Sunday’s Snippets: Happiest Place on Earth

If you're new to Oopsey Daisy, welcome!  For me, Sundays are all about family!  So each Sunday, I take a break from my usual creative routine to share a few glimpses of our everyday lives.  There is nothing glamorous about our normal days, but I treasure them!

Last week, we left snowy Colorado to visit family in sunny California!

You may recall that last week was a rollercoaster ride for our little family.  But it began here at Disneyland... the Happiest Place on Earth!  Just looking at these pictures makes me want to go back!

I realize we are completely spoiled, but every year we go to Disneyland for just 1 day.  Mr. Oopsey Daisy's family lives in California, somewhat close, and visiting Disneyland with my in-laws has just become our "thing." So this was actually Little Man's third time visiting Mickey Mouse and friends!  This year we even survived an entire day at Disneyland without a nap!   This year we were foolish enough to plan our trip to Disneyland just 2 days before Thanksgiving, so we battled long lines, crowds, and aching feet. But of course I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Just in the last few months, Little Man has truly fallen in love with Mickey Mouse.  (I am thrilled about this because "Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse" is one children's TV show that I actually enjoy myself!)  So his little Mickey Mouse traveled with us to meet the real Mickey Mouse!

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