Almost 2 years ago, Oopsey Daisy began as an outlet to share creative ideas for home and family. Oopsey Daisy is a place to share all kinds of crafts, sewing projects, recipes, printables, and ideas for teaching Mommy School to toddlers/preschoolers.

I cherish the opportunity to share the things I love with my readers. Oopsey Daisy is predominantly a community of women, and my desire is to share products and services that will best support them in their roles as mothers, wives, homemakers, and as unique individuals.

Oopsey Daisy has experienced positive, consistent growth since it began 2 years ago.  Oopsey Daisy has the best readers in the world!  Here is a bit of information about my subscribers as well as blog visits:

Subscriber Info

* 10,150+ subscribers via Feedburner.

* 3,100+ subscribers via Google Reader.

* 5,200+ followers via Facebook.

* 1,200+ followers via Twitter.

Monthly Stats (as of March 2012)

* 229,500+ visits

* 380,000+ pageviews

* 187,000+ unique visitors


“Oopsey Daisy was in the top 5 sources for traffic to my shop last year!” --Ryen

“We had a fantastic response. We were super pleased. You have been so helpful being so organized so far in advance.  I have absolutely loved that.”  --Katie 

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I have a variety of options available for advertising including sidebar advertising, giveaways, and reviews.  Please e-mail me for rates at:

oopsey (dot) daisy (at) yahoo (dot) com


I look forward to working with you!