Snippets of SNAP!

Oh, SNAP!  It's been almost 10 days since I returned from SNAP conference, and I have been dying to share some snippets with you!  SNAP was an incredible experience for me!  I decided to attend SNAP to celebrate the friends and connections I've built in the blogging community over the last 2 1/2 years.  I have created some really dear friendships with blogging friends.  To have all of these girls in the same place was just plain amazing.

So 2 weeks ago, my sweet husband patiently drove me to Utah (Thanksgiving Point, to be exact).  It worked out beautifully so we had several family events in Utah the very same week as SNAP.  I had the chance to see my entire extended family plus my blogging friends--all in one busy week!

Unfortunately, the unthinkable happened.  My camera took a tumble out of the car and my best lens broke just days before leaving town.  So I took far fewer photos than I would have liked.  Yet another reason to return next year for SNAP 2013! 🙂  But I do have a few snippets to share!

Thanksgiving Point was a stunning location.  And those tulips! I couldn't get enough of those tulips!

My brand new business cards had arrived just in time.  Phew.

Top:  Kelli & {me}; Middle:  Amy, Amy, {me}, & Gwen; Bottom: {me}, Michelle, & Aimee

I could hardly wait to check in and get started!

Everywhere I went, I heard the same comment, "I love your bag!!"

The amazing Kellie from Nest of Posies made this bag just in time for SNAP, and I am still crushing on how cute this is!

{me}, Amanda, Michelle

These gals were my room-mates and pals.  LOVE them!  And we totally rocked the photo booth!

The food was delicious!  Is it sad/slightly pathetic that I judge almost all events by the food?!  Thanksgiving Point really knows how to throw a party!  And welcome to my world, Velata fondue (a new product from Scentsy.)  YUM!  Those chocolate-covered strawberries were definitely a highlight for me.

One of my favorite parts about SNAP was the make-and-take crafts.  I'm a hands-on type of girl!  After doing some sitting, I needed to CREATE!  I made this cute glasses pouch.  Yeah. I love it.

It was definitely a meeting of creative minds.  The classes were jampacked full of talented speakers (many of my blogging idols!), and everywhere I turned--I found someone else I was dying to meet!  I only wish I had more time with every one of these people!

These Arizona girls, Kristyn and Kelli, are some of the sweetest!

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The last few weeks have been bursting with change.  {Some good change, and some bad!}  But lots of excitement here in the oopsey house.  And now a whole new burst of excitement is on its way:  SNAP blogging conference!  Even thought my house is still in boxes, I am doing my best to pack my bags to head to Utah for SNAP conference!  Yes, in just 10 days (April 19-21)  I will be chatting blogging/crafting with blogging friends from around the country at Thanksgiving Point in Utah.

I'm not going to lie:  I'm nervous!  I always get nervous.  But the creative blogging community is so generous, friendly, and kind.  I can hardly wait to get there and get started!  I know it's going to be fantastic.  But sometime in the next week, I need to come up with 3 outfits.  Because I can't find most of my clothes, I may have to buy all new outfits!  (Just ask mr. oopsey daisy how he feels about that!)

Will you be at SNAP?  Promise me you'll introduce yourself to me!  I am actually terrible at matching people's profile pictures to the real deal, so please come tell me hello if I don't realize who you are!

I hope you will join me tonight for Wednesday's Wowzers!

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