Earth Day Recap

This is what we made to celebrate Earth Day:

Any guesses what it is?  Maybe this will help:

My hubby, son, and I created the earth last night, with its 7 continents out of 7 different kinds of fruits!!  We made an Australian meringue dessert called a pavlova that was simply to die for.  It just melts in your mouth!  We topped it with whipped cream and some of our favorite fruits!

The only problem was that my little guy couldn't wait for the pavlova to bake... he is such a fruit lover!  He had to sample all of the fruits, but he totally cleaned house on the strawberries and kiwi.  Plenty of vitamin C intake today!  Don't you love that excited look on his face...

I think we just started a new tradition.... because I know I'll be wanting to make this again next Earth Day!!

PS I DO have a free download coming... it will probably make a late appearance though. 🙂

My Earth Day Project

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I would share a recycling project!!  I am beginning to think that I shouldn't throw anything away.  I tend to hold on to all types of containers until I am absolutely sure I cannot use them!!  This was definitely trash turned into a treasure.
Because I live in a tiny apartment and all of my craft supplies are inside my son's closet, I run into a problem.  I craft during naptime.  Even though I try to plan ahead, I can't tell you how many times I try to sneak into his dark, quiet bedroom and try to avoid waking him up.  Sometimes I end up army crawling along the floor because I have woken him up too many times to count!!  Anyway, I needed a little container for the "crafting 911 essentials"--glue gun, glue stick, measuring tape, sharpie, foam brush, you get the idea.  So I keep this little beauty on my kitchen counter where I do my crafting.
I made my "Crafting 911" container out of my son's last formula container!
I just wrapped the container in burlap, added a fabric strip and wrapped twine over the top.  My favorite part is this lovely burlap flower.
So for now, this little container hides away my most important crafting tools in the "greenest" way possible.
Happy Earth Day!

Linking up to Wednesday's Creative Inspiration:  Earth Day Style @ Roots & Wings Co.

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