Photo Thank You Postcards

Admittedly, this tutorial is very late.  Can you believe that I am just now sending out thank you notes for Christmas gifts?!  Pathetic, I know!  But part of the problem was that my little idea took a bit longer than planned.

This year, I decided to create photo thank you postcards to send out our thanks for the many generous gifts that Little Man received! What better way to say "thank you" than through photos?!  Although these are the postcards we used for Christmas gifts, I am considering doing our birthday thank you notes the very same way.

You probably know by now that I love a great photo project!  Many of our aunts, uncles, and grandparents live far away.  And honestly, all I need is some cute photos in my arsenal to keep them happy across the miles!

You may remember that last year I created photo thank you cards--just printed them right off my computer and jotted down our thanks inside the card.  But this year, I thought it would be fun to send out a postcard instead!

We're hoping that our family will love getting this little note of thanks in the mail.

So here is what I did:

-- I took photos of Little Man with his new Christmas gifts.  Wearing a new shirt, playing with a toy, etc.!

-- In Photoshop, I created a 5x7 image.

-- I used the shape tool to draw a speech bubble on each photo and added a "thank you" using the text tool.

-- I added a black border to each of my pictures.  Because I anticipated that Costco would slightly cut off the edges, I also added a chevron background to offset that a bit.

-- I uploaded each photo to Costco and used them to design the postcards in Photoshop.  On their site, you can type in your addresses, message, etc.!

-- Because Costco ships these instead of printing them in store, it takes some time to get them back.  (See why I'm so late??).  Add a stamp and send in the mail!

We were so excited to get these in the mail--and then to ship them out!

Even if they're a {little} late!

Come back tonight at 5:00 for a little Wednesday's Wowzers!!

How to Watermark Your Pictures

It's been a long while since I shared a blogging how-to tutorial.  Several readers have asked how to create watermarks for their blogging photos, so here is the answer (finally!) to that question!


First of all, you may be wondering why bother with watermarks at all!

Watermarks are practical, not pretty!  I sure do wish that I didn't have to worry about that extra step of adding a watermark to each and every one of my blog photos.  I like the look of my photos much better without the extra mess in my pictures.

BUT time and time again, I am grateful for my little watermark because it protects my work.  And I must say--when I work hard to create something PLUS take pictures to share with you... well, I want the credit for my creations and my photos.  I have found my photos and printables plastered on unauthorized sites (some of them kind of creepy!), claimed as the property of others. Thanks to my trusty watermark, I can request that the webmaster remove my photographs because they are marked as my own.

Unfortunately, there are many instances where people use my photographs without linking back to Oopsey Daisy.  But readers see my watermark and can know where to find me!  It's like my own little signature.  Although I know many bloggers don't use watermarks, I find them to be essential.

I used Photoshop to created my watermark, but you don't have to!  I will also show you how you can create a watermark using free online resources also.

Create a Watermark Using Photoshop


You could definitely stop here at this step if you choose.  I chose to stylize my watermark just a little bit...



Don't have Photoshop?  No biggie.  Just go to, upload your photo, and go to the "Create" tab.  Here, there is  a text option where you can select from plenty of fun fonts!  You type in your watermark in a box and you voila!  You have a watermark!

I have never used Picnik until creating this tutorial.  I must say that I am a fan!  If you don't own Photoshop, definitely use Picnik to spruce up your pictures!  It's easy to use... and it's free!

How is your week going??

Readers’ Request: Create Your Own Subway Art

Subway art is hot, right?!
Well even I didn't realize how hot.
My inbox is FULL of comments and questions concerning this birthday subway art for Little Man's big Toy Story birthday bash.
Well, you asked for it... you got it!
Here is a little Photoshop tutorial.  You can easily create your own subway art with just a basic knowledge of Photoshop.  (By the way, I use Photoshop Elements, and love everything about it!  I don't think I will ever upgrade to the full version of Photoshop... Elements does the job for me!)
Start out by creating a new blank file in Photoshop.  You can customize the size.  I made my file 16x20 because I wanted to print it at this size.  I set it at 300 ppi (pixels per inch) so I was sure to have high resolution.
This is how your file will look.  I chose not to have a background color, so I left the background as is.  You could certainly have a colored background by filling it with the Paint Bucket tool.
Using the text tool, I started typing the lines.  I chose some Toy Story slogans as well as some slogans unique to Little Man.  I chose to type some lines in a "rainbow" effect with all 3 colors.  (You can change the colors as you go up at the top of your screen.) But most lines just use one color--the red, yellow, or blue.
I didn't pay a lot of attention to sizes of my fonts as I went along.  I would type my line, and then use the "Move" tool to drag my words to the proper size.  I was just careful to line up the beginning/end of each line so they were flush with each other so it would look like this...
I continued typing in all of my phrases and slogans, a line at a time.  I varied my colors in a pattern of blue-yellow-red with a few rainbow lines thrown in here and there.  It was a matter of trial and error to see how many total lines I would have room for.  I knew I wanted his name to stand out a lot, so naturally this was easy to make larger because it was so short.  I tried to vary the longer/shorter lines to get the right flow.
I actually decided to make one more NEW blank file (also 16x20), dragged my completed image inside, and then adjusted the size so it was just barely smaller.  It was important for me to have a bit of "wiggle room" around those edges.  I wanted the whole image to be centered on the page and I definitely did NOT want the edges to get cut off when printed.
Last step:  Just save the file as a JPEG image and save it in a location you can find easily when uploading it to your favorite photo printing shop!  I printed my image at Costco, threw it in a frame, and I was done!
Several of you have asked what fonts I used for this project. Here is a font profile from the project:
If you google any of these fonts, you can find them easily available for free download. I am a font-a-holic for sure.  Isn't it wonderful that so many are available for FREE?!
If you are creating your own Toy Story themed subway art (like me), here is the color profile I used for this project.  You can use the color codes to get the same exact shades I used.  (I matched mine to a digital Toy Story scrapbooking kit.)
Let me know if you still have any more questions.  I hope this helps you to venture out and create your very own subway art!  You can do it!
Have a great weekend, my friends!

Creating Silhouettes {Using Photoshop}

You do not have to have a Cricut to use this tutorial.
You just need Photoshop!

I absolutely adore my Sure Cuts A Lot software. I know I have mentioned this before, but if you have a Cricut, it is a must! I love that you can download any image, and then cut it out on your Cricut. BUT you have to make your image into a silhouette. You only want the outline of your image cut--not every single little detail. So I have tried to become an expert at making any old picture into a silhouette that I can cut out on my Cricut. (If you don't have a Cricut, you can always print your desired image on paper for your project!)

I am by no means an expert with Photoshop. In fact, the program frustrated me for a long, long time. So I thought I would share what I've figured out:

Ta-dah! You have a silhouette! Now I save this image and insert into my Sure Cuts A Lot software and cut it out. But you can print our your image on paper and use it just as easily!

I have no doubt that many of you will think--I know an easier way to do this. And I agree that with some pictures, I find it easier to create a silhouette simply by adjusting the Hue/Saturation... and I have no idea why this method doesn't always work for me!! But the tutorial I shared today works no matter what, and I like that I can control the itty bitty details.

Now stay tuned for tomorrow.... I am going to show you what I made with my silhouette! I am quite excited about my project!

Mother’s Day Download… better late than never!

Are flowers in your mother's future?
You know... for Mother's Day!  (By the way, it's coming up--Sunday, May 9th?!)
How about some tags for the occasion?   Chrysanthemums are simple and elegant, and a perfect way to show your Mum some love!  Throw on a cute tag and some jute, and you've got yourself a Mother's Day gift!  Of course it doesn't have to be just for your mum... mum-in-law, visiting teacher, aunt, sister, friend, stranger!  You get the point.
There are 3 tags to choose from:
You can download these here or from my sidebar.  They might just make a cute cupcake topper too... why not?!  I think I will try it out.  🙂 Just another way we can show the women in our life how much we love them!

Mother’s Day Word Collage

I was racking my brain yesterday to come up with a Mother's Day project... and then I saw this idea at Projects, Pinching Pennies, and Plugging Along and knew I could adapt it for Mother's Day.
Here is what I came up with! In Photoshop, I created this image with words that described my Mom.  I used the names of my Dad, me, and all of the kids in my family.  I printed the picture last night at Costco and bought a frame at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  (Score!)  I just added paper to the mat board in the frame, a little bit of ribbon, and ta-dah!  I love how it turned out, and I plan on doing one for Father's Day also.  

So for free download Friday, I created a Mother word collage--BUT it is not specific.  I took off all the names of people in my family and made it a bit more generic so it could fit a lot of the sweet mothers out there.  It looks like this:
You can download the full image here.  I designed it to be 5x7, so if you're going to print off a different size you'd probably have to re-format it.  I hope someone out there can use this... let me know if you do!  I'd love to see!
It feels so good to have Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts already planned.  Normally I don't plan this far in advance!  🙂  Happy Friday!!

No More Coloring!

I love flannel board stories.  They bring back great memories of growing up.  We used to tell each other scripture flannel board stories on Sundays and for Family Home Evenings.  I think this is how I learned the scripture stories.  I thought that flannel board stories were pretty much extinct (at least the ones my parents had are no longer being sold).  

Anyway, I just found a couple of great website that offer downloads of all of the flannel board stories and some other activities from the Friend magazine.  Here are the links to the sites:

Pratt's Family Home Evening and Primary Sharing Time Idea Box

Idea Door

Another one of my goals this year is to start a Family Home Evening file.  So I am part of a Family Home Evening group and getting a lesson on Family Unity ready.  This is the set of pictures that goes along with the "Nephi Forgives" story that I am using to go with my lesson:  
I admit that I felt terribly lazy about coloring 9 sets of pictures for my flannel board story to trade with the other members of my group.  I can get fairly creative when motivated by laziness!  Perhaps I got my fill of coloring while teaching.  

Lightbulb Moment:  I realized that I could use Photoshop to "color" these pictures.  I simply used the Paint Bucket tool to fill the areas of the picture with a certain color.  Magnifying the pictures up to 500% helped me with the detailed areas.  I used the pencil tool also to touch up areas of the beards that didn't have clear definitive lines. 

Because I am so pleased with myself for figuring this out, I want to share!  You should be able to just click and drag on this picture to download this colored version.  But just in case, I have a document with the story (I tweaked it slightly to go with my "Family Unity" lesson theme) and the colored pictures that you can download here. (Or just grab it from my sidebar under "My Downloads.")  I hope someone else can find this useful!!  It beats hours spent coloring, right?! 

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