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Elmer’s Prize Pack Giveaway {Now Closed}

This giveaway is now closed!

Congratulations to Carol and Blanca!

I was recently asked by the lovely people at Elmer's to throw a party!  And not just any party--A crafting party!  How could I resist?!  They sent me tons of goodies.  It was like Christmas opening up the box that they sent me.  We spread the Elmer's love by hosting not one, not two, but THREE crafting parties.  Not bad eh??

Each party guest was hooked up with all kinds of free crafting supplies... After creating something spectacular, everyone got to leave with their loot.  Thanks, Elmer's, for all of the incredible goodies!!

Before getting to the giveaway, let me share a bit about the parties and crafts with you...

Party #1

My sisters, Mom, and I got together for a little crafting time.  I had so much fun that I am planning on getting family together to craft a lot more often!   We may be related, but it's fun to see how we all craft differently!

My sisters, Mom, and my sweet nephew with their finished products.

We had a drawing for awesome prizes!

Both of my sisters made sets of USA Sparkler's.  You can see the full tutorial here.

We also made another Old McDonald board using the Elmer's craft foam and some scrapbooking supplies.

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Warm Fuzzy Jar {With Printables}

Although I am sharing an incentive program that I use at church, this is an incentive program that you could easily adapt to your own family, play group, or classroom.


In my church, I serve in the Primary working with children ages 1-11.  We have over 100 children in Primary, so naturally working on reverence at church is an ongoing battle!  Last Sunday, we instigated a new reverence program that we *hope* really works! We introduced some new guidelines and routines, along with sharing some reverence stories and games.    Last week was the best week ever in our Primary, so cross your fingers that these improvements really last!

My part in all of this was the "fun" part!  I introduced the "Warm Fuzzy" Jar!  (In case you were wondering, the "R" is for reverence!)

Technically, the warm fuzzies are pompoms.  (Yes, I do organize my pompoms by color!)  But they represent so much more than a fuzzy pompom...

The Warm Fuzzy Incentive Program

The idea is that we begin with an EMPTY jar.  Each Sunday, all of the leaders (and anyone else who wishes to participate!) look for a child who is demonstrating reverences.  During the week, we send them a "Warm Fuzzy" postcard congratulating them on their good behavior.  (We keep a list, making sure everyone gets a turn with this special reward.)  The following Sunday during Announcements, we ask for any children who received postcards to add "Warm Fuzzies" to the jar.  They each add 1 pompom to the jar.  When the jar is full of Warm Fuzzies, we are planning to host a popsicile party!

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Wednesday’s Wowzers

It's another late night here.  I had high hopes of being in bed 2 hours ago... Do you ever have great crafting plans that seem to just blow up in your face?!  I have a project (painting my craft desk) that seems to be my nemesis.  Someday I will conquer this desk.  But for now, I'm giving up and going to bed.

So let's talk inspiration... eye candy... crafting goodness.  It is getting just plain tough trying to put together a list of Wowzers.  There are simply WAY too many good ideas out there!  I mean seriously-- The inspiration is endless!

I always love Less Cake More Frosting's printables!  But this "Coming to America" printable, quoting the legend Neil Diamond, just makes me happy!


This yardstick crate is just plain clever!  Seven Sisters has TONS of great ideas!


This has got to be every boy's dream come true!  You've got to see every detail of this Lego/Star Wars birthday party from I'm Topsy Turvy.

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Worn Wood Flag {Sweet C’s Designs}

Hello my friends!  I have been eager to start featuring fabulous, talented guest posters with inspiring tutorials.

Courtney from Sweet C's Designs recently started a creative blog AND a gorgeous etsy shop, and let me tell you--this lady is talented!  Batter up, Courtney!

I'm Courtney, the mom behind the Sweet C's Etsy shop and Sweet C's Designs blog!

I have to tell you a little story before we start our craft today... when I decided to leave a high profile job in politics behind to stay at home with my little man, I found myself looking for inspiration in my new "world", and I instinctively turned to craft blogs. I stumbled across a blog I absolutely adored and read all the time... and then one day the author posted a picture of her son- and I recognized him!  Turns out this wonderful little blog was run by Alison, who I went to high school with and we had recently reconnected on Facebook! (I'll admit I was not super observant at first, as I know she posts a picture on the side of her site with a bio... I had a new baby and was clearly in the clouds). Oopsey Daisy was such a pleasure for me to read, I got inspired to start my own blog because of Alison! I am totally honored to be guest posting here today.

Our lives are very heavily influenced by baseball- my husband spends weekend afternoons parked in front of Rockies games (although he's an O's fan at heart after growing up in Annapolis), and my brother used to play in the minor league for the Minnesota Twins. My brother is still busy traveling the globe playing for teams in Japan, Germany and Australia- anywhere in need of a very tall (6'7") pitcher. So when summer rolls around, our thoughts are pretty consumed by one thing- baseball! Little man's baseball themed first birthday party is coming up soon, and I wanted some fun Fourth of July decor I could leave up all summer long that would work well with our obsession. I have seen lots of worn wood flags made with baseballs as stars, and I wanted to make my own version!

Here's how I did it:


-A large pallet (we have had this in our yard in a trash corner I am beyond embarrassed to say has been there since the old owners left. This craft was a great excuse to finally get some of the trash out of there!)

-If you don't have an old pallet laying around, you can also just use 7 worn wood boards and string them together, or nail them to two "anchor" boards running behind them (like a pallet has, but they will sit flat instead of making a box shape).

-Red, white and blue paint

-An old, large paintbrush

-Six aged baseballs (or new baseballs, some old coffee or tea, dirt, and asphalt)

-Hot glue and a hot glue gun


Paint your pallet by "dry brushing" paint on. Don't put too much paint on your brush, and sweep it quickly over the wood. An uneven look will make it look more aged- so you don't need to worry about perfection here. I did the four alternating red and white stripes at the bottom first, and then the top three I only painted half the length of the wood plank so I could then add the blue square.

If your paint is too thick in areas, just sand it down a bit so it looks more rough. I was using a VERY well worn piece of wood, and I adore the character it gave this flag!

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USA Sparklers {Thanks, Elmers!}

Hello, Oopsey Daisies!

Is there anything better than crafting with friends?!

Over the weekend, Elmers sponsored a little crafting party (several, in fact!) for some of my family and friends.  They really did spoil us, so thank you, Elmers!!  I'll share some more details on that later this week.

My sisters and I made a set of these lovelies to help us get ready for the Fourth of July:

Seriously--how did the Fourth of July creep up on me this year?!  I love the Fourth of July--the sparklers; the heat; the stars and the stripes!  And my favorite part: We always make a scrumptious batch of homemade ice cream!  Now we have a little something to help get us in the patriotic spirit!

Here is how we made our sparklers...

We started out by using our razor blades to cut out 3 stars from our Elmers foam board.


After tracing them, we used Tacky Glue to adhere patriotic scrapbook paper to the fronts and backs of each star.  We used a bit of distress ink for a special homey touch!


Next, we added some chipboard letters and any embellishments.  (It was interesting to see my sisters' personalities.  One of my sisters embellished her stars tons, and one left them simple and elegant!)

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Sunday’s Snippets: My Handsome Ringbearer

Recently, we returned from the wedding of Mr. Oopsey Daisy's brother to a beautiful girl in Salt Lake City!  This was actually the first family wedding since our own happy day almost 4 years ago, so it was an exciting event!  I love weddings.  I love the flowers...  The dress.... The dancing.   And I have to admit, I am a people watcher!

I have been itching to show just a few pictures that I took of this special day!

The beautiful couple, now husband and wife

A triumphant bride

A gorgeous wedding reception.  Don't you love the colors--eggplant and ivory?!

Our little family, decked out in eggplant!

I might be just a bit biased--but how handsome is the ringbearer?!

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Enemy Pie {I Heart Naptime}

Are you ready??

Woot!  Woot!

Today my friend Jamielyn is here sharing an ADORABLE (and yummy!) idea.  She will have your mouth watering for sure.  Besides being an incredibly talented blogger, Jamielyn is also an amazing person in real life! I'm telling you--this girl is a gem!  Go check out I {heart} Naptime for more inspirational ideas!


Hi Oopsey Daisy Fans, I’m Jamielyn from I {heart} Nap Time.

I had the pleasure of meeting Alison in real life and let me tell you she is just as sweet and beautiful as she appears to be! So I am so excited and honored she invited me to guest post today. Over on my blog I share DIY Projects, Crafts, Recipes and lots more!

When Alison asked me to post for her Summer Cam,p I browsed through my son's library and knew this book would be perfect! Enemy Pie (Reading Rainbow book)

This post is for those of you (or your kids) who want to become friends with your enemies. And for those of you who have no enemies and want to keep it that way! 😉

“It was the perfect summer. That is, until Jeremy Ross moved into the house down the street and became neighborhood enemy number one. Luckily Dad had a surefire way to get rid of enemies: Enemy Pie. But part of the secret recipe is spending an entire day playing with the enemy!”

“In this funny yet endearing story, one little boy learns an effective recipe for turning your best enemy into your best friend. Accompanied by charming illustrations, Enemy Pie serves up a sweet lesson in the difficulties and ultimate rewards of making new friends.”

“Enemy Pie is the fastest known way to get rid of enemies”

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Whimsy Couture E-Book Giveaway {Closed}

This giveaway is now closed.

Today's giveaway comes to you from the lovely Whimsy Couture!

Denise is a sewing mastermind!!  Her blog is full of inspirational sewing ideas.  And her pattern shop is jam-packed with fun things to sew! Recently, Denise sent me the Ladies Lounge Pants pattern for review. I am making these for my Christmas pajamas. (Yes, look at me, I am already planning something for Christmas!!)

Denise's pattern is incredibly easy to follow.  And thankfully for me, the novice sewer, it is very thorough!  I have actually never used a real sewing pattern before, but Denise made it easy on me!  The pattern included a detailed sizing chart, patterns, and instructions with lovely pictures.  Having used a sewing pattern successfully makes me feel like I've graduated into some kind of new club!

Whimsy Couture is currently offering 25% off everything in her shop!

Just check out some of the gorgeous items you can create with Whimsy Couture patterns...

Like this shirred bubble romper.  Adorable!!


I love this scrappy twirl skirt.  I absolutely ADORE all of the options for little girls.  There are tons of dresses and skirts for girls that you will LOVE!

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Wednesday’s Wowzers

Happy Wednesday, my friends!

This is just what the doctor ordered.  I needed to ignore the clutter of my house, the suitcases that still need to be put away, and the laundry that I wish would disappear!  After a good dose of crafting inspiration, I am just a bit more motivated!

Here are a few ideas that caught my eye this week...

What a festive mantle!!  I'm lovin' these paper patriotic fireworks from Landee at I Heart Naptime.  What a fun way to decorate for the Fourth of July!


Note to self:  No browsing yummy recipes before breakfast!  It's only 8 AM, and my mouth is already watering for this coconut ice cream.  You can find the recipe at Wonderful Joy Ahead.


With a 2-year-old boy, my life usually centers around all things "boy."  This ballerina dream top from Peanut to Princess is a-DOR-able!!  It makes me want a little girl in my life!

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Great Deal on the Silhouette!

Tonight was a big night for me.

For the very first time, I used my Silhouette!  I feel all grown up now.  Truthfully, I've been staring it down for about a month, afraid to learn a new machine all over again.  The Cricut and I have been such great friends for so long.

It was an adventure though.  At midnight, I was pulling my hair out because I refused to read the instructions or watch the instructional video--the video that my husband promised to watch with me accompanied by a big bowl of popcorn!  But I was stubborn, determined to figure out the Silhouette through a little trial and error!!

And I conquered!  The Silhouette and I are friends now.  🙂

I love LOTS of things about the Silhouette machine.  I love that there are so many options.  You don't just cut paper. For example, you can create your very own temporary tattoos!

After staying up until the wee hours of the morning with me, my husband even let me tattoo him!  Yes, he made me tattoo his shoulder so his clients wouldn't see it...

We were thinking patriotic!

I can't wait for Little Man to wake up so he can try out his own temporary tattoo, too!

I was pretty amazed at this whole process...

After making these Silhouette images into mirror images using the Silhouette Studio software, I printed them on my printer. Following the directions, I layered it with an adhesive paper.

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