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Adorable Spring Pillow {Keeping It Simple}

Hello friends!

What an exciting day!  We are signing papers closing on our home this morning, and the moving truck arrives tonight!  I am excited, exhausted, and stressed all at the same time! But I can't wait to sleep in our new home for the very first time tonight.  Hopefully a lot gets done between now and then!

Today, Kaysi from Keeping It Simple is here sharing a very sweet spring pillow.  Kaysi is one of the sweetest bloggers I know!  You might know that I have a pillow obsession, so I love this fun tutorial!


Hi!!  I'm Kaysi from Keeping it Simple
I'm so excited to be here today!  I love Alison's blog!  She never ceases to amaze me with the crafts that she comes up with!!!

One of my favorite things to make are pillow covers.  I love to make one for each season, they are easy to make and easy to switch out each season.  Now that spring is here, it's time to have bright colors and flowers every where :).  So I made this pillow to brighten up my living room.

This is how I made it:
1) I had an extra crib sheet, so I used that for the white fabric.  I cut three pieces, one for the front and then two for the back.  I cut them 24"x15", 14"x15" and 16"x15".
2) Then I cut out 4x4 squares and then ironed them onto fabric interfacing.
3) Using my CAMEO, I cut some flowers out of the fabric.
Here are the flowers all cut out.  I wish I would have made them an inch bigger...

$75 Gift Certificate Giveaway {13 Pumpkins} – CLOSED

Congratulations to Sarah, our winner!

It's Giveaway Time!

The 13 Pumpkins shop is all about beautiful signs that decorate and inspire!  You might remember that I reviewed this fabulous Paris wooden sign a few weeks ago.  This will make the perfect gift for my sister's boyfriend.  He is about to leave on a semester abroad in Paris!  The very talented Marrianne also creates custom signs.   My very favorite is Marrianne's typography.  You can connect with 13 Pumpkins on Facebook and Twitter.

I love everything in the 13 Pumpkins shop, but here are some of my favorites:

I can't begin to tell you how much I LOVE this family rules sign.

This distressed mustache sign just makes me smile!!

What a darling love story sign!!

And this fun "beYOUtiful" sign is so sweet!  So fun for spring!

Today sweet Marrianne is giving away a $75 gift certificate to her shop!  Get ready for this...

Here is how you can win $75 to the incredible 13 Pumpkins Shop:


1.  Do some window shopping in the 13 Pumpkins shop.  Leave a comment letting me know what sign you have your eye on!


2.  Pin one of your favorite 13 Pumpkins signs!  Leave me a comment and let me know.

3.  Share this giveaway with your friends!  If you are a tweeter, feel free to copy and paste this tweet:

Win $75 to @MarrWilliams' lovely 13 Pumpkins etsy shop specializing in typography & wooden signs. @OopseyDaisy917!

This giveaway will remain open until Wednesday, April 4 at midnight.

Giveaway winners are announced via Twitter, on the original post, and e-mailed directly.

Good luck!

Wednesday’s Wowzers {13}

Happy Almost-Wednesday!!

I am really looking forward to taking a break from moving, packing, and cleaning so I can veg on the couch and check out your ideas tonight!  No doubt about it--moving is hard work!  I never realized that moving (and sadly, even cleaning!) would be such a great work-out!  Every muscle in my body is sore!

Today's edition of Wednesday's Wowzers is brought to you today by one of my new sponsors, Cute and Here you can find all sorts of cute handmade gifts!  Definitely check out Michele's adorable shop or like her on Facebook!

The most viewed link from last week's party was {drumroll please!}:

Easter Pre-K Packet @ Over the Big Moon

Mommy School fans, you will love this Easter Pre-K pack!

Here are some of my other favorite features of the week:

Yummy Lovelies

1 - Rosemary soft pretzels @ Will Cook For Smiles

2 - Chocolate lovers' cupcakes @ Cajun Sugar Pie

3 - Cowboy cups @ Baking With Blondie

Spring & Easter Lovelies

4 - Easter grass decor @ Makoodle

5 - Easter flower bouquet @ Homespun With Love

6 - Fabric carrots @ Clare's Craftroom

7 - Spring mantle @ Northern Cottage

8 - Delightful daffodils @ The Seven Year Cottage

9 - Spring printables @ sprik space

10 - DIY Hippity Hop Colorful Easter Board @ Craft-o-maniac

Sewing Lovelies

11 - Camera cap leash @ Mom 4 Real

12 - DIY detachable collar @ Suburbs Mama

13 - Monster patch @ Watch Out For the Woestmans

Now let's get this party started!!

Stop by someone's blog today and tell them hello!  We all know how great it feels to get a sweet comment! Let's spread the love!  Please be sure that you are following the party guidelines.  I'm asking that you link up just 1-2 favorite posts each week (more than that from the same blog may be deleted).  Also, please do not link up an idea that you have linked up in previous weeks.  Link up something new.  Thanks for understanding, my friends!

Grab a button so you can play along.

Oopsey Daisy

You can grab all the button code here.

Happy linking!

Adorable Chick & Egg Art {Creative Preschool Resources}

I am so blessed to have some fabulous blogging friends.  One of the things I love most about the blogging community is that there are so many helping hands!  While I am busy moving into a brand new home, I have asked some friends to share some brand new tutorials with you.  Some of these guests might be new faces that I've been dying to introduce you to; some are my oldest and dearest blogging friends.  But they are all super talented!

Today, please give a warm welcome to Heather from Creative Preschool Resources.


I am SO excited to be guest posting here at Oopsey Daisy. Not only is Alison a fabulous crafter, she lives in the same city as me!

My name is Heather and I blog at Creative Preschool Resources. I am a teacher, turned Mommy, turned part time teacher and full time craft addict. At my blog you'll find lots of fun ideas for kids with grown-up crafts mixed in for fun. Check it out and follow along!

Today I have a FABULOUS Easter craft that is as unique as it is cute. Check out this lovely. Yup, those are real eggs I saved from the trash.

The chick in the egg makes my heart smile every time I see it. Isn't he so cute? Cheep, cheep..


This project is super easy to make. Begin with your background paper, whatever color you'd like. Using hot glue, apply the eggs. I preferred the staggered pattern, but you might like them lined up straight. It's up to you! If you ever wondered how chicks stay warm inside the egg, you'll find out. Those shells are AMAZING heat conductors so watch your fingers.


Now to make your own pom pom chick. First get your favorite yellow yarn and any fork. Wrap the yarn around the fork 70-90 times depending on how full you want your pom pom.

Tie it tight between the tines of the fork. [Read more...]

Sunday’s Snippets: Ice Cream Truck is Back!

Thanks for tuning in for Sunday's Snippets! For me, Sundays are all about faith and family.  Each Sunday, I take a break from my usual creative routine to share snippets of everyday life with you.  Thanks for reading!


First of all, have you noticed the incredible makeover that oopsey daisy had?!  I am thrilled with the new look!  Many, many thanks to Vanessa of Nifty Thrify Things for this fab makeover! We're still working on some of the tutorial/freebie pages, but they will be up and running very soon!  So yes, a new house and a new blog all in the same week.  There are so many exciting things going on!

For the last month or two, Little Man has become obsessed with the ice cream truck. I'm not sure why, but he suddenly became obsessed with the return of the ice cream truck!  Just once last summer, we let him choose his very own ice cream treat from the ice cream truck. He remembers this, and just about every day during the winter, we had this same conversation:

Little Man:  Mom! It's a nice day! The snow is melting!

Me:  But I thought you liked playing in the snow?

Little Man:  Yes, but when the snow is all gone, the ice cream truck can come again!

He seemed to believe there were just 2 seasons of the year:  Hot cocoa season and ice cream truck season!


It just so happens that this week, the snow did melt entirely.  (Yes, even those stubborn patches of snow in the shade in our backyard.) And it just so happens that for the very first time, Little Man heard the cheerful sounds of the ice cream truck in our neighborhood while helping his Daddy to take out the trash.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the magical experience we had all hoped for!  He heard that happy sound and took off running,  He quickly tripped and fell in the gravel and ended up with a pretty gnarly scratch!

Sadly, no ice cream this time around. Although we did convince him that having a Toy Story band-aid made him really tough! (Especially while flexing his muscles!)

What have you been up to this week?

My Own Little Picket Fence

Well, we made it folks... We survived until the weekend!

I don't know when I've been quite so ready for the weekend's arrival!  You know they say that when it rains, it pours. Well, this week tried to get the very best of our family.  But we do have one bit of happy news (yes, this is the news I have been hinting at).  The most exciting news it that we are moving!! And soon. In less than a week!  I will share some more details and pictures very soon. But for now, it is a flurry of boxes and packing in our house!

For now, I wanted to share a springy project! I actually shared this at Sew Dang Cute last year. ( Yes, last year!  I must be a blogging delinquent for just now re-posting this!)  I will have a huge, lovely garden at our new home.  So this cheery picket fence will have a permanent home very soon! Or maybe I will keep it in my craft room?  So many options here.

As a little girl, I always dreamed of having a home with a sweet little white picket fence.  I still don't have a real picket fence, so I decided to make my own in miniature version!  It was surprisingly simple!  Come and see...

I started out by purchasing an entire plank of wood from Home Depot.  The wood was 1.5 inches wide and 0.75 inches thick.  I put my handsome hubby to work cutting the wood with his table saw.

We had enough wood to cut 11 pieces of wood.  Each piece of wood was 12 inches long.

Next, I measured down from the top of each piece by 1.25 inches.  I roughly sketched a point for each piece of wood.  My husband went back to work on the saw!  The cuts were not perfectly precise so each piece ended up with its own personality! That was all part of the plan...

[Read more...]

Craft Package Giveaway {The Plaid Barn} – CLOSED

This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to our 2 winners, Kari (#51) and Katie (#13)!

Hey friends!  Happy Thursday!

Thanks so much to those who tuned in for What 'cha Cooking Wednesday on the oopsey Facebook page yesterday!  I got some fabulous menu ideas.  It really was pure torture when I realized I hadn't eaten all day.  Hearing what you were cooking up was killing me!  My mouth was watering for about 2 hours!

Today's giveaway is fan-freakin-tastic!  Have you heard of The Plaid Barn?

The Plaid Barn is a lovely daily deals site for beautiful items. Every deal I have seen is at least 50% off, and some up to 70% off!  Every morning you can check out a brand new deal, but you have to hurry before supplies run out!  I signed up for their daily newsletter so I can see the daily deals just as soon as I wake up!  You can also connect with The Plaid Barn via FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.

Yesterday's hot deal was all about washi tape! Each washi tape roll was sold at 54% off with a very small shipping fee.  Don't you love those polkadots?! So fun for spring!

This custom ring kit was 60% off!  I want one!

  [Read more...]

HUGE Silhouette Deal & What’cha Cooking Wednesday

Happy spring!

I forgot to mention yesterday how thrilled I am for spring's official arrival. We are soaking up lots of warm weather lately and playing outside with every chance we can get!  For weeks, Little Man has been asking what day spring starts. Now he is dying to know when he can expect the ice cream truck in our neighborhood once again!

I have just a few items of business this wonderful Wednesday!  I look out for my readers and when I catch wind of an amazing deal... well, I am dying to share it with you!

The most common question I am asked is how I feel about the Silhouette!  Well, I honestly adore it with all of its amazing capabilities!  I am dying for my very own CAMEO and if we weren't saving our pennies for a house, I would jump on this deal today!  Please let me live vicariously through you...

Starting tonight at midnight, you can purchase a Silhouette CAMEO™ plus the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software for just $269.  Normally, the retail value of both items would be $350!  Plus, if you already own a CAMEO, you can score 50% off the software using the same code. But you must follow this link in order to purchase using this special deal:

Enter code "OOPSEY" in order to redeem this excellent deal!  This will only be good from March 22-28 so act fast!  You will be saving some serious moola here!

You will LOVE the new Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software!  Here are a few amazing features:

* You can open, manipulate, and cut .svg files.

* You can create your own rhinestone designs.

* You can sketch tools to convert designs into several styles of sketchable art.

* The software includes creative knife tools to allow you to clip designs using different patterns.

* There is an enhanced eraser set to modify designs with more precision.

* You can use a built-in ruler and guide lines for precise alignment and drawing.

Here are some of my favorite projects using the Silhouette:

Chevron "Ho ho ho" plate

London skyline t-shirt

Halloween hand soap

Also... tune in tonight on my Facebook page. I want to try something new.  I'm going to start What'cha Cooking Wednesday?  I am always inspired around dinner time when I ask my Facebook fans what they are cooking for dinner.  You people are gourmets!  While I'm cooking hot dogs, I hear about leg of lamb!

So starting tonight around 4:00 PM MST, I'm going to ask you what you're cooking!  Leave a comment with what you're cooking for dinner and maybe a link if you have one.  I can't wait to get some new menu ideas from YOU!

See you tonight!

Wednesday’s Wowzers {12}

It's time to par-TAY!

I love Tuesday nights!  I have so much fun watching intently as people link up their incredible projects.  Last week's party was fully loaded with inspiration.  Selecting features is so difficult when there are so many links to love! Tonight there are a whopping 20 features!

Today's edition of Wednesday's Wowzers is brought to you today by the adorable 13 Pumpkins etsy shop.   If you love typography or wood signs, you are going to LOVE this amazing shop!  I'm loving this mustache wood sign.

The most viewed link from last week's party was {drumroll please!}:

Easter Egg Banner @ Creations by Kara

Isn't this stunning?!  I love all of the bright, spring colors.  Gorgeous!

Here are some of my other favorite features of the week:

Easter Lovelies

1 - Bunny Tail Cookies @ Lizy B Bakes

2 - Grow Your Own Easter Basket @ How Does She

3 - Easter Outfit @ Craft Tales From the Unknown

4 - Robin's Egg Blue Easter Wreath @ Uncommon Designs

5 - Easter Egg Basket Cupcakes @ Six Sisters' Stuff

Yummy & Sweet Lovelies

6 - End of the Rainbow Cupcakes @ Lil' Luna

7 - Chocolate Mint Brownies @ Mom on Timeout

8 - Pie Pops @ Sugar Bean Bakers

9 - Coffeehouse Coffee Cake Muffins @ Chocolate, Chocolate, and More Chocolate

10 - Ice Cream Cupcakes @ A Pumpkin and a Princess

[Read more...]

Kermit the Frog I-Spy Bag {Scribble Shop Challenge}

Hello my friends!

I have been almost giddy to share today's tutorial with you. Recently, I participated in a craft challenge from Scribble Shop. At the Scribble Shop, you can find 75,000+ crafting supplies.  I was sent a mysterious box full of very random supplies and asked to create my own project--using every possible supply!   (Think "Iron Chef" for the crafting world!)  This was a fun challenge that forced me to be creative!

So here is what I came up with:

I just love making projects for Little Man!  Since we saw The Muppets movie 3 months ago, Little Man has become obsessed with Kermit the Frog.  He tells me almost every day, "Mom, my name is still Kermit the Frog."  At our house, we do a lot of hopping. We watch Kermit the Frog on You Tube.  We dye our fingers green.  We wear Kermit the Frog t-shirts.

You might remember these themed I-Spy bags I made a while back.  For a while now, I have wanted to make color-themed I-Spy Bags.  I realize that the season of green is over, but it is Little Man's favorite.  And what better shape for a green I-Spy bag than Kermit the Frog?!


Anticipation was high when my box finally arrived and I ripped it open!  In fact, I made a video when I opened up the box! You can check it out here on YouTube. Please be kind.  This was my very first video!  Trying to tape, open up a box, and talk to Little Man was a balancing act!

Here are the supplies that Scribble Shop sent me as well as the supplies I used from my own craft stash:

Scribble Shop Supplies

Glitter brads

Martha Stewart glitter

Chalkboard paint


Blue and green fabric squares

Green roving

Ferrero Rocher Truffles

Supplies on hand

Felt (green, white, and black)

Poly pellets or rice

Small wood/chipboard sign (I used a shamrock)

Ribbon (like this one)

Green acrylic paint

Green thread

Spare buttons, foam stickers, or other knick-knacks

Let's get started!

1 - First, using a rough outline that I made, I cut out 2 Kermit heads (front and back) from green felt.

2 - I took one of those shapes to create Kermit's face.  I cut out a very wide mouth by folding the shape in half. This would be the window of the I-Spy bag.

3 - I cut out large eyes from white felt.

4 - I cut out eyeballs and the mouth from black felt and sewed all of that together to create Kermit's face.

[Read more...]

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