Fresh Orchid Lei ~ A Taste of Hawaii!

You know you're a craft blogger...
When you find a crafting opportunity when you're on VACATION!!!
I love a million things about Hawaii.
The beach, of course.
Palm trees.
Hula dancing.
Fresh flowers.
The color of the ocean.
The humid air... it's like being in a cloud!
{Just making this list makes me want to leave the piles of laundry behind and head back there right now!}
I don't think anything compares to a hearty Hawaiian "Aloha!" along with a fresh lei being draped around my neck.  It marks the official beginning of a BREAK!
I had NO idea that there were so many different types of leis!  We just barely missed the May Day lei festival where leis are displayed, made out of everything from flowers to nuts and berries.
But of course my favorite leis are made from these...
I love, love, love orchids!
We did plenty of amazing stuff on our vacation, but I simply had to make my own fresh Hawaiian lei while we were there.  I met a friend who worked at the resort who was kind enough to teach me how, and this made my Hawaiian experience complete! And of course I documented the process for a proper tutorial!
Are you ready??
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