5-Step Ruffle Skirt

Since I first discovered ruffle fabric, I have been itching to create something for ME.  Can you believe that this is the first time I have ever sewed something for me to wear?! I don't know what was holding me back because this skirt was easy.  In just 5 simple steps, I was ready to wear my ruffles!
Are you ready to make your own?  YOU CAN DO IT!  Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it, too!
I started out by creating my pattern.  I searched my closet for a skirt that I absolutely LOVED, did some measuring, and created my pattern using some butcher paper.  A straight skirt is the best kind of pattern when it comes to this ruffle fabric.  (The skirtI used as my pattern ended up being much too A-line, but I easily corrected this later on).  I really just needed a rough guide to get started.
I pinned my butcher paper pattern to the back of the ruffle fabric, and then cut out a front and back.  **When using ruffle fabric, try to be sure that you cut both front/back in the same part of the ruffle pattern.  So if you line up the top of the front to the top of a ruffle strip, do the same with the top of the back of the skirt.**
After I had cut out the front and back pieces, I measured my waist. I added 2 inches for seams and divided by 2.  I needed to know how much gathering I needed to do before sewing the elastic.  (My waist was 30 inches, I added 2 inches, divided by 2, and got 16.)  I now knew that I needed the top of the front/back piece to be gathered to 16 inches length.  So I sewed a basting stitch, pulled one of the threads to easily gather the fabric.  (This ruffle fabric gathers SO easily!)  Then I sewed over my gathering to secure this.
Ruffle fabric also sells super wide elastic, so while you're buying your fabric, throw in some elastic too! I had 2 elastic strips (both 16 inches) for my front and back.  I pinned the elastic to the skirt with right sides together, and just sewed them together.  (Have I convinced you of how EASY this skirt is yet?!) Do this with both the front and back.
The last step is simple--with right sides pinned together, just sew up the sides!  The beauty of ruffle fabric is that you don't have to hem!  What a beautiful thing!
I should mention that I realized my skirt had way too much of an A-line after I sewed it up.  But I easily corrected this and sewed the edges in a straight line and cut off the extra fabric.  I just kept modifying things until it had the shape I wanted.
I laughed out loud when I saw these pictures!  My hubby was sweet enough to take them for me, but I felt so silly, I couldn't stop laughing!  I am definitely not a model.  But we sure did have fun!
I'm pretty proud of myself...
I just love the swishy feeling of these ruffles!
Attempting to show the "swooshiness"  of this skirt in my own awkward way!
If you have ever wanted to purchase your own ruffle fabric, now is the time!!
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This deal will only last through tomorrow at midnight... so hurry!
PS If you're looking for more ideas using ruffle fabric, be sure to check out my ruffled Easter egg basket and the ruffle pillow.

Ruffled Easter Egg Basket

It's ruffle time!
Last week, I introduced you to ruffle fabric by showing you my upcycled ruffle pillows... pillows that had been quite useless, sitting in my basement until I made simple pillow cases for them using ruffle fabric.  I have a few more ruffle projects up my sleeve. 
Although Easter is months away, I am a victim of spring fever!  I saw Easter baskets at JoAnn's this week, and I couldn't resist!  I can just imagine Little Man collecting his Easter eggs...  
Come along and see how to make your own ruffled Easter basket liner!
I started off by measuring my basket.  I added 1/2 inch seam allowance to all measurements:
* I measured the circular part of the basket's base.  This would be the bottom of the liner.
* I also measured the height of the basket's body, adding how much of the fabric I wanted to fold over the opposite edge.  This would be the width of the strips.  The circumference of the basket's bottom would be the length of the strips.  To make my basket liner double sided, I needed 2 strips for the inside and outside.

I used my measurements to carefully cut out the basket liner's bottom and the 2 long strips for the liner.

Next, I precisely pinned the 2 long strips, right sides together.  I only sewed 3 sides--leaving one long side open.  **Tip for sewing ruffle fabric:  Brush all of the ruffles so they fall the same way before sewing.**

Now I pinned the double liner all the way around the circular fabric base, right sides together.  I sewed very slowly around the circle, making sure to secure all 3 layers of this thin, sheer fabric.


I needed some way to create openings for the 2 basket handles. I sewed up the double liner's final edge (creating a circle), but only part of the way.  I left the rest of the edge open to wrap around the handle.  I simply sewed on velcro to hold the liner closed.

To create an opening for the opposite handle, I made a slit from the outside up to the handle.  I hemmed the raw edges just slightly, and used velcro once again to hold it closed.  Velcro is one of my favorite crafting supplies!

I slipped on that lovely ruffly liner... absolutely blissful.  But doesn't it look awfully empty.  I dug the Easter eggs out of storage just to get the full effect.

Yes, that's better!
Don't forget that now is the time to order your very own ruffle fabric!  Ruffle fabric is offering Oopsey Daisy readers a 10% discount.  Just enter promo code "Daisy" at checkout!  This offer is only valid for 1 more week!
If you have made something using ruffle fabric, please send me some pictures. 
I would love to see what you create!

Ruffle Pillows

I really believe that everyone should have a ruffle pillow!
Remember this post where I ooohed and ahhed about the ruffle fabric I just received?!  Well, I am happy to show off my very first ruffle fabric project!  And this project is a piece of cake, even for me--the sewing novice.
These drab pillows came with our couch, but they have not been very well loved.  They have been collecting dust in my basement long enough.  It was the perfect opportunity to change drab into fab!
This is probably the easiest pillow cover tutorial EVAH!  I started out by measuring the entire circumference of the pillow.  I added an inch for seam allowance.
I did all of my measuring and cutting on the flip side of the fabric.  I cut a strip of fabric the entire circumference of the pillow so that I could simply fold it over!
Lovely ruffles, oh how I love you!
I folded the strip of fabric with right sides together, pinned the sides, and then sewed along those 2 sides only.

Next, I turned the pillow cover inside out and slipped the pillow inside.

This part took the longest:  I blind-stitched the last side closed.  Because this ruffle fabric is part spandex, it bunched up a bit.  However, the ruffles easily cover this, so no biggie!

See--was that easy or what?!  
I actually whipped up 2 of these pillows during Little Man's naptime yesterday.  Now the question is--where should I put them?! (Indecisive decorating again!)
Perhaps on my new favorite chair??

But they also make a nice addition to my other accent pillows on the couch.

So have you ordered your own ruffle fabric yet?!  Just enter "Daisy" at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 

If you have used ruffle fabric, send me some pictures of your projects!  
I want to see what you've been making!

My Favorite Things Wreath

This lovely spring wreath is hanging on my door right now.  Can I just tell you how much I love lavender?!  It's one of my very favorite colors, and I realize the color isn't even totally "in" right now, but I just don't care.  I'm diggin' it, and that's all that matters right?

I just used a circle styrofoam wreath and wrapped it in fuzzy lavender yarn.  I finally broke down and bought spray adhesive... and I am so glad I did!  It was a bit pricey, but worth it.  It was so easy to spray it on and everything stuck in place without the danger of hot glue (I always burn myself!) or any extra mess.

Next, I used brown yarn to give it a striped look.  The stripes aren't perfectly even, but that's part of the beauty of it!

Then I started whipping up some fabric flowers and nestled them on a little blanket of burlap... just because!  I started out with 3 flowers on the wreath, and then my Mom (the flower arranging expert!) recommended just 2 more.  After 5 flowers, she again said, "Just two more."  So I ended up with 7 lovely flowers!
Of course I love the center flower the best. I simply ADORE that cream fabric with the lavender flowers.  

Here is a close-up of the lovely fabric flowers.  I just couldn't get enough of these and sewed way too many!

I call this "My Favorite Things" Wreath because it includes so many of my favorite things...
lavender, burlap, fabric flowers, and did I mention I sewed a ruffle to hang it with?  Take a look:

Okay, just one more view:

If you're wondering what happened to my orange door, I did the photo shoot at my parent's house.  Their front doors are much prettier, don't you think?  

If you're interested in making a yarn wreath, check out 2 more of my favorite yarn wreaths:  This fabulous monogram wreath at The Scrap Shoppe and Tattered and Inked's burlap yarn wreath.

Have a good week, my friends!

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Ruffled Denim Table Runner {With tutorial}

Alright my friends, I am so excited about this project!!  I started it Friday afternoon and ended up staying up till 1 a.m. to finish it.  You know how you start a project and get caught up in it and can't wait to finish?!  That was how I felt with this project.

I know you must have seen the gorgeous ruffled burlap table runner over at Tatertots & Jello.  Holy cuteness!

Well, I loved the ruffles and wanted to make a table runner for our little {tiny} kitchen table.  I have been trying to bring in a lot of red's into my very-brown living room and kitchen--which is pretty much the same room in our {tiny} apartment!  So I put my own spin on Jen's fabulous idea with my denim ruffled table runner.  Here is what I did to whip this up:

Disclaimer:  As always, I am sure there is an easier, cuter, or more efficient way to do things.  This is what I did, and this is what worked for me!

I bought 5 different fabrics (about 1/3 yard each).  I planned to do some red and white, and then suddenly I realized it would look red-white-and-blue, and kind of liked that idea... so I went with it!

Anyway, I cut strips of fabric that were 36 inches long (except with my white fabric, I only had 22 inches length to work with, so I made them 22 inches long and gathered these ruffles LESS.)  I varied up the width from 2.5 to 3.5 inches wide.  I needed 2 strips per ruffle, so I pinned 2 of these together, wrong sides together.

To prevent fraying, I zigzagged around the entire strip.  There is still some fraying, but again, I like the way that worked with the denim.

Next, I sewed down the center of each fabric strip without backstitching at all.  I pulled on a thread to gather the ruffle together.  I wanted the ruffles to end up being about 17 inches long, so I measured them until I got the length I wanted.
Then I sewed over my center stitch again to secure each ruffle--and this time I backstitched.  I created about 14 or 15 ruffles for my table runner, but you could do more or less depending on the look you want.

I measured a table runner I already had because I knew it would look good on my table.  I started with about 1 3/4 yards of denim (50% off at JoAnn's last week!).  I folded my denim in half and measured out 70 inches long and 18 inches wide.  I cut my 2 pieces for the front and back.

I decided I wanted a ribbon edge, so I bought a roll of about 15 yards of this adorable red polk-a-dot ribbon.  I used Wonder Under to adhere the ribbon to all 4 edges of my runner.  I adhered the ribbon about 1/2 inch from each edge, leaving room for my seams.

After ironing the ribbon on, I sewed all the way around the ribbon.  I sewed both the outer and inner edges for added security.

Now for the fun part!!  I arranged the ruffles where I wanted them and pinned them onto the denim.  Pin very carefully because it is very easy to sew a ruffle crooked... at least for me.  A couple of them snaked around on me!

After all of the ruffles were sewed in place, I pinned the top denim piece (with the ruffles) to the bottom denim piece, right sides together.  Then it was time to sew, baby, sew!  I left a 1/2 inch seam allowance around all 4 edges and sewed all the way around, leaving a good-sized opening to turn it inside out.

Then I turned it all the way inside out, admired my work, and sewed up the opening by hand.

I pressed all the way around my edges to be sure the ribbon would lie flat (it was so close to my seam, it needed a little extra help.)  And then I trimmed up all of those extra threads...

So here it is.  What do you think??  Now I just need to decide what kind of centerpiece would look good.  Any ideas???  Any flower experts out there??  I would love your input.

Have a wonderful week... and thanks for stopping by!!

PS I currently have 199 followers.  Would anyone like to push me into the 200's??  I do have a give-away up my sleeve for reaching the 200-mark!!

Ruffled I-Pod Snuggie

Goldfish cracker crumbs... matchbox cars... sippy cups... spare batteries...wallet, camera, phone.  These are just a few of the things I have rolling around in my purse.  I don't know how any woman with young children manages an organized purse. I am constantly throwing random things inside "just in case."  My son seems to know exactly how precious the contents of my purse are and adds a few treasures of his own.  Which brings me to my problem:

Problem:  My beloved i-pod was becoming absolutely thrashed while rolling around in my purse.  I should have taken a picture of what it looked like a week ago.  But it was truly embarrassing.  I saw the look on my husband's face when he saw it, and knew I needed to prove I was worthy of my favorite musical accessory!

I mainly listen to my i-pod in the car, but leaving my i-pod out in the cold car has caused me some technical difficulties.  So I am trying to do better with leaving my i-pod in my purse.  Between my son's eager hands and the messy condition of my purse, I needed to protect the i-pod somehow!!!

I call it my little ruffled i-pod snuggie.  I never in my life thought I would use a snuggie, but my i-pod deserves one.  🙂  I would have posted a tutorial, but I know it would be laugh-worthy.  It took me a bit to figure out how to do the cover with the ruffle.  I am still a beginner sewer!  By the way, you really should not use adhesive velcro (I have tons from teaching!) when sewing.  The sew-on velcro is definitely better.  (I ended up sewing mine on by hand, but forcing my needle through the sticky layer of adhesive was a pain!!)

Everything is prettier with a ruffle don't you think?  And the velcro on the cover keeps my son out of it.  In fact he hasn't even attempted to figure out what is inside.  Score!
I used coordinating fabrics because I even wanted the inside to be pretty.  Plus some added thickness was desirable.  It is the perfect size to fit my i-pod inside.  In fact, I can even squeeze in my phone to protect it, too!  So now I can just throw it inside my purse and run about my day.
My only problem is that the snuggie doesn't match the purse... hmm.  Perhaps a new purse is in order?  I think I can solve that problem!  
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