Owl Library Tote

This is another project I have been hoarding for months actually.  I guess my project archives needed a little spring cleaning, too!
Ever since we began Mommy School, I have become a library book hog. I reserve every book I can find that goes along with our selected theme. I often leave the library with 20+ books.  Trying to carry Little Man plus the books was quite the juggling act.  I definitely needed a bag to tote around all of those books!  And nothing says reading like a wise old owl.
And now Little Man has learned to tote around HIS favorite toys in this bag, too!

I used a freezer paper stencil to paint the words on one side of the bag.  I thought I was so clever to dream up this little owl pun!  (Can you tell we have been using our bag for a few months now?!  It's already dirty!)
On the flip side, I sewed on this owl applique.  I raided my fabric scraps to design this little owl.  Isn't he a sweet?!
Here's the "little hoot" himself!  He makes me laugh.  Just the other day, we were leaving for a meeting, and he grabbed his owl tote and started throwing in some of his favorite toys.  He figured out how to carry the bag on his shoulder, and he thinks he is pretty hot stuff!
Friday is almost here.  Hooray for that!

Hand Print Turkey Applique

Another short and sweet post today!  I wanted to share this hand print turkey applique onesie that I made last year for Little Man.  I just traced his hand (this can be a little tricky with a baby!) and then used this as a template to cut out the fabric.  I added a felt eye and a gobbler and sewed it all on to a onesie!  Wouldn't it be cute to hand stitch legs for that lil' turkey?!
I had hoped to make a new handprint turkey applique shirt this year, but it will have to wait!
Don't you love how Little Man was a bald little baby?!  He was bald forever!
Gobble, gobble!

Spider Applique Shirt

I must have a disease.  Last year, every time a special occasion rolled around, I made Little Man some kind of festive holiday shirt or onesie.  This year, I told myself, "He's too old for that."  But still, I got sucked in to making Little Man a Halloween shirt.  He is just so fascinated with spiders.  I don't necessarily want to encourage the fascination with bugs, but I do love his excitement for Halloween.  So I grabbed some scraps, and came up with this spider applique shirt!
I love appliques.  I do.  But lately, I have had tons of problems with the sewing machine needle getting stuck in 100% cotton shirts, ripping a tiny hole in the process.  I would chalk it up as my own inexperience, but even my Mother has the same problem.  Anyway, after making quiet books and rediscovering my love for felt, I decided to use felt instead!  It worked beautifully!
I know, I know... my spider has 6 legs instead of 8!  But with 8 legs, he looked entirely too crowded, so I stuck with just 6.
Besides the black-and-white center of the spider, I used felt for everything else!  The spider is hanging by black ricrac.  He's a cute lil' spider, don't you think?!  Little Man begged to wear it as soon as he saw it.  Dang it.  I'll probably get sucked into making a Thanksgiving shirt.  Christmas, too!  Love that Little Man smile!
If you would like to whip up your own in time for Halloween, you can print your own template here.
Happy sewing!

Family Flag

This little project has been in the works all summer, and I can't wait to share it with you!
This summer, my Mom and I  (mainly my MOM!) made a family flag.  My parents went to a church camp this summer, and they were asked to bring some kind of family banner or flag.  For months, we had a vision, and it has been exciting to watch our vision take shape from a sketch on a paper to this lovely flag!
At our family reunion last week, we hung our family flag proudly because it represents each member of our family--my parents and their 4 children, including ME!
My Mom sewed the flag on nylon so it would be durable outside.  I cut out all of the words and pictures on my Cricut (you can get tips for cutting fabric on your Cricut here), and we appliqued them on.  It was a lot of work!!  The front of the flag depicts each member of the family, and the back of the flag features an actual photograph of the whole extended family!
Each of the 4 kids were able to design their own flag section, a quadrant on the flag.   We chose symbols that represented us.   The apple and A+ represent me as a teacher.  It was interesting to see what each of my siblings chose to portray themselves!
My older brother, John, is a huge Cardinals fan because we grew up in St. Louis, Misouri.  His section portrays him perfectly!
Besides being an American Studies major, my sister Celeste is also our resident politics expert and a true patriot.
My baby sister, Kara, is the family musician!  She sings.  She plays the violin.  She plays the piano.  The girl is a musical genius, so these musical notes and treble clef are very fitting.
My parents' symbol forms the center of the flag.  They were married in 1978, the founding year of our family.
The theme of our family has always been Return With Honor.  My Dad always recited that phrase whenever we left the house to go on a date, go out with friends, etc.  As teenagers, we used to roll our eyes in embarrassment, but now it is a motivating motto for our family.
Look how cute my parents are... My Mom and Dad, the ones who started it all!

And here are the 4 kids... John, Celeste, Kara, and ME.  Isn't that flag a beauty?!

On the back of our flag, my Mom sewed a clear vinyl pocket and slid in a recent family picture.  This way, we can update the picture as more grandchildren come along.
I feel like I just gave you personal introductions to my entire adorable family!
This was such an integral part of our family reunion--a flag we can fly with pride!
Have a wonderful day!

Bus Applique

Here in our tiny apartment we think, breathe, and live in BUSES.  Wherever we are driving, Little Man finds the buses.  He even has 'the usual' bus parking lots scouted out, recognizes them, and insists on slowing down to check them out.  
Whatever store we find ourselves in, Little Man finds the buses!  I find myself buying ridiculously priced bus toys and books because I know I will face the wrath of Little Man if I resist!  We have every bus book, even a vintage 1965 Golden Book that includes several types of buses!  We have the Fisher Price bus.  We have wooden cutouts of buses. We have the matchbox buses.  (Keep in mind that every RV and every truck are buses in his mind, as much as his older cousin attempts to correct him!)  We just bought a windup school bus--he took that bus to bed with him!   I love that he is passionate about something, and I want to support his interests!
So the bus applique was born.

As soon as I completed the applique, I showed Little Man his shirt, and he yelled out, "Bus!"  He immediately tried to put on his new shirt.  He begs to wear his bus shirt every day (good thing the shirt is a bit big and will last a long time!).  His assessment of my work is the most important.  I love that he loves it!

If you would like to make your own bus applique, you can download my template here.  Don't laugh... I am definitely no artist! But I took this pattern seriously.  I used a ruler and everything!  So I hope it helps.

Thanks for making Oopsey Daisy part of your day!

More Cowboy Goodies

On Monday, I shared the fun rustic Western sign for that I made for my nephew's third birthday party--a cowboy party.  Tomorrow, I promise to share all of the adorable details of the party.  Your jaw will drop when you see it in all of its rootin' tootin' cuteness!!

Here are a few more last-minute preparations I made to get in the cowboy spirit:

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know I unexplainably dread making cards, but I LOVED making this card. And why, you ask???

Because I used burlap!!  Oh yes I did!  What says rustic and Western like burlap?! So perhaps I'll start making more fabric cards in the future.  They just make my day!

As soon as I heard the theme of the party, I knew exactly what Little Man just had to wear!  I used the amazing bandana shirt tutorial from Aly & Ash to make this fun bandana onesie!

Little Man was a regular Jessie James... if only he would wear his cowboy hat!

Yes indeed.  What a sweet little cowboy!!  Happy Thursday, everyone!

Set of Appliqued Onesies

Welcome back to another day o' fun at Baby Week!

Be sure you scroll through all of this week's fabulous posts so far!! We have two giveaways open , and you can enter those by clicking on the links at the top.

I had so much fun making a set of applique onesies for my adorable nephew! I just bought a package of 5 onesies, sat on the floor in the middle of my scrap fabric, and got as creative as I could get! Here is what I came up with...

I made this "Lil Bro" applique! This one just might be my favorite. I love all of the colors and its scrappy-ness! I still need to make a "Big Bro" shirt for my other nephew!

What little boy doesn't love cars?! I couldn't resist making a car shirt! It's simple, but sweet.

I now declare baseball our family's official sport. We adore baseball!! I made this bat with corduroy to add a bit more texture. The green is supposed to look like a baseball diamond... go with it. 🙂

This hammer applique means a lot to the family because my sister's husband owns his own construction business. This one is made out of denim and corduroy, so it really is a "heavy-duty" applique!

Last but not least, every little boy needs a tie onesie! Little Man had a shirt exactly like this, same fabric and all!! The tie is just too classic. Perfect for church!
Now I just can't wait for my little nephew to grow just a smidge so he can fit into these onesies!!

Fun Springy Applique

Yes, the only time I could get a decent smile--drool and all--was in the bathroom... The bathroom is a magical place.  Something about lifting the toilet seat and tearing off the toilet paper.  

I admit that I have been having a lot of fun with appliques lately.  When I was thinking of something springy for a boy, all I could think of was frogs (Girls get butterflies, boys get... frogs, right?). So this is what I came up with:
I used mostly scraps.  Don't you love the tongue?!  I cut out a circle for the frog's tummy and an "eight" shape for the eyes.  I double-layered the eyes with black polk-a-dot fabric.  Don't the polk-a-dots look like eyeballs?? 

Here's my handsome little guy wearing it...

I used the same pattern when creating my Five Green & Speckled Frogs.  I made this pattern in Photoshop. You can download my frog patternhere. If you use it to create anything, I would love a link!!  I want to see what you creative people come up with.  

Happy Friday, my friends!  Enjoy your weekend.  I have big plans that involve my quiet book and catching up on some sleep!

100% Scrappy Bunny Applique

I am proud to say that this very boyish bunny applique is 100% scrappy.  I threw this together last week when I realized, with surprise, how quickly Easter is coming up!  I knew my son needed something cute to wear!  And this is how it turned out:

Like it?  Want to know how I made it??  Well, here's a little tutorial for ya!

Using my scraps, I cut the shapes I needed for the bunny face.  The scraps I had leftover from last week's hooded bear towel were actually a gold mine!!  I used them for the ears, nose, and eyes.  They really added a lot of texture.  If you're wondering why the odd half-circle shape for the ears, let me show you:

I know this is a terrible pic, but I planned to fold each side of the shape to form an ear like so.  

This is how I envisioned the whole face would look.  Now I just needed to cut wonder-under to adhere each piece to my fabric and sew it on!

I found the only shirt my son has without some kind of graphics.  It may not be perfect, but it works.  Totally boyish, and that's what I was going for.  I know I have mentioned this before, but I feel the need to dress my son ULTRA boyish because people still ask if he is a girl.  

Anyway, I sewed around the whole face.  I secured pieces of ribbon UNDER the nose for the whiskers.  I burned the edges of the ribbon so they wouldn't fray.  I thought about sewing the whiskers down, but decided not to in the end.  I liked that it adds a big of dimension to the shirt.

This was the tricky part for me!  I sewed along the folds of my ears.  For some reason, I had issues with this part because my machine kept getting stuck. This would probably look totally cute with ribbon around the edges, too.

Then I sewed those ears on, and Operation Bunny Shirt was complete!  I love the lopsided ears.  Of course I had to try it on my son right then and there, but he would not hold still. Trying to photograph him was like trying to hit a moving target!

Oh well!  I love how it turned out. He'll be sporting this all weekend long.  🙂
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Cutting Fabric With Your Cricut!

That your Cricut can cut fabric?!

Am I the last one to figure this out?!  I had heard rumors that this was true, but decided to try it out for myself to make my little guy this applique shirt:  
One of the things I like least about sewing is the cutting, so this little trick is going to save me for sure.  Here is what I did:

1.  I used a 100% cotton fabric.  I am not sure if any other fabrics would work.  I pre-washed my fabric with NO fabric softener.  
2.  I adhered Heat-N-Bond to my fabric.  I have heard that Pellon does NOT work, so avoid that.  I just followed the directions on the package.
3.  I peeled the paper backing off of the fabric and adhered it right on my Cricut mat.  I smoothed it on the mat so it was good and smooth.  I cleaned my mat right before this step, just to be sure it would have the ultimate clean cut.
4.  On my cricut, I set the speed on the lowest possible setting and the pressure on the highest possible setting to be sure it would go slow enough and deep enough to cut through.  I have also heard that using a brand new blade ensures the best cut or having a blade set aside just for cutting fabric would be a good idea.  But I used my old, very-used blade and had no problems at all.

5.  CUT.  I was still in denial that this would work, so you can imagine my amazement when I peeled away the fabric and found out that it really worked!

Because I was doing an applique, I ironed my fabric right on my shirt.  I found that my large fabric pieces "stuck" the best at this point.  My tiny "Lucky Charms" letters needed an extra layer of Heat-n-Bond to stick.  It seemed to lose some stickiness after I peeled them off the mat. 
So after sewing around my edges, here is the final effect!!  My little guy is a very active model--a moving target!!  I thought this was the most manly shamrock, but just in case I paired it up with his camo pants.  I don't want anyone thinking he is wearing a flower!!  Strangers STILL ask me if he is a girl.  Must be those pretty blue eyes.

This is the best view I could get of the back of the shirt.  By the way, appliquing tiny letters is so difficult!!!  My mother and I both had the hardest time.  So I gave up on the shirt saying "Lucky Charm" and just went with "Lucky."  I am definitely going simple with my next applique.  No more tiny letters!!!
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