Anthropologie Fori Bracelet Knockoff {Flamingo Toes}

I hope you had a blessed Easter weekend!  We somehow crammed all of our Easter fun into just 2 crazy days this weekend.  It was an incredible time with family and friends.

While I am still recovering from the big move, I've asked my pal Bev from Flamingo Toes to share her fabulous talents with us!  I am SO thrilled about her tutorial today because I am always so excited about her Anthro knockoffs!



Hello Oopsey Daisy Readers!! I am so excited to be here today to help out Alison while she's settling into her new house!

My name is Bev and I my blog is called Flamingo Toes.

I have a weakness for jewelry - and I love doing jewelry knockoffs! It's so fun to be able to create something similar to fabulous designer pieces, at a fraction of the price, and that's just what I have for you today!

Here's my version of the Anthropologie Fori Bracelet:

I love how it turned out! It's kind of fun and vintage-y looking!

And here's Anthro's version - valued at $118!!:

So mine's more "inspired by" than an actual knockoff this time. I wanted to use fabric instead of the nylon webbing they used. That's the beauty of a knockoff though - you get to make it the way you want it!!

Ready to get started? This is quick and easy!
(And would make a fab Mother's Day gift - it's just around the corner!!)

9" x 3" piece of fabric
Piece of webbing/belt/stabilizer - 5" x 1"
2 small D rings
Lobster Closure/2 jump rings
Beads and rhinestones for decoration
Optional charm for decoration

Start by sewing your fabric in half, long ways, right sides together.


Turn the fabric tube right side out. Press the seam open and in the center of the tube.
Cut a piece of webbing or stabilizer and slip it into the fabric tube. I used a piece of an old belt of my sons.

Center the webbing in the fabric tube. Tuck the open ends of the fabric in, then slip each end through a D ring.
Fold the fabric to the back side, with the seam, and sew across each opening. Your fabric piece should measure about 6" without the D rings.
This will fit an average size wrist. Check your measurement before you sew on your wrist and adjust the folded sections larger or smaller if you need to.


Decide the layout of your beads and stones. (All of mine came from Michael's)
Begin with the center and start sewing on your beads.

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