Festive Chevron Holiday Plate

Right now at this very moment, our family is enjoying Disneyland!!

In the mean time, I thought I would share the full tutorial for my chevron spray painted holiday plate!

I think Santa would be proud!

I added a little spray paint, a little chevron, and a little ho-ho-ho!

I started with an extra plate I had at home.  Nothing too fancy.

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Festive Halloween Soaps

I originally posted about these Halloween hand soaps at Every Creative Endeavor's Fall Fever.  Be sure to check out Amanda's blog for more Fall inspiration!
I know it's only September, but I am already itching for Halloween to arrive!
When is it TOO early to decorate for Halloween?  I have an adorable little Pottery Barn owl that is begging to make an appearance!


I was thrilled when I saw Bath and Body Works' new line of Halloween hand soaps launch back in August.  They were adorable! My first inclination was to purchase at least a dozen or so-- Mr. Oopsey Daisy had to hold me back!  But then I realized I could create my very own festive Halloween hand soaps for a fraction of the cost!
Are you ready to make your own?
I started out by purchasing a handful of soaps at the dollar store.
I was hoping to find a soap that was already orange. Instead, I simply purchased clear soaps and added a few drops of food coloring to color it orange. I just used the hand pump to mix it up!  (Before adding the food coloring, I did a bit of research first to be sure it wouldn't dye our hands!  Most soaps already have dyes in them, and as long as the dye is mixed up, it will NOT dye your hands.  Pretty cool!)
Peeling off the labels was a piece of cake!  I just used a bit of Goo Gone to completely remove the label stickiness.  Love that stuff!
Next, I found some darling Halloween images in the Silhouette library.  I found several jack-o-lantern faces for each of the orange soaps.  And a haunted house for the purple soap.  I used the Silhouettte Studio to size the images correctly...
And then I cut them out of black vinyl using my Silhouette machine.  (If you don't have a Silhouette, you could do something very similar using black stickers or even by printing and applying a transparency.)
Then I applied the vinyl to each soap.
I added a bow to each soap, and that was it!
I plan on giving these out as little gifts to teachers and friends.
A simple project... but these will add so much fun and festivity to our house!

Tuxedo Onesie

This is a tutorial I originally posted at The Scrap Shoppe.  You may remember the tuxedo t-shirt that I posted about months ago.  Well, here is the baby version!

Introducing the tuxedo onesie!

This is my new favorite go-to baby gift.
Come along with me and see how to make your own...
The hardest part of this entire project was coming up with a tuxedo silhouette.
I searched Google images, and came up with nothing.
So I designed my very first silhouette inside of Photoshop!
This may not sound difficult, but it was no small feat for me.
Next, I imported my silhouette design into my Sure Cuts a Lot software.
When using heat transfer vinyl, you actually create a mirror image of your original before you cut it.
I was careful to measure the onesies and make the tuxedo images fit accordingly.

End of the Year Teacher’s Gift

I know... I know!  Little Man is just 2 years old.
We don't have any teachers in our lives right now.
And to be honest, I don't even want to think of that phase of our lives yet!
But this is an idea I am bookmarking for the future Alison.
Teacher appreciation got my mind a-spinning with cute ideas for teachers.  We can never show our teachers we care TOO much! Here is one gift I would have LOVED as a teacher for the end of the school year!  It's cute and meaningful--but useful, too.  As the school year is wrapping up, here is one quick and easy teacher's gift that is sure to show you care!
In the beginning, I wanted to do a typography with the message "2 Cool 4 School."  But duh, our teachers are totally cool, and we need them in our schools!  Then I remembered my friend Amy's adorable typography and realized that I could tweak this for a teacher's gift, too!
The end of a school year is a bit of a rollercoaster for a teacher.  This message is so fitting because after all, I really did worry that my students would forget me.  This message hits home.
I'm proud to say that this gift is a cheapie! I bought this generic-brand hand sanitizer at the grocery store.
I was lucky to be able to peel the labels off easily.  I was armed with my Goo Gone just in case, but this peeled off without any trouble at all.
After designing my vinyl in my Sure Cuts a Lot program, I cut the vinyl on my Cricut.  I had some scraps of black vinyl on hand, so I used those.  I also had a tiny scrap of red vinyl that I used for the numerals.


I always find that using contact paper is the easiest way to apply vinyl so it is not crooked!
I tied a red ribbon around the top, and
A quick and easy gift that shows your teachers how much you've appreciated them throughout the school year.
An A+ gift for sure!
For more vinyl tips, see my Vinyl 101 post here.
Happy Monday!


Hanging With My Peeps

I simply didn't fight it... This time around, I busted out this holiday shirt with pride!  Easter simply wouldn't be Easter without peeps, right?!  Little Man's Grandpa already introduced him to peeps, so he got excited about his peeps shirt right away.
Yes, my Little Man immediately recognized the sicky-sweet, sugary, gooey marshmallow bunny-shaped treats.  And this makes me very proud.  That's just how we roll 'round here...
This shirt represents another perfect marriage of Silhouette's heat transfer flocked vinyl with my lovely Cricut!  Yes, it's true.  Silhouette and Cricut CAN be happy together!  My opinion of Silhouette just keeps on improving... I even met the handsome Silhouette Team at Creative Estates. (They were really the only dudes there!)
Want to make your own shirt?  Come along, my friends...

Tuxedo T-Shirt Tutorial

When casual meets formal...

There is no doubt that convincing a toddler to wear a tuxedo (PLUS keep it clean!) could be a real chore!  As this summer approaches, we are anticipating TWO weddings within a short 6 weeks.  My husband's 2 younger brothers both became engaged this winter and both will marry this summer.  Although we plan to have Little Man dressed in style for the weddings, I think that we have the perfect outfit in mind for other wedding events!

This project has been a long time in coming.  The idea for a tuxedo shirt has been brewing for a while.  Kind of a spin-off of the adorable tie oneises all over blogging land a year or two ago.  My only problem was that Google Images failed to provide me with a suitable tuxedo silhouette that I could use as my template!  With this challenge in mind, I decided to embark on a Photoshop journey to create my very own tuxedo design!

I started out with a plain old white t-shirt from my favorite store, Hobby Lobby!  I washed it first before getting started.
The hardest part about the entire project was creating my tuxedo shirt silhouette!  I created this design from scratch.  I am still a Photoshop novice, so this was a small triumph for me.
I used my Sure Cuts a Lot software to get the size of the tuxedo silhouette just right.  Also, when using heat transfer vinyl, you actually create a mirror image of your original before cutting.  I connected my computer to my Cricut and cut away...
I cut my image out of black flocked vinyl. (The same kind I used for my Mr. Lucky shirt.) I love that it has a velvety fuzziness to it.
Next, I followed the directions to iron on the heat transfer vinyl to the t-shirt.  You need a regular old piece of paper to sandwich between the iron and vinyl to keep the plastic layer from melting.
After it cooled completely, I peeled off the clear plastic layer leaving behind the vinyl.  This part is always so magical to me!


The only thing missing now, of course, was a little bow tie....
Second only to my love for vinyl is felt, of course! I used a bow template to cut a bow tie out of red felt and ironed it on using Wonder Under.  Piece of cake!  To feel completely secure, you could sew all the way around the bow tie just to be sure you can wash it over and over.
Now I just had to convince Little Man that suspenders were totally cool (which only took a few minutes!), and we have one.cute.outfit!
I do have a baby version in the works, and it is adorable!!
Enjoy your day, my friends!

Mr. Lucky Shirt {Using Heat Transfer Vinyl}

Oh how I love the gals at eighteen25!  Their Silhouette t-shirts absolutely rock my world!  When I saw their latest and greatest St. Patrick's Day shirts, I got sucked in.
If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I have a strange kind of addiction.  I always promise myself that I will stop making special occasion shirts for Little Man.  But somehow, at the last minute, I always feel compelled to make some kind of shirt for him to wear.

I have used all kinds of different methods.  Freezer paper stencils.  Appliques.  But over the holidays, I purchased Silhouette's flocked heat transfer vinyl for the first time.  This stuff is magic. I absolutely can't get enough of it!  (Yes, I purchase Silhouette materials to use on my Cricut. Ha ha!  If the Silhouette crew would ever like to hook me up, I would be more than willing to make a complete conversion from Cricut to Silhouette products!)
I simply designed my vinyl, cut it on the Cricut, and then followed the instructions to iron it on to the t-shirt.  The flocked vinyl has a fun, velvety feeling to it.
Little Man already wore this shirt Saturday at Denver's St. Patrick's Day Parade--which, by the way, was the best parade I've ever attended!
Are you or your family wearing anything special for St. Patrick's Day?

Vinyl 101

The last few Thursdays, I have been sharing some ideas for dressing up everyday items with vinyl. Last week, several of you asked a question similar to this one by Domestic Nerd:

I am loving all your vinyl projects! This might be a stupid question...but how do you "do" vinyl? I read that you print it out...on paper, onto vinyl?  Do I buy printable vinyl? Sorry...I know it sounds dumb, but I'm new to this & would love to label the canisters in my pantry. Thanks!

I am SO glad that several of you echoed this question.... because I was wondering the very same thing just about a year ago!  This is not a stupid question at all.  Vinyl is new to me too, but I am loving the new addition in my life!  🙂  Vinyl offers me so many more options in my crafting world.  So THANK YOU for asking this question!  

I thought I would walk you through the vinyl process--at least in my own simple way.  There are many others who have a greater knowledge of vinyl, but I'll walk you through a vinyl adventure, Oopsey Daisy style!

To get your hands on your own vinyl, you have 2 options:
1.  You can order your own custom vinyl through a vinyl company.  I have never bought vinyl online, but there are many reputable vinyl-producing companies online who find out what text or design you want cut, and then send it right to your door! I have never purchased vinyl this way, so I don't know much more beyond that!  
2.  Using a Cricut or Silhouette machine, you can cut your own vinyl.  This is what I do!

Come along with me on a regular everyday adventure with vinyl...

Yes, I squeezed in one more Halloween decoration!  I just had to have a white pumpkin, and why not add a monogram?!  I hope this helped explain the vinyl process a bit more (at least in simple Oopsey Daisy terms!)  Enjoy your day!  

Witch’s Boot

This witch's boot is the newest addition to my Halloween decor!  Let me just begin by saying that I have never been a "witchy" person... and I think even my husband would agree!  Just kidding.  But I was never the girl who wanted to dress up like a witch.  But I think this witch's boot is just TOO cute!  And I had way too much fun making it!
I bought the unfinished wood for this project at The Wood Connection.  Did I mention that I bought almost ALL of their fall projects while I was in Utah in July?!  Yep, sure did!  I decided that my boot had to have polk-a-dots.  Originally, I painted purple polk-a-dots, but you can't see the purple through all the glitter I added!  This witch's boot needed some bling!  I painted the beadboard purple... snazzy snaz.

I was determined to find a Halloween shoelace until I realized, duh, I can use ribbon!  I painted metal eyelets green, and then laced up the whole thing like a real shoe!  This was a real trick.  I ended up using a skewer to push the ribbon through and didn't bother hot gluing the eyelets until the very end.

I added a star and moon to jazz up the boot, too.  They are completely covered in glitter!  They are all bound together with wire, which I curled of course!
Now it came time for my hubby to help out!  I'm not sure exactly how he did it, but he mounted the boot on this wooden frame with some kind of thing-a-ma-jig.  I had painted the frame orange... whew, that's a bright orange!  Only on Halloween can I get away with being this flashy!!
I couldn't resist a little vinyl!  Isn't it perfect?!  I added a bit of ribbon around the frame's edges for a finishing touch.  I thought about hanging this lil' boot on my door, but I was honestly afraid to hang it on my front door!  I am slightly worried that my neighbors (we share a hallway with 6 apartments) hate us for being so loud all the time.  Between Little Man's toddler noises, my need to vacuum all the time, and my spray painting out on the deck at 1 A.M., we probably don't make the best neighbors!  But I don't want anyone taking it out on my crafts!  So this little boot is jazzing up my living room instead!
Enjoy your week!

Dress It Up WIth Vinyl {Part 4}

There are very few things I love more than my label-maker.  But for this project, I gave my trusty label-maker a break.  I let vinyl take over for this toy organization project.  I am a huge believer in rotating toys.  When you bring out a toy your child hasn't seen in a while, it seems brand new again!  No need to buy tons of new toys... just rotate them!
Our only problem is that with very limited storage solutions, I've struggled to hide toys away from Little Man.  He's very smart, and just covering them with a blanket wasn't covering it!  Thanks to Mr. Oopsey Daisy, we found a couple of unclaimed storage closets across the hall from our apartment and we quietly moved our stuff in!  (Shhhh... don't tell!) We made one closet into our office with our file storage, printers, etc.  The other closet has become book and toy storage.  Hip hip hooray!
After a visit to the Container Store (I love this store just as much as my label-maker!), we were all set up to organize toys!  I printed my vinyl, and adhered it using contact paper for the perfect smoothness and accuracy.  Isn't the font cute?!  It's called "Smiley Monster."  I already had a helpful reader let me know I mis-spelled "fischer".... and another reason to love vinyl!  I can easily fix my "oopseys" by removing that pesky "c"!
Now I can find Little Man's toys in a snap!  If I feel changing things around, I can easily remove and adhere new vinyl labels.Another easy vinyl solution!
Enjoy your week!
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