{Printable!} General Conference Notes Packets

Twice a year, our church has the opportunity to hear from our church leaders called General Conference.
Honestly, I LOVE and look forward to Conference weekends.  There is usually a lot of family and good food involved!
I was recently called to serve in our ward's Primary presidency (working with 130 children under age 12!), so my life has become a little even more chaotic! I created these General Conference Packets for each child in our Primary to help them get a little more out of Conference!  Let's be honest:  Sitting and listening for a couple hours just doesn't come naturally for kids!
They can color this picture of the Conference Center on the cover.
Each Apostle has their own page in the packet!  When that particular Apostle is speaking, the kids can focus on that page.
For each apostle, there is...
* A profile picture.
*A picture of a tie that can be designed and colored according to what they are wearing.
*An interesting fact about their lives.
* Space to take notes or draw a picture about their talks.
If you would like to use these in your own family, you can download your own set of General Conference notes here.
By the way... because my Little Man is not quite ready for taking notes yet, we will still be using some of the "General Conference for Tots" ideas that I shared last fall.


Happy Friday!!  Enjoy the weekend!  (I know I will!)

General Conference for Tots

This weekend, our Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, will be joining together in a General Conference.  It's a weekend of relaxation and inspiration!  I am looking forward to a bit of family fun along with a little rejuvenation for my soul.  BUT... it doesn't always work that way for a busy toddler.

Conference snuck up on me this year, but I have been busting my brain to come up with some last-minute projects to keep my son and nephews occupied.  Little Man is very visual and loves pictures, so I wanted him to become familiar with the pictures of the leaders of our Church.

If you procrastinated like me and are just now thinking of ideas to keep your kiddos occupied, I've got ya covered!  I am also sharing some downloads!  Here are 4 ways to keep tots occupied during General Conference:

1.  General Conference Bingo  First of all, I created these General Conference Bingo boards.  Basically, when the speaker delivers his talk, you can mark that person on your board!  It only takes 3 in a row to win Bingo in this game, and President Monson is in the center of each board.  I am sure we'll use M&M's or some kind of tasty treat to mark our boards.

You can download your own set of 8 General Conference Bingo boards here.  Each board is different.  Just download, print, mount on some fun scrapbook paper or cardstock, and laminate for durability.

2.  Photo Stickers!  Next, I wanted to try out sticker paper once and for all!  I created these circular photos of the General Authorities and just printed them out on sticker paper.  You just have to cut around the stickers and you're done!  I can't wait for Little Man to see this! He loves playing with stickers.

You can download your set of General Conference faces here.  I used the same photos for the next couple of projects, but I printed them on regular paper instead of sticker paper!  So if you're interested in the next couple projects, you can use the same download.

3.  File folder game.  I printed out 2 sets of photos to create this little pumpkin patch file folder game.  I cut out these little pumpkins on my cricut, but you could easily create a pumpkin pattern.  You'll need 15 pumpkins in all for the First Presidency and Twelve Apostles.  I mounted one set of faces on pumpkins, glued them onto my file folder, and laminated it.
 I also laminated a second set of faces to match.  That's easy enough!
4.  General Conference Match.    I wanted a cute pumpkin theme for this game, so I cut out some larger pumpkins on the cricut.  This time, I cut 30 pumpkins and distressed them all.  I glued a photo to each pumpkin.  Again, I cut out 2 sets of photos (2 of each!) for the game.  After laminating them, I punched a hole in the top and tied a green ribbon through the top to look like the pumpkin leaves!
That's a lot of pumpkins--30!  I am thinking of storing them on a book ring to look through also.

This will be a great way to learn those new faces!  I am so excited for General Conference now... bring on a weekend in jammies!!  I hope you can find some kind of activity or tweak one to fit your family!  Be sure to let me know if you use one... I'd love to hear about it!

Enjoy your weekend!
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