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Happy Halloween!

I made this Halloween card much too late, but hopefully Little Man's aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas won't mind!

I hope you enjoy a spooktacular day today.  I'm excited to eat candy!

Here's wishing that your Halloween is full of lots of treats and a few tricks!!

Boys Club Halloween Party

On Wednesday, we celebrated Halloween with Little Man's Boys Club.  We have a really fun group of boys--all who live within 5 minutes of our house.  Besides going to church together, these boys will all be in the same grade at school. Every Wednesday, we rotate houses, and the boys play together.  This has been SO good for Little Man to learn social skills and have a group of friends he feels comfortable with.

I have always wanted to throw a Halloween party, so this was the perfect opportunity!  We had such a great time with these cute boys.  Of course I took too many pictures, and I can't narrow down my favorites, so bring on the photo overload:


We drew some faces on thsee balloons to make them look like jack-o-lanterns, tied them to some baby jars full of candy corn, and created some easy centerpieces!  Each boy took home a balloon as a favor at the end of the party.


I used some happy polk-a-dot wrapping paper as a table runner...


Little Man picked out some Halloween fabric at JoAnn's, and I sewed 4 easy chair covers for our chairs.

This adds such a festive touch--I think I'll do the same for every holiday!


Sweet hubby got up early to pick up some orange helium balloons. Thanks babe! 🙂


Each boy had a chalkboard bat with his name written on it for their place setting.

Before eating lunch, they created jack-o-lantern faces with orange paper plates and sticky foam.


As the boys arrived, they played with ghost balloons.

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iPhone Case Giveaway {KarasKustoms} – CLOSED

This giveaway is now closed.

It's giveaway day!

I am thrilled to introduce you to KarasKustoms.

KarasKustoms manufactures high quality, handcrafted products right here in the U.S.A.  They manufacture apple cases, hot rod parts, shakers, and aluminum speedsters.

Little Man has always loved playing on my iPad.  (I call it "my" iPad, but he knows how to use it better than I do!)  He plays all sorts of learning games on the iPad, and this has become our favorite traveling accessory!  When he watches movies on the iPad, he becomes an angelic traveler.  And don't get me started on potty training... the iPad was a lovely distraction while playing the waiting game in the bathroom!

BUT with all that usage, I'm constantly concerned that the iPad will get dropped or damaged!  Little Man is a very careful and responsible toddler, but accidents do happen.  So when KarasKustoms asked me to review an iPad case, I jumped at the opportunity!


This black aluminum iPad case is even better than I had imagined!

It's smooth and sleek.  I pictured it being big and bulky.  But once we screwed the iPad into place, it  didn't add much bulk at all.  Now I feel much better about Little Man handling the iPad.  I know that this case will provide some serious durability.  So that's one less thing to stress about!

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Wednesday’s Wowzers: Nap Time!


I can relax just a little bit.  The toddlers' Halloween party just ended.  It was a HUGE success!  We played tons of fun games, I shot way too many pictures, and everyone ate plenty of sugar!  I cleaned up the house, vacuumed a tremendous amount of frosting and sprinkles from my kitchen floor, tossed a few suspicious-looking candy corn, and I am now ready for a nap.

Here is my version of relaxation:  Snuggling on the couch, watching our first Colorado snow storm, wrapped in a blanket.  Reading some inspiring blogs and pinning my heart out on Pinterest!

And wow. wow. wow.  Here is what I've found to share with you today:


I {heart} this fall leaf garland.  Literally 🙂 Isn't it sweet and simple?!  I found this at the letter 4.!  How cute are these costumes:  It's Curious George and the Man With the Yellow Hat!  Absolutely darling.  Kirstin from Kojo Designs is simply a genius.

I LOVE Lolly Jane's new children's portrait wall.  Aren't those picture frames adorable?! And I LOVE their tip for using a pop can tab to hang the pictures!  Smart.

You are going to die at how cute this Cars party is!   You'll have to check out the entire post, but here are a few things I loved:   They used license plates as labels and as invitations.  And they made Rice Krispies treats into the shapes of construction cones and placed them in an air filter.   See all the details at Paisley Petal Events.

I am LOVING reclaimed wood art.  And the Shanty 2 Chic girls did an amazing job with this one.  I am taking notes...

Scrabble wall art is HOT right now!  Attempting Aloha created this beautiful Scrabble wall art for her kids' room.

Is it too soon for a Christmas teaser??

I just stumbled upon this no-sew ruffled tree skirt on Pinterest and fell in love!  Love the combination of burlap and linen that the Johnston's used.  Amazing!

What are you working on lately?

Canning Applesauce

You might remember that last month, I shared my adventures canning pears for the first time.

I would almost consider myself an expert when it comes to canning applesauce--only thanks to the tutoring of my Mom and sister Celeste.  Every September/October, we get together and can our applesauce.  It is so much easier to can when you have an assembly line of sorts.  Lately Celeste and I have started panicking... Would we be able to can applesauce all by ourselves?  So this year, we took notes!  We gathered all the information we could from my Mom.

So these canning tutorials really are for me.  I needed a place to record all of the notes from my sweet Mother.  (Because after all, my Mother really is the most ingenious person I know.)  I tried to include even the most basic steps along the way--just as little reminders to myself, the canning novice.

**Once again, I realize there are all sorts of new gadgets and methods for canning.  But I am recording my Mom's traditional canning method here...

So here it goes!

We always buy our apples from Colorado's Palisade Orchards.  We wait until the apples are almost rotten.  This makes for the juiciest applesauce.  This year, we waited a good month after purchasing our apples before making applesauce.


While those jars are drying out.... it's time to prep the apples!

Did I mention that my nephew was our helper this time around?  He was the best applesauce-maker we could have asked for!

I've got to brag for a second.  While jars were being sanitized and apples were being washed, I think I single-handedly sliced 4 boxes of apples.  That's a lot of apple-slicing!!  I got to know my knife quite well, and didn't even slice myself once.  No oopsey daisies here!  🙂

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The Countdown Is On to Halloween!

There is just one week left until Halloween.

Are you ready?

We have our costumes, and our candy is prepared for the trick-or-treaters.  This week we are gearing up for a fun Halloween party for Little Man's friends.  I can hardly wait!  We have some fun games and treats in mind for these little friends.  Stay tuned for more details on that later this week!

This year, I have had tons of fun decorating our house inside and out for Halloween.  I am not a huge fan of the gory, gothic parts of Halloween.  I like the fun parts of the holiday!  This year, I have really been into black and white.  And also glitter.  And also sweets.  (That is pretty typical no matter what time of year!)


Here are just a few ways that Halloween has crept its way into our home:

I made these fun glittery B-O-O plaques to hang in my living room.  I love those blinged-out letters!

Our Halloween advent calendar has been getting plenty of good use!

Little Man won't let me forget that he needs a piece of candy every morning right after breakfast as we count down the days to Halloween.


I added some festive candy corn to my DIY mason jar apothecary jars.

I'm not even a huge candy corn fan, but lately I find them irresistible when they're just sitting there on my counter!

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Sunday’s Snippets: The Pumpkin Patch

If you're new to Oopsey Daisy, welcome!  On Sundays, I cherish the opportunity to spend time with family and take a break from my usual crafting routine.  Sunday's Snippets is my chance to show you a peak into our everyday lives.  Thanks for being here!


Pumpkin Patch Day might just be one of my favorite days of the whole year.  It's right there behind Christmas Eve!  The patch is everything I love about fall:  Vibrant colors... the outdoors... and pumpkins!!  When it comes to baking, I love all things pumpkin!  Pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies!  So just seeing fields of pumpkins makes me hungry!

We planned our outing to the Patch weeks ago.  And it was the perfect day.  The weather was gorgeous and the pumpkins were plentiful!

I realize that I take too many pictures, but I simply couldn't resist.

I just loved sitting back and watching Little Man experience the Pumpkin Patch for the first time he'll probably remember.

So many pumpkins--where to begin?

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DIY Distressed Photo Canvases

It's about that time of year when I start racking my brain for gift ideas.  But it's important to add that I'm also constantly checking our family budget, too.  (There I said it.  Now Mr. Oopsey Daisy will be truly proud!)  So do-it-yourself gifts are always a big plus!

These distressed photo canvases are one of all-time my favorite projects.  This might be silly, but I was truly amazed at the transformation.  I had no idea I could really create my own photo canvas!


Photo canvases are definitely hot right now!

It seems that I always see photo canvases sold online--but they aren't always cheap!  Admittedly, I have purchased a few in the past, and I do love them!  I love the natural texture of canvases.  But you can create your very own at a fraction of the cost.  And you can give it a distressed look during the process, too.


I won't give a full tutorial because the amazing Delia has already written a beautiful one.

Simple version

You copy or print your very own photos on regular old copy paper.  That's easy enough.  I printed 3 of my favorite black-and-white photos of Little Man.

I bought a group of regular old 8x10 canvases when they were on sale at Michael's.

The key to transferring the photo to a plain canvas is this gel medium. If you use a 40% off coupon, you can pick this up at Michael's for around $10.

It takes a few cycles of spritzing the photo with water, letting it dry, and then peeling away the paper.

The process lends to a little natural distressing.

LOVE this look with the black and white photos!

These 3 photo canvases are the first thing you see when you walk into Little Man's bedroom.

Aren't they lovely?

I am ready to make some more!  I am envisioning some black and white wedding photos... perhaps a gift for our upcoming wedding anniversary?

So go get the full tutorial at Delia Creates!  The details are important.

These make very personal and beautiful gifts!

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday’s Wowzers: Best Time of the Year

This is my favorite time of year. 

I am thinking and planning for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all at the same time.  The weather is still beautiful, and I get to watch football and baseball (my 2 favorite sports) at the same time.  But I am still feeling the pressure.  Over the weekend, the hubs and I had a date, and we actually went Christmas shopping!  Yes, Christmas shopping!  But it does help me sleep better at night! 🙂

Are you as crazy as me?  Are you already thinking and planning for Christmas?  Or are you one of those lucky people who can really live in the moment?  I am still working on putting my planning brain to sleep sometimes...


Here is some eye candy:

Stunning.  That's all I can say about this harvest wreath!  I can't imagine turning corn husks into a wreath, but Fireside Studios did it beautifully!

My friend Delia is so dang cute.  And she looks good all the time, but these sweet felt Halloween "hat-ettes" are incredible!  What a fun, girly way to dress up for Halloween without having to go all out.

This happy haunting pillow is so fun!  I love that The Crafty Cupboard used real beads on this candelabra.  Fabulous!

I've seen turkeys made out of all sorts of things, but I'm loving this ribbon gobbler!  What a great way to use ribbon scraps.  Check it out at She's {kinda} Crafty.

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Tips for Handmade Business Owners {Taradara Made It}

I am so thrilled to share a very talented lady with you today.  Tara is a creative genius, and she has built her own successful sewing business.  If you haven't seen her incredible products, go check out her shop!  I own one of her business card holders and adore it! 

Today, Tara is sharing some incredible tips for handmade business owners.  So if you own your own etsy shop, Tara is sharing some incredible tips!


Hi Oopsey Daisy fans!

I'm Tara from Taradara Made It


Not sure how many of you are Etsy shop owners or if you have been thinking about opening a shop on Etsy, but I wanted to talk today a little bit about marketing yourself and your shop. It's hard to have an online store and not have a product for people to touch, feel, and squeeze or smell ... and actually sell it online. So it is really key to have some marketing/advertising ideas to help you through.


Many of us are doing what we love and trying to make it, so we don't have a lot of expendable money to spend on marketing. We have to be smart where we put our money. We have to really think about the ROI {return on investment} before we put out the money on our marketing. The saying is true, "To make money, you have to spend money". Yes, very true, BUT, don't throw it away. You may make some mistakes along the way, however, you will LEARN very quickly from those mistakes because why? Because it cost you MONEY. Don't let it get you down, pick up your bootstraps and MOVE ON. I'm not saying not to pay for advertising, however, be smart on where you put your advertising money. If you're advertising on other blogs, don't be afraid to ask what their monthly stats are. YOU need to take care of yourself and decide for yourself where to advertise.

How about we talk about a couple of FREE ways to market or advertise your shop?

We've all heard this one ... WORD OF MOUTH. The BEST advertising one could ask for!!! Getting your product in someone's hands and having them rave about it! Not only do I send my customer what they ordered, I will often put a small little extra something in with the order, just as a thank you ... customers LOVE that! I ALWAYS handwrite a little note thanking them on their invoice {people LOVE the personalization of the handwritten note}. I ALWAYS include 3-4 business cards so they can pass them along to their friends. And I ALWAYS offer my new customers a discount on their next order with a coupon code. So, these are just a few little things you can do on an order that might just trickle through at the beginning, but watch what it'll do for you in the future. {great ROI that doesn't cost a whole lot}

Become friends with other bloggers. You'll be surprised at how many of us will gladly do a post or advertise your shop for FREE! Don't be afraid to reach out, all they can say is no. But, please please please don't let that stop you from asking!!! Or do a trade ... advertise their shop and they advertise yours. {it's free}

Another FREE way to advertise or marketing yourself is FACE TO FACE. No, it's not online, however, we have become so focused on social media for marketing {which is still amazing} to where it has taken focus off of face to face marketing. If you are your only marketer for your business, I think you know what you need to do. I've become so tired of not speaking up when people ask me what I do or when they think I'm only a stay at home mom. I've come up with an 'elevator pitch', if you will, and I USE IT. I used to think that others didn't want to hear about another mom who has a home business ... well, screw it, I have one and I'm going to tell them about it {pardon the language}. Don't get me wrong, I do have tact and don't go around self promoting inappropriately. Be proud of what you do and not ashamed to let the world know what it is that you do! YOU ARE AWESOME!!

face to face{there is great opportunities to market yourself face to face right here!!!}

Here's an example of what I would do: Standing amongst other parents waiting to pick up from elementary school, a conversation would start up regarding our day. {Keep in mind my boy just started kindergarten so I don't know a lot of the moms yet} When it came to me, I would tell them that that I sewed all afternoon and that I have a sewing business. Then, they say, "Oh, what do you make?" and I go for it and tell them all my products lines I have. Sometimes I will have my wallet with me and I'll bring it out and SHOW them. They LOVE that stuff! They are able not only hear about it, but touch it, see it, and feel it. If you don't make something that you can readily have available with you, just go with the verbal conversation and HAVE A CARD WITH YOU. You'll be surprised as they will ask you for one most of the time!

taradara business card{my business card}

This leads me to my next point, ALWAYS HAVE YOUR CARDS WITH YOU. You don't have to carry a bunch, just a few wherever you go. Who else is doing it for you? Right?

Well, I hope this helps you a little bit.

Thank you, Alison for letting me be a part of your blog for a day! I look forward to reading comments and answering any questions you all might have. I will be happy to answer them as they come in.

xo Tara

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