Printable Gospel ABC Book

Do you remember this post where I shared my Sunday ABC's Book?  Well, Little Man is loving it!!  And so am I!  I am enjoying a bit (and every bit counts!) more peace on Sundays than usual. 

I have received e-mails from several of you who have been interested in downloading all of the pictures and title pages for the entire book.  Hey, I don't blame you!  It takes a while to download all those pictures, save them, etc.  This is why I offer downloads... no need to reinvent the wheel, right?!  Here is a quick reminder of what some of the pages look like:

So I have uploaded a PDF version of MY Sunday ABC book that you will be able to download!  Happy day!!  But there are some important details that you will need to know, so be sure to read on:
* You will need a 52-page (or more) 4 x 6 photo album for this book.  
* Each picture is formatted to be 4 x 6.  
* I combined my "U" and "V" pages so that the title and picture fit on the page.  You will see what I mean.  To have a title page, I had to combine a few pages!
* You will need your own pictures for the some letters.  Trust me, you don't want pictures of MY family in there!!  Here are the pics you will need:

I - I Am a Child of God - Picture of your own little man or little lady.
G - Grandparents - Picture of both sets of grandparents.
F - Family - Picture of your family.

As far as producing your book, you have two choices:
1.  If you just want to print this out on paper, just download and print.  Easy, breezy!  
2.  If you are looking to print this out as pictures like I did, here is the dealio.  The only way I know how to do this is...Open up the PDF file in Photoshop, and save them as .jpg files.  Then you can upload them to print at Costco or wherever you do your photo printing!  Or maybe you know someone more tech-savvy who has a better solution!

You can download the 48-page PDF file here  or here.  Have a fabulous weekend, my friends!!

**For this project, the fonts are copyright Dianne J Hook. Used with permission from DJ Inkers.**

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