London Skyline T-shirt {Fabric Ink Starter Kit}

Happy New Year, friends!

I hope you rang in the New Year in style!

You might know me as one of the only bloggers out there who still uses a Cricut.  I stuck firmly to the Cricut forever--even after most other bloggers had made the big switch to the Silhouette.  I actually own, use, and love both the Cricut and Silhouette.  (Yes, it is possible!) I love things about both machines!  But I do love all of the accessories and options that come with the Silhouette!  Last week, I tried out Silhouette's fabric ink starter kit. I love this kit!  It's a simple way to create intricate stencils on fabric for a professional look.

My baby sis was in town for the holidays, so we got together for some quality crafting time!

My sister Kara went to school in London last summer, and thoroughly enjoyed her time there.  She adores all things "London!"

We busted out the Silhouette fabric ink starter kit.

The kit included:

Special fabric vinyl

Special transfer paper

Foam brush and sponge

Hook tool

Black fabric paint and tray (This paint was strong!  Not your average craft paint!)

We found this London skyline image in the Silhouette library and sized it correctly using the Silhouette studio software.

After cutting the stencil out of the vinyl, I used the transfer paper to apply it to the t-shirt.  We used blue painter's tape to create a box for our design.

(We also could have used the negative space from the vinyl instead, but that would have been tricky for such an intricate image! We kind of created our stencil inside out!)

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