A Bad Case of Stripes {Lil’ Luna}

I couldn't be any more thrilled that it's Friday! 
And to celebrate the occasion, Kristyn from Lil' Luna is here! Kristyn is one of my favorite people... I know because I got to meet her in real life! And this girl has creativity oozing out of her ears!

Hi there Oopsey Daisy Readers!!

I'm Kristyn from Lil' Luna and am THRILLED to be here today as part of Alison's Summer Camp Series.

What a fun idea!
We love books over here at the Merkley house - 
especially kids books!
Believe it or not, but I've been collecting kids books for about 
10 years now.

The hubby even proposed at Barnes and Nobles {at the midnight release of Harry Potter} using a kids book he had made. 
That's how much we LOVE books!
{Btw, it's okay if you think we are nerds because we are} 🙂

My FAVORITE kid author of all is David Shannon.
He has so many fun books, but one of the things I love most about them are the illustrations.

My favorite is:

A Bad Case of Stripes

It's all about a little girl named Camilla who is so concerned about what others think that she ends up covered in stripes and everything else you can imagine because she doesn't want her classmates to know she loves LIMA BEANS!! Afraid she will be unpopular with her classmates for this secret of hers, Camilla only truly finds herself when she embraces her secret and no longer cares what others think of her.

Reading this book made me realize "I wish my kid LOVE lima beans!!" That's definitely not the case since liking lima beans (or any veggies for that matter) is not super common, especially with my kiddos. In fact, they're pretty darn picky. The hubby and I are trying to encourage our kids to eat all sorts of foods and not just something with cheese in it (grilled cheese, quesadillas, mac and cheese, pizza - the kiddos favs). We decided to make EATING CHARTS to help with this... and of course made them with STRIPES!!
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