16 Sweet & Tasty Easter Treats

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I feel like springtime has finally arrived!  Yesterday was a huge day for us.  We actually wore shorts for the very first time this year and soaked in a lovely 72 degrees!  With the warmth and extra hours of daylight in the evenings, it really feels like spring in Colorado!

Today I thought I would share 15 sweet and tasty Easter treats.

1 - Mint milano sheep cookies from Little Page Turners

2 - Funny Bunny Cookies @ Munchkin Munchies

3 - Peeps Rice Krispies Treats @ Love From the Oven

4 - Chocolate-dipped marshmallow eggs @ Oopsey Daisy

5 - Easter treat holders @ Bo Bunny

6 - Easter cake pops @ Bakerella

7 - Chocolate Easter bunny pops @ Ladies' Home Journal

8 - Easter candy bark @ World Eats

 9 - Cinnamon bunny rolls @ Brandy's Crafts

10 - Carrot cake-cake balls @ Chicy Creations

11 - Thin Mint bunny truffles @ Munchkin Munchies

12 - Cake in Easter eggs @ delicious days

13 - Cake with Peeps Bunting @ No Biggie

14 - Birds Nest Cookies @ Art of Dessert

15 - Jelly bean cake @ Oopsey Daisy

16 - Easter Bunny cookies @ Oh So Small etsy shop

So which one is your favorite?  Or do you have another one you want to share?

Come back and link up your great ideas tonight at 5:00 p.m.!

Happy Easter!

HAPPY EASTER, my friends!
When faced with one of life's truly hard choices (Donut vs. Egg hunt), definitely choose the donut.  Sugar that you don't have to hunt for--totally convenient.
With sincere promises of saving the beloved donut...
He's (finally) off to the races!
 Hold on to those eggs! 
Upgrade your egg hunting basket.

 Definitely hire a sweet little guardian to watch over all those eggs.
Whatever you believe about Easter, I hope you make some memories today.

Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallow Eggs

Remember how yesterday I mentioned that I was living on chocolates???
It's true.
Everything is better with chocolate.
Yes, Easter is a measly 3 days away... but this is one idea you can bust out in just a few minutes!  Tis the season for decorating eggs, and these eggs satisfy my sweet tooth!
I did a happy dance when I stumbled upon these jumbo egg "mallows" at the grocery store.  I knew they were bound to make a fun *and sweet* project!
I followed the directions on the package to melt my chocolate candy coating.  I may have had to taste test this.  Several times.  Like, I ate so much that the chocolate dried up and I had to reheat it!


I stabbed a mallow egg with a lollipop stick (I also tried toothpicks) and dipped it in the chocolate.
Then, I let them dry on wax paper.  The fun part was busting out all of my decorating supplies and getting creative!  I used some frosting, sprinkles, M&M's, and left some just plain chocolate.  This is where you can get creative!
Throw in some green-tinted coconut, and you have your own special Easter egg basket!
It's like a little Easter s'more without the mess!!
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No-Sew TP Bunnies!

This project is perfect for all the Procrastinators out there. I am currently President of the Procrastination Club!  How did Easter sneak up on me?!
You can easily make these happy little bunnies with items you already have at home!  And guess what?!  No sewing machine is required!
Yes, all you need to make a bunny of your own is a roll of toilet paper!
Okay so technically I should have pictured 3 rolls of tp to come up with 3 bunnies, but you get the idea!
My favorite part is that I'm not even wasting the toilet paper!  I can still unwrap the bunnies and use the toilet paper once Easter is over!

E is for Easter {Mommy School Packet}

The next Mommy School packet is here!
Woot! Woot!
If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I'm a last minute kind of gal.  I wish I was great about planning ahead, but things have been hectic around here.
I honestly believed that last week while we were in Arizona, I would work away at this packet during naptimes and in the evenings.  (Yeah right!)  It took an investment of most of my day today to get this packet ready.  But it's done!
Here are some of the concepts covered in this packet:
* Letter of the week: E
* Number of the week: 7
* Color of the week: Purple
*Theme of the week: Easter
* Song of the week:  Humpty Dumpty

Ruffled Easter Egg Basket

It's ruffle time!
Last week, I introduced you to ruffle fabric by showing you my upcycled ruffle pillows... pillows that had been quite useless, sitting in my basement until I made simple pillow cases for them using ruffle fabric.  I have a few more ruffle projects up my sleeve. 
Although Easter is months away, I am a victim of spring fever!  I saw Easter baskets at JoAnn's this week, and I couldn't resist!  I can just imagine Little Man collecting his Easter eggs...  
Come along and see how to make your own ruffled Easter basket liner!
I started off by measuring my basket.  I added 1/2 inch seam allowance to all measurements:
* I measured the circular part of the basket's base.  This would be the bottom of the liner.
* I also measured the height of the basket's body, adding how much of the fabric I wanted to fold over the opposite edge.  This would be the width of the strips.  The circumference of the basket's bottom would be the length of the strips.  To make my basket liner double sided, I needed 2 strips for the inside and outside.

I used my measurements to carefully cut out the basket liner's bottom and the 2 long strips for the liner.

Next, I precisely pinned the 2 long strips, right sides together.  I only sewed 3 sides--leaving one long side open.  **Tip for sewing ruffle fabric:  Brush all of the ruffles so they fall the same way before sewing.**

Now I pinned the double liner all the way around the circular fabric base, right sides together.  I sewed very slowly around the circle, making sure to secure all 3 layers of this thin, sheer fabric.


I needed some way to create openings for the 2 basket handles. I sewed up the double liner's final edge (creating a circle), but only part of the way.  I left the rest of the edge open to wrap around the handle.  I simply sewed on velcro to hold the liner closed.

To create an opening for the opposite handle, I made a slit from the outside up to the handle.  I hemmed the raw edges just slightly, and used velcro once again to hold it closed.  Velcro is one of my favorite crafting supplies!

I slipped on that lovely ruffly liner... absolutely blissful.  But doesn't it look awfully empty.  I dug the Easter eggs out of storage just to get the full effect.

Yes, that's better!
Don't forget that now is the time to order your very own ruffle fabric!  Ruffle fabric is offering Oopsey Daisy readers a 10% discount.  Just enter promo code "Daisy" at checkout!  This offer is only valid for 1 more week!
If you have made something using ruffle fabric, please send me some pictures. 
I would love to see what you create!

Multi-Purposing With Blocks

Over the weekend, I worked really hard on 2 projects.  I wanted to add to my spring decor, so I made these "Spring" blocks.  I love the font... and I love all of the background papers I chose.  But I had a hard time settling on a color for the letters that looked good on all of them!  What do you think of the pink??  I used a lot of distressing ink to help make them "pop".
Here is the next project I worked on:
Look familiar?  Yep, I repurposed again!  🙂  I turned the blocks around and made them into an "Easter" decoration.  I am so proud of myself.  I used vinyl on these ones, and I think I like the white letters better.  

But now it's your turn to vote:
Don't you just love multi-purposing?!

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Just In Time

Just in the nick of time!  I just finished this adorable Peeps Baby Bunting done in time for Easter weekend!  

I think that I made my bunnies ultra large, but I like them that way... 

Go check out Made to make your own!
Now bring on the Easter egg hunting.  I'm ready!

Easter Family Home Evening Ideas

Are you lovin' the TWO downloads in 1 day?!
I realize that Easter is just 2 days away... BUT I am trying to beef up my Family Home Evening files.  Right now I'm working on a Family Home Evening unit on the First Easter and Resurrection.  So I ransacked my Mom's files and found an incredible Easter packet all about the Savior's final week of His life based on Jesus the Christ.  There are prophecies, relevant scriptures, and a description of the events of each day.  I hope you can find this useful!  I printed this out, each page on a different color of pastel paper so it was very Easter-ish. You can download this packet here.  It might be a nice topic on Easter Sunday, after the buzz of the Easter Bunny and Easter Egg Hunts wears off!  Or you can just save it for next Easter.  Whatever works.  Here is an example of one of the pages:


Chocolate On My Cranium offers a download of a similar activity that would be great for young kids using a chart.  There is a picture that corresponds with every day of the week.  Very cool... check it out!! 

I don't have any picture to show you, but I also really liked the idea for a hands-on week-long Easter experience.  I found this idea at Sugardoodle.

You can also download some awesome Easter Family Home Evening activitieshere There is a cute Easter egg hunt using symbols of the First Easter, a flannel board story, and more!  So adorable.  The creator of these awesome activities was willing to share her talents and time, but does not wish to attract blog traffic.  Totally understandable.  Thank you for sharing! 

I hope you have a fun--but meaningful--Easter!

Easter Egg Hunt With Lots of Love

To be honest, my husband doesn't like sweets at all. I know, I know... he's completely crazy!   What's a girl to do but eat a box of Peeps all by her lonesome?!  So what to stuff our Easter eggs with?  Well, last year I decided that to make it more meaningful, I would stuff my eggs full of reasons why I love my family!  Because you can never tell them you love them TOO MANY times, right?!  
So I raided my stash of plastic eggs and used 10 blue (for my son) and 10 yellow (for my hubby) and labeled them with monogram stickers so they would know whose was whose.  I stuffed them with reasons why I loved them!
Good thing I remembered where I hid the eggs... we had to play "hot and cold" to find some of them!
They loved the egg hunt... although Daddy had to do all the hunting!!  My little monkey just wanted to play with the eggs.

Anyway, I have a little treat for you:  I made up a little tag that looks like this: 
You can download the tags here or by clicking on the link on my sidebar.  There are 6 tags per page... so print off as many as you like!  I made 10 for my husband and 10 for my son, so I did 20 total.  So "Hoppy Easter" to you!!  You can download the tags and have your own warm fuzzy Easter Egg Hunt! 

Enjoy your egg hunting!

PS Stay tuned because later today I have ANOTHER download to share!!!  

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