Paper Bag Dress Tutorial {Delia Creates}

I will be attending Creative Estates this week, plus enjoying the Arizona sun with my family all week along!  In my absence, I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to welcome some amazing guests to Oopsey Daisy!  Today, you are going to fall in love with the incredible Delia from Delia Creates.  Her blog is oozing with inspiration!

Hello! I am so happy to be posting over here on Alison's blog. She is so nice, so talented, and a beauty to boot. She is also a wonderful mother. The thing that clinched my follower-ship to her blog were her amazing mommy school packets. So...I am thrilled that she asked me to guest post.


Today I am going to share a very, very, very, very easy sewing project? Did I say very? Yes...very easy.

It's a tunic style dress that without that belt looks very much like a paper bag. Hence why I named it so. 🙂

You only have to sew two straight lines and then you are finished. Easy.

Let me show you what I mean.

Owl Library Tote

This is another project I have been hoarding for months actually.  I guess my project archives needed a little spring cleaning, too!
Ever since we began Mommy School, I have become a library book hog. I reserve every book I can find that goes along with our selected theme. I often leave the library with 20+ books.  Trying to carry Little Man plus the books was quite the juggling act.  I definitely needed a bag to tote around all of those books!  And nothing says reading like a wise old owl.
And now Little Man has learned to tote around HIS favorite toys in this bag, too!

I used a freezer paper stencil to paint the words on one side of the bag.  I thought I was so clever to dream up this little owl pun!  (Can you tell we have been using our bag for a few months now?!  It's already dirty!)
On the flip side, I sewed on this owl applique.  I raided my fabric scraps to design this little owl.  Isn't he a sweet?!
Here's the "little hoot" himself!  He makes me laugh.  Just the other day, we were leaving for a meeting, and he grabbed his owl tote and started throwing in some of his favorite toys.  He figured out how to carry the bag on his shoulder, and he thinks he is pretty hot stuff!
Friday is almost here.  Hooray for that!

Spring Flower Wall Art

In case you missed my guest post at Positively Splendid, I shared this spring flower wall art.  Come read along and see how to make your own!
I don't know about you, but I am longing for spring.  Here in Colorado, we are finally seeing some sun, and I am craving more! When the temperature rises even a smidge, I find myself craving spring's elusive arrival.  I created this burlap flower wall art to brighten up my winter days! Come along with me to see how to make your very own!
I LOVE a good sales on frames.  I indulged a bit in a 40% off sale at Michael's, and found a long frame that would be perfect for this project.  I cut a piece of cardboard that would serve as the backing, and then I cut a piece of burlap that was about 2 inches longer on every side.  I wanted to have plenty of burlap to wrap around the cardboard.
I began by using green ricrac and ribbon scraps to create the flower stems.  I alternated the stem lengths, and made each stem a little different.
Next, I made some easy-peesy flowers.  I wanted the flowers to be a bit 3-dimensional, so I made flowers by cutting 4 circles out of my chosen fabric.  I folded them in quarters and pressed them just slightly so they would stay folded.
I cut centers for the flowers using coordinating fabric and pinned everything onto the burlap.  I think my favorite part was arranging the different colors and patterns!
First, I sewed the stems.  Then I made sure to overlap the 4 quarters of the flowers just slightly and sewed everything to the burlap by sewing around the round centers of the flowers.
I sewed some mini ricrac on some of the flowers.  This is one of my favorite flowers!  So bright and happy!
I wrapped the burlap around the cardboard, pulling it tight, and hot gluing around the edges.  (On a side note, if you use cardboard with print like I did, be sure that the printed side is the back side.  You don't want the print to show through.  I learned that the hard way!)
These flowers just make me smile!  I do believe that this flower wall art will have a place in my new craft room.




I failed to find a nice patch of green grass, but I think that the snow may be thawing a bit... at least I'm hoping so!
Have a happy (and WARM!) weekend!

5-Step Ruffle Skirt

Since I first discovered ruffle fabric, I have been itching to create something for ME.  Can you believe that this is the first time I have ever sewed something for me to wear?! I don't know what was holding me back because this skirt was easy.  In just 5 simple steps, I was ready to wear my ruffles!
Are you ready to make your own?  YOU CAN DO IT!  Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it, too!
I started out by creating my pattern.  I searched my closet for a skirt that I absolutely LOVED, did some measuring, and created my pattern using some butcher paper.  A straight skirt is the best kind of pattern when it comes to this ruffle fabric.  (The skirtI used as my pattern ended up being much too A-line, but I easily corrected this later on).  I really just needed a rough guide to get started.
I pinned my butcher paper pattern to the back of the ruffle fabric, and then cut out a front and back.  **When using ruffle fabric, try to be sure that you cut both front/back in the same part of the ruffle pattern.  So if you line up the top of the front to the top of a ruffle strip, do the same with the top of the back of the skirt.**
After I had cut out the front and back pieces, I measured my waist. I added 2 inches for seams and divided by 2.  I needed to know how much gathering I needed to do before sewing the elastic.  (My waist was 30 inches, I added 2 inches, divided by 2, and got 16.)  I now knew that I needed the top of the front/back piece to be gathered to 16 inches length.  So I sewed a basting stitch, pulled one of the threads to easily gather the fabric.  (This ruffle fabric gathers SO easily!)  Then I sewed over my gathering to secure this.
Ruffle fabric also sells super wide elastic, so while you're buying your fabric, throw in some elastic too! I had 2 elastic strips (both 16 inches) for my front and back.  I pinned the elastic to the skirt with right sides together, and just sewed them together.  (Have I convinced you of how EASY this skirt is yet?!) Do this with both the front and back.
The last step is simple--with right sides pinned together, just sew up the sides!  The beauty of ruffle fabric is that you don't have to hem!  What a beautiful thing!
I should mention that I realized my skirt had way too much of an A-line after I sewed it up.  But I easily corrected this and sewed the edges in a straight line and cut off the extra fabric.  I just kept modifying things until it had the shape I wanted.
I laughed out loud when I saw these pictures!  My hubby was sweet enough to take them for me, but I felt so silly, I couldn't stop laughing!  I am definitely not a model.  But we sure did have fun!
I'm pretty proud of myself...
I just love the swishy feeling of these ruffles!
Attempting to show the "swooshiness"  of this skirt in my own awkward way!
If you have ever wanted to purchase your own ruffle fabric, now is the time!!
You can use promo code "Daisy" at checkout for 10% off!
This deal will only last through tomorrow at midnight... so hurry!
PS If you're looking for more ideas using ruffle fabric, be sure to check out my ruffled Easter egg basket and the ruffle pillow.

Ruffled Easter Egg Basket

It's ruffle time!
Last week, I introduced you to ruffle fabric by showing you my upcycled ruffle pillows... pillows that had been quite useless, sitting in my basement until I made simple pillow cases for them using ruffle fabric.  I have a few more ruffle projects up my sleeve. 
Although Easter is months away, I am a victim of spring fever!  I saw Easter baskets at JoAnn's this week, and I couldn't resist!  I can just imagine Little Man collecting his Easter eggs...  
Come along and see how to make your own ruffled Easter basket liner!
I started off by measuring my basket.  I added 1/2 inch seam allowance to all measurements:
* I measured the circular part of the basket's base.  This would be the bottom of the liner.
* I also measured the height of the basket's body, adding how much of the fabric I wanted to fold over the opposite edge.  This would be the width of the strips.  The circumference of the basket's bottom would be the length of the strips.  To make my basket liner double sided, I needed 2 strips for the inside and outside.

I used my measurements to carefully cut out the basket liner's bottom and the 2 long strips for the liner.

Next, I precisely pinned the 2 long strips, right sides together.  I only sewed 3 sides--leaving one long side open.  **Tip for sewing ruffle fabric:  Brush all of the ruffles so they fall the same way before sewing.**

Now I pinned the double liner all the way around the circular fabric base, right sides together.  I sewed very slowly around the circle, making sure to secure all 3 layers of this thin, sheer fabric.


I needed some way to create openings for the 2 basket handles. I sewed up the double liner's final edge (creating a circle), but only part of the way.  I left the rest of the edge open to wrap around the handle.  I simply sewed on velcro to hold the liner closed.

To create an opening for the opposite handle, I made a slit from the outside up to the handle.  I hemmed the raw edges just slightly, and used velcro once again to hold it closed.  Velcro is one of my favorite crafting supplies!

I slipped on that lovely ruffly liner... absolutely blissful.  But doesn't it look awfully empty.  I dug the Easter eggs out of storage just to get the full effect.

Yes, that's better!
Don't forget that now is the time to order your very own ruffle fabric!  Ruffle fabric is offering Oopsey Daisy readers a 10% discount.  Just enter promo code "Daisy" at checkout!  This offer is only valid for 1 more week!
If you have made something using ruffle fabric, please send me some pictures. 
I would love to see what you create!

Ruffle Pillows

I really believe that everyone should have a ruffle pillow!
Remember this post where I ooohed and ahhed about the ruffle fabric I just received?!  Well, I am happy to show off my very first ruffle fabric project!  And this project is a piece of cake, even for me--the sewing novice.
These drab pillows came with our couch, but they have not been very well loved.  They have been collecting dust in my basement long enough.  It was the perfect opportunity to change drab into fab!
This is probably the easiest pillow cover tutorial EVAH!  I started out by measuring the entire circumference of the pillow.  I added an inch for seam allowance.
I did all of my measuring and cutting on the flip side of the fabric.  I cut a strip of fabric the entire circumference of the pillow so that I could simply fold it over!
Lovely ruffles, oh how I love you!
I folded the strip of fabric with right sides together, pinned the sides, and then sewed along those 2 sides only.

Next, I turned the pillow cover inside out and slipped the pillow inside.

This part took the longest:  I blind-stitched the last side closed.  Because this ruffle fabric is part spandex, it bunched up a bit.  However, the ruffles easily cover this, so no biggie!

See--was that easy or what?!  
I actually whipped up 2 of these pillows during Little Man's naptime yesterday.  Now the question is--where should I put them?! (Indecisive decorating again!)
Perhaps on my new favorite chair??

But they also make a nice addition to my other accent pillows on the couch.

So have you ordered your own ruffle fabric yet?!  Just enter "Daisy" at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 

If you have used ruffle fabric, send me some pictures of your projects!  
I want to see what you've been making!

From Belly Sweater…. to this!

Can you believe it?!  
I'm back!  Ladies and gents (well, mostly ladies!), it's been a long road just to get this one lil' post up!  My computer made the long journey back from the fix-it shop in Tennessee, but all of the files were completely wiped out.  Thank goodness for Apple's Time Capsule that automatically baked everything up.  But holy moly, it's been a lot of organization and time out of my day.  I feel a million trillion years behind, but thanks for your patience!!  Hang in there.  I'll get my show on the road. Eventually!
Before I share this little project with you, I have to share a bit about my husband.  He is a big-time hoarder.  We have a whole collection of hotel soaps.  More batteries than I can carry in a plastic tub.  Don't get me started on Sobe drinks or light bulbs.  He also has almost more clothes than me, even though I would love to buy him a whole new wardrobe!  He has an entire collection of sweaters that I call "belly sweaters."  I finally convinced him to give away a couple of sweaters!  
I debated about what to do with his sweaters.  I actually laid in bed one night thinking up projects.  Then it hit me--why not recycle this sweater to enhance Little Man's wardrobe?!  I searched for a tutorial and found this amazing tutorial at Made to help me sew the ribbing around the neck and arm holes.  Dana is a genius!!  
Little Man is now wearing a sweater vest made from his Daddy's very own sweater.  And he knows it.  He wears this vest with pride!

If you're wondering what happened to the other sweater... well, I'm not a perfect seamstress!  I used the first one as my guinea pig, vowing to make this one perfect.  I should have taken a picture of Mr. Daisy modeling the sweater so I could show before-and-after's.

Getting dressed to go to church is so much easier when I remind Little Man that he's wearing his Daddy's sweater!

Like Daddy, like son.
(After all the cute pictures, he was due for just one grumpy picture!)

PS A new year, a new watermark for my pictures.  What do you think??

Book Advent: Day 16 {Gingerbread Man Party!}

If you are new to Oopsey Daisy, I am taking it kind of easy with big projects to focus on Christmas this year. We just moved into a new home before Thanksgiving, and as much as I'd love to do a ton of intensive crafts... right now, I can't even walk into my craft room!  In fact, everything is still in boxes.  And the boxes and I are friends until Christmas.  I am doing my best to focus on enjoying the magic of Christmas with Little Man, who is almost 2, and soaking up all the joy and wonder of Christmas-time this year!
I have been looking forward to this day in the book advent for a long time.  We read one of my all-time favorites, The Gingerbread Man.  This story is just perfect for kids... how can you NOT love a gingerbread man?!  There are tons of fabulous activities you can do with this, too.  We whipped out just a few for our little gingerbread boy party! 
By the way, this worked out perfectly because we were stranded in the house all day.  Mr. Oopsey Daisy accidentally took my keys with him to work!  I get restless easily and love my daily errands, but we really had a ton of gingerbread fun!
It all started with these little gingerbread man bean bags.  For this project...
* I used a template I found online and cut out 5 little gingerbread men (and women!) out of felt.  
* I hot glued the eyes, mouths, ricrac, and buttons before sewing.  
* Then, I just sewed all the way around their little bodies and left an opening to fill them up with rice.
* Filling them with rice was a bit tricky.  Because they're so small, I used a knife to work the rice into all of those little nooks and crannies!
* Finally,  just sewed up the opening!  
That's it!
This little guy is supposed to be Little Man!
Here is our little army of gingerbread people.  Aren't they cute?!  One is supposed to be Little Man, one is me (the brown-eyed beauty!), and one is Mr. Oopsey Daisy.  But because I had extra felt, I made two more for fun!

After reading the story, we did all kinds of things with our little bean bags!  We named the colors of the buttons and pointed out ways that the gingerbread men (and women!) were the same/different.  But Little Man's favorite part was doing a little bean bag toss.  We tossed them into laundry baskets.  Later on, even when I was using the baskets for laundry, Little Man shuttled them around!  What a sweetheart! 🙂
Next, we made gingerbread playdough!  Have I ever mentioned that I have no sense of smell??  Well, I am a 4-sense gal who relies on her husband's rather weak sense of smell.  I asked him to help me with my spices, but he tells me that it smells just like gingerbread!  We had so much fun playing with this today--it's been ages since we had playdough out! 
I let Little Man use cookie cutters to cut out his own gingerbread cookies. He kept trying to "eat" his cookies... it must have been that yummy-smelling dough!  
He was totally wrapped up in this for a while.  Success!
Finally, we mixed up our own batch of gingerbread cookies.  We made just 1 giant gingerbread cookie.  I did my best to sculpt a body!  As we baked it, I turned the oven light on, and I told Little Man to make sure that the gingerbread boy didn't try to run away!  He did this dutifully!  Then, once he had baked and cooled, I let Little Man design this cookies just the way he wanted.  He loved being in charge of the sprinkles!  After seeing the addition of the M&M's, his favorites, he couldn't wait to eat the gingerbread man tonight!

I didn't think he would like gingerbread all that much, but I was wrong.  He loved it!  I asked him which part of the gingerbread man he wanted to eat first--the head, arms, or legs.  He just replied with, "M&M's!"  He enjoyed this a lot!!  Of course he had to practice acting out the favorite line from the story, "Run, run, as fast as you can.  You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!"  He got some good exercise with all of his running laps today!

Here's one of my favorite sights... when he chooses to re-read a story I've taught him.  Life is good.

Thanks for making Oopsey Daisy part of your day!
PS If you would like any of the recipes I used today, just let me know!  I'll post them tomorrow if you're interested...

Spider Applique Shirt

I must have a disease.  Last year, every time a special occasion rolled around, I made Little Man some kind of festive holiday shirt or onesie.  This year, I told myself, "He's too old for that."  But still, I got sucked in to making Little Man a Halloween shirt.  He is just so fascinated with spiders.  I don't necessarily want to encourage the fascination with bugs, but I do love his excitement for Halloween.  So I grabbed some scraps, and came up with this spider applique shirt!
I love appliques.  I do.  But lately, I have had tons of problems with the sewing machine needle getting stuck in 100% cotton shirts, ripping a tiny hole in the process.  I would chalk it up as my own inexperience, but even my Mother has the same problem.  Anyway, after making quiet books and rediscovering my love for felt, I decided to use felt instead!  It worked beautifully!
I know, I know... my spider has 6 legs instead of 8!  But with 8 legs, he looked entirely too crowded, so I stuck with just 6.
Besides the black-and-white center of the spider, I used felt for everything else!  The spider is hanging by black ricrac.  He's a cute lil' spider, don't you think?!  Little Man begged to wear it as soon as he saw it.  Dang it.  I'll probably get sucked into making a Thanksgiving shirt.  Christmas, too!  Love that Little Man smile!
If you would like to whip up your own in time for Halloween, you can print your own template here.
Happy sewing!

Burlap Candy Corn

In case you missed my post at Naptime Crafters, here is my tutorial for burlap candy corn!
I LOVE burlap and LOVE candy corn, so I knew the combination had to be great!  Come along, and I'll show you how I made these two beauties!
I started out by cutting a rough candy corn shape out of burlap.  You will need a front and back for each candy corn.  I decided to make a large candy corn and a smaller candy corn.  
Next, I painted each piece of burlap--fronts and backs--with acrylic paint.  I just eyeballed where I wanted to paint, and it turned out fine! I decided to leave the top part plain instead of painting it white.  I let these dry overnight. 
Next, I pinned the candy corn together, wrong sides together.  
I left more than an inch in seam allowance.  I sewed almost all the way around the candy corn, but I left a large opening in the bottom.
I stuffed the candy corn, using a pencil to help punch out the corners completely.  Then I sewed up the opening!
I decided to use pinking shears to cut around the seams.  I love the effect!
I looked at these for a solid week, knowing that they needed something to jazz them up!  I decided on some ricrac!  I just hot-glued the ricrac around the candy corn right in between paint layers.
Don't they make a nice back drop for my spider topiary? (Even before the ricrac!)  You can check out my spider topiary tutorial today at Moo Moo's & Tutus, where I am guest posting for the talented Daphne's blogiversary bash! 
 I love Halloween crafts!  I am having way too much fun with fall decor.  I think I now have more decorations than my tiny apartment can handle!
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