Sunday’s Snippets: A Hot Date!

For me, Sundays are all about family!  So each Sunday, I take a break from my usual creative routine to share a few glimpses of our everyday lives.  This is nothing glamorous about our normal days, but I treasure them!!


This week (on Thanksgiving, actually!), Mr. Oopsey Daisy and I are celebrating 4 years of the beginning of our eternity together.

Four years?!

It seems like just yesterday!

I felt like a very lucky lady then.  But I feel even luckier now.

As you know, Mr. Oopsey Daisy travels a lot and works very hard for our family.  It's definitely not easy on him or us.  But one thing is for sure:  I appreciate the times we are together even more.

To celebrate our big day, my sweet hubby planned an incredible date!  It was perfect in every way.

After traveling, he popped into town and surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of roses just in time for our date!  I don't think I will ever get tired of roses... these lovelies just make me smile!

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Sunday’s Snippets: Another Wedding Weekend

I have declared 2011 the summer of weddings!

You may remember that just 6 weeks ago, we celebrated the marriage of brother-in-law #1 in the Salt Lake Temple.  This past weekend, brother-in-law #2 tied the knot!  I can't tell you how happy I am to (finally!) have more girls in the family!

The couple was married in the lovely Draper Temple.  I had never visited this Temple before.  It is incredibly gorgeous!


My boys looked rather dapper outside the Temple.  Don't you just love Little Man's little suit??

I warned you.

Remember how everything possible went wrong for me for wedding pictures?  Leave it to me to burn myself with a curling iron on the morning of a wedding.  (Thanks, Photoshop for covering that up!)  Plus I had a lingering eye infection.  After 19 photographs, this is the only one that I could keep my eyes open for.  And this is before my dress flew up in the wind and flashed everyone.  Classic.



The gorgeous bride and groom finally emerged from the Temple.  Aren't they the picture-perfection of cuteness??

Let's just call these guys The Three Stooges.  I love seeing my husband with his brothers.  There is always a lot of laughing involved.


Oh yes.  And there is always a lot of food involved.  Most of our time together becomes one giant food tour!  We joined the bride's family for a picnic dinner before the reception that night.


Sweet Little Man.

Shy no longer, he started putting on a show for everyone there!  He climbed the ladder, tap-danced on the slide at the top, flew down the slide, and waited for applause.  He really hammed it up.

The reception was gorgeous.  Don't you love the turquoise?!


One of the sweetest moments was watching the bride and groom dance with their parents.  Did I mention that I played DJ?  While Mr. Oopsey Daisy played MC, I was playing the perfect song for every moment.  It was SUCH a fun time!

Everyone wanted to dance with Little Man.  His cousins.  His aunts.  But watch out, ladies!  This Little Man is mine!  When his favorite Justin Bieber song played, I had to get a dance with my Little Man!


This was one of my favorite parts of the evening.

I found out my father-in-law could dance.  Seriously dance.  I had no idea!

I haven't been twirled around on the dance floor like this in a very long time.

 Alright.  Who's getting married next?  I'm ready!

Thanks for reading Oopsey Daisy.  I'm so glad that you're here.

Sunday’s Snippets: My Handsome Ringbearer

Recently, we returned from the wedding of Mr. Oopsey Daisy's brother to a beautiful girl in Salt Lake City!  This was actually the first family wedding since our own happy day almost 4 years ago, so it was an exciting event!  I love weddings.  I love the flowers...  The dress.... The dancing.   And I have to admit, I am a people watcher!

I have been itching to show just a few pictures that I took of this special day!

The beautiful couple, now husband and wife

A triumphant bride

A gorgeous wedding reception.  Don't you love the colors--eggplant and ivory?!

Our little family, decked out in eggplant!

I might be just a bit biased--but how handsome is the ringbearer?!

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