Switch & Go Dinosaurs Review

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Like most Moms, I am always looking for new ways to entertain my Little Man especially in the summertime.  But I would prefer that his entertainment be educational and interactive.  So when I was approached to review 2 Switch & Go Dinos, I was positively thrilled.


When the package arrived on our doorstep, I simply told Little Man that I wanted him to try out some new toys.  Of course he was excited.  Typically I don't hand out new toys unless it's a special occasion or prize of some sort.  So this was just like Christmas!



For the next week, Little Man did everything with "Horns" the Triceratop and "Sliver" the T-Rex.  Little Man has always loved cars, but this was his first introduction to dinosaurs.  He was completely fascinated.  They joined us for story time.  They helped us clean the house.  They provided hours of entertainment, and even had the honor of being introduced to Grandma and Grandpa.  Dare I admit it--they even snuck into his bed!


What I loved most about these Switch & Go Dinos is the opportunity to have two awesome toys in one!  (What can I say?!  I'm a bargain girl!)  The toys are very interactive.  The cars easily morph into dinosaurs--each with individual sound effects and LCD screen options.  When the toys are in "car" mode, you can select the specific driver on the LCD screen; when the toys are in "dinosaur" mode, you can select the dinosaur's eyes!  Plus there are unique expressions that the cars say while in car mode (my personal favorite was "Turn my wheels!").  In dino mode, each dinosaur exclaimed 30 expressions, many of them handy-dandy facts about dinosaurs.  The sound effects really helped to bring the toys to life!  My husband and I find ourselves repeating the catchy phrases over and over again.  These toys are well loved!

Although Little Man is too young to catch on to the dino facts right now, I know he will continue to love these toys as he gets older.  What I loved even more was the opportunity for him to use his imagination!  It didn't take long before Little Man was pretending that they were vacuums, lawn mowers, and more!


Besides Sliver and Horns, there are 2 other dinos available:  T-Don the Pteranodon and Tonn the Stegosaurus.  You can buy them on Amazon now for $15.99.  Beginning June 18, the 4 dinosaurs will also be on sale for $15.99 at VTechkids.com.  Buy today on Amazon.

All in all, I was very impressed with these "Dino-Cars."  More importantly, so was Little Man!

So what do you think?  Which dino is your favorite?

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Have a fabulous day!

Dinosaur Play Day {A Couple of Craft Addicts}

Today is bittersweet for me.
I am sad that today is the last day of our Summer Camp series.  Can you believe it??
But I am also thrilled to feature on of my new favorite blogging friends.
I love A Couple of Craft Addicts!  I met Heather at Creative Estates, and she is  a gem!!  She's sharing a fab idea today!
I'm so happy to be participating in Summer Camp!

I'm Heather from A Couple of Craft Addicts. I'm a wife to a wonderful husband and mommy to a sassy two-year-old girl. My dear friend Jessica and I enjoy sharing kids crafts, recipes, sewing tips, and lots of fun DIY projects at A Couple of Craft Addicts.

I am a big fan of Oopsey Daisy and had the pleasure of meeting Alison earlier this year. She is darling in person! Thanks for letting us join in on the fun this summer!

My daughter loves to read books. Most times when she is nowhere to be found, I can usually discover her sitting in her room surrounded by piles of books as she flips through the pages. Sometimes I spy on her reading stories to her dolls. Regardless of the book she is reading I typically hear the same story - "Once upon a time there was a princess. The end."

In addition to being girly and obsessed with princesses, my daughter is really into dinosaurs! We absolutely adore Jane Yolen's dinosaur books, and we were really excited to share a fun story and play date with my daughter's favorite friends this week.

This book is about naughty dinosaurs that know just the right way to express love to their mommies and daddies. We invited a few friends over to share our book and have some fun.

I used cute dinosaur printables from Smitten Blog Designs to add the dino decor to our play date.

Free printable party pack found here

The printable party pack did not include a non specific banner so I used the images to create my own.

We had a lot of fun dinosaur related food! To create the food labels I printed directly onto address labels and then stuck them on folded cardstock. I used the cupcake toppers from the party pack to make them cuter.

Our play date was before lunch so I tried to avoid sugary snacks for the kids.
Lava Juice - fruit punch
Dinosaur Fruit Snacks - gummies in PERFECT dinosaur packaging purchased from my local grocery store
Miniature Dinosaur Eggs - grapes
Dinosaur Bones - pretzels
Swamp Dip - avocado and cottage cheese dip with tortilla chips

Our friends at the play date ranged in age from six months to five years old. I thought a coloring craft would easily take care of the age gap. I purchased small wooden dinosaurs from Michaels and decided to use crayons instead of paint or markers to avoid the mess. Since our book was about expressing love, I put out heart stickers to embellish the dinosaurs. Glue sticks were popular at the crafting table but I'm not sure I saw any googly eyes actually glued to the dinosaurs!

In honor of school starting soon I gave each guest a dinosaur notebook as a thank you for coming to our play date. I made the notebooks using generic brand books (only 15 cents each!), animal print paper, address labels, and the cupcake toppers from the printable party pack. The texture of the paper made these really fun!

We are sad to see summer coming to an end but this was the perfect occasion for a play date!

Thanks again for letting us participate!
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