Bed of Clouds Tutorial {Our Wonderfilled Life}

I am thrilled to introduce you to Michelle, the fabulous author of Our Wonderfilled Life.  What an incredible lady... and what a fun tutorial!
Hello to all of Alison's lovely readers!! I am beyond happy to be here today at Oopsey Daisy!!  Alison's ideas are always so clever, and she is so kind to open her door to me!!

I'm Michelle, "mother wonder" over at Our Wonderfilled Life.  

I have FIVE very sweet little guys, including a set of two-year-old quadruplets, that I refer to as my boy wonders. While I am {just a bit} outnumbered, I spend my slivers of free time creating, designing, gathering inspiration, for our little corner of the world.  

The project I am sharing with you today has great gift potential!  It has been appropriately titled, by my 6-year-old, BED OF CLOUDS, sounds dreamy right?!  I was thrilled to have the chance to make something girly for my niece's upcoming seventh birthday!!

This sweet little bed is made up of 5 pillows all enclosed in separate cases.  The cover is removable, and washable.  It is perfect for a slumber party, at home movie night, lounging.  The best part is that you can use your own spare pillows to cut down on some of the cost.  As this was a gift, I bought new pillows at Target for a very reasonable $4 a piece.

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