Happy Birthday Banner ~ Manly Version

I just had to share this little birthday banner I made last week.  My Dad is a busy stake president and had several meetings on his birthday night.  So my Mom and sister and I snuck over and  decorated his office door and left him several of his favorite treats before he got there.  He was very surprised!  

I did everything on the cricut using the Storybook cartridge for the shape and Doodletype for the letters.  I wanted it to be simple and not too cutsie... don't you love how the ribbon ties it all together?

I know, I know... I am banner obsessed. I am currently trying to decide on what kind of spring banner to make for my mantel.  So many options... so little time.  🙂

Thanks for stopping by... Happy Tuesday!

There Will Be No Pinching

Because I will be wearing this on St. Patty's Day! 
 Yes indeed, I have gone burlap flower-crazy!!  One day last week, I spent 2 hours making oodles of them.  Some with fabric on top.  Some with burlap on top.  Some with green and natural burlap together.
I added some burlap flowers to my Lucky banner, and look how cute!!
The burlap flowers add so much!!
Pretty sure that burlap flowers have changed my life.  


Lucky Banner

There is a burlap craze going on right now.  I admit, I needed another project to feed my own burlap addiction!  And tis the season for green burlap.  Isn't it lovely?!
So I took a piece of cardstock, created a triangle, and used that as my pattern.  I cut out 5 triangles.  *Don't forget the secret to cutting out burlap, at least when you're cutting parallel to the fibers, is to pull out one of the fibers where you want to make your cut.  Much cleaner and fewer fuzzies!!  I love that trick.  I learned by watching those talented ladies at JoAnn's.**

I used my cricut to cut out templates for my "Lucky" letters.  It took me forever because my cricut mat wasn't sticky, and the freezer paper kept tearing, but I figured out a solution, and we'll address that on another day!!  Anyway, don't you love the cute font?!  It's one by DJ Inker's.

I ironed my freezer paper, smooth side against the fabric, to the center of my burlap triangle, then ironed another piece of freezer paper to the back side.  I used white paint to paint over my template next.  I was afraid it wouldn't look truly white on the dark green burlap, especially with such large fibers.  So I gave it plenty of coats--probably too many, I realized, once it had dried.  Oh well, nice white letters I have!

I wanted to hang it with twine, so I used hot glue to glue down the twine across the back of the top of each triangle.

I folded the top over, hiding the burlap.  A bit of hot glue squeezes through.  But no biggie.

Ah... so lovely.  Burlap, banners.  Two of my favorite things in the whole world!  (It will be nice to have a larger mantel.  Someday.)

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Birthday Name Banner

This has been such a cold, gloomy winter... but this weekend was just plain miserable here in Colorado.  So we spent our time cuddling up in blankets on the couch, sipping hot cocoa and watching the Olympics.  It was lovely!  But trying to keep my now-very-mobile son contained in our small apartment is tricky.  We are going a little stir crazy.  I am going to have to get creative this week for sure!

Anyway, I wanted to share the name banner I made for the birthday bash last week.  I couldn't let an occasion slip by without creating a banner!  But this one was really fun to make!

I love the dollar bins at Michael's.  I found some chipboard stars in a stash, and knew they were perfect.  I have a crazy thing for stars.  As a teacher, my classroom was decorated with stars.  They are just plain happy.  And for the birthday, I figured I couldn't go wrong with the primary colors--red, yellow, and blue.  I found some coordinating paper and mod-podged them on the stars.

Using my trusty Cricut, I cut out some stencil circle shapes for the letters of his name.  

I glued the letters onto the stars, and couldn't resist the bling-bling of glitter.  I really wanted the letters to stand out and... well, sparkle.

Now for the fun part!  I embellished the stars using buttons and Happy Birthday ribbon.  My husband complained that this was too cutsie for my very boyish boy... next year, he insists that I make him an airplane banner!

To hang the stars, I punched holes in the top points and strung it with twine.  I had to dab just a dot of hot glue to hold the stars facing forward on the twine so they wouldn't swing.

Just one more view...

By the way, isn't my parents' mantel lovely?!

Believe banner

I have a banner obsession
And this banner is my Christmas pride and joy. Now, realize that this would showcase so much better if I was all decked out for Christmas. But let's be honest: It's January, and all my Christmas stuff is sitting in a tub waiting to be carried down 3 flights of stairs to the garage. So we will just have to make do. 🙂 This banner at Room to Inspire was my inspiration.   Chelsea has an excellent tutorial.

I didn't find cute chipboard stars, but I did buy actual wooden stars. I keep having to count up the letters in "believe". There are 7, so that makes 7 stars. I debated about painting them first, but decided to make it easier on myself by skipping that step! Next, I downloaded the sheet music to Silent Night. I wanted an old-fashioned look, so I gave them an antiquish look in PhotoShop, and then printed out enough copies to Mod-Podge music to the fronts and backs of each lovely star. I absolutely love how this looks. Love the music, love the song, love the shape, love the overall look.

For my letters, I printed out large, very standard letters from my computer, and then distressed them to give them an aged look. Next, I applied glue and glitter to them. I used my Cricut to cut out the black scalloped shapes to mount each letter and found some perfect gold paper to tie it all together. Lots of gluing, but it was worth it! I was in heaven when I found a container of gold buttons at Michael's, so I hot glue'd some on. (Many of them were falling off, so I did end up securing them with stronger glue.)

Finally, I just had to beg my husband to drill the holes in the tops of each letter. I hung each letter, secured it to the main ribbon with a dot of hot glue, and carefully threaded my gold ribbon through.

Normally I am not a gold girl... I am more of a silver gal. But there's something so bright and shimmering about this banner. So Christmasey. So perfect.

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