Superhero Mask {Crazy Little Projects}

Hello friends!  One of the things I loved most about my Wednesday's Wowzers linky party was the opportunity to discover incredible talent in the blogging world.  One such blog was Crazy Little Projects.  Amber's sewing projects, ideas for kids and family, and incredible photography blew me away each and every week!  For months, I have been dying to officially introduce you to her blog.

I know... I know you will love her and her blog as much as I do!


Hi Oopsey Daisy readers! And thanks Alison for having me as a guest poster!

I am Amber from Crazy Little Projects. I am the mom of 4 boys, so this tutorial fits perfectly into my life. I love to sew and I love to bake and I love to show off my sewing and my baking on my blog.

Every little boy loves superheros and with 4 little boys running around my house, that means superhero capes and masks are a hot commodity. I started making personalized superhero capes years ago for the online sewing business that I ran at the time. They were such a popular item I couldn't keep up with the demand. Add a mask to that? Way too cool!

This is a tutorial for those cool masks. Want to create a matching, personalized superhero cape to go with it? The tutorial for that is here.

I let my little 4 year old pick the colors on the one he is modeling...he picked red and white with yellow accents. I was thinking lime green and black or something cool like that, but oh well. Turned out pretty great anyway.

Superhero Mask Tutorial:

Here's what you need:

A small amount of 2 colors of fabric (or you can use the same color on the front and the back)

1 package double wide folded bias tape in a coordinating color

1 piece of elastic (about 1 foot long)

Pattern pieces for mask

How to make the Mask:

This mask is different and more sturdy than most masks you will see because it has a double layer of fabric. It seriously took me some major brain power to figure out how to do this. (Don't laugh) It won't seem all that tricky to you now, but it's quite a feat of engineering!

Print out your pattern pieces. Cut 1 piece of fabric from the large pattern piece and 2 from the smaller one. They can be the same color or different, it's up to you.

Trace the eye holes on with a washable marker or chalk. Also trace the dotted line on the smaller pieces.

Pin the 2 smaller pieces on the large piece matching up the edges.

Sew around the eye holes about 1/4 inch outside the markings.

Using some nice, sharp scissors, cut out the eye holes using the markings as guides:

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Valentine Chair Pouch {Creative Carousel}

The Creative Carousel is back!

I am so excited to share some Valentine's Day-themed inspiration today!!

I love the Creative Carousel because it's my opportunity to join forces with some truly talented ladies.  After assigning a theme, we all set to work on a project.  It's so fun to see everyone'e individual creativity  shine.  After taking a look at my project, I hope you'll stop by to take a look at the other fabulous tutorials also!  Here is my contribution to the Creative Carousel:


As you know, I adore felt and have plenty left over from my quiet book and countless other projects!  Well, it's making another appearance today!  I first spotted similar chair pouches at Sheek Shindigs, and knew I wanted to create my own!   These will be our own little Valentine's Day mailboxes.

These were really quite simple to put together!  I sewed all 3 pouches for our family in an afternoon.   So let's get started!

For this project, you will need:

-- Felt (I used red and white)

-- Jumbo ricrac

-- Sewing velcro

-- Flocked heat adhesive vinyl from Silhouette (optional)

-- Ribbon or other embellishing supplies

-- Sewing supplies

To start, I created a heart pattern from freezer paper.  If you would like to use the same pattern, just click here to download mine.  I did resize the pattern so it would fit a 12x12 sheet of paper.  After creating the heart, I pinned it to white felt and just cut out the scalloped heart (the back) by hand.

I also cut out a second red heart and chopped off the top to create the pouch.  To hang the pouch on the chair, I cut a long strip of felt about 19 inches long, but this was custom for our individual kitchen chairs.

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Violette Field Threads $75 Giveaway {Closed}

This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to Danielle, comment #62!

You know what today is... It's giveaway day!

And today is a good one, my friends. 🙂

Let me introduce you to Violette Field Threads, a gorgeous shop brimming with cutting-edge sewing patterns and tutorials for children's clothing and accessories.  Their tutorials are thoughtfully written to every last detail.  They offer tutorials for beginners (like me!) and more advanced patterns, too.

Violette Field Threads was created by these beautiful ladies, best friends Ericka and Jessica. They both owned children's clothing boutiques and joined forces to create a shop for their PDF Patterns and Tutorials.  And I am a HUGE fan!

Here are a few teasers of what you might find at Violette Field Threads:

This Rosalind flower is stunning!  And this pattern/tutorial doesn't even require a sewing machine!

This Chloe dress is perfect for a party!

I love this triple ruffle bustle "Olive" top!

My favorite part of this classy Vivienne skirt is the ruffles underneath.


For the next week, you can score 15% off your purchase by entering the promo code "DAISY15" at checkout.

Plus Ericka and Jessica are generously giving one Oopsey Daisy reader a fantastic opportunity to win a $75 gift certificate to their shop!

Here is how you can win $75 to Violette Field Threads:

1.  Browse the Violetta Field Threads shop.  Leave a comment letting me know what patterns you love.  (There are lots!!)

2.  "Like" Violette Field Threads on Facebook.  Let me know!

2.  Spread the word via blogging, Facebook, or Twitter.  Come back and leave me a link!

If you're tweeting, feel free to copy and paste this link:

Win $75 to the gorgeous Violette Field Threads pattern shop at @OopseyDaisy917! #giveaway

This giveaway will close on Wednesday, January 25 at midnight.

As always, giveaway winners will be announced via Facebook/Twitter and e-mailed directly.

Good luck!

DIY Mr. Potato Head Costume

This post was originally posted as part of The Train to Crazy's Handmade Dress-Up DIY series.  Andrea had oodles of fun costume ideas at her place, so check them out!

Normally I like to be a little secretive about our family's Halloween costumes.  Halloween Night becomes the big reveal!  But this year, I'm letting you in on a little secret.  You get the first glimpses of what we are planning to wear for Halloween 2011.  And guess what?  If you've been around for a little while, you'll probably recognize these costumes!  That's right:  This overworked, underpaid Mommy is recycling costumes from Little Man's birthday party for Halloween.   But Little Man couldn't be happier. 🙂

In our house, it's never a matter of what movie.  It's which number:  Toy Story 1, 2, or 3.  We live and breathe Toy Story!  So naturally, this year we are all dressing up as Toy Story characters.

When Little Man turned two, I threw him a Toy Story birthday party.  You might remember he dressed up like Buzz Lightyear, and we asked all of our guests to dress up like Toy Story characters too!

Our guests were great sports!   To join in on the fun, Mr. Oopsey Daisy and I dressed up like Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

I sewed our costumes in 1 afternoon, and they were a piece of a cake!

Are you ready to learn how to make your own?

If you're still wondering what to be this Halloween, I promise you can whip up this costume in no time at all!

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Bed of Clouds Tutorial {Our Wonderfilled Life}

I am thrilled to introduce you to Michelle, the fabulous author of Our Wonderfilled Life.  What an incredible lady... and what a fun tutorial!
Hello to all of Alison's lovely readers!! I am beyond happy to be here today at Oopsey Daisy!!  Alison's ideas are always so clever, and she is so kind to open her door to me!!

I'm Michelle, "mother wonder" over at Our Wonderfilled Life.  

I have FIVE very sweet little guys, including a set of two-year-old quadruplets, that I refer to as my boy wonders. While I am {just a bit} outnumbered, I spend my slivers of free time creating, designing, gathering inspiration, for our little corner of the world.  

The project I am sharing with you today has great gift potential!  It has been appropriately titled, by my 6-year-old, BED OF CLOUDS, sounds dreamy right?!  I was thrilled to have the chance to make something girly for my niece's upcoming seventh birthday!!

This sweet little bed is made up of 5 pillows all enclosed in separate cases.  The cover is removable, and washable.  It is perfect for a slumber party, at home movie night, lounging.  The best part is that you can use your own spare pillows to cut down on some of the cost.  As this was a gift, I bought new pillows at Target for a very reasonable $4 a piece.

Make Your Own Baggies {I Can Teach My Child}

Jenae is a former first grade teacher turned stay-at-home Mama to two precious (and wild and crazy) little boys. She loves spending time with her family and sharing fun and educational ideas with other parents and caregivers on her blog I Can Teach My Child!

Baggies are an inevitable part of life with children. Whether you are packing a school lunch or throwing Cheerios in a diaper bag, baggies are a must for every parent.
Instead of using disposable baggies, though, try making your own! It's super easy and takes about 20 minutes tops! Plus, one benefit of these baggies is that they are insulated!
Here's what you'll need:
A picnic tablecloth (the kind with the felt on the back),
Sew-on velcro (I used 1/2 inch...I think),
Pins, a sewing machine, and thread!
Optional: Rotary cutter and mat.
1. Cut a section from your very large smaller than 16x9 inches.
It will be easier to work with if you start off with a small piece.

PINK Bow Cuff {Color My Summer}

Color me HAPPY!
We may be just a few days short of the "official" season...
But isn't summer the most vibrant, colorful time of the year?!
It makes me think of fireworks and popsiciles; parties and pools!

It is definitely my favorite time of the year.

I am "tickled PINK" about my project today because I am participating in the fabulous "Color My Summer" event, hosted by my gals at KoJo Designs and Delia Creates (Delia just happens to be my blog crush if you didn't already know!)

I love colors, but to be completely honest, I feel like my color palette can be limited.  Why?!  Because I live with 2 boys!  I often find my projects stuck in a rut of blues, greens, yellows, and browns.
Not today, my friends. Not today.
Today, I'm sharing a project that makes ME feel like a lady! 

I broke free from some bad color habits by spotlighting the color PINK.  And not just a shy, tame, pastel pink.  Let me introduce you to a bright and fun let's-celebrate-summer-magenta pink.

Not a sewer?  Don't worry, if you can sew a straight line, I'll walk you through how to create your own suede bow cuff bracelet in under 10 minutes.

By the way, I often worry when I hear a time limit on a project because I know it will take me at least double or triple the time (probably because of my many oopsey daisies!)... so you can believe me when I tell you that this will be easy!

Spring Flower Wall Art

In case you missed my guest post at Positively Splendid, I shared this spring flower wall art.  Come read along and see how to make your own!
I don't know about you, but I am longing for spring.  Here in Colorado, we are finally seeing some sun, and I am craving more! When the temperature rises even a smidge, I find myself craving spring's elusive arrival.  I created this burlap flower wall art to brighten up my winter days! Come along with me to see how to make your very own!
I LOVE a good sales on frames.  I indulged a bit in a 40% off sale at Michael's, and found a long frame that would be perfect for this project.  I cut a piece of cardboard that would serve as the backing, and then I cut a piece of burlap that was about 2 inches longer on every side.  I wanted to have plenty of burlap to wrap around the cardboard.
I began by using green ricrac and ribbon scraps to create the flower stems.  I alternated the stem lengths, and made each stem a little different.
Next, I made some easy-peesy flowers.  I wanted the flowers to be a bit 3-dimensional, so I made flowers by cutting 4 circles out of my chosen fabric.  I folded them in quarters and pressed them just slightly so they would stay folded.
I cut centers for the flowers using coordinating fabric and pinned everything onto the burlap.  I think my favorite part was arranging the different colors and patterns!
First, I sewed the stems.  Then I made sure to overlap the 4 quarters of the flowers just slightly and sewed everything to the burlap by sewing around the round centers of the flowers.
I sewed some mini ricrac on some of the flowers.  This is one of my favorite flowers!  So bright and happy!
I wrapped the burlap around the cardboard, pulling it tight, and hot gluing around the edges.  (On a side note, if you use cardboard with print like I did, be sure that the printed side is the back side.  You don't want the print to show through.  I learned that the hard way!)
These flowers just make me smile!  I do believe that this flower wall art will have a place in my new craft room.




I failed to find a nice patch of green grass, but I think that the snow may be thawing a bit... at least I'm hoping so!
Have a happy (and WARM!) weekend!
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