Burlap Love Banner {Pinterest Club!}

I am on a roll with Valentine's Day crafts.  All of this red and pink is really brightening up my winter!

I am very lucky that I have friends who love to craft, too.   It's always more fun to create with a friend, right??  So some of my friends and neighbors created a little "Pinterest Club."  Basically, we find a craft (usually from Pinterest!) and attempt to recreate it.  It's a perfect time to get our kiddos together to play so we can play, too!

On Friday, we got together to recreate this burlap love banner that my friend Sara spotted on Groopdealz.  It was originally created by Auntie Lolo Crafts.

It had been a while since I dug into my burlap stash, but I "love" how this turned out!

And guess what?!  It took less than an hour to put together.  I love a quick and easy craft.

Start out by cutting 6 pennant/triangle shapes from burlap. Or try out another fabric if burlap isn't your thing!

I cut out some freezer paper stencils using my Cricut, and then ironed them onto the pennants.  I also ironed on a scrap piece of freezer paper to the back of each one to be sure the paint wouldn't bleed through.

Using a foam brush, I painted the letters black and the hearts red.  I love that it took no time at all for the paint to dry.  Like I said, a quick-and-easy craft was perfect for us today!  Especially with whining kiddos.  Yes, I'm afraid Little Man wasn't on his best behavior.

I strung all of the pennants together using thick twine. I just separated the threads a bit to create a hole and strung the twine through.

Because I have already decorated my un-mantle, I added this banner to our dresser mirror instead.

And yes, that's me in the mirror!

So just in case you still need to decorate for Love Day OR if you just want to make something fun with friends, this is the perfect craft!

I can't wait for our next craft together!

Have a great week, friends!

Felt Heart Garland

Hello, my friends!

I needed something cheery to get me started this week!  Over the weekend, I worked hard on my Valentine's Day mantle.  I needed a garland of sorts.  During the fall, I saw all sorts of felt leaf garlands on Pinterest.  To me, there is nothing more "homey" than felt.  So over the weekend, I sat down and created something to help spice up my Valentine's Day decor.

This was the perfect project to work on while Mr. Oopsey Daisy was out of town. I watched a couple of chick flicks, and hand stitched these hearts together.

You can make your own with some scraps on hand!

Let's get started!

I started with the felt.   I secretly wanted to use all wool felt, but my frugal conscience got the best of me.  So I purchased the red and mustard wool felt, and I had the other colors on hand.  I LOVE the color scheme!  The mustard and turquoise were fun and unexpected pops of color.

Then I sat down and just started cutting out a whole lot of hearts!  I didn't use a pattern--just used the old traditional method of folding the fabric over to achieve a symmetrical heart.  I think I cut out about 90 hearts total.

It was 12:30 AM, and I couldn't thread the yearn through the needle for the life of me.  Finally I tried this trick of taping the end with masking tape. Duh!  It worked perfectly.

I knotted the end of the yarn to prevent fraying and then started stitching!

I made sure that I had plenty of excess yarn so I could sew as long of a garland as possible.  (I didn't want to have to thread that needle any more times than completely necessary!)

I wanted to be unpredictable, so I didn't repeat the colors in any certain pattern.  Crazy, I know!!

I just knotted the very end of the yarn, and started draping!

So what do you think?

Do you want to know something silly?

I really don't have a mantle--just this built-in area for our TV.  I avoid showing pictures of this area for some reason.  This might be its very first reveal on Oopsey Daisy. I am never sure how to decorate this little spot especially with the distraction of the television.  But one of my goals for 2012 is to be more real.  So this is us!

And I love how this little garland make our home so cheery and homey!

Thanks for reading!

Toy Story Character Pennant Banner

Another crafting first...

To create this fun Toy Story character pennant banner for Little Man's birthday party, I used fabric transfers for the first time!  I had been wanting to try this for a long time, and Little Man's birthday seemed like the perfect occasion.  This was a piece-of-cake project--and no sewing is required! 

I created a triangle pattern using cardstock and cut out several red, yellow, and blue pennants out of felt.  (Once again, I have found a fabulous use for my felt scraps left over from my quiet book!)
You can find a package that looks just like this at your local office store or even Wal-Mart!  You can find dark or light fabric transfers.  I chose dark for this project.
I simply found images of our favorite Toy Story characters on Google images, printed them out on the fabric transfer paper, and cut them out.
I followed the instructions on the package to iron the characters onto the felt using a piece of transfer paper in between.  Then you just peel it away, leaving the character.  It's like magic!
I did sew the ribbon across the top, but you could use a hot glue gun just as easily. (Again the cowprint matches Jessie and Woody).  We hung this banner in our kitchen.  I have to admit that we still haven't taken it down.  Oops! But Little Man sits and names all the Toy Story characters while he eats.  So cute!

Guess what?!  I finally have my party photos edited...
So look for a post about the entire Toy Story party tomorrow--it's the final shebang of my Toy Story birthday party ideas!

Happy Birthday Banner {Toy Story Style}

One of the many things I love about my readers is how incredibly supportive you are!  When I revealed Little Man's Toy Story party theme along with the invitations I made, you showered me with ideas!  I searched and bookmarked each and every one. A sweet reader of mine sent me a link to this lovely Toy Story-themed cardboard banner on Etsy.  Thanks a million!
I completely fell in love with the banner, and was determined to make my own. It was one of the first projects on my to-do list.  And I must say:  It's kind of my pride and joy.  
The best part about this banner is anyone can make it using some cardboard and a little bit of paint!  I used recycled cardboard boxes (from all of my hubby's work shipments he receives almost daily) to create this entire banner from scratch.
I started out by using some thin cardboard to cut out my the letters.  I actually save the cardboard that comes with my photo enlargements at Costco.  I used this thin cardboard for the letters, plus a few cereal boxes.  I just free-handed the letters... nothing too fancy!  The imperfect look gives it a certain charm.  I painted my letters using white acrylic paint.

Once the letters were dry, I distressed all of the edges with distressing ink.

I got my hubby involved with the next step!  I had him use a razor blade to cut out 13 rectangles to back all of the letters in "Happy Birthday."  Thanks for your manly muscles, babe!  I used acrylic paint to paint these, too.  I painted some plain brown, red, and blue, using the colors from Toy Story.  I also painted some yellow/red plaid to look like Woody's shirt and a few white/black like Woody's vest.  Again, I just free-handed my patterns.  I'm not an artist, but I loved how it turned out!

After gluing the letters onto the backings, I just arranged them in a kind of jumbled way.  This is so perfect for my Oopsey Daisy style!
I tried using E-6000 to glue my letters together, but they kept popping up.  Hot glue did the trick!  How I love my little old hot glue gun!
Last but not least, I strung the letters together with twine by hot gluing felt loops over the twin on each letter.

I hung it over my awkward ledge, secured with nails.  Voila!  It really set the tone for the whole party.  I must say:  Once I put this all together, I was so proud, I was taking pictures on my phone and sending them to my hubby!  I really and truly LOVE how it turned out!

The banner was a hit at the party!
More party crafts and details coming...

Spooky Banner

I shared this banner at A Glimpse Inside... but if you didn't get to take a peek, here is my spooky banner!
I have a little rule about not displaying any "spooky" Halloween decor until October.  It's the same rule I use about not listening to Christmas music until midnight on Thanksgiving!  I like to celebrate my seasons and holidays in due time.  So on Friday, I busted out this little guy.
I especially love a good banner or garland to hang across my tiny apartment mantle!  This is actually the banner I made last fall, and I squealed with delight when I got it out of storage.  So bring on the spooky banner!
Okay, maybe it's cute with a slice of spooky on the side!
I created pennant shapes out of cereal boxes!  As a crafter, I find myself saving the oddest things, and yes, cereal boxes are one of those things!!  I love that it is thicker than cardstock, but still easy to use!  I mod podged fun black and white paper on the front and back of each cardstock pennant.
Next, I created scallop shapes on alternating colors of black and white cardstock and mod-podged them onto the center of each pennant.  I found the cutest orange chipboard letters to spell out "spooky"!
Next, I lined each pennant shape with orange ribbon.  The orange ribbon really made those chipboard letters POP!
Now, I strung all of the pennants together with cute black and white ribbon.  I added little ribbon embellishments in between each letter.  I found the cutest tiny spools of Halloween ribbon at Hobby Lobby, and this was the perfect way to show it all off!
Doesn't the banner look lovely with my fabric pumpkins?

A few more "super" ideas!

First of all, I was so tickled when a few of my favorite blogs My Insanity, The Creative Crate, Creation Cornerand Delicious Ambiguity featured some of my Father's Day ideas yesterday.  In fact, Kendra from My Insanity shared oodles of incredible Superman ideas for Father's Day. It just makes my day when people with serious talent feature ME.  So thanks a bunch!

This week, I have been living, breathing, and dreaming Superman!  Here is just a glimpse of my last-minute preparations for our "super" Dad:
I conquered all of my fears of card-making to make this little card for my own Dad.  Yes, I had to cover my fingerprints again with the glitter on the superman logo!  Isn't it funny how something so sweet and innocent causes me so much distress?!  Someday I will enjoy card making 🙂

I have been trying to teach Little Man how to color.  (This has been quite a tricky thing for Little Man because he wants to color anywhere BUT on the paper!)  So we printed out this Superman coloring sheet and glued Daddy's face on it!  He kept pointing to Daddy's face and giggling... so cute!  This will be his "card" for his Daddy.

I did a freezer paper stenciling shirt for Little Man to wear. He'll be wearing this with his lil' superman cape.  I'll be strutting my stuff in my Supergirl bleach shirt.

I just couldn't resist making a "Super Dad" banner!  I used a template to cut out tie shapes out of cute scrapbook paper.  The ties ended up a bit fatter than I expected, but I like it that way.  I ended up mounting them on cardstock for extra sturdiness.

Warmest wishes for a fun Father's Day weekend!

Baby Name Banner

Happy Memorial Day! I am so grateful for those brave men and women who serve our country. God bless you! I hope you enjoy a special day with your families remembering and honoring the brave.

It's only Day 2 of Baby Week, and I am having so much fun! It's been fabulous to collaborate with talented guest authors, and let them take over my blog!! 🙂

But there is A LOT to see this week. I don't want you to miss a thing! Be sure to review the fabulous guest posts and giveaway each day. Yesterday, Heather from Smallfry & Co. shared an awesome carseat cover tutorial and Heather from Tales from the Cottage Cheese Cottage shared her knowledge about homemade cloth diapers and diaper wipes. And I hosted the first giveaway--for a "Baby Is Sleeping" sign.

Now, on to today's tutorial!

As soon as my nephew arrived, I knew that my trusty Cricut and I had work to do! We have a little tradition in my family that when we bring our babies home, the extended family decorates the house and has it ship shape! Well, my Mom did most of the ship-shaping. I just contributed this lovely little baby name banner.

It was so fun to make! I love me a good banner, and I used some techniques I saw in The Scrap Shoppe's ABC Banner to whip this one up.

I layered my letters on top of scallops (with distressed edges of course!) on top of accordion-folded squares.

Next, I wrapped brown crepe paper around the accordion paper. I just used Elmer's glue, and gathered as I went. Here is a very ugly shot of the back!

I realized that yet again, I had left gluey fingerprints on my letters. Man, I really am a messy crafter! So I fixed my oopsey by putting glitter all over my letters. I hadn't planned to use glitter, but it did help me to cover my tracks! 🙂

After gluing each letter onto a paper pennant, I punched holes and strung them with brown yarn.

Here is a good view of how the pennants look close up... don't know why the pennants look white! They were definitely baby blue. Darn lighting!

Little Man helped me hang this banner in the baby's nursery. My sister has done such an adorable job with decorating this nursery! It's all blue and brown with polk-a-dots. This makes me want to redecorate!!

Welcome home, sweet nephew! We love you!

Felt Star Garland

I realize it's almost too early to bust out everything patriotic, but I thought I would get a head-start on things. Besides, this could work for Memorial Day, right?!

Alright, I admit it: I am addicted to making banners, garlands--anything hanging from my mantel! It's been about a month since my spring banner went up, and I am already itching for something new. I probably need medication for something like this 🙂 Thank goodness my hubby has patience with me!!
But aren't these felt stars just fun and happy?! Well, if I can whip one out in an hour, so can you!! Here's what I did:

You can print your own star patterns by clicking here.

I am really loving my little star garland. I contemplated adding a couple more stars, but I like that it is simple and sweet! Here are a few more shots:

Have a wonderful weekend!!
SYS Thurs

MuralMaker and More

My Springy No-Fuss Banner

You know I couldn't let my little fireplace go bare and banner-free!!  I fell in love with this fabric at JoAnn's, and bought a yard before I even knew what I would make.  I love the lavender flowers!  So I decided to make this easy, no-fuss banner.  

I created a simple pattern out of cardstock and cut out some springy triangles.  

I sewed 2 triangles together, wrong sides together, as close to the edge as possible.
And added some brown ribbon...

Easy, springy, beautiful... 

Just In Time

Just in the nick of time!  I just finished this adorable Peeps Baby Bunting done in time for Easter weekend!  

I think that I made my bunnies ultra large, but I like them that way... 

Go check out Made to make your own!
Now bring on the Easter egg hunting.  I'm ready!
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