Book Advent: Day 14 {Rudolph Flannel Board}

It's almost 1:30, but here I am typing away.  I have a real problem.  I love climbing into bed and going to sleep.  But I also have a hard time stopping and going to bed!  Like many of you, I'm a night owl!  I know I'll be hating life tomorrow morning, but I still can't help myself!  Please, tell me that some of you can relate!  Or am I the only one with the night-owl disorder?!
We continued our Christmas book advent with another classic book:  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!  This particular version was a bit long for Little Man, but we plowed our way through it.
When he woke up from his nap, he found a Rudolph flannel board.  BUT Rudolph didn't just have a red nose--he had many different colors of noses!  Little Man had fun trying on all of the different noses.  He kept trying to get the little felt noses to stick on HIS nose!  This was a great way to review colors, too.  Little Man is just beginning to say his color words.  {So exciting!}
We did a flannel board story that describes Rudolph with all different colors of noses!  Finally at the end of the story, Rudolph is ready to help Santa because his nose is red.  It's a short and sweet rhyming story--super cute!
The flannel board visual aids were super easy to make.  I just cut a face out of tan felt, antlers out of brown felt, and circles out of different colors of felt.  I just added google eyes and drew on the mouth with sharpie!
If you would like to download the Rudolph story, you can print it here or here on Scribd.
Have a happy Wednesday!
Thanks for being here!!
PS Michelle from Musings of Me also has a printable Rudolph book using this same story.  You can print the story and use colored pompoms or buttons for Rudolph's nose on each page.

Manners Flannel Board Story Freebie

If you're new to Oopsey Daisy, I try to share everything with you.  My journey in creativity goes in many different directions and believe me, it is definitely not a smoothly paved road.  There are plenty of bumps and the occasional bruise along the way!  But my philosophy is why not share the process with you?!  I learn so much from others' amazing talent that I am constantly inspired.  
On Fridays, I try to give back by offering some kind of freebie.  Probably because I am a former first grade teacher, many freebies end up being child-related.  It's been a couple of weeks since I offered a freebie!  Blame it on the summer craziness, I guess!  I genuinely don't create printables simply to create them. Everything I share with you is something I am honestly using in my own home in some way.
Today, I am thinking back to the ongoing list in my head of things I want to be doing.  In this post, I explained my organization for my Family Home Evening files.  I ambitiously set out to create a new "unit" each month.  Admittedly, I have not met my goal and feel a bit guilty about the mess of files, pictures, stories, and games just sitting in my closet!  But I am currently almost done with a unit on Manners.  I stumbled across a flannel board story that I collected in college!  I retyped it, laminated it, and it's ready to go!  Now it is ready to share with you!
In all honesty, I find this story absolutely hilarious!  To sum up, it's the story of Pudgy the Pig, a fat little pig who learns to be polite at mealtimes in the barnyard.  I crack up every time I read it! But it is a great story to teach mealtime manners to our kids in a fun way!
The download includes the story and the visual aids of Farmer Brown and the animals.  Here is a sneak peek of the animals.  Aren't they cute?!  I do love the farm theme!  🙂
You can download the entire story and corresponding visual aids here.  
Thanks for making Oopsey Daisy part of your day!

Make Your Own Flannel Board


Can it be possible that I do not already own a flannel board?!
I finally decided to fix my little problem.  I turned this $6 nothing-special-at-all whiteboard into my fabulous multi-purpose flannel board 
Want to see how I did it?
I started out with this little guy from Wal-Mart.  I did like that it was a magnetic white board... it's already serving 2 purposes.  Score!  But I really only needed the back of the board to create my flannel board.
I wanted to make the back of the whiteboard into a flannel board.  So I bought some blue flannel on sale, and cut a piece that was a bit larger than the board.
To hide the edges and prevent fraying, I folded all 4 sides and pressed my folds under in order to create my desired size.
I used hot glue to secure the flannel to the board.  Where would I be without my hot glue gun?!  I had hoped to staple my flannel right on the board, but the plastic was just too flimsy.  But if you have a wood board, by all means, staple away!
The board was just a little bare for my liking... so I beautified!  I added ribbon to both sides of my board.
I probably went overboard by adding felt flowers in a corner for extra cuteness.  But I like the finishing touch!  Here is the final product: 
I was so anxious to turn this into a Family Home Evening tool that I added some burlap magnets to the whiteboard side to maximize its use!
This flannel board/white board now has 3 purposes:  1.  Flannel board stories and activities.  2.  Writing.  3.  Magnetic activities.   I love the magic of multi-purposing!  We are already getting great use out of this flannel board!
 I firmly believe that the flannel board is an amazing learning tool. My son is loving all of the songs and stories--that's for sure!

No More Coloring!

I love flannel board stories.  They bring back great memories of growing up.  We used to tell each other scripture flannel board stories on Sundays and for Family Home Evenings.  I think this is how I learned the scripture stories.  I thought that flannel board stories were pretty much extinct (at least the ones my parents had are no longer being sold).  

Anyway, I just found a couple of great website that offer downloads of all of the flannel board stories and some other activities from the Friend magazine.  Here are the links to the sites:

Pratt's Family Home Evening and Primary Sharing Time Idea Box

Idea Door

Another one of my goals this year is to start a Family Home Evening file.  So I am part of a Family Home Evening group and getting a lesson on Family Unity ready.  This is the set of pictures that goes along with the "Nephi Forgives" story that I am using to go with my lesson:  
I admit that I felt terribly lazy about coloring 9 sets of pictures for my flannel board story to trade with the other members of my group.  I can get fairly creative when motivated by laziness!  Perhaps I got my fill of coloring while teaching.  

Lightbulb Moment:  I realized that I could use Photoshop to "color" these pictures.  I simply used the Paint Bucket tool to fill the areas of the picture with a certain color.  Magnifying the pictures up to 500% helped me with the detailed areas.  I used the pencil tool also to touch up areas of the beards that didn't have clear definitive lines. 

Because I am so pleased with myself for figuring this out, I want to share!  You should be able to just click and drag on this picture to download this colored version.  But just in case, I have a document with the story (I tweaked it slightly to go with my "Family Unity" lesson theme) and the colored pictures that you can download here. (Or just grab it from my sidebar under "My Downloads.")  I hope someone else can find this useful!!  It beats hours spent coloring, right?! 

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