File Organization {Using a Cardboard Box}

I love when I create a project that solves a real legitimate problem.  I love pretty eye-candy projects, too.  But I feel so useful when I can create something that solves a problem around the house.  The ideas really flow for me that way.

Yesterday, mr. oopsey daisy needed some help organizing his office.  (Yes, he has an office and I have a craft room.  We are so lucky!!)  Organization is a tricky issue in our house.  I love organization.  And so does mr. oopsey daisy.  But no matter how I try to help his organization, he simply doesn't put things away.  So we are always re-organizing!

Yesterday, I spontaneously created this file organization system using an old cardboard box and a magazine file.  Halfway through the project, I realized I should be taking pictures to share this little solution-to-our-problem with you!



When I told the mister that I would be taking pictures of his clutter, he hurried to organize his papers into neat piles.  Sadly, it is not usually this neat.  He doesn't want to put away his most important papers, so he just leaves them out on top of the desk.  And then those important receipts or notes written on tiny business cards somehow get lost in those piles!  I really wanted his desk surface clean, so we worked on a solution to the organization problem!


We needed somewhere to stow away all of those important current papers and action items.  So I started out with this magazine file that we already had around the house.  To prevent those important little papers from getting lost, I knew that we needed to create some dividers.

Next, I raided the ever-growing pile of boxes.  We have no furniture in our entry yet so we have been creating towers of cardboard boxes instead!  So I snagged one of the boxes and used my exacto knife to cut out 5 cardboard dividers.

I had to open up a few boxes, but I found my scrapbook paper in the stash!  What a happy sight. I love scrapbook paper!

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Book Organization

This post was originally published on Brown Paper PackagesCheck out Kierste's fabulous series "A Place For Everything!"

Once upon a time, I was a first grade teacher. 

Naturally, I collected A LOT of books... Can you believe that thousands of books were just sitting in plastic tubs in our garage?!  They were in desperate need of a little organization!  I was thrilled when I had a sweet friend inspire me with her book organization.  Thanks, Tiff, for this great idea!

This has been a long time coming, but I finally collected ALL of my books, cataloged them, and color coded them so that even Little Man can put them away.

The first step was cataloging! I decided to organize the books by author's last name. But I also tagged the books by topics, book series, holidays, etc. so I could easily find books that I want to pull out for a special occasion.

Now I can easily check to see if I have a book before purchasing a duplicate copy!  (I have a bad habit of collecting several copies of the same books!)

Doesn't this rainbow of dot stickers make you happy?! Well, I ordered all different shades of dots to help me color code the books.  (You can see where I ordered these here on Amazon.)

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The Family Fun Sack

This is a re-post of an idea I shared at Brassy Apple...

Eek!  Summer is just around the corner!
Summertime is pretty chaotic at our house.  We always have BIG plans at the beginning of the summer, but it seems to fly by way too fast.  Without a bit of organization, we simply take advantage of those warm summer months.   Here is a fun way for the entire family to get organized for all that summer fun!
Introducing the Family Fun Sack!
My parents started many classic traditions, and this is another project that I owe to their genius.  At the beginning of every summer, we would have a Family Night and my Dad would introduce the Family Fun Sack--a simple brown paper bag that he had decorated in his simple "Daddy" style.
Each family member anonymously wrote down 3-4 "must-do" ideas for family summer fun.  Some ideas might have included:
Going camping,
Going miniature golfing,
Making s'mores,
Playing at a local water park
Attending a baseball game,
Etc., etc.!

As kids, we often drew pictures to accompany our ideas.  After everyone contributed their ideas, my Dad would make a calendar and map out all of our summer fun.  He made sure to include everyone's ideas!  We were so tickled to see one of our ideas on the calendar!
A few nights ago, we began this tradition in my own little family.
Here is how I made the sack:
I started out with a simple gift bag that I already had on hand.
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