Five Green & Speckled Frogs

It's funny where creative inspiration comes from.  This particular project was inspired by a song.  A song I sing just about every day to my son.  He loves it!  Even as an infant, he would perk up to Five Green and Speckled Frogs. So I set out to make 5 very green and very speckled frogs that he could play with while we sing the song!

I used a frog template to cut out 2 green frog shapes per frog--10 total.  It was pretty tricky matching these up perfectly.  I made a "figure eight shape" out of white and black felt for the eyes.  The fun part for me was using Wonder-Under to attach all of the spots onto the frogs... even on the backs of them!!  Our five green and speckled frogs needed to be truly speckled, after all.  I sewed a red mouth and then stitched all the way around the frogs, stopping just long enough to add just a bit of stuffing for each frog's tummy.

This little frog is my favorite. I like his big dopey smile.   They each have their own special "personality" and did not end up identical, but I like that. 

I was dying for this little drooling dude to wake up in the morning and meet the froggies!! 

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