3-Dimensional Heart Wreath

I am kind of excited about this project!  I have been scheming and planning this heart wreath ever since I saw Jen's amazing modern fall wreath.  Jen used circles to create her fun and festive wreath, but I immediately realized I could use other wooden shapes to create a similar effect.  And what could be more fun than hearts for Valentine's Day?!  So welcome to my 3-dimensional heart wreath!
To create this wreath, I started out with a styrofoam wreath.  Using a 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby, you can't beat the price!  
I used my favorite spray adhesive and wrapped the entire wreath with red ribbon.  Doesn't it scream Valentine's Day already?!
I searched all of my usual craft stores for hearts of all sizes.  I also stocked up with some festive coordinating Valentine's Day paper.  I wanted lots of variety!
Next, I painted all of the hearts red.  I painted both sides and let them dry on wax paper.  I also used Jen's technique of using wooden beads to mount the hearts to make them 3-dimensional.  So I also painted the beads red.  I didn't want any speck of unfinished wood showing through!
I traced each heart onto different scrapbook paper, and used mod podge to glue them all on.  I also gave each heart a coat of mod podge over the top.  
This wreath was a little-by-little project.  (Perfect for playing with Little Man in between all the steps!) After the paint dried, I used gorilla glue to mount each heart on a bead.  I wanted the hearts to have all kinds of dimension, so I divided the hearts into 3 groups:  
1 - Flat (no bead).  
2 - Mounted on a small bead. 
3 - Mounted on a larger bead.

The last step was the most fun!  I arranged all of the hearts all over the wreath and glued them on.  I'll be honest--I wasn't sure which glue would work the best here.  So I used both hot glue and E-6000!  I figured that between the 2 types of glue, I couldn't go wrong!
I glued hearts on top, underneath, and every which way!

I found this cute little driftwood frame at Michael's for 50% off and decided it would define this wreath just perfectly!  I had a bare wall in my living room, and this sweet wreath is brightening it up just beautifully! I thought about painting it, but I didn't want to take away from the colors of the hearts on the wreath.

I am loving this bright and cheery wreath--so much fun!  

Thanks, Jen, for inspiring as always!
What are you doing to brighten up your homes for Valentine's Day?

Burlap & Lace Wreath {With Sweater Flowers}

It seems that every January, I am so consumed with recovering from Christmas and planning for Valentine's Day, that my winter decor is quickly forgotten.  Alright, it's more like extinct.  But not this year!!  Last week, this wreath came to me in a dream.  No kidding.  I actually woke up with a vision of this wreath!  It's still like eye candy to me.  I'm lovin' it!  And I even have a tutorial for you today!
I started out by cutting my burlap into strips about 2-3 inches wide.  I used my favorite spray adhesive, and just started wrapping the burlap around a straw wreath.
I just kept on wrapping until the wreath was covered.  Between the burlap fuzzies and the straw, this was one messy process!  (Little Man was quite disturbed when he woke up and found the carpets a mess!)
One of the best things about this wreath is that I didn't have to buy anything... I had everything on hand!  I had a few lace scraps, and I wrapped them loosely around the wreath.  I used small dabs of hot glue to secure them to the burlap.  I actually used 2 different kinds of lace (Shhh, don't tell!).  
Nothing says winter like a sweater.  Especially a creamy sweater!  This sweater is special to me because I wore it to my wedding dinner.  But sadly, the little jewels were falling off, and I knew it had seen better days.  I decided that this sweater would live forever through this winter wreath!
I made a whole assortment of flowers out of the sweater! Don't they look just lush and warm?! I think I made 4 different kinds of flowers... went a little crazy!  But I love the variety!  I used some of the silver buttons and jewels from the sweater to embellish some of the flowers.  I had some gold buttons and decided to add some gold touches, too!  
I arranged all the flowers on the wreath and just hot glued them on. I think I probably made just a touch too many, but that's okay!  
To hang the wreath, I made a simple loop out of jute.  I hot glued the loop to the wreath, and then covered it with another strap of burlap.

I thought I was done.  I even hung it on my door all weekend.  But something was missing.  I finally figured it out today....
So I added this gold bow from my Christmas stash.  I simply pinned it on.   I LOVE this finishing touch!  Here it is hanging on my red door:

Now... on to Valentine's Day!

Crepe Paper Rose Wreath

Alright Oopsey Daisies, I am BEYOND excited to share this project with you!  This project started out as a quest for a simple wreath for my front door. Not many things look good on an orange door... but I thought that I couldn't go wrong with white roses!  However, I had no idea how long this wreath would take to make!  I spent an entire week rolling crepe paper roses!  I love how it turned out and it was worth every minute!  But in the end, I decided that this wreath would become a part of our decor. 
I used 2 1/2 rolls of white crepe paper.  I got to know the crepe paper quite well....

I used the amazing tutorial by House of Smith's to create HUNDREDS of crepe paper roses.  There were times I wanted to pull my hair out, but it was definitely worth it!
I used my glue gun to secure the roses as I went and then filled in my styrofoam wreath!  Slow and steady wins the race....  
I really like a nice, full wreath so I glued in as many roses as possible!
I seriously threw a party when I had finished that last rose!  However, it took me a couple of weeks to decide how I would display this in my home.  I battled a couple of options.  I definitely have crafting ADD at times... I went back and forth and back and forth again.
Ta-dah!  I bought this bare wood frame from the Wood Connection.  About 4 coats of paint later (a little red, a little white, a little brown, and then a deeper red!) and with plenty of sanding, I created this pretty little rustic frame! I adore the red against the white roses! 
I did a craft swap with a friend about 6 months ago, and I scored this cute little shelf!  The wreath hangs perfectly above it.  (This week, I plan on painting my shelf a bit, so it will no more be a white shelf on white wall!)  It is a stunning center piece.  Eye candy for me!  
I have to show off the flowers my hubby brought home for me yesterday!
I can't stop looking at it!  This was truly a labor of love, but this is one of my proudest crafting moments!  
Have a super week, my friends!

Star Ribbon Wreath

For months I have wanted to try a ribbon wreath.  Because I decorated my first grade classroom in red, white, and blue, I still have plenty of patriotic ribbon in my collection.  So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to create an adorable star ribbon wreath!  (I thought I'd had an original idea, but as it turns out, I have seen these star rag and ribbon wreaths popping up everywhere!  Great minds think alike!)

I think we all have those moments where our vision of creating something beautiful doesn't quite work out as planned.  That is the story of my life!  I am still learning to love the shape of my wreath.  However, I am still enchanted by my cheery reminder of American pride hanging on my front door!

After creating the star shape out of a wire hanger, it was quite a simple process.  This is what I did:
I loved my wreath best when I turned all of the knots so that the extra fabric faces OUTWARD.  It gives the star the most defined look.  I had to play with it for a while before I was satisfied.

I'm just counting down the days until we can watch those fireworks!

PS  Lest you think that my blog is suffering from an identity crisis, I think I am finally pinning down my decisions on the blog facelift.  I am not the most decisive person... I just keep tweaking away.  So bear with me!

My Favorite Things Wreath

This lovely spring wreath is hanging on my door right now.  Can I just tell you how much I love lavender?!  It's one of my very favorite colors, and I realize the color isn't even totally "in" right now, but I just don't care.  I'm diggin' it, and that's all that matters right?

I just used a circle styrofoam wreath and wrapped it in fuzzy lavender yarn.  I finally broke down and bought spray adhesive... and I am so glad I did!  It was a bit pricey, but worth it.  It was so easy to spray it on and everything stuck in place without the danger of hot glue (I always burn myself!) or any extra mess.

Next, I used brown yarn to give it a striped look.  The stripes aren't perfectly even, but that's part of the beauty of it!

Then I started whipping up some fabric flowers and nestled them on a little blanket of burlap... just because!  I started out with 3 flowers on the wreath, and then my Mom (the flower arranging expert!) recommended just 2 more.  After 5 flowers, she again said, "Just two more."  So I ended up with 7 lovely flowers!
Of course I love the center flower the best. I simply ADORE that cream fabric with the lavender flowers.  

Here is a close-up of the lovely fabric flowers.  I just couldn't get enough of these and sewed way too many!

I call this "My Favorite Things" Wreath because it includes so many of my favorite things...
lavender, burlap, fabric flowers, and did I mention I sewed a ruffle to hang it with?  Take a look:

Okay, just one more view:

If you're wondering what happened to my orange door, I did the photo shoot at my parent's house.  Their front doors are much prettier, don't you think?  

If you're interested in making a yarn wreath, check out 2 more of my favorite yarn wreaths:  This fabulous monogram wreath at The Scrap Shoppe and Tattered and Inked's burlap yarn wreath.

Have a good week, my friends!

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St. Patty’s Day Wreath

I am a little late in posting this.  After all, this wreath has been hanging on my door for a week or two now!  

I was inspired by Crap I've Made.  Char made an adorable shamrock wreath, and I had to try it.  I glued 4 styrofoam hearts together to make the shamrock shape.  This was a little tricky, but I finally used layers of hot glue and felt in between the hearts to secure it.   (I debated about adding a stem, and finally did AFTER taking the pictures!)  I have to admit that I got a little sick of cutting circles out of green felt by the time I was done.  But I dare you to find ANY styrofoam peeking through!!

Many of you know my struggles with my very orange apartment door.  There's just nothing I can do about it. I don't mind how my shamrock looks on it.   But it looked like a giant green blob.  I had to do something about it.  

So I added a little burlap flower in the center.

Much better, don't you think?!
Okay.  Just one more view.

** I am pretty much obsessed with burlap flowers right now.  If you want to learn how to make your own burlap flowers, check it out.  The Tidy Nest has a great tutorial!!!**

Have a wonderful weekend!!!  

The Ever-Popular Heart Wreath

Is everyone making this wreath for Valentine's Day?
I kind of like that.  Nice affirmation of my good taste.   I love the look of this wreath.  It reminds me of rose petals. And it's easy.  I only had to cut out circles and push pins.  I can do that!  I first saw this wreath at The Idea Room.
I started out with a yard of red felt, a heart wreath, and a box of straight pins. I also got a chance to try out my new fabric shears.  (The baby safety plug is NOT part of the wreath....)
I traced a glass from my kitchen, and cut out a couple of circles at a time.  I kept thinking, "Okay, now this is enough circles."  But I used up every single scrap of red felt.  Not kidding.  Confession:  My circles looked more like lemons.  Or acorns.  Take your pick!
Once all those pesky circles were cut out, I took each one and folded it in half.  Then I folded that in half again.  I think it kind of looks like a fortune cookie, don't you think?!
I took a straight pin and secured each "rose petal" into the syrofoam heart and just started pinning away.  That was the fun part for me.
I was so excited to hang my finished wreath until I realized how terrible it looked on my orange door.  Talk about a clash.  Good thing this won't be my door forever.  Silly orange door.
Looks much better against a white background, don't you think?  My baby sure thinks so.  He is ready to tackle it.  It is on his blankey, so it's fair game.

Winter Wreath

Christmas Ornament Recycling!

I love recycling. Turning something I don't need into something I love is just so efficient. My husband and I got married just after Thanksgiving. Our first Christmas together, we had no ornaments for our first little Christmas tree... Zip. Zilch. Nada. So we bought a few boxes of plain blue and silver ornaments. Plus I still had some plain ornaments left over from teaching... yeah, I was tired of packing them up and moving them around from place to place!!

Now that we have been married for just over 2 years, we have somehow accumulated A TON of ornaments. Part of that is because we buy a new ornament as a souvenir wherever we travel. They are much more meaningful and sentimental. So I was ecstatic when I saw all of the ornament wreath ideas floating around out there. I used every single one of my pointless ornaments to make this gorgeous wreath.

I started by taking a wire hanger and bending it into a circle and cutting off the hook part of the wire hanger. Get your husband to do that part. He can demonstrate his Herculean strength. At least that's what I did.

You know the metal ring part of the ornament ball? Well, to be sure that they don't break, I hot glued on each and every one. Yes, that meant more hot glue burns. I am so clumsy with that hot glue gun. For the record, I don't support K-Mart brand ornaments. As I was gluing the tops on, many of them were breaking. Very frustrating.

Then the fun part: I just strung the ornaments on the wire hanger, and they arranged themselves quite nicely. I wish I'd had just a few more to fill in a few gaps. I used almost 80 and could have used even more. Anyway, I twisted the hanger together, added a wire loop to hang it, spiced it up with a pretty bow, and that was it!

Now it hangs quite nicely on my orange door. I mean why WOULDN'T you have an orange front door?! The joys of apartment life! At any rate, I thought blue and silver were perfect colors for January, so I left this little beauty up. What do you think--too Christmasey? Nice and winterish? Until we figure it out and I get my Valentine's stuff in gear, we'll just let it hang out for a while...

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