Stenciled Mason Jar Vase {For Mother’s Day!}

I love Mother's Day.  Being a mother is the most important part of who I am!  I owe so much to my incredible Mother...  She taught me everything I know.

I was thrilled to participate in Plaid's Mother's Day Campaign.  They sent me a whole box full of crafting goodies to create a beautiful and meaningful gift for my Mamacita!  Here is what I came up with:

I created this stenciled mason jar vase with burlap and bakers twine!  Each flower has a very special meaning because each one represents a member of our family.  (More on that later!)

I love daisies.  The name of my blog is no accident.  Daisies equal happiness for me!  I thought these would be the perfect way to express our appreciation for my Mom, a true flower enthusiast!

It was like Christmas morning when I ripped open this package of amazing supplies from Plaid's Martha Stewart's craft line.  Talk about creative inspiration in a box!  There was acrylic paint, glitter, all sorts of stencils, a heating tool, a spray painting kit, every kind of brush I could imagine, a sweet tote bag, and all sorts of stenciling accessories packed inside.


I even created a "haul video" showing the entire crafting stash as I opened the box.

** For the record, I set up the tripod and taped myself while mr. oopsey was out of town.  I felt a bit awkward!  I'm still new to vlogging, but if you want a tiny sneak peek of the new house, maybe focus on the background instead of me!  Ha!


For this particular project, I wanted to try out the spray painting kit.  Hello!  Turning acrylic paint into spray paint just sounds fun.  So I gave it a shot! This was shockingly easy!

I carefully followed the directions on the sprayer kit to mix the correct proportions of the gloss spray medium with acrylic paint.  Then I simply twisted the sprayer onto the bottle.  Easy, right?

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Mason Jar Apothecary Jars

Happy Monday, y'all!

Have you noticed that Mason jars are everywhere right now?!  And I adore them.  They are so simple and you can dress them up however you'd like.

Last weekend while I was in Utah, I visited my amazingly talented cousin Michelle.  Everywhere I looked around her house, I was inspired by her creativity.  You just might be seeing some Michelle-inspired crafts in the next few weeks.  🙂  I saw something similar to these on her kitchen counters, so I set out to make my own!

Imagine how cute these mason jar candy jars would be at a wedding, filled with the perfect shades of gummy bears, M&M's, and other sweets!

Now on to the tut!

Mason Jar Apothecary Jars

It's midnight, and I'm dying to dig into these  YUM!

So as I was getting started, I was hoping to find some wooden candlesticks as little pedestals.  However, I couldn't find the right size.  I almost gave up until I found these little wooden finials at Hobby Lobby.

I improvised.  I realized that with a little sawing action, I would have the perfect size that I needed.  So I used gorilla glue to attach the finial bottoms to some wooden circles that I've had in my stash for way too long. 

My husband was anxious to try out his new clamps, so I obliged. 🙂 We let these dry overnight.


Next, I made the candy jar lids.  I used the top of the finial and used gorilla glue to secure them to some thinner wooden circles I also found at Hobby Lobby.  Those dried overnight, too.


Next, I gave all of the wooden pieces a good coat of black spray paint and sanded the edges a bit.


Now for the fun part!  I used E-6000 to glue the jars to the pedestals and filled up the jars with our favorite candy!  Skittles for me.  Cinnamon bears for my hubby.  I think decorating with candy is my new favorite thing!

The lids just rest on top of the jars.  You could even dress them up a bit with ribbons if you'd like!  Or mod-podge some fun scrapbook paper to the lids.

See what I mean.  I'm going to have to dig in right now.  I can almost taste the rainbow...

These little beauties are now occupying my kitchen counter.  Dangerous, eh?? I'm actually trying to cut back from straight-up chocolate.  These bright beauties must be slightly better for me than straight chocolate.  Right??

Enjoy a "sweet" week, friends!

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