Silhouette CAMEO & Rolling Tote Deal

Hello friends!

I'm just popping in today to share the latest and greatest deal on the Silhouette.  Oh how I love my CAMEO!  I have spent many hours getting to know my CAMEO since I received it just a few months ago.   The creative possibilities really are endless!  I teach the Young Women at church, and I have loved making cute hand-outs and paper crafts to go along with my lessons each Sunday using the CAMEO.

Because I am a bargain girl,  I really do love to help spread the word about a good deal.  Especially when it comes to the Silhouette.  This month, there is an incredible bargain on the Silhouette CAMEO® rolling tote.

(Did I mention that we live next door to a park?!)

The rolling tote is a genius idea!  Before receiving my tote, hauling my CAMEO to craft night was much more difficult.  The tote has plenty of room for my CAMEO, laptop, cutting mats, and all of the accessories!  It is available in both pink and teal.

From May 24-31, you can redeem this amazing deal only at this unique link:

You can save about $60 purchasing a CAMEO and a rolling tote for the price of $309 (instead of $370).   If you already own a CAMEO, you can still a purchase a rolling tote at the discounted pride of $54.99.  Just use code "OOPSEY" at the unique link above if you're interested.

Thanks for reading!  Have a great day!

Mother’s Day Card {Using Silhouette Sketch Pens}

Remember the stenciled mason jar vased with flower love notes that I shared earlier this week?  Well, Mother's Day is just around the corner, and I needed a card to go along with my Mom's gift.  So yesterday I set to work creating a card for my sweet Mother.  Cards mean a lot in our family.  My parents almost always tear up when they read our cards--every birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc.!  And my Mother saves each and every one.

I used some Silhouette sketch pens to create this quick and easy Mother's Day card.


Say hello to my brand new CAMEO!  This beauty arrived on my doorstep just a few short weeks ago.  I am in LOVE, my friends.  I have long supported both the Cricut and the Silhouette--as equally as I possibly could.  I have seen pro's and con's to both machines.  However, this week I have really gotten to know my CAMEO.  The Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software is beyond incredible!  I am excited to practice even more!

BUT my lil' machine came to me with a defective blade.  So I put my thinking cap on to create a project that did not require any cutting.  Instead, I wanted to practice a bit with my new sketch pens.

I was given a pack of glitter sketch pens and metallic sketch pens.  Aren't they pretty?  I learned a little trick along the way.  It appears that the sketch pens work best if the paper has not been touched.  If the paper has any oils from your fingers, the image shows up only part-way.

The rest was simple!  I inserted the sketch pen into the blade holder, designed the card and image in the software, and it came out beautifully!  This image is butterfly_floral_lace_square_C00500_19210.

I just had to use the old-fashioned method of doing the actual cutting out of the card.  (Can you believe I actually had to use scissors?!  Sheesh!  The Silhouette just makes me lazy.)

One of my Mother's favorite songs is "I Often Go Walking", and I wanted to use one of the lyrics for her card.  My Mom loves flowers.  She could spend all day long in her garden.  Everything about flowers makes me think of my Mother, so this lyric was just perfect.  I used the black sketch pen to sketch the tag and the words on burgundy cardstock.

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HOT deal on a Silhouette CAMEO™ (plus sketch pens & more!)

I have some very happy news for you today!  Especially if you are in the market for a brand new Silhouette CAMEO(and even more goodies!)

The thing I love most about the Silhouette is all of its fabulous capabilities!  Girls, we love our accessories.  Am I right?? Well, the Silhouette CAMEOhas all sorts of lovely accessories!  I love the heat transfer, the tattoo paper, the rhinestones, and the etching cream!  Project possibilities are simply endless.  This leads me to some very happy news:

From April 24-30, Silhouette is offering a screaming hot deal on a brand new Silhouette CAMEO™ plus a special deal on sketch pens!

Using code "OOPSEY" you can save $75!  For the incredible price of $269.99, you can purchase:

* 1 Silhouette CAMEO machine

* 1 $25 download card {I redeem these on fantastic images in the Silhouette library}

* 1 pack of metallic sketch pens

* 1 pack of glitter sketch pens

Curious about sketch pens?  Well, sketch pens fit directly into the blade holder of your Silhouette making it easy to transform any digital design into a work of art. There are special sketch designs in the Silhouette Online Store designed specifically for use with sketch pens.

If you already have a Silhouette CAMEO, you can still purchase the sketch pen packs for just $6.99.  But all of the promotional deals can only be redeemed through a special link here.  Don't forget to enter code "OOPSEY" at check out!

I can't wait to show you my very own project using the sketch pens coming up later this week!

Don't forget to come back tonight for Wednesday's Wowzers!

HUGE Silhouette Deal & What’cha Cooking Wednesday

Happy spring!

I forgot to mention yesterday how thrilled I am for spring's official arrival. We are soaking up lots of warm weather lately and playing outside with every chance we can get!  For weeks, Little Man has been asking what day spring starts. Now he is dying to know when he can expect the ice cream truck in our neighborhood once again!

I have just a few items of business this wonderful Wednesday!  I look out for my readers and when I catch wind of an amazing deal... well, I am dying to share it with you!

The most common question I am asked is how I feel about the Silhouette!  Well, I honestly adore it with all of its amazing capabilities!  I am dying for my very own CAMEO and if we weren't saving our pennies for a house, I would jump on this deal today!  Please let me live vicariously through you...

Starting tonight at midnight, you can purchase a Silhouette CAMEO™ plus the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software for just $269.  Normally, the retail value of both items would be $350!  Plus, if you already own a CAMEO, you can score 50% off the software using the same code. But you must follow this link in order to purchase using this special deal:

Enter code "OOPSEY" in order to redeem this excellent deal!  This will only be good from March 22-28 so act fast!  You will be saving some serious moola here!

You will LOVE the new Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software!  Here are a few amazing features:

* You can open, manipulate, and cut .svg files.

* You can create your own rhinestone designs.

* You can sketch tools to convert designs into several styles of sketchable art.

* The software includes creative knife tools to allow you to clip designs using different patterns.

* There is an enhanced eraser set to modify designs with more precision.

* You can use a built-in ruler and guide lines for precise alignment and drawing.

Here are some of my favorite projects using the Silhouette:

Chevron "Ho ho ho" plate

London skyline t-shirt

Halloween hand soap

Also... tune in tonight on my Facebook page. I want to try something new.  I'm going to start What'cha Cooking Wednesday?  I am always inspired around dinner time when I ask my Facebook fans what they are cooking for dinner.  You people are gourmets!  While I'm cooking hot dogs, I hear about leg of lamb!

So starting tonight around 4:00 PM MST, I'm going to ask you what you're cooking!  Leave a comment with what you're cooking for dinner and maybe a link if you have one.  I can't wait to get some new menu ideas from YOU!

See you tonight!

London Skyline T-shirt {Fabric Ink Starter Kit}

Happy New Year, friends!

I hope you rang in the New Year in style!

You might know me as one of the only bloggers out there who still uses a Cricut.  I stuck firmly to the Cricut forever--even after most other bloggers had made the big switch to the Silhouette.  I actually own, use, and love both the Cricut and Silhouette.  (Yes, it is possible!) I love things about both machines!  But I do love all of the accessories and options that come with the Silhouette!  Last week, I tried out Silhouette's fabric ink starter kit. I love this kit!  It's a simple way to create intricate stencils on fabric for a professional look.

My baby sis was in town for the holidays, so we got together for some quality crafting time!

My sister Kara went to school in London last summer, and thoroughly enjoyed her time there.  She adores all things "London!"

We busted out the Silhouette fabric ink starter kit.

The kit included:

Special fabric vinyl

Special transfer paper

Foam brush and sponge

Hook tool

Black fabric paint and tray (This paint was strong!  Not your average craft paint!)

We found this London skyline image in the Silhouette library and sized it correctly using the Silhouette studio software.

After cutting the stencil out of the vinyl, I used the transfer paper to apply it to the t-shirt.  We used blue painter's tape to create a box for our design.

(We also could have used the negative space from the vinyl instead, but that would have been tricky for such an intricate image! We kind of created our stencil inside out!)

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Silhouette Black Friday Deals

I hope you are enjoying some yummy turkey today!

Plus some mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and even some pumpkin pie.

No matter what's on the menu, I hope you're enjoying the ones you love!

Once your stomachs are settled, maybe you'll start thinking about Black Friday.  And I have some exciting news to share with you!

I am super excited to tell you about the Black Friday Sale starting tomorrow morning at Silhouette!  Just about everything in the Silhouette shop will be 30% off!  Plus all of the images in the shop will be sold at just 50 cents!  Awesome.

But if you enter code "OOPSEY", you can get an even better deal.  You can score 40% off!!

There is more GREAT news if you're looking to purchase a Silhouette CAMEO for Christmas.

 The Silhouette CAMEO will be heavily discounted!  (Not quite 40% off, but still a GREAT deal!) The Silhouette CAMEO will definitely sell out.  So if you're interested in purchasing a Silhouette machine, you will want to act now!  You won't need a code to purchase the CAMEO, but you will need the link to the secret page.

There is a "secret" page just for purchasing the Silhouette CAMEO this Black Friday.  (It won't be available in the regular online shop... only at this exclusive link!)  Your link to this screamin' hot deal is here.

These HOT deals will only last from November 25-28. So hurry!

Don't forget to enter code "OOPSEY" to score 40% off just about everything in the shop!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!

Now go enjoy your turkey!

Great Deal on the Silhouette!

Tonight was a big night for me.

For the very first time, I used my Silhouette!  I feel all grown up now.  Truthfully, I've been staring it down for about a month, afraid to learn a new machine all over again.  The Cricut and I have been such great friends for so long.

It was an adventure though.  At midnight, I was pulling my hair out because I refused to read the instructions or watch the instructional video--the video that my husband promised to watch with me accompanied by a big bowl of popcorn!  But I was stubborn, determined to figure out the Silhouette through a little trial and error!!

And I conquered!  The Silhouette and I are friends now.  🙂

I love LOTS of things about the Silhouette machine.  I love that there are so many options.  You don't just cut paper. For example, you can create your very own temporary tattoos!

After staying up until the wee hours of the morning with me, my husband even let me tattoo him!  Yes, he made me tattoo his shoulder so his clients wouldn't see it...

We were thinking patriotic!

I can't wait for Little Man to wake up so he can try out his own temporary tattoo, too!

I was pretty amazed at this whole process...

After making these Silhouette images into mirror images using the Silhouette Studio software, I printed them on my printer. Following the directions, I layered it with an adhesive paper.

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