Make Your Own Flannel Board


Can it be possible that I do not already own a flannel board?!
I finally decided to fix my little problem.  I turned this $6 nothing-special-at-all whiteboard into my fabulous multi-purpose flannel board 
Want to see how I did it?
I started out with this little guy from Wal-Mart.  I did like that it was a magnetic white board... it's already serving 2 purposes.  Score!  But I really only needed the back of the board to create my flannel board.
I wanted to make the back of the whiteboard into a flannel board.  So I bought some blue flannel on sale, and cut a piece that was a bit larger than the board.
To hide the edges and prevent fraying, I folded all 4 sides and pressed my folds under in order to create my desired size.
I used hot glue to secure the flannel to the board.  Where would I be without my hot glue gun?!  I had hoped to staple my flannel right on the board, but the plastic was just too flimsy.  But if you have a wood board, by all means, staple away!
The board was just a little bare for my liking... so I beautified!  I added ribbon to both sides of my board.
I probably went overboard by adding felt flowers in a corner for extra cuteness.  But I like the finishing touch!  Here is the final product: 
I was so anxious to turn this into a Family Home Evening tool that I added some burlap magnets to the whiteboard side to maximize its use!
This flannel board/white board now has 3 purposes:  1.  Flannel board stories and activities.  2.  Writing.  3.  Magnetic activities.   I love the magic of multi-purposing!  We are already getting great use out of this flannel board!
 I firmly believe that the flannel board is an amazing learning tool. My son is loving all of the songs and stories--that's for sure!
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