M is for Monsters

This is my first official post using WordPress and publishing to my new oopseydaisyblog.com domain.  It kind of gives me the giggles.  My little blog is growing up!!  And what better way to break in the new blog than with a new Mommy School packet??

Honestly, I've had this packet brewing on the back burner for quite some time.  Ever since throwing our Monster Play Date, we've been having way too much fun with monsters.

M is for Monsters is here!!

Here are some of the concepts covered in this 44-page packet:

* Letter of the week: M
* Number of the week: 8
* Shape of the week: Square
*Theme of the week: Monsters
* Nursery Rhymeof the week:  Little Miss Muffet
Take a peek at just some of the fun:

Don't Scare the Monster Game - Played just like "Don't Eat Pete."

Some M coloring pages along with letter tracing.

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The Monster Sandwich

Ever since our monster playdate, we've had monsters on our mind!
This is what we ate for lunch today:
The slightly scary but oh-so-yummy monster sandwich!
We couldn't help but cackle wickedly while eating every bite!
You can easily make a monster sandwich with what you have on hand in your own crisper drawer.  But this is what we used for ours:
* Lunch meat for face
* Sprouts for hair/fur
* Cucumbers for eyes
* Olives for eye balls
* Cheese for nose
* Cherry tomatoes for mouth
* Pickle for tongue


Many times, my food crafts are not even close to being healthy.  But with this fresh yumminess served on whole wheat bread, it's a perfectly healthy meal.
I hope you enjoy a healthy snack with your own little monsters!
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