Mother’s Day Card {Using Silhouette Sketch Pens}

Remember the stenciled mason jar vased with flower love notes that I shared earlier this week?  Well, Mother's Day is just around the corner, and I needed a card to go along with my Mom's gift.  So yesterday I set to work creating a card for my sweet Mother.  Cards mean a lot in our family.  My parents almost always tear up when they read our cards--every birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc.!  And my Mother saves each and every one.

I used some Silhouette sketch pens to create this quick and easy Mother's Day card.


Say hello to my brand new CAMEO!  This beauty arrived on my doorstep just a few short weeks ago.  I am in LOVE, my friends.  I have long supported both the Cricut and the Silhouette--as equally as I possibly could.  I have seen pro's and con's to both machines.  However, this week I have really gotten to know my CAMEO.  The Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software is beyond incredible!  I am excited to practice even more!

BUT my lil' machine came to me with a defective blade.  So I put my thinking cap on to create a project that did not require any cutting.  Instead, I wanted to practice a bit with my new sketch pens.

I was given a pack of glitter sketch pens and metallic sketch pens.  Aren't they pretty?  I learned a little trick along the way.  It appears that the sketch pens work best if the paper has not been touched.  If the paper has any oils from your fingers, the image shows up only part-way.

The rest was simple!  I inserted the sketch pen into the blade holder, designed the card and image in the software, and it came out beautifully!  This image is butterfly_floral_lace_square_C00500_19210.

I just had to use the old-fashioned method of doing the actual cutting out of the card.  (Can you believe I actually had to use scissors?!  Sheesh!  The Silhouette just makes me lazy.)

One of my Mother's favorite songs is "I Often Go Walking", and I wanted to use one of the lyrics for her card.  My Mom loves flowers.  She could spend all day long in her garden.  Everything about flowers makes me think of my Mother, so this lyric was just perfect.  I used the black sketch pen to sketch the tag and the words on burgundy cardstock.

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Printable Scratch-off Card {Easy Peasy Valentine}

We made it, folks!  It's finally Friday.  And that makes me one happy girl!

Today we are snuggled inside watching the snow fall outside.

Today's easy peasy valentine could be adapted as a Valentine's Day card for anyone you love.  This would be fun to make for your hubby, your kids, your parents, or even a friend!  I created this card for my hubby, intending to give this to him on February 5.  This way, he can scratch off 1 heart every day until Valentine's Day!  (Of course you could start this at any time!)

Everyone loves to scratch off a card.  Lottery tickets.  Prizes.  Is it the element of surprise that we love?!  Anyway, I knew my husband would love the idea!

To create your own scratch-off card, you will need:

-- Clear contact paper

-- Silver metallic paint

-- Dish soap

-- Your design {I'll share my printable if you would like to use that!}

--Scrapbook paper or cardstock to mount the card

First, I created this template in Photoshop.  If you would like to download your own, just click here.  Using Photoshop, use the text tool to write the reasons why you love that special someone inside the hearts.  (You could also write the reasons by hand.)

Print out your design on cardstock. I cut mine down to 5x7.

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Valentine Cards With Sewn Hearts {Easy Peasy Valentines}

Happy Friday!!

Are you ready for another quick-and-easy valentine today?

Here are some simple cards with sweet nothings for someone special in your life.  And they are printable!

I must tell you that I am a huge fan of Pride and Prejudice.  I love me some P&P.  So this card just happens to be my favorite, though I did make a variety.

I created these 6 images using Photoshop.  It was a great chance for me to use as many fonts as possible. 🙂  Which one is your favorite?

I printed the images on a plain, "brown paper bag" type paper.  There were 6 different cards, so I printed 2 on a page. You can download your own images here if you would like to make your own.

Just cut in half and fold.

I love how the words printed out--they look stamped.  Absolutely lovely!

They were just a little plain, so I sewed a heart to the front of each card.  I raided my pile of scraps to cut out some hearts.  Don't you love using up scraps?!  I do!  These would be much cuter if they were hand stitched.  But, well, I avoid hand stitching whenever possible.

All done!

I'm thinking of giving one to my hubby every day during the week of Valentine's Day.

Have a super weekend!

Photo Thank You Cards

Surely you are ahead of me.  Your Christmas decorations are all packaged neatly and stored away for next year.  You've written all of your "Thank you" notes, and you've already completed a bunch of Valentine's Day projects.  Well.... I'm not there quite yet.
I finally finished my thank you notes for this Christmas.   Everyone adores Little Man, and I gotta say--HE IS SPOILED!  He received many gifts, and my Mama always taught me to be thorough when it comes to writing a sincere thank you note for each and every gift.
I wanted to try something different this year, and I'm sure it's probably been done before.  But new to us!  Instead of writing a generic thank you note, each family member will be getting a personalized photo card.  Each card shows Little Man enjoying the specific gift we are writing to thank them for!
Uncle John gave Little Man the shirt he's wearing in this picture, the dump truck, and you can see a hint of the pillow pet.
Aunt Kara gave Little Man some new bath toys, among other things.  So here is Little Man in the tub.  Yes, I strategically placed the "Thanks" graphic!
Grandma & Pop spoiled Little Man the worst.  This sled was one of his favorite gifts!
This picture was my "default" card for those gifts that were a little more difficult to picture!

This project is so simple!
* Just edit your photo of your child playing with his/her gift.  I chose to do my photos in black and white.
* I resized the photo appropriately... somewhere just under 4x6.
* I added the text in a red box I created in Photoshop.
* I inserted the image in a document, but placed it at the very bottom of a Word document.
* I printed my image on matte photo paper.
* I folded the image to create a card and trimmed the edges.
* Write your message and deliver!
Now if I can just get these cards sent and delivered, I can cross "thank you notes" off my list!

Transportation Card

I think we have established that my cards are not always traditional!  In my mad rush to throw together my husband's 30th birthday party, I wanted Little Man to have a homemade card to give to his Daddy.  But my active Little Man doesn't slow down much.  I knew I needed something to grab his attention--and FAST.

Little Man is such a... well, a little man!  He loves all things that move!  He hears every airplane that crosses the sky.  He always wants to sit on Daddy's motorcycle and say, "Vroom, vroom!" But far and away, he is wild about BUSES.  "Bus" is one of the only words he says crystal clear.  The other day, we took a detour to a parking lot just so he could touch and explore a real bus.
So during naptime, I threw together this little transportation card.  I wanted him to take ownership of it, so I had him color the pages to make a tiny book.  It was a hit!

I mounted each individual page on simple cardstock scraps.  You could definitely use cute patterned scrapbook paper though!
We included 5 pages after this initial cover.  I created them in Photoshop.  Here they are, all ready to be colored!
I couldn't get a good picture of the last page, but it's a little poem that says:
From here to there;
In water or air;
I want you to know that
Wherever we go
I love you so!

Believe it or not, this truly is some of Little Man's best coloring!!  I only helped a wee bit! 
 I had to pry this airplane page out of his little hands, and it shows a touch of loving crumpling.
I just punched holes in all of my pages, bound them with a book ring, and tied a few ribbons on for kicks and giggles!  The very best part was how much Mr. Oopsey Daisy really did *adore* this card!  It was truly meaningful!

So do you have a little guy or gal of your own who would love to make their own transportation card?!  Well, I am definitely willing to share!  You can download your transportation card here.  
The download includes the cover, the 5 transportation coloring pages, and the ending poem.  I did not customize the download for anyone specific--in other words, it does not say "Dear Daddy."  So you could use this as a birthday card for anyone special in your child's life!
I hope someone else out there can use this!  I would love to hear your feedback!

More Cowboy Goodies

On Monday, I shared the fun rustic Western sign for that I made for my nephew's third birthday party--a cowboy party.  Tomorrow, I promise to share all of the adorable details of the party.  Your jaw will drop when you see it in all of its rootin' tootin' cuteness!!

Here are a few more last-minute preparations I made to get in the cowboy spirit:

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know I unexplainably dread making cards, but I LOVED making this card. And why, you ask???

Because I used burlap!!  Oh yes I did!  What says rustic and Western like burlap?! So perhaps I'll start making more fabric cards in the future.  They just make my day!

As soon as I heard the theme of the party, I knew exactly what Little Man just had to wear!  I used the amazing bandana shirt tutorial from Aly & Ash to make this fun bandana onesie!

Little Man was a regular Jessie James... if only he would wear his cowboy hat!

Yes indeed.  What a sweet little cowboy!!  Happy Thursday, everyone!

A few more "super" ideas!

First of all, I was so tickled when a few of my favorite blogs My Insanity, The Creative Crate, Creation Cornerand Delicious Ambiguity featured some of my Father's Day ideas yesterday.  In fact, Kendra from My Insanity shared oodles of incredible Superman ideas for Father's Day. It just makes my day when people with serious talent feature ME.  So thanks a bunch!

This week, I have been living, breathing, and dreaming Superman!  Here is just a glimpse of my last-minute preparations for our "super" Dad:
I conquered all of my fears of card-making to make this little card for my own Dad.  Yes, I had to cover my fingerprints again with the glitter on the superman logo!  Isn't it funny how something so sweet and innocent causes me so much distress?!  Someday I will enjoy card making 🙂

I have been trying to teach Little Man how to color.  (This has been quite a tricky thing for Little Man because he wants to color anywhere BUT on the paper!)  So we printed out this Superman coloring sheet and glued Daddy's face on it!  He kept pointing to Daddy's face and giggling... so cute!  This will be his "card" for his Daddy.

I did a freezer paper stenciling shirt for Little Man to wear. He'll be wearing this with his lil' superman cape.  I'll be strutting my stuff in my Supergirl bleach shirt.

I just couldn't resist making a "Super Dad" banner!  I used a template to cut out tie shapes out of cute scrapbook paper.  The ties ended up a bit fatter than I expected, but I like it that way.  I ended up mounting them on cardstock for extra sturdiness.

Warmest wishes for a fun Father's Day weekend!

Homemade Felt Cards

Confession: Making cards stresses me out.
Don't stop reading based on that. I love to craft. I swear. It's just that making cards is something that just... well, I want to be good at it. I want to like it. But usually, it just plain stresses me out. I always leave glue marks. So on Friday I realized I had 2 cards to make: A Mother's Day card and a birthday card for my big brother. I needed something quick and stress-free. I've had just about as much stress as a girl can handle for a while.

I have been in a sewing mood. Sewing relaxes me. And I have all this felt left over from making the infamous Quiet Book. So I decided to try my hand at sewing cards. Here is what I came up with:
Not too shabby for my first try, eh? I am still giddy about sewing felt right onto paper. It's the little things in life, right?!
I wanted this to look somewhat like my own version of the Mom tattoo. I am a sucker for red/black/white color combination.
My brother is a serious baseball nut!! He is obsessed with all things baseball--he even has an entire room devoted to his favorite baseball team. So the theme for his card was obvious, especially considering we gave him a coffee table book about baseball parks.

I know I still have a lot to do in the world of card-making... like add a whole bunch of embellishments. Maybe next time, I'll add some ribbon and buttons, too.
Baby steps people! 🙂

Garden Rocks for Grandma

Still looking for an idea for Mother's Day for your kiddos to give their Grandma's???
 My Little Man and nephew just spent the morning making these:
Ladybug garden rocks for the leading ladies in our lives!!  My sister and I wanted a way to honor OUR mom's through our kiddo's.  Our Mom loves to garden and has the greenest thumb of anyone I know.... so we painted these pretty rocks so she can think of her grandchildren when she sees them!
We started out with 3 oval rocks and painted them red. 
To help guide the kids when painting the spots, I painted a line down the middle of each rock.  I also painted the eyes and mouth.
The boys painted the spots using black paint and a cue-tip.  We only helped a little!  🙂

When the black paint was dry, we sprayed each rock with a coat of sealant to protect the rocks from weathering in the outdoors.

All done!
We made cards with a cute poem on the inside.  The poem is so perfect!  When I was a teacher, my students made these each year for their Mom's on Mother's Day, but I think this will work just perfect for Grandma!!
Of course you can download the ladybug poem here if you want to make your own!!  Enjoy your weekend!

Instead of a Regular Old Card…

Don't forget to enter the give-away by Friday!

This year my husband and I decided to spend less for Valentine's Day and make more handmade gifts.  Easy for me, hard for him. Hee, hee.  Anyway, I decided that instead of buying one of those cards with the built-in music that I always get sucked into buying on Valentine's Day, that I would make him something a little more meaningful.  In fact, I decided to make one for both of my boys--my son gets one, too.
Have you been checking out all of the amazing deals in the dollar buckets at Michaels?  They have cute chipboard books for $1!  So I bought two of those and some coordinating paper.  I mod-podged paper on the front and back of each page and distressed my edges with distressing ink.

I thought of 10 reasons why I love my husband (and 10 reasons why I love my son).  I pasted them onto the pages, and embellished a little.  I still don't go over the top with embellishing.  Simple is better for me and my boys.  I punched out a few hearts and pasted them on.  Voila! I tied a few ribbon scraps onto the metal circle-clasp-thingey.

Here is a view of the back of my son's little book.  I think I will present these on Valentine's Day morning.  I gotta say.  I love this more than the traditional card.  (Do you think my husband will remember if I do the same thing next year?  Probably not...)
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