Dogs

Ideas for A is for Apples

Ideas for C is for Cars & Trucks

Please understand that these packets take a minimum of 15+ hours to create.  A tremendous amount of time and effort goes into creating them.  Please do not abuse this free service.

Mommy School Packets are for personal use only!  This means you may only use them in your own home or small preschool class. These packets are under copyright.  Please do not redistribute or host on your own site.  Give credit where credit is due!  If you have any questions about how you can use these packets, please let me know.

Download Help

All of my packets are currently in working order and are being downloaded successfully each day.   Any download issues are typically due to individual computer settings.  I cannot e-mail these packets to you because the file size is so large.  The download link provided is the only way I have to share them with you.  Review the ideas below and then consult with a techno-savvy person... there is simply no way I can provide technical support/troubleshooting for every individual situation.  Thanks for understanding!

* Be sure to click the correct download link.  You will be directed to a 4shared file sharing page.  4shared has recently changed its terms of use.  Now you need to create any account in order to download the files.  This is a recent change, so I apologize for the extra step!  But because it's the best service I have found for downloading large files, I am still using this service..

* Now simply click the blue box that says, "Download now."

* You will then have to wait 90 seconds while the file prepares to download.  After the 90 seconds, click the blue link that says, "Download file now..."

* Be sure your computer's software is up to date and that your spyware, anti-virus software, pop-up blockers, etc. allow downloads from the internet.  (Please keep in mind that if you are attempting to download on a server such as school or work network, downloads may not be allowed.)

* Upon downloading, be sure that you know where the file download can be found on your individual computer.

* Be sure that you have the most recent version of Adobe reader before downloading and then click to open.

* Good luck!