Happy Mom’s Day!

Wishing you a very, very Happy Mother's Day today!

Today I wanted to share some beautiful spring photos we took at the Denver Temple just a few weeks ago.

In my life, I am surrounded by amazing women:

My own mother - She is absolutely everything I want to be.

My sisters - My best friends!

My grandmothers - Both of my sweet grandmothers have passed on, but what a legacy they left for me!

Plus an incredible mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, aunts, cousins, and friends.

These women are my my support and my inspiration.

And this little guy....

Well, he makes me feel like the luckiest lady in the whole entire world.

Enjoy your day my friends!

Sunday’s Snippets: Easter Sunday

Hello friends!  I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!  For me, Sundays are all about family and faith.  So on Sundays, I take a break from my usual creative routine to share snippets of our regular life!  


I love Easter!

But this Easter was just a wee bit hectic for our little family.  We had just moved into our new home a few days before.  We were all still swimming in boxes.  Somehow on Easter Eve I found the box filled with Easter eggs (I was on a wash-everything craze, got a little carried away, and even sanitized every single egg!), so we got to work stuffing them and creating a little Easter basket.

See all of those boxes?  I had been busy!  Little Man couldn't wait to run downstairs what the Easter Bunny had left for him on Easter morning!!


We clean up pretty good considering we were still missing half of our toiletries and wardrobes!  We came home from Church to play in our brand new back yard!

Little Man and his cousins had a pretty serious egg hunt!  They would collect eggs, dump them into a larger basket, and then go back to reload for more!  I think at one point I may have seen some elbows thrown.  They took it seriously!

This is one of my favorite Easter Sundays in a very long time.  What a relaxing and beautiful day!  My parents' back yard is in full bloom.  Springtime is such a hopeful time!

We ended a fabulous day with my Mom's amazing Easter bunny cake.  Isn't she amazing?!  So thanks, Mom and Dad, for a fun-filled Easter party with all of the festivities!

I hope you had a very happy Easter too!

"See" you tomorrow!

Sunday’s Snippets: Moving Day!

Thanks for tuning in for Sunday's Snippets!  For me, Sundays are all about faith and family.  Each Sunday, I take a break from my usual creative routine to share snippets of everyday life with you.  Thanks for reading!


This has been one of the most exciting (and exhausting!) weeks of my entire life.  It has been a crazy blur of packing, cleaning, and moving!  I haven't been this stiff and sore in years!  Anyone want to meet for a day at the spa?

But waking up yesterday for the very first time in our own house was one of the happiest moments of our lives!

Although we had planned to move, we had no idea we would be moving quite this soon!  Because of a variety of circumstances, we realized last week that we would have about 10 days to pack up the old house, clean the new house, move into the new house, and clean the old house!  And because the old home and new home were just blocks apart, we spent each evening taking trailer loads to jumpstart the moving process.

Friday morning, we met to sign papers for our house closing!  We were groggy, tired, and wearing 2-day-old clothes.  But it was a very happy day!


Just a few hours later, Little Man's dreams came true because he helped his Daddy pick up the moving truck!  He has been looking forward to seeing the Uhaul truck for a very long time!

We are so blessed with great friends.  I mean really great friends! We had a crew of at least 12 guys from our church help us with the big move.  They packed up the house and unloaded the truck in just 3 hours.   Not bad!  By the time I made it to the old house to do the cleaning, several of my friends from church had already beat me to it!  I arrived just in time for them to tell me they had finished the cleaning.  The home was all ready for the new tenant to move into that very night!

Like I said... we are blessed.  I so appreciate the generosity and kindness of our sweet friends.

So here we are.  Hello house!

Mr. oopsey daisy keeps asking me why I'm not more concerned with unpacking.  The truth is--I just think it's a miracle that we made it!  I'm counting my blessings to be here--even if it means stumbling around in a maze of boxes!

I hope you're having a fabulous weekend enjoying the spring weather!

Sunday’s Snippets: Ice Cream Truck is Back!

Thanks for tuning in for Sunday's Snippets! For me, Sundays are all about faith and family.  Each Sunday, I take a break from my usual creative routine to share snippets of everyday life with you.  Thanks for reading!


First of all, have you noticed the incredible makeover that oopsey daisy had?!  I am thrilled with the new look!  Many, many thanks to Vanessa of Nifty Thrify Things for this fab makeover! We're still working on some of the tutorial/freebie pages, but they will be up and running very soon!  So yes, a new house and a new blog all in the same week.  There are so many exciting things going on!

For the last month or two, Little Man has become obsessed with the ice cream truck. I'm not sure why, but he suddenly became obsessed with the return of the ice cream truck!  Just once last summer, we let him choose his very own ice cream treat from the ice cream truck. He remembers this, and just about every day during the winter, we had this same conversation:

Little Man:  Mom! It's a nice day! The snow is melting!

Me:  But I thought you liked playing in the snow?

Little Man:  Yes, but when the snow is all gone, the ice cream truck can come again!

He seemed to believe there were just 2 seasons of the year:  Hot cocoa season and ice cream truck season!


It just so happens that this week, the snow did melt entirely.  (Yes, even those stubborn patches of snow in the shade in our backyard.) And it just so happens that for the very first time, Little Man heard the cheerful sounds of the ice cream truck in our neighborhood while helping his Daddy to take out the trash.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the magical experience we had all hoped for!  He heard that happy sound and took off running,  He quickly tripped and fell in the gravel and ended up with a pretty gnarly scratch!

Sadly, no ice cream this time around. Although we did convince him that having a Toy Story band-aid made him really tough! (Especially while flexing his muscles!)

What have you been up to this week?

Sunday’s Snippets: Nerf gun, Tricycle, and Cereal!

Thanks for tuning in for Sunday's Snippets!  For me, Sundays are all about faith and family.  So on Sundays, I take a break from the usual blogging routine to share some fun moments from our week.  That usually involves some fun moments with Little Man!

First of all, I can't wait to share so many fun details with you about our amazing Spring Soiree Denver Bloggers' Meet-up!  To think that we have rounded up so many creative minds here in lil' old Colorado is so inspiring to me!  I will share pictures and details soon. But for now, I am on a creativity high!

I don't know about you, but I am so ready for spring!!  Little Man and I have been cooped up inside for way too long.  So some days we have to get a little creative with our indoor fun.

Little Man has been loving his Nerf Gun.  See how he can barely even hold it?  Yeahhhh.  So his Daddy pumps the gun and he pulls the trigger.  And what do they shoot at?  At the television, of course!  They shoot every last dart (Little Man calls them "hot dogs") and then Little Man hunts them all down and reloads them.

I think I would go absolutely insane if he didn't retrieve all the "hot dogs" himself.  Luckily he has a touch of OCD like me.  🙂

Whenever it's almost-pleasant outside, we have to rush outside to soak in just a little bit of warmth.  We are slowly but surely making progress on pedaling on the tricycle.  At least on the downhill slopes!

One of my biggest triumphs this week:  Little Man can now eat cold cereal all by himself!!  The fact that I don't have to make fresh pancakes or muffins for breakfast makes this mama very happy!

Our cereal of choice--at least for now--is Captain Crunch.  Yes, we'll work on something more healthy soon.  For now, I thank those sugary berries.

Life is never dull with this little guy!!

What have you been up to this week?  Anything fun?

Sunday’s Snippets: Lazy Week

Happy weekend!  For me, Sundays are all about family and faith.  Today we will be going to church and enjoying a good home-cooked Sunday meal with grandparents and cousins!  I am taking a break from crafty blogging to share real life with you today!  

To be completely honest, this has been a lazy week.  After Little Man's Mickey Mouse birthday party, I needed a vacation!  And since I didn't have a plane ticket to Maui (only in my dreams!!), we lived in our pajamas this week!  Mr. oopsey daisy was in town, and we enjoyed a lot of family snuggles during this cold and breezy week!   It was just what the doctor ordered!

One night, Little Man had the chance to stay overnight in a hotel with his Daddy while he was there for business.  He came back with this for me:

It's my first Love Note!  

Little Man wrote it just as soon as I got to the hotel room, and remembered to bring it home to me.  It melts my heart.  He knows exactly what it says and keeps reading it to me... "Dear Mom, I miss you too.  I love you." How sweet is that!  I'll keep this forever....

This Little Man is becoming quite the helper!  He helps me a lot with baking lately.  We love to make pancakes together!  Some days he will even help me with the dishes!  He's hired!

While mr. oopsey daisy was recovering from a cold and cough, my boys enjoyed some snuggles over Toy Story 2.  Aren't they sweet??

Perhaps it's the fact that his Daddy always travels on Southwest Airlines for business.  But Little Man LOVES Southwest airplanes.  So a while back, we gave him his very own Southwest airplane set.  He loved flying airplanes while I was catching up on e-mails one morning.  Future pilot perhaps?

What were the best moments of your week?

Sunday’s Snippets: Hot Dog Bar!

Happy weekend!  I hope you are having a relaxing day today.  I love sharing snippets of our lives with you!

I hope you are not too tired of Mickey Mouse and parties!!  I promise this is the last post.  I shared the details of Little Man's Mickey Mouse birthday party with friends.  Well, I told you I was crazy, right?!  The following day, we hosted a family party.  We played all of the same games and had a very fun night together!  And I loved that I got my money's worth with all of my party planning by getting two parties for the price of one!

We turned our children's party into a family dinner party!

We hosted an entire hot dog bar!

We used our old-fashioned hot dog roller again, but this we had a few more options for our guests!  We offered regular hot dogs, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, and pigs in a blanket!  My family loves bacon-wrapped hot dogs,so these were the hit of the party!


We came up with every possible hot dog topping we could dream up!  (I was shocked at how many toppings my hubby could think of!)  We offered chili and cheese so our guests could build a chili dog.  We also offered barbecue sauce, relish, barbecue beans, and vegetables like tomatoes, cabbages, and chopped onion!

Our side dishes included:

* Pluto's Potato Chips

* Daisy Duck's Delicious Vegetables

* Clarabelle Cow's Creamy Potato Salad

* Donald Duck's Deviled Eggs

* Minnie Mouse's Fruit

For our place settings, I had a Mickey ears with each guest's photo.

Each guest received a personalized candy bar.  I loved doing personalized candy cars!  I did these last year in Toy Story style, too!  What an easy favor!

Little Man is completely spoiled!  His aunt and uncle drove to Colorado for this party, and Little Man could hardly open those gifts fast enough!  Don't you love how he squints his eyes closed when he smiles??

These 2 cousins are best buds!

The proud grandparents

The whole crew! (minus me behind the camera!)

Whew. I absolutely love throwing parties.  But I think I need a week off now--or a vacation!  Thanks so much for your sweet comments about this party.  Your advice via comments and Facebook has been so helpful!  It's been fun to share with you! (Let's be honest--you give much better party advice than my husband!)

Come back this week for a new Mommy School packet! (YAY!)

Sunday’s Snippets: Valentine’s Day

I hope you are enjoying a fabulous weekend!  If you are new to Oopsey Daisy, welcome!  For me, Sundays are all about faith and family!  On Sundays, I take a break from my usual creative routine to share little snippets of everyday life.

This week has been a time of celebration at our home!  Besides all of the birthday celebrating with our big 3-year-old, we also enjoyed a lovely Valentine's Day at home, too!  Mr. oopsey daisy and I actually went out on our official Valentine's Day date last weekend.  Although he traveled the day before and the day after, somehow mr. oopsey daisy managed to be home with us on Love Day.  I loved my day at home with my boys!!

Just look at how spoiled I am...

We heart attacked each other's doors.

Little Man handed out these ABC valentines to his family and friends.

We had a fabulous night of fondue as a family.

I was treated to sleeping in PLUS breakfast in bed (It doesn't get much better than heart-shaped French toast!),

And TWO handsome boys surprised me with a bouquet of gorgeous roses!

Little Man was thrilled to open up his valentines after breakfast!  After weeks and weeks of waiting, he finally found the Mickey Mouse socks he helped me pick out at the dollar section of Target!  Although he may have loved the Valentine's Day mailboxes more than anything else.

After being spoiled for breakfast, I didn't have to make lunch either!  We went out for lunch at Red Robin.  Yum!  Nothing beats those fries with ranch dressing!

Watching Little Man feed his Daddy fondue made my entire night!

Whether it was romantic or relaxing, I hope you enjoyed a fabulous Valentine's Day, too!

I hope you'll tune in this week... I have lots of fun things to share with you!

Sunday’s Snippets: Happy Birthday Little Man!

Welcome to Sunday's Snippets!  This is my chance to take a day off to enjoy family and show off what we have been up to!

Today my Little Man turns 3 years old.  Yes, THREE!  It's hard to believe that my Little Man is another year old. Time needs to just slow down! He has grown up so much this last year.  He has grown from a baby wearing diapers and sleeping in a crib to a big kid wearing undies and sleeping in a big boy bed!  I am so proud of my sweet Little Man.  Here is a peek into the last 12 months with my little boy:

We have always loved this picture from the morning of Little Man's second birthday!

In March- wanting to be just like his Daddy!

April was full of Easter fun and a warm getaway to Arizona!

[Read more...]

Sunday’s Snippets: Weekend Blizzard!

I hope this finds you enjoying a warm and cozy weekend!

For me, Sundays are all about family and faith.  (And today, it might just involve the Super Bowl!) Usually we talk crafts on the blog.  But on Sundays, I take a break from that too.  Instead, I share bits and pieces of everyday life.  I hope you'll sit back and relax and read along!  Thanks for being here today.

Perhaps you heard on the news that Denver was pounded with snow this weekend!  We woke up Friday to snow, snow, and more snow!  It only tapered off yseterday afternoon.  We accumulated about 2 feet of snow total.  But the bad news--Mr. oopsey daisy was stranded out of town longer than expected.  This required me doing a lot of singlehanded snow shoveling. (And all those lost calories required plenty of hot cocoa!)

Luckily the hubby fought hard for a flight, and his little Honda chugged home from the airport through the snow--and got stuck right in front of our house!  But he made it, and we were thrilled!  There was still time for Little Man to have some fun in the snow yesterday with his Daddy.

They created an entire snow cave in the mound of snow that the snow plow used to push the snow in the corner of our cul-de-sac.

Little Man has always loved his gloves.  There is something so fun about putting on gloves!  We decided to try sledding down our mound, too.

So much fun!

And even Daddy had to try it out.  I'm kind of shocked that he could fit into that sled!

What are you up to this weekend?  Anything fun?

Hop on over tomorrow.... I'll be sharing some fun details of our Mickey Mouse party planning so far.

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